Best Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses (OTG)

The fact that you’ve been blessed with slightly less than perfect eyesight won’t hold you back. No way! In fact, you can still be spectacular wearing those spectacles while riding your favorite motorcycle.

You only need to add one more protective gear to the list. Adding an impeccable wear-over motorcycle goggle can perfectly set you up for your favorite riding track!

But finding the best motorcycle goggles over glasses isn’t easy. And you’ve probably tried, bought, and thrown away many of those goggles in the past. 

Luckily, we’ve kept those wretched options away and up here with the top 10 picks for the best OTG Motorcycle Goggles. They just don’t fit over the glasses but also work as a protector for your eyes during your sporty rides. 

Let’s check out more of these best motorcycle goggles for glasses!

List of OTG Motorcycle Goggles:

10 Best Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses (OTG)

We’ll be going through each of these OTG goggles and talking about why they make the best options out there.

1. 4-FQ Motorcycle Goggles 

4-FQ Motorcycle Goggles

Remember, you’ll be wearing two glasses — the prescription glass and the OTG Goggles. So purchasing a lightweight goggle is a top priority. Luckily, we have the ideal option here, the 4-FQ Motorcycle Goggles weighing 120G only.

It’s made of Thermoplastic PU that puts the least burden on your eyes. The Polycarbonate lens is multicolor and reflective for a convenient ride. And it also protects your eyes from sunlight, dust, or any other unwanted stuff.

Since you don’t want your goggle to get smashed or bent, 4-FQ goggles ensure this with their anti-scratch and impact-resistant properties.

By providing a snug fit with the Helmets, they make amazing OTG motocross goggles. So don’t bother running through a sandy or dusty track. It’s windproof, but you get a cooling vent on top to keep the eyes cool. Added to the comfort is the foam padding around the frame.

It’s an anti-fog OTG, however, wearing it while commuting in the snow or rain could still fog it up. Also, make sure to find the largest size (even though it includes an adjustable strap) to avoid close-fitting and obstruction to peripheral vision.

Key Features:

  • Bendable and lightweight OTG frame to fit over glasses
  • Comfortable foam protection around frame
  • Anti-fog features with high transparency
  • 100% UV400 Light Protection
  • Built with a high-quality composite carbon shell, PC lens, and PU Resin frame
  • Wind and dustproof 
  • Offers ventilation and adjustable elastic strap
  • Anti-scratch and anti-shatter 
  • Compatible for off-road riding and extreme sports

2. Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Goggles

Pacific Coast Airfoil 9300 'Fit Over Glasses' Goggles

Plastic goggle frames might be a cheap yet handy option. Therefore, the Airfoil 9300 makes a good choice if you’re considering over the glasses MX Goggles for your regular city commutes. 

The PC lens makes up well for the construction quality. Moreover, it’s wide paneled to provide a wider field of vision regardless of the weather. It works well with most of the prescription glasses so that you don’t run out of one.

You also get clear lenses that limit the peripheral to the minimum. It’s also pretty convenient in terms of substantial ventilation for eyes, soft foam padding, and curved design to fit against the face perfectly.

The Airfoil Goggles seal well to block wind, dust, dirt, sand, and anything you don’t want to hit your eyes. You’ll realize it as soon as the wind in Boston, Chicago, or a similar place hits your face. Then you pull these over the glasses Motocross goggles down off your helmet and ride happily!

If you don’t have a problem with a plastic frame (and looking for a budget-friendly option), this is a pretty decent OTG motorcycle goggle to choose. Another thing is that it may still get a little fogging in the cold weather or in case you aren’t moving.

Key Features:

  • 100% UV400 protection
  • Fits over goggles and prescription glasses
  • Anti-fog polycarbonate lense
  • Substantial ventilation
  • Soft-contoured foam padding
  • Seals tight and is windproof
  • Adjustable headband
  • Includes cleaning cloth and case
  • Wide-paneled single lens

3. Bikershades Motorcycle Safety Goggles

Bikershades Motorcycle Safety Goggles

If you’re looking for a Polycarbonate construction for both the frame and lens for your OTG motorcycle goggles, we’ve one excellent option for you. We’re talking about the Safety Goggles from Bikershades, amazing eyewear to fit almost every Rx glass. 

