Best Oil Cooler For Harley Davidson

If you own a Harley motorcycle, you probably already know how prone they are to overheating, especially at slow speeds. And when this happens, you end up having to deal with engine damage. The good news is that installing an oil cooler system could help solve this problem.

An oil cooler essentially helps remove any excess heat from your engine oil to ensure it stays cool. As a result, this ensures that your engine does not overheat even under extreme conditions. Best of all, it helps increase your engine’s life.

But because the market is flooded with so many oil coolers, knowing which one to choose can be daunting. So, in this review, we will look at the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson that offers the best cooling performance.

List of Best Oil Cooler For Harley Davidson:


When it comes to the best Harley oil cooler, there are so many products that claim to offer nothing but the best. So, below is an in-depth review of our top picks.

1. Jagg Oil Coolers Vertical 6 Row (750-1200)

Jagg Oil Coolers Vertical 6 Row

Highlighted Features:

  • Built-in mini-louvered air fins provide superior heat transfer
  • Specially designed turbulators in the oil passageways help with heat dissipation
  • Includes sturdy aluminum anti-rotation bracket
  • Boasts multipass oil flow design to ensure the entire kit is properly utilized

This is one of the best oil cooler systems for Harley when it comes to performance and quality construction. For starters, it comes integrated with a thermostat designed to help bypass cold oil. This helps protect your oil against degradation.

In terms of construction, the cooler and the brackets are made of high-quality aluminum materials. This gives it excellent durability and strength. And to complement your bike’s style, it boasts a black finish.

That said, one of the things you will love about this kit is its ease of installation. The reason for this is because the manufacturer provides you with all accessories you need for the installation and clear instructions. So, in most cases, it might take you between 30 minutes and one hour to install the kit.

The best part is that this cooler utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep your bike’s engine cool even under the most punishing conditions. Basically, it helps keep the oil around 200-degree F. So, you don’t have to worry that it could create overheating problems. On the flip side, though, it does not come with a fan.

As far as fitment is concerned, the kit can fit most 1994- 2019 Harley Davidson models and other applications with vertical frame tubes. However, if you have a touring model with lower fairings, it will not fit.

2. Jagg Oil Coolers Horizontal 10 Row Oil Cooler Kit (751-FP2400)

Jagg Oil Coolers Horizontal 10 Row Oil Cooler Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • The fan automatically switches on at around 205-degree F to prevent overheating
  • Mounts underneath the voltage regulator for a low-profile design
  • Utilizes HyperFlow technology for optimized cooling performance
  • All the mounting hardware is included for an easy bolt-on installation

If you are looking for a high-performance Harley oil cooler with a built-in fan, this is an excellent product. The fan boasts an automatic thermal switch designed to automatically turn it on at temperatures around 205-degree F for added convenience.

The best part about the fan is that it works by pulling a full 150 cfm of air across your cooler kit. As such, you won’t have to deal with issues like superheated oil and overheating. Consequently, this helps increase the overall performance of your engine.

Installing this oil cooler kit is pretty easy. And not just because there are clear installation instructions to use but also for the fact that installation is bolt-on. So, just like it is with most Jagg oil coolers, it might take you less than an hour to install the kit.

In terms of fitment, it is built to be compatible with all 2009-2015 H-D touring models with stock ride height and fenders. It will also fit the 1995-2006, 1989-1997, and 2007-2015 Harley Electra Glide Ultra classic models.  

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the quality of this cooler. This is because it boasts hard-anodized aluminum construction with a black satin coating. Therefore, it is not likely to warp, rust, or even corrode because aluminum conducts heat pretty well.

3. Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler

Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler

Highlighted Features:

  • CNC machined to ensure precise fitment for most Harley models
  • Comes with vibration-resistant top mount for hassle-free installation,
  • Made of durable Billet aluminum and beautiful chrome-plated finish
  • Includes twin vertical tubes to fit Harley models with front down tubes

Are you on a budget and looking for a quality oil cooler kit for your Harley motorcycle? If yes, you should definitely consider this product since it can fit most Harley models with downtube mounts clamps.

One of this kit’s best features is its durable construction. Simply, the cooler is CNC machined for precision from Billet aluminum. On top of that, it boasts a chrome plating finish for enhanced durability and build quality. The best part is that you can also find it in an anodized black finish.

Thanks to its aluminum construction, the Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler will provide your Harley with excellent cooling performance. This is because aluminum is a good conductor of heat. As such, you can ride your bike for many miles without having to worry about your engine breaking down or overheating.

In terms of installation, you will find the process pretty straightforward. The reason for this is that the kit includes a top mount, barbed fittings, downtube clamps, and stand-off frame mounts. So, anyone can install it within a short time.

