Which Battery Starts RV Generator?

RVs are a great way to travel and see the world, and with a generator, you can keep all your appliances running while you’re on the road. That means you can stay comfortable and entertained as you travel.

Generators require a battery in order to start, and you should know which battery starts RV generator before you go on your trip.

This will help ensure that you’re able to run the necessary electric devices when you need them. We will now discuss what type of battery you will need to start your RV generator and how to do so.

Which Battery Starts RV generator? – Getting to Know the Basics

An RV’s batteries can be divided into two categories, which are chassis batteries and house batteries. The chassis batteries are used to start the RV’s engine and run its headlights, among other things.

On the other hand, the house batteries provide power to your RV’s appliances like the refrigerator, air conditioner, and water pump. In order to start your RV generator, you will need to use one of the house batteries.

Which Battery Starts RV Generator

This battery should have enough power to start the generator, and it is typically recommended that you use a Coach 12-volt deep cycle battery. With this battery, you can start your generator and power all your appliances.

How Does a Generator Work In an RV?

It is vital that you understand how your RV’s generator works so that you can troubleshoot any problems that may arise while you are on the road.

Your RV’s generator runs on fuel, and it creates electricity by turning a motor. This electricity is then sent to your RV’s shore power, where you can use it to power your appliances.

How Does a Generator Work In an RV

The generator product AC (alternating current) electricity, which is the same type of electricity that comes out of your home’s wall sockets. The generator is measured in watts as opposed to amps.

How Do You Start Your RV Generator?

After you have determined which battery you should use to start your RV generator, as well as how the generator functions, let’s move on to discussing how to start it. Below are some simple steps to help you get your generator running.

How Do You Start Your RV Generator

Step 01: Place the Generator in a Well-Ventilated Area

The first step is to make sure that you are in a well-ventilated area before you start your generator. This is because the generator produces fumes that can be harmful to your health if you breathe them in.

Step 02: Check the Fuel Level

Once you have ensured that you are working in a well-ventilated area, the next step is to check the fuel level. Make sure that the generator is filled with enough fuel so that it can run for an extended period of time.

Step 03: Disconnect All Loads

Next, you should disconnect the RV’s loads from the generator. Because the generator is running off of fuel, you don’t want any extra loads to be drawing from it. This will help ensure that the generator has enough power to start.

Disconnect All Loads

Step 04: Turn On the Fuel Valve

As soon as all loads have been disconnected, the next step is to open the fuel valve. This will allow fuel to flow into the generator and help it to run.

Step 05: Pull the Choke

After the fuel valve has been opened, the next step is to pull the choke. This will help the generator to start properly.

Step 06: Connect the Battery Cables

Once the choke has been pulled, the next step is to connect the battery cables. Make sure that the black cable is connected to the black terminal on the generator, and the same goes for the red cable.

Connect the Battery Cables

Step 07: Start the Generator

The generator can now be started once the battery cables have been connected. Simply press the start button and hold it until the generator starts running. If it doesn’t start on the first try, then you can try again. Once it’s running, let go of the button.

Step 08: Reconnect the RV Loads

After the generator has started, the next step is to reconnect the RV loads. This will allow you to start using your appliances again.

As you can see, starting your RV’s generator is a relatively easy process. By following the steps listed above, you can ensure that your generator will start up without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When it comes to RV generators, people often have a few questions. Below are some of the most common ones, along with the answers.

1. How Long Will The RV Generator Run On a Full Tank of Fuel?

This depends on the size of the generator and how much power it is putting out. Generally, generators will run for anywhere from 8 to 13 hours on a full tank of fuel.

2. What Type of Fuel Does the Generator Use?

Different generators use different types of fuel. Some use gasoline, while others use diesel. Generally, diesel, gas, and propane are the most common types of fuel used in RV generators.

3. Can I Use The RV Generator to Power My House?

You can use an RV generator to power your house, but it will not be a very efficient process. The generator will need to be running at a high wattage in order to provide enough power for your entire house.

In emergency situations, you may be able to use an RV generator to power your home, but it is not recommended for everyday use.

4. How Many Watts Does the RV Generator Produce?

This depends on the size of the generator. Generally, RV generators produce watts from 2,000 to 4,000 watts of power.


The information in this article has enabled you to determine which battery starts the RV generator. Your generator can now be started safely without any difficulties.

Remember to always work in a well-ventilated area and to disconnect all loads from the generator before starting it. Be sure that the generator is fully fueled before starting it. You can utilize your RV’s generator with ease.