You’re still recommended to do some measurements to find the perfect motorcycle goggles that fit over glasses both regular and prescription. The comfort continues with the pressure-absorbing Dual Density Foam that helps it sit against the face perfectly and act as a shield against all odds. 

While it doesn’t allow the wind to do any damage, it has the Vented Frame that makes sure your eyes get enough ventilation and stay cool. The elastic strap adds to the convenience and should have your head covered easily regardless of the size. 

This Bikershaders OTG is tough as well. The impact-resistant PC is powered by the UV Protection feature to block harmful rays. You shouldn’t get scratches on it under normal circumstances or unless you decide to fight with it!

Although no goggles are 100% anti-fog in some weather conditions, it does well to prevent fogging. The foam padding around the frame is excellent; however it may deteriorate over a few years.

Key Features:

  • Made of polycarbonate frame and lens
  • UV400 rated
  • Fits glasses up to 5.75’’ or 145mm wide and up to 2’’ or 52mm tall
  • Features anti-reflective coating
  • Offers memory flex with dual-density foam
  • Impact-resistant and anti-scratch properties
  • Seals out wind and dust
  • Vented frame designed with fog reduction technology
  • Includes adjustable elastic band and an extra-large microfiber cleaning case

4. Optional life ‘Fit Over Glasses’ Anti-fog Riding Goggles

Optional life 'Fit Over Glasses' Anti-fog Riding Goggles

TPU Frame and PC lens make a popular combination for OTG Motorcycle Goggles, especially for the regular city ride on a cold, windy day. These OTG goggles by Optional Life are a perfect example in this case.

We’ve added it as it doesn’t break the bank yet makes a comfortable option to consider for wearing over the prescription glasses. It’s large enough to accommodate your wear glasses and provide perfect vision. 

The quality mightn’t be anything to shout about, but it doesn’t let down either. The performance regarding the protection from UV light, dust, wind, and any other hazard is pretty good. 

You can make good rides during a rainy or snowy day due to its waterproof and anti-fog features(still expect a slight fogging in those conditions). The indirect vents and the wide, thick strap provides excellent convenience of use. 

It’s not the fanciest one and is built with mediocre materials. However, considering the price and performance, it’s worth considering before your next ride!

Key Features:

  • Made of Thermoplastic PU Frame and Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Features Anti-Fog Coating
  • Fits glasses less than 145mm wide
  • Compatible with regular wear glasses and night vision
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Comes with Waterproof and Windproof features
  • Includes adjustable strap
  • Fits most helmets and prescription glasses
  • Completely seals out air

5. MX Goggles with OTG Design by HUBO SPORTS

MX Goggles with OTG Design by HUBO SPORTS

You can get some excellent MX Goggles with an OTG design to wear over your prescription glasses. This one from HUBO Sports could be a perfect option to consider for your Motocross helmet or spectacles. It comes with a bunch of exciting features to check out.

Let’s start with its design that provides a UV-protected, ultra-clear view with a super-slim cylindrical design. It obstructs nothing in the way. TPU frame and PC lens are a good combination for an anti-scratch and anti-splash pair of goggles. Moreover, it’s bendable and provides great convenience of use.

The double frame construction includes a detachable inner foam padding made of high-consistency cotton. So that you can easily change it when it’s worn or dirty. It also offers better exhaust ventilation while clinging to the face safely. So your skin can easily emit the heat outside and don’t catch up on fog easily.

The convenience continues with the extra-long adjustable straps that make it compatible with universal helmets. It fits well to block the wind, dust, and sand.

It should fit with most prescription glasses, however, make sure to measure your glasses to avoid tight-fitting. 