However, this cooler does not come with a fan. The good news? Its unique design does an excellent job of dissipating heat to prevent overheating problems. As a result, this helps your bike’s engine to last longer. 

4. Jagg Horizontal Low-Mount Oil Cooler (750-2400)

Jagg Horizontal Low-Mount Oil Cooler

Highlighted Features:

  • Equipped with highly-dense mini-louvered fins for superior heat dissipation
  • Ideal for Harley ultra-models with lowers thanks to its low-mount profile
  • Integrated with multipass oil flow design for better cooler utilization by engine oils
  • Uses HyperFlow technology to keep your engine cool under all conditions

Here is yet another top-quality product manufactured from industry-leading materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Like most Jagg oil coolers, this kit is also machined from billet aluminum. And to ensure it looks good on your Harley, it boasts a black finish.

Although it does not come with a fan, it still does a good job of keeping your Harley’s engine cool even under extreme conditions. This is thanks to the HyperFlow cutting-edge technology it utilizes.

In addition, the kit is engineered using mini-louvered air fins that are highly concentrated. This helps in ensuring superior heat transfer. Therefore, you won’t need to deal with any overheating problems.

The best part is that the kit comes complete with all the installation hardware, clamps, filter adapter, and hoses. Also included are easy-to-follow installation instructions for a fast and easy install. Even better, it comes with an oil filter adapter with thermostat control. This is designed to provide you with easy access to your Harley’s oil supply point so you can effortlessly install the kit.

As far as the fitment is concerned, the cooler is compatible with most Harley models, including the 2013-2014 CVO road king. It can also fit most 2010-2016 Electra glide and CVO street glide models.

5. YHMTIVTU Motorcycle Oil Cooler Radiator

YHMTIVTU Motorcycle Oil Cooler Radiator

Highlighted Features:

  • Built as a bolt-on replacement for your stock oil cooler so rewiring is not needed
  • The fan-assisted feature reduces oil temperatures up to 50-degrees F
  • Compatible with most Harley models using air/oil-cooled Milwaukee-8 engine
  • Wiring is plug-and-play for ease of installation

The YHMTIVTU Motorcycle Oil Cooler is yet another affordable oil cooler kit for Harley Davidson. The system is built to fit all 2017-2019 Harley Touring Road King, Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Road Glide models. However, if you have a model with a twin-cooled engine, it will not fit. Your bike needs to have an air or oil-cooled Milwaukee-eight engine.

But one thing is for sure, this kit is extremely easy and fast to install compared to most products. The main reason is that it is designed to be compatible with your bike’s stock wiring harness. So, you just need to bolt the oil cooler on, then plug and play.

And you know what the best part is? You can install the kit with the original fan for enhanced cooling performance. Basically, if using the fan, the cooler will reduce your oil temperatures by up to 50-degrees F by pushing air out. Consequently, this helps minimize any overheating issues.

But here is the best part; the kit is built to provide you with a continuous flow of cooling air. And this does not change whether you are moving at snail speeds or riding in traffic. As a result, this helps increase your engine’s life expectancy.

For the price, its build quality is not bad at all. After all, it is made from aluminum materials for enhanced strength, durability, thermal efficiency, and reliability. However, you might not find it as attractive as other products because it boasts a plain black paint finish.

6. Jagg 751-FP2300 10 Row Low Mount Oil Cooler

Jagg 751-FP2300 10 Row Low Mount Oil Cooler

Highlighted Features:

  • Fan automatically activates at approximately 210 degrees F
  • Utilizes Jagg’s HyperFlow technology to ensure the best heat exchange and flow
  • Fits all 1984-2008 Harley Ultra models with lower fairings and twin-cam engine
  • The fan is waterproof and dust-tight for increased longevity

Jagg oil coolers are some of the best oil cooler kits available for Harley Davidson because of their high-quality performance. This kit, for example, is built to perform well at both stop-and-go traffic and low vehicle speeds by providing the best heat-flow properties.

Designed for the Twin-cam engine, this 10-row cooler will fit all 1984-2008 Harley Touring models. Installation, on the other hand, is bolt-on. However, one customer reported that this kit’s anti-rotation bracket is not built well to allow easy installation. Therefore, you might find the installation not fast but moderately easy.

Additionally, you will be pleased to learn that the kit is integrated with a dust-tight and waterproof fan for enhanced durability. The best part is that you don’t need to switch the fan on because it activates automatically at roughly 210- degrees F.

Even better, the fan tends to pull a full 75 CFM across the cooler to help keep the engine temperatures as down as possible. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with overheating problems. Your Harley’s engine performance will also be improved.

