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Motorcycle Setup Analysis software.

This includes all the features of our well proven and popular suspension software plus a load more. It lets you play with swing arm attitude, sprocket sizes, sprocket height etc, etc to analyze squat and anti-squat behaviour. You can change ride height at the rear and slide the forks in their clamps and it'll calculate rake, trail, tyre loads, CG height, swingarm angle, etc changes. The really great thing is the "whole bike analysis" here you can see what happens to the attitude of the bike under static conditions but also under different values of acceleration and braking. This feature uses both front and rear suspensions combined, as well as numeric and plotted output there is also an animated graphic so you can see exactly what happens to the bike under all these conditions.

We believe in trying to keep prices low as then we sell more units. We will be selling it for only 99 euros, or for an upgrade price of 30 euros to clients of the suspension software. Comparable software normally costs thousands of dollars.

What users say.

Randy Norian,
Well, your software is just completely brilliant.

Roy Turner, Progressive Suspension, VP Engineering & R&D
We have had great success with evaluation & manufacturing of various linkage configurations since purchasing your program.

George Vukmanovich (Race technician)
I’ve returned home and have rebuild the bike for the following race next week-end in Karlskoga Sweden. While rebuilding I have measure everything and assembled my bike entering all data and weighting everything. Everything is working PERFECTLY. I have an Aprilia chassis program and can verify your program calculates correct (all measures). Your program actually has more calculations and variables, the reason I purchased it. The best 100 Euro I spend in racing!!!!!!

Sample screen shots from the Motorcycle Setup Analysis software.