Key Features:

  • Upgraded ATV with narrow double-frame design
  • Features high-quality TPU frame with PC lens
  • Flexible and impact-resistant
  • Includes high-density foam around the goggles frame
  • Comes with a long adjustable strap
  • Compatible with helmet and prescription glasses
  • 100% UV protected
  • Features cylindrical design for an unobstructed view
  • Includes top and bottom ventilation sponge
  • Comes with a carrying pouch

6. Bikershades Motorcycle Riding Over Glasses Goggles for Men and Women Bomber

Bikershades Motorcycle Riding Over Glasses Goggles for Men and Women Bomber

A polarized smoky lens made of PC lens and frame. Sounds good, right? The Bikershades brings you an amazing combination of style, quality, and performance in this Motorcycle OTG Goggles. 

It’s large, but don’t tell it’s bulky. These motorcycle goggles fit over glasses of almost every size dimension. The goggles are lightweight despite the larger size. 

There’s more to its comfortability including the Bikershades special Dual Density Foam feature and Vented Frame design. So what you get is a perfect fitting and ventilation to keep your eyes cool during some hot rides.

Adds to that is its foam cushioning and UV400 Protection that ensure the coziest possible feeling. The polarized anti-fog coating is a good addition to this safety goggle, especially if you go out for bike rides in the rain or during the snow.

This is a big yet comfortable goggle to add to your protective gear kit. Although it’s anti-fog, there could still be a little fog build up.

Key Features:

  • Built with Polycarbonate Frame and Lenses
  • Polarized Coating
  • Compatible with glasses that are less than 5 ¾’’ or 145mm wide and 2’’ or 52mm tall
  • Features Dual Density Foam including a softer and a firm layer
  • UV400 Filters included protecting from UVA and UVB rays
  • Perfectly Vented Frame with Anti-fog Technology
  • Adjustable Elastic Band to fit all head sizes
  • A Complete seal out to resist wind and dust

7. LMAVAG OTG Motorcycle Goggles 

LMAVAG OTG Motorcycle Goggles 

We don’t forget that you look for budget killers on the list. So we’ve added these OTG Goggles from LMAVAG. These OTG Motocross Goggles have every basic thing to accompany you during those offroad moto riding.

It comes with an impact-resistant construction with the TPU frame and PC lens. So it’s anti-scratch and shatterproof. But at the same time, the material keeps the goggles lightweight and bendable. So you don’t feel an extra burden on your eyes.

The lens is clear, transparent, and wide. So you can experience an accurate and wider field of vision. The soft foam padding around the frame helps the goggles sit against your face. It also provides a complete seal to block wind, sand, and dust.

The goggles are designed with single-layer foam vents at the top and bottom to provide enough air permeability. It’s good at wicking away heat or sweat and not supposed to fog in the summers or winters. The adjustable anti-skid belt ensures a perfect fit for any head and is compatible with most helmets out there.

It’s imaginable that the foam cushion or other components may deteriorate after a few years. However, it still makes amazing multipurpose riding goggles for the price and features.

Key Features:

  • Made of Anti-scratch, Impact-resistant PC Lens
  • Features 100% UV400 protection
  • Clear and Transparent goggles lens
  • Frame made of high-quality PU Material
  • Light, flexible, and wear-resistant
  • OTG Goggles for regular glass sizes
  • Soft foam with a tight seal to resist wind and sand
  • Large, Single-layer Foam Vents in the top and bottom for air ventilation
  • Includes Adjustable, Anti-skid Belt
  • Compatible with a wide range of helmets

8. Bikershades Thunder Motorcycle Fit Over Rx Glasses Goggles

Bikershades Thunder Motorcycle Fit Over Rx Glasses Goggles

Haven’t told you about our sleekest fit over in the list yet. Well, it’s here now. This Thunder from Bikershades could be perfect wear over goggles for your Rx glasses. It fits perfectly over glasses measuring up to 140mm wide (regular sizes). 

The impact-resistant PC lenses offer 100% UV protection to save your eyes from harmful rays. It comes with a thick foam cushion around the frame. So it fits well and doesn’t let the wind, dust, debris enter.