In terms of construction, the kit, including the adapter, is made of billet aluminum with a satin black finish. So, when it comes to the build quality of this cooler, you can relax.

7. Black Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler

Black Finned Billet Oil V-Cooler

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality aluminum construction helps maximize the cooler’s heat transfer
  • CNC machined to ensure it fits most Harley models with utmost precision
  • Boasts anodized gloss black finish that is resistant to heat and corrosion
  • Includes all mounting hardware and the necessary fittings for a correct install

Looking for the best oil cooler for Harley Softail that is relatively affordable but still made with quality in mind. This particular kit is CNC machined for precision from Billet aluminum. As such, you will find the kit lightweight, compact, rust-resistant, and rigid.

And to enhance its durability further, it boasts an anodized black finish that is heat-resistant. Therefore, thanks to its unique construction, the kit is an excellent choice for cooling down your Harley’s oil and engine. This is even though it does not come with a fan or even any special accessories.

Also worth mentioning is that this Harley oil cooler is designed to fit most Harley models with 1-1/8” Downtubes. Despite this, the manufacturer recommends that you measure your downtubes before making any purchase.  

That said, to ensure you do a proper install, it comes with the necessary fittings, including downtube mounts and clamps. You also get a vibration-free top mount and two pieces of 5/16” barbed fittings for hassle-free installation.

However, the manufacturer does not provide you with installation instructions. This means that you will have to find them online. Therefore, you will probably find the installation process moderately fast.

8. Premium Oil Cooler Kit

Premium Oil Cooler Kit

Highlighted Features:

  • Integrated with air fins to allow efficient heat dissipation
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty for added peace of mind
  • Specially designed turbulator system support even distribution of oil
  • Large heat exchanger ensures oil temperatures ran 20 to 30-degrees cooler

Need a highly efficient oil cooler for Harley Sportster? This Premium Oil Cooler kit might just be what you are looking for. In terms of fitment, it is manufactured to be compatible with all 2004-later XL Harley models.

Built to outperform most oil coolers on the market, this kit boasts a unique turbulator system. This feature helps to distribute your bike’s oil evenly across the cooling chambers for excellent cooling efficiency.

Further, this Harley oil cooler comes with air fins and a large heat exchanger to help dissipate heat for enhanced cooling performance. So, as far as overheating problems are concerned, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to this kit. Consequently, you can expect your bike’s engine to last longer and provide you with excellent performance.

Similar to other high-quality oil coolers in this Harley Davidson oil cooler review, this kit also comes with all the mounting hardware. Also included are mounting instructions and pre-cut oil lines to simplify the installation process. So, you will find the installation relatively fast.

Last but not least, you will be pleased to know that this cooler boasts aluminum construction for increased durability. It also features a gloss black covering to ensure better protection from the hot cooling fins. However, a fan is not included.

9. Jagg Fan-Assisted Oil Cooler Kits (751-FP2600)

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent performance at stop-and-go traffic and low bike speeds as on the open highway
  • An automatic thermal switch activates the fan at 205-degrees F oil temperatures
  • An automatic fan pulls a full 150 cfm of air across your oil cooler for efficient cooling
  • Built-in HyperFlow technology ensures superior flow and heat rejection

The best way to improve the performance and life of your engine is to cool your oil. This compact 10-row Harley oil cooler features an integrated fan designed to activate automatically at approximately 205-degrees F oil temperatures. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about engine damage due to overheating issues.

On top of that, the fan works by pulling a full 150 cfm of air across your cooler for enhanced cooling. So, even when riding in stop-and-go traffic on a hot afternoon, your oil will still remain cool.

Besides the oil cooler, the kit also comes with a sealed motor fan, oil hose, wiring harness, oil filter adapter, and mounting hardware. Simply, you get everything you need to install the cooler right out of the box. And according to different Harley fan assisted oil cooler reviews, you can install this kit in just 30 minutes using the simple instructions provided.

In terms of fitment, this product is compatible with most 1993-2019 Harley models with a V-twin engine. However, if you own a touring model with ABS or lowers, this kit won’t be a good fit.

Another great feature of this product is its high-quality construction. After all, it’s made of aluminum materials, including its anti-rotation bracket to provide you with long-lasting performance.

