Should I Tune After Slip-On Exhaust? Why Or Why Not?

Motorcycle exhausts can be tuned to provide an increase in power and performance. However, some riders are not sure if it is worth the risk when they are unsure if the result will be positive or negative.

Some people believe that they don’t need to tune their motorcycle after installing a slip-on exhaust because it doesn’t affect performance in any way. However, others think that they should tune their motorcycle as soon as possible because it will help them get rid of the noise and improve power output.

If you have a stock exhaust system with no power upgrades, then it’s best to wait until you’ve had some time to ride your bike before tuning it to squeeze out more performance.

Suppose you’re upgrading your stock exhaust system with a slip-on muffler or an aftermarket exhaust that includes an open-element air cleaner. In that case, you can usually get away without tuning your bike. However, you can certainly benefit from one if you want to.

Do I Need To Tune After Slip-On Exhaust?

No. Tuning is not required for slip-on motorcycle exhausts. This is because the slip-on muffler does not have any airflow restrictions on the engine and does not require any tuning in order for it to function properly.

Do I Need To Tune After Slip-On Exhaust

However, if you are installing a full exhaust system, it is recommended to tune the bike after installation. Also, keep in mind that no two motorcycles are alike, and you might need a dyno tune even if you have a stock motorcycle. Let’s go over the basics of why you need to tune even a stock bike.

Manufacturers Tuning Vs. Dyno Tuning

In order to pass EPA standards, every motorcycle manufacturer has to really lean out the air-fuel mixture at the specific rpm range to pass the test for emissions. This leads to some lean spots.

This lean spot becomes even more apparent as you go up in elevation, like if you go up into the canyons or if you live at a higher elevation. And this lean spot will really show itself when you’re at high RPMs with low throttle settings or small throttle inputs.

Manufacturers Tuning Vs. Dyno Tuning

The motorcycle will hiccup, or it’ll burp, or it will kind of stumble or surge. This is a classic EPA lean spot, and it’s incredibly common on even brand-new motorcycles.

That is because a slip-on and a free-flow air filter or, in particular, the combination of both allow more air to flow through the motor. This actually exaggerates the EPA lean spot. That is why I would recommend getting a dyno tune, even for just a slip-on exhaust system.

Advantages Of Tuning After Installing A Slip-On Exhaust

Even though it might not seem necessary at first, you can get plenty of benefits after dyno tuning your motorcycle. For example, you’ll get a better throttle response, and the throttle will be much smoother when you come off the bottom.

Advantages Of Tuning After Installing A Slip-On Exhaust

And in many cases, your fuel mileage will increase, and then there’s the traditional horsepower and torque improvements. Also, if you happen to install premium upgrades and performance mods like the Akrapovic exhaust slip-on, it is better to tune your motorcycle for some extra horsepower.¬†

Do I Need To Tune After Installing A Slip-On Exhaust On My Harley?

Harley Davidson has a long tradition of making motorcycles that are powerful, loud, and fast. So, it is not surprising that Harley’s exhaust systems are not just for show.

If you have one and are considering installing slip on mufflers for Harley, you should know that there is no need to tune your bike after the installation. However, you should always check with your local Harley dealer or mechanic to make sure that the new system will work well with your bike.

Slip-On Exhaust On My Harley

Many bikes require tuning after installing a slip-on muffler because it changes the sound the engine makes. After all, these bikes are known for their iconic sound, and you don’t want to lose it after installing a slip-on exhaust.

On the other hand, there is the true dual exhaust for Harley bikes that will take your motorcycles’ performance and exhaust notes and elevate them to a whole other level. It is a must-have upgrade for anyone who loves to ride their Harley-Davidson motorcycle to work with style and power.

My Two Cents On Tuning

The thing to remember is that when you get your motorcycle dyno tune, make sure you tell the tuner that you are more interested in getting the bike to run as good as possible than you are in actual horsepower and torque numbers. That is because those are two different types of tunes.

Regardless of where you are, you can find high-quality or reputable tuners by contacting your local race club or a drag racing organization, as they will most likely know where all the good tuners are.

Do I Need To Flash The ECU With An Aftermarket Slip On The Exhaust?

If you are looking for a slip-on exhaust for your motorcycle, you don’t need to flash the ECU. Just make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of your bike’s performance. If you’re worried about it, you can always take your bike to a mechanic for a checkup before installing the aftermarket slip on the exhaust.

ECU With An Aftermarket Slip On The Exhaust

Does Slip-On Exhaust Require Remap?

If you have a slip-on exhaust on your motorcycle, you don’t need to do anything else other than enjoying your ride. That being said, you should be wary of cops when riding with an aftermarket slip-on because they may not like the sound and give you a ticket.

Does Slip-On Exhaust Require Remap

Are Slip-On Exhausts Universal?

Slip-on exhausts are a popular option for motorcycle riders who want to avoid the hassle of removing and reinstalling their entire exhaust system. However, not all bikes are made for slip-ons. Therefore, it is important to know whether your bike is compatible with this type of exhaust or not.

In general, most motorcycle and sport bikes are compatible with slip-on exhausts. However, some bikes may have restrictions on the size or shape of the slip-ons that they can accommodate.

Are Slip-On Exhausts Universal

It is also important to make sure that you have enough clearance between your bike’s frame and the muffler. If you own a Harley, it’s safe to go with Vance & Hines exhaust systems as they are designed to be bike specific.

Will Adding A Straight Pipe Cause Engine Damage To My Harley?

Straight pipes are not as dangerous as you may think. However, you will lose some HP. Also, they can cause engine damage if you are riding recklessly or if your bike is modified in a way that isn’t safe to use with a straight pipe.

Final Words

The slip on exhaust makes difference in the aesthetic department. It is more of a cosmetic add-on than anything else. It won’t increase the performance of your bike, but it will make it look better. The aftermarket slip-on will definitely cost you more than the stock exhaust.

So, be sure to factor that in when you decide whether or not to purchase one. If you want a performance upgrade, you should get a full exhaust system instead.

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