The vented frame design adds to its comfort by providing substantial air circulation and also preventing fog buildup.

It works well with rectangular or oval frames but not with aviator-style ones. You get it in three different tints, a clear one for night rides, a yellow one to reduce the halo lights at night, and a dark smoky one for comfortable day riding.

These Bikershades goggles mightn’t be the most durable one, but considering the price and features, they’re worth considering for your regular rides or sports activities.

Key Features

  • Made of Impact-resistant Polycarbonate Lenses
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Vented Frame with Anti-fog features
  • Thick Foam Cushion seals out wind and dust
  • Compatible with the rectangular or oval frame but not with the aviator style ones
  • Available in three tints, including clear for the night, yellow for reducing halo effect, and dark smoke for day riding
  • Fits frames measuring up to 5 ½’’ or 140mm wide and up to 1 ⅝’’ or 40mm tall
  • Includes Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Case

9. Bikers Eyewear Fit Over Goggles With Clear Lens

Bikers Eyewear Fit Over Goggles With Clear Lens

Peripheral vision is as important as your central one while you’re riding the motorcycle wearing your glasses and an OTG goggle. So getting a larger sports goggle with a wider vision is a top priority. This Fit Over Goggles from Bikers Eyewear is one such product to watch out for.

It’s large and leaves enough space to fit over most prescription glasses. The single PC lens is thick and 100% UV protected for maximum eye protection. Besides, it is greatly durable with an anti-scratch coating and shatterproof PC construction.

The goggles are comfortable as well due to the soft rubber frames and soft, airy foam padding. So it provides excellent cushioning while sitting against your face. Added to the comfort are its top and bottom air vents that provide substantial air to your eyes.

They not only protect you from harmful rays but also block wind, dust, debris, or other unwanted stuff. The anti-fog coating works well to prevent fogging to a large extent.

It’s not the fanciest one out there, however, there’s no major feature that this goggle lacks. Considering the price, it should be a worthy consideration.

Key Features:

  • The frame is made of comfortable PVC Rubber
  • Scratch-resistant Coating
  • 2mm Shatter-proof Polycarbonate Lens
  • Includes 100% UV400 Filters
  • Top and bottom Vented Frame for good air ventilation
  • Fits over regular prescription frames
  • Double-sided Anti-fog Coatings
  • Comes with Microfiber Pouch for cleaning and storage

10. Airfoil Day2Nite 9311 Goggle

Airfoil Day2Nite 9311 Goggle

Now it’s time for a premium PC OTG Google to end the list with. A Day2Night goggle with lenses that go dark in the daylights and automatically lighten to clear at night. Yeah, we’re talking about the  Airfoil 9311, an excellent gift if you’re blessed with less than perfect eyesight.

If you can afford the luxury of wearing not only the specs but also a premium OTG while riding a motorcycle or doing any extreme sport, this is probably the right one for you. 

The Airfoil 9300 Series is a popular tour de force choice for wear-over motorcycles and extreme sports goggles. Starting from its market-dominating style to the comfortable features, you get everything right about it. 

Its UV Protection mechanism, wide paneled lens for a wider field of vision, and substantial ventilation make it an ideal choice. Also, don’t bother fog and expected the optimum clarity when you’re wearing it in your all-important rides. 

It’s shatterproof with impact-resistant PC material. And also well tolerant to scratches, especially the minor ones. It’s lightweight, so you feel no pressure or pinching. And it helps you avoid the bug-eyed look as well!

Key Features:

  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Fully Shatter-proof Polycarbonate lens
  • Fits over most prescription glasses
  • Comes with a Cleaning Cloth and Case
  • Vented Frame for substantial ventilation
  • Wide-panele single lens for a wider field of vision
  • Anti-fog features
  • Available in black and grey photochromic colors
  • Glasses automatically adjust to daylight for optimum clarity

What to Look for Before Buying?

You mightn’t get all the features in one goggle, however, you can still buy multiple eyewear to use them in specific conditions. But what features should you look out for in an OTG Motorcycle Goggle? Let’s find out!