10. UltraCool Black Oil Cooler Kit – RF- 1G

UltraCool Black Oil Cooler Kit – RF- 1G

Highlighted Features:

  • An L.E.D indicator light lets you know if the dual fans are operating or not
  • Plug-and-play wiring harness with waterproof connectors for simple installation
  • Reduces your oil temperatures by up to 50-degrees F
  • Dual fans produce 220 CFM of airflow and activate once oil reaches 210-degrees F

This ULTRACOOL Black Oil Cooler Kit is popular among Harley touring models thanks to its top-notch features. It comes equipped with a specially designed heat exchange made of durable aluminum materials along with turbulators. As such, the cooler can efficiently dissipate heat.

The oil lines, on the other hand, are braided and constructed from stainless steel to ensure long-term durability. Even better, they feature black nylon coating for enhanced protection against corrosion. Therefore, we can say that the quality of this cooler is second to none. 

And when it comes to the fan of this oil cooler kit for Harley Davidson, it is sealed and IP68 waterproof rated. So, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged by water. The best part is that the dual fan will push 220 CFM of airflow for maximum cooling efficiency.

As if that’s not enough, the fan is designed to automatically switch on when your oil reaches 210-degrees F. This not only helps protect your engine from overheating issues but also prolongs its life.

Similar to most products in this review, this oil cooler also comes as a complete kit and is ready to install. Different users have also reported that the kit requires minimum effort to install. So, installing the kit is a fast process. However, you must note that the cooler will only fit 1999-2008 Harley touring models.

 How do I choose an oil cooler?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re searching for oil coolers for Harley Davidson motorcycles. After all, these kits are not built equally hence the difference in pricing. These include:

Cooling efficiency

Some oil coolers may not cool your engine as required and may lead to overheating problems. Therefore, you must get a kit that can effectively maintain the right oil temperatures in all conditions.

You could choose a cooler that uses cutting-edge technology to keep your oil around 200-degrees F. Or, you could go with a fan-assisted kit since they are built to automatically activate when temperatures reach 205 or 210-degrees F.

How do I choose an oil cooler

And for enhanced cooling performance, you can consider choosing an oil cooler designed to reduce oil temperatures by up to 50-degrees F or so. Also worth mentioning is that coolers with a greater number of rows offer more cooling.

Size and compatibility

The size of your oil cooler will determine whether or not it can fit in your Harley bike. You see, there is a set amount of room on your bike that you have to work with. So, you must choose a cooler that will fit perfectly within the given area.

One of the best ways to determine if the cooler is a good fit is to consider the model year of your bike. You may also read reviews to see what other people are saying about its fitment.

Ease of installation

For most oil coolers for Harley Davidson motorcycles, you don’t need to hire a professional to install the kit for you. However, some products are easier to install than others.

For example, some kits boast fast installation which means it might take you 30 minutes to one hour to install them. But for some products, the installation is moderately fast.


All in all, if you want a kit that boasts simple installation, look for one that comes with clear instructions. It should also come with all the mounting hardware. And if it’s your first time installing such a kit, you can consider one that features bolt-on installation.

Heat dissipation features

Most oil coolers for Harley Davidson motorcycles feature air fins to ensure maximum heat transfer. On the other hand, some kits also come with fans for superior cooling efficiency.

However, you might want to consider getting an oil cooler with heat dissipation features such as turbulators and heat exchangers. These extra features help keep oil temperatures cooler at 20 to 30-degrees by allowing efficient dissipation of heat.


The durability of your oil cooler is influenced by the choice of materials used to manufacture the kit. Generally, most oil coolers for Harley Davidson motorcycles are constructed from aluminum. This is because this material is a good conductor of heat, does not warp or corrode, and is both lightweight and durable.

On the other hand, some coolers are made of stainless steel material, which although it’s durable is not as lightweight as aluminum.

In addition, different kits boast different finishes. For instance, some feature anodized black finish which is heat-resistant, and others chrome plated finish which is extremely durable.

CFM for the fan

Last but not least, if you are using a fan-assist kit, you must take into account its CFM. CFM is simply cubic feet per minute and is the unit used to measure your fan’s ability to move air. So, the higher the rating the better for your fan as it can allow more airflow. 

You should also consider whether the fan works by pulling or pushing air. Overall, both configurations offer efficient cooling. However, most oil coolers seem to use the pull-air configuration.

How do I know what size oil cooler I need?

If your Harley motorcycle came with a stock oil cooler, then you just have to check its size. Then, get an aftermarket cooler of the same size. Another way to know what size of oil cooler you need is by considering how you plan to use your bike. 


For instance, if you have to ride your bike for long hours often, you should choose a bigger kit. However, it should not be too large as it could restrict airflow to the radiator. The important thing is you make sure whichever size you choose is compatible with your Harley.

Harley Davidson oil cooler installation instructions

When it comes to installing a Harley Davidson oil cooler, you should use the installation manual provided to you by the manufacturer. This is because some kits have more parts that you must install than others. That said, here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to install your Harley oil cooler.

