Slip On Exhaust Pros And Cons

Slip on exhaust systems for motorcycles are regarded as a sound alternative to the traditional muffler. They are also known as slip-on or open mufflers. These upgrades can be done at a fraction of the cost of other upgrades like a new air intake system or a full exhaust system.

They are easy to install; they provide a personal level of customization, improve performance, and add a sense of freedom and unrestricted-ness to the rider. It is certainly a great way to upgrade your bike without breaking the bank.

Although slip-on exhausts are often considered safer and more efficient than traditional mufflers, they have some cons too. The main disadvantage is that they can be loud if not properly installed.

This article will explore the pros and cons of a slip-on exhaust system and determine if it’s worth adding to your bike.

Pros And Cons Of Slip-On Exhaust Systems

Slip on exhaust systems are a perfect addition to any performance bike. Consider these pros and cons before deciding on a slip-on exhaust system for your bike.

Pros And Cons Of Slip-On Exhaust Systems

The Pros

The slip-on muffler has a number of benefits over the standard one.

Makes Your Bike Louder

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly upgrade that will give your bike an even louder noise, slip-on mufflers are the way to go. They give your bike a more powerful sound without the weight of a full exhaust system, which is typically heavier and more expensive. Slip-ons also cost less than other types of mufflers.

Makes Your Bike Louder

Budget Friendly Customization

If you have an old bike, it might be worth investing in a slip-on muffler to give it a new life. They are relatively cheaper to install and won’t take up too much space on your bike. Although it is not as cheap as a motorcycle exhaust wrap, it is still considered budget friendly.

You can even customize them with different colors and designs to match your style. Furthermore, they give you the loud rumble you love without breaking your bank account.

Easy Installation

Installing a slip-on muffler on a bike is not difficult at all. Unlike conventional mufflers, slip-on mufflers are easy to install and can be done at home with minimal tools.

Easy Installation

Also, it can be done in a short amount of time with minimal wrenching experience. The best part is that it can be done at home without the need to call in an expert or pay a mechanic and doesn’t require any specialized tools for the job.

Gives Your Bike A Custom Look

If you are looking to make your bike more unique, installing a slip-on muffler is a good idea. It will give your bike a custom look that sets it apart from the others. You get to choose how long or short you want your exhaust system to be. Plus, you can customize the color of your muffler with paint or stickers.

The Cons

While it has many advantages, it also comes with some disadvantages as well.

No Performance Upgrade

Slip-on exhausts are often used as a way to make a bike look more colorful and eye-catching. However, they don’t offer any performance upgrades. So, if you have a bike with a slip-on muffler, you may be disappointed when you realize that the performance of your bike has not improved.

Slip On Exhaust

This is because the slip-on muffler doesn’t actually improve horsepower or performance. Instead, it just baffles the noise levels of the engine.

Might Need Modification

Will the slip-on exhaust fit your bike? If not, then it’s probably not worth the trouble of installing it. Slip-on mufflers are not a good idea for every bike. They won’t fit all bikes, and they require professional bodywork sometimes.

If you’re not sure whether you should install a slip-on or not, it’s best to bring your bike in for professional bodywork first so that they can make sure it’s safe and compatible with your bike before deciding what kind of slip-on to go with.

Are Slip On Exhausts Legal?

Slip on exhausts are not legal for the most part, but certain restrictions that make them legal vary from state to state. Do note that slip-on mufflers on the road are legal as long as the old muffler did not contain a catalytic converter.

However, one thing you should be aware of is the noise level. Any modification made to your bike to increase noise is considered illegal. So, slip on exhausts are not street legal.

Are Slip On Exhausts Legal

That being said, most cops won’t pull you over just because you made some modifications to your exhaust. And if they want to give you a ticket, they have the right to do so, especially if you are driving with a loud exhaust.

However, keep in mind that cops won’t pull you over for just driving loud. They will pull you over for driving recklessly. Don’t drive fast with a slip on. Drive slowly, and you are less likely to get pulled over.

Do I Need A Power Commander With A Slip-On Exhaust?

No. The only time you will need a power commander is when you have made any modification to the air/fuel ratio. Since the exhaust system is not performance-oriented, there is no need for a power commander. Also, it won’t cause any engine damage, so there is no need to make any tuning or adjustments.

Do I Need A Power Commander With A Slip-On Exhaust

Can You Put Any Slip-On Exhaust On A Motorcycle?

Slip-ons are usually easier to install than full exhausts because they don’t require cutting into the frame or bodywork. You can install a slip-on exhaust on your motorcycle as long as it fits.

Slip-On Exhaust On A Motorcycle

You only need the right pipe for your bike and mounting hardware. You can even go with a mid muffler-only exhaust system if you only want to make your bike sound aggressive.

Does Slip On Exhaust Sound Better?

Slip on exhaust sounds better than a standard exhaust. These exhausts are designed to make your bike sound more aggressive while still maintaining its original sound. While it has a lower pitch, it also has a smoother sound. It is more comfortable for the rider as well.

Does Slip On Exhaust Sound Better

One thing that you should know about exhausts is that they are not just for aesthetics. Instead, these exhausts muffle the sound of your motorcycle engine and make it easier to ride. So, if you own a loud bike, for example, a Harley Davidson touring, you might want to add a slip-on exhaust with a resonator.

Do You Lose Power With A Slip On Exhaust?

Motorcycle slip-on exhausts are a great way to improve the aesthetic of your bike. When you install a slip-on exhaust, you don’t lose power. Slip-on exhausts often offer better exhaust flow than stock and are lighter than the factory part.

This can bring about an increase in horsepower or fuel economy. Many enthusiasts choose to use slip-ons as they are often less expensive and offer a simpler installation process.

Do You Lose Power With A Slip On Exhaust

If you are worried about the pipe getting hot, you can add an exhaust heat wrap to keep the exhaust cool on summer days. The exhaust wrap is a heat insulator that is placed between the muffler and the engine.

Can You Add Slip On To Any Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes?

Chrome- or ceramic-coated steel pipes are usually used in exhaust systems. However, other materials, such as stainless steel may be used as well.

Can You Add Slip On To Any Motorcycle Exhaust Pipes

If you have a stainless steel dual exhaust pipe or a v twin exhaust, the slip-on exhaust can be a popular choice for adding a bit of style to your motorcycle. It is also useful in the off-season when you want to keep your bike clean and free from dirt.

Final Words

The motorcycle slip on exhaust system is a popular choice among many riders. But as with any product, there are pros and cons to using this type of exhaust. And this article aims to help you find out if these aftermarket parts are worth installing on your bike.

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