Shatterproof and Anti-scratch

Your safety goggles have to deal with many challenges like dust, dirt, and probably accidents. It’s prone to shatter and scratches. So you should choose a Polycarbonate lens or frame that comes with these impact-resistant features and provide increased durability.

Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses

Anti-fog Coating

The goggle you choose should be designed with substantial ventilation and an anti-fog coating. Preventing fog is challenging, but a well-designed goggle can prevent this safety hazard and provide excellent visibility.

Curved Lenses

Whether you choose a goggle with a single spanning lens or two lenses joined over the nose, make sure the lens is curved for perfect peripheral vision. This kind of lens will fit well with the glass and helmet.

Motorcycle Goggles

UV Protection

All the safety goggles today come with a UV rating. So make sure to choose a 100% UV400 Rated goggle to protect your eyes from harmful UVA or UVB rays.

Lightweight, Bendable Frame, and Adjustable Strap

You need your OTG safety goggle to fit well with your prescription glass and helmet during motorcycle rides. The more bendable it is, the more secure the fitting will be. The adjustable strap is also an important factor to consider for a snug fit. Also, look for one that’s lightweight and doesn’t put a burden on your eyes.

Different Lens Tints

Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses

The OTG motorcycle safety goggles are available in different lens tints. So you need to choose one based on your ride time. A clear lens takes in light and makes an excellent choice for night bike rides. Whereas a tinted lens can block sunlight while reducing glare and enhancing visual accuracy in the day. There’s also an interchangeable tint available for both your day and night rides.

Foam Padding

Foam cushioning is an important component to consider when it comes to comfort. You should find a goggle having foam padding around the frame edges and lens. This will help the goggles fit well against your face. It’ll also protect from debris and dust. Therefore, you must choose a foam-padded goggle if you ride in a windy and dusty environment.


1. What are OTG safety glasses?

OTG or ‘over the glasses’ safety glasses are the ones worn over prescription glasses to protect the eyes without compromising vision.

2. Can motorcycle goggles be worn over glasses?

There may be some regular motorcycle goggles that can be worn over glasses. However, you should be purchasing specific ‘over the glasses (OTG) goggles to wear over prescription glasses.

3. Can you ride a motorcycle with prescription glasses?

Yes, you can, but they might not be very comfortable. For comfort, you need the specific OTG Motorcycle Safety Glasses to wear over your prescription glasses.

4. How do you wear motorcycle goggles?

To wear motorcycle googles or OTG goggles, you should be using flip-up/open-face helmets. Now wear the glasses or OTG goggles in a way that the grooves inside the helmet fit the glass arms. If your goggles are straightly padded, they should fit perfectly.

5. How do you put on a motorcycle helmet with glasses?

The correct way to do that is to put on the helmet first and then wear the glasses over outside the elastic straps. Yeah, make sure to use an open-face helmet for that.

6. Why do dirt bike riders wear goggles?

The dirt bike riders wear goggles to protect their eyes from dust, harmful sunlight, fog, and any other environmental odd. There are dirt bike goggles for glasses, and they help the riders with perfect vision and depth perception. 

7. How should goggles fit with a helmet?

The goggles fit with the helmet perfectly when there’s no bare skin between the goggles and your forehead. The gap between goggles and helmets is called the gaper gap or punter gap. A perfect fit will be considered when there’ll be no such gap.


If you’ve even ridden a motorcycle you know how exciting and exhilarating it is. And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re bespectacled or not. You could still enjoy this freedom if you’ve got the right protective equipment like other bike riders. 

Riding goggles over glasses is the adjustment you need to make, and find a good OTG version of it before that. In this article, we’ve made your job easier by showing the 10 Best Motorcycle Goggles Over Glasses you can choose before your next ride. 

We’ve kept the list versatile with a variety of performance-oriented OTG goggles. They might slightly vary in construction material and price but they stand out when it’s about protecting your eyes from anything harmful.

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