Pros and Cons of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Lithium-ion batteries have been changing the power game for some years now. With the increasing popularity of Li-ion technology, these batteries are now used in motorcycles. Besides being advantageous for bikers, Li-ion batteries have some cons too.

Lithium-ion motorcycle batteries have a high energy density, low self-discharge rate, low maintenance rate, high cell voltage, constant load characteristics, and variety are some of the most common advantages of Li-ion batteries. On the other hand, increased requirements for protection, aging, transportation hassle, etc., are the disadvantages of these modern batteries.

Let’s get to know more about these batteries in detail to see if they are actually good or bad for your motorcycle.

Lithium-ion Battery Applications

As the conventional lead-acid batteries are getting replaced by Lithium-ion batteries, the application of these new batteries is increasing. They are now used in a lot of smart gadgets, vehicles, RVs and even life-saving situations. Here will be a quick overview of the lithium-ion battery applications.

Lithium-ion Battery Applications

Reliable Power for Vehicles

Be it your motorcycle or luxury yacht, Lithium-ion batteries are highly efficient in delivering the necessary power to the vehicle. These batteries have brought evolution to the motorcycle charging system with their compact size.

Portable Battery Packs

Whether you go to a remote location and try to charge your gadget or need a swappable battery for your motorcycle to reduce downtime, a Lithium-ion battery is a right solution. It helps you cut any lag in the process due to charging, battery maintenance, etc.

Lithium-ion Battery

Power Storage

As the charge-discharge cycle of Lithium-ion batteries is higher than conventional batteries, they can work for a long time as good power storage. The self-discharge rate is low here, which is crucial for using solar power storage.

Pros of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

We tried to explain the main advantages of Lithium-ion batteries and why they are so popular among motorcyclists. Check these points closely.

Pros of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

High Energy Density

The power density of Lithium-ion batteries makes them almost irresistible for use in your vehicles, especially motorcycles. The power-to-weight ratio of these batteries is so high that you can pack all the necessary power within a phone-sized battery pack.

This energy density is essential for one more reason. As the world is progressing, we need more time between charging cycles. As Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density than other battery technologies, they will last longer than the competitors.

High Energy Density

And in some cases, your vehicle will require a certain energy density that can only be achieved from Li-ion batteries.

Low Discharge Rate

Self-discharge is a big issue for batteries used in vehicles. When you turn the vehicle off and put it in the same condition for a long time, the battery discharges on its own. This can cause serious issues down the lane.

But the rate of self-discharge is very low in Lithium-ion batteries compared to other batteries we commonly see. This is why Li-ion batteries are more suitable for motorcycles.

High Cell Voltage

Cell voltage refers to the voltage each cell of your Lithium-ion battery produces. Each cell in these batteries produces about 3.6 volts. So, a 12v lithium ion battery for motorcycle will have approximately four cells, which is lower than other types of batteries.

High Cell Voltage

Constant Power Delivery

This is an important advantage of Lithium-ion batteries. If you have a charging system on your motorcycle and charge your smartphones on the go, it will require certain volts to charge efficiently. 

Lithium-ion batteries can deliver that level of voltage constantly to charge your gadgets without harming them. The fluctuations in other batteries might be harmful to your devices.

Energy Efficient

As Lithium-ion batteries use an energy-efficient technology, the overall energy cost is reduced when you operate an electric motorcycle. This design allows you to save more on fuel and other expenses in such a motorcycle compared to conventional motorcycles.


When you use Lithium-ion batteries in a motorcycle, the amount of carbon emission gets reduced to a great extent. This is directly related to the betterment of the environment we live in. As there will be no exhaust gases, our next generation will get a safer environment containing less harmful elements.


Low Leakage Problems

The chance of leakage was very high in lead-acid batteries. But when you use a Li-ion battery for a motorcycle, it will have less risk of leakage while in use. As a result, this is a safer solution for exploring the world.

Low Maintenance

These high-performance batteries will require low to no maintenance compared to other batteries. They have fairly large charge-discharge cycles, so you don’t need to worry about replacing these batteries too fast.

Cons of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Now is the part with the bitter truth. You need to digest these disadvantages if you stick to Lithium-ion batteries for your motorcycle.

Cons of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

High Requirement for Protection

Lithium-ion batteries are more sensitive compared to Ni-Cad or other batteries. As a result, you need to keep an eye on whether these batteries are getting too charged or discharged. If you don’t use these batteries within a certain limit, their service life will be reduced.

Reduced Range

If you fill-up the tank of a gas-powered motorcycle, it can easily cover about 300 miles. So, going for long trips is easier on those motorcycles. When you use a Lithium-ion battery in the bike, it significantly reduces the range of your vehicle. 

Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Even the latest Lithium Powersports Batteries will take you a maximum of about 100 miles on a good day. 

Increase Charging Time

Charing a Lithium-ion battery can take a long time depending on the type of the battery and the charger. This increases your vehicle’s downtime and limits your movement to a great extent.

Highly Expensive

You need to spend a good sum on Lithium-ion batteries. Even a small Lithium motorcycle battery will cost more than those large old batteries. So, if you are on a tight budget, it isn’t a good idea to pick Lithium-ion batteries.


With the advancement of technology, we are getting new batteries that are smaller, lighter, and more powerful than ever. Lithium-ion batteries are one of the biggest examples of this advancement over the last few decades. And this battery has become really popular among versatile users.

We showed the advantages and disadvantages of Lithium-ion batteries for motorcycles from a user’s perspective. It will help you understand the scenario better and determine whether you really need a Lithium motorcycle battery or not.

Take some time to read the article again and calmly decide why you should or shouldn’t go with this battery. Keep the cons in your mind before you settle.

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