Harley Davidson oil cooler installation instructions

Step 1: Start by removing the oil pump feed hose and fittings to avoid any hot surfaces. You should use a sharp knife to cut the oil hoses.

Step 2: Next, uninstall your stock oil filter adapter if you are upgrading your stock oil cooler system. Then, install your offset oil filter adapter using the mounting hardware included.

Step 3: If using a fan-assisted oil cooler, install the automatic fan switch in the same manner as indicated in the manual.

Step 4: Once that is done, it’s time to install the fan wiring harness. But before that, you will need to cut off the existing oil pressure connector from the wiring harness. Then install the wire cover over your fan wiring harness.

Step 5: After that, the next step will be to mount your oil cooler kit using the provided mounting brackets. Before fastening the cooler, make sure that there is enough space for the oil hoses and then tighten the bolts securely.

Step 6: You can now reinstall the oil hoses to the oil filter adapter. All you need are hose clamps to secure the hoses. This will ensure the hose does not pull over the barb on the fittings

Step 7: Next up, you will need to install the oil lines. Simply cut the oil hose your kit comes with into two lengths. Then, install your oil hoses onto the hose fittings of your oil cooler system.

Step 8: Check the oil hoses and the oil cooler to ensure they are securely fixed. Also, inspect for any tight bends on the oil hoses that could restrict oil flow. After that, refill your Harley’s engine with the right type oil and the correct amount.

Step 9: Start the engine of your motorcycle and let it idle for some time to ensure it warms up. Lastly, shut down your engine and recheck the oil level. Just make sure not to overfill.


Now enough about the top-rated oil coolers and how to choose the best one. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about these kits.

1. How does a Harley oil cooler work?

It works by keeping the engine oil at the right temperatures. You see, oil usually enters the cooler at high temperatures. Once it gets inside the oil cooler, it moves around the thin pipes fitted with air fins. During this time, heat is dissipated from the oil. Then, it is released from the oil cooler at a cooler temperature.

2. Does an oil cooler add HP?

Typically, an oil cooler will not increase your engine’s horsepower. However, it may enable your engine to make use of full power. This is by ensuring that heat released by your oil cooler is not lost as waste heat in the engine.

3. Is an Oil Cooler Worth it?

Yes, depending on what you plan to do with your automobile. For instance, it would be worth it if you live in a hot climate or usually take your bike for racing. The cooler will help extend the life of your car/bike’s engine.

4. Do You Need an Oil Cooler on Your Harley?

Yes. All engines including your Harley tend to heat up as they continuously combust fuel. So, without an oil cooler, your Harley could overheat at stop-and-go traffic or at low speeds. That’s why you will need an oil cooler.

5. How can I make my Harley run cooler?

It’s simple, just install the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson. These kits are designed to use air to cool your Harley’s oil, thereby protecting the engine from overheating.

6. What are the types of oil coolers?

The main types are oil-air coolers and hydraulic oil coolers. Hydraulic oil coolers comprise a shell and tube design in which tube walls or plates act as conductors for the oil.

Oil air coolers, on the other hand, usually pass heated fluid through a radiator-like core and then use the ambient air to cool the oil.

7. How do you clean a Harley Davidson oil cooler?

You can clean the oil cooler using clean water, soap, and a soft nylon brush. Just make sure not to use compressed air or pressure washer as it could warp or bend the air fins.

8. Which is better, oil-cooled or liquid-cooled?

Overall, liquid-cooled systems are the best for high-performance bikes such as dirt and racing bikes. However, they are expensive to maintain. So, if you don’t plan to use your motorcycle for racing or in other extreme conditions, an oil-cooled system would be the best.

9. Which is better: an oil-cooled or air-cooled engine?

Oil cooled engine is better as it is more efficient than its air-cooled counterpart. Air-cooled engines are considered the least efficient. Besides, they may lead to engine seizures.

Final Words

As you can see, there are so many top-quality oil cooler kits for Harley Davidson. Therefore, knowing how to choose the right product is important. So, you must make sure to look out for things like fitment, durability, ease of installation, and cooling performance features. Going through our FAQ section could also help you in selecting the best oil cooler for Harley Davidson.

That said, you might want to consider the Jagg Oil Coolers Vertical 6 Row (750-1200), which is our top pick. This is if you don’t mind a cooler without a fan but comes with specially designed turbulators for efficient cooling performance. But if you would like a fan-assisted oil cooler, the Jagg Oil Coolers Oil Cooler Kit (751-FP2400) would be an excellent choice.

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