Top 14 Motorcycle For Tall Riders

The majority of the motorcycle models are designed to fit people of average height. It’s no wonder finding a motorcycle for taller people is a little tough. It’s not like the country has a chain of importing or distributing bikes for tall riders. 

You can look online, and there are only a few limited results. That’s why we are listing the top 14 motorcycle for tall riders here. 

Here we shall shortly discuss the best bikes for tall riders in different categories and aspects. You will have a wide variety of choices. Being tall doesn’t mean that you have to compromise.

Top 14 Best Motorcycle for 6’5 rider Review

Here are 14 of the great motorcycle model you can pick if you are a tall rider. 

Best Motorcycle for 6’5 rider Review

1. Kawasaki KLR 650

Since the inception of this adventure bike in the 1980s, the KLR 650 still remains a budget motorcycle for big guys. After adopting a few major upgrades over the years, this single-cylinder bike is still on top of the sales charts. 

The best thing about this tall rider-friendly bike is the one-piece frame built over older versions that have a subframe. As a result, the vehicle can carry extra weight, which is a plus for big guys. 

Kawasaki KLR 650

Overall, the bike is big enough to go for a big ride or off-roading. The frame will keep your arms and legs protected. However, you may consider purchasing a larger windshield as it’s primarily made for 6’1 people. 


If you are always making long-distance trips, this one is the best option for big riders. One thing is for sure; there’s not a single comfortable bike model. However, you would want to get a relatively comfortable bike seat. 

The Suzuki DR-Z400S is easily one of the best motorcycle for 6’5 riders. It’s largely due to the combination of weight, price, and horsepower. Well, you can go for Honda CRF or CB500X if you want. But if you are taller, those models are not a viable option. 


What’s best is that the bike can handle any challenging terrain on the go. Yes, the bike does have some weak points at high altitudes. However, it can generate awesome power on the road for big guys. 


This one is a weird bike in terms of design and performance. Well, we don’t mean it badly but on the opposite. If we look at the bike closely, we can list it on dual sport bikes. The bike can generate decent power, but the bike’s weight is considered a letdown. 

Some users find the bike a bit annoying at first. But this one is a great fit for tall riders for two specific reasons. First of all, the Hypermotard 950 SP has the tallest seat heights among modern motorbikes. The seat is 35 inches high, so it’s a good bike for tall riders. 


Secondly, customization is effortless with this bike. Even a tall rider of 6’2 can customize the fork cartridge and rear shocks to raise the height. So, tall riders can go for this dirt bike-like beast for off-roading. 

4. Yamaha MT-09

The MT-09 is a great bike in terms of performance and comfort. Anyone seeking sport bikes for tall riders can check MT-09. Once you test it out, you are sure to fall in love with it. But why so?

Most people consider MT-09 a performance beast. However, for tall riders, things are a bit problematic. The MT-09 has plenty of legroom, even for a tall rider. So, tall riders don’t have to worry about getting cramped while touring. 

Yamaha MT-09

Anyway, a 6’5 rider can redo the seat to sit back a little. The roominess of the bike is the real deal for big guys. When you have more room in your sitting posture, it means you can get more control over your ride. 

5. 2022 Harley Road King

People are still out there opting for self-indulgent pursuits such as touring with their bikes. Luckily, the 2022 Harley Road King is a decent touring motorcycle for tall riders. This bike invites you to jump on the road. 

At a glance, the bike looks big. But tall riders can adjust to the bulkiness. Not to mention, the road king offers the most comfortable pillion riding among any touring bike on the market. The touring chassis offers minimal fairings. It’s a better touring option over other Harley Davidson cruiser motorcycles. 

2022 Harley Road King

Even the breaks do great jobs handling two riders on the road. And if you are tall, the bike can handle the extra weight. Finally, city riding is a breeze with the Harley bike for tall riders.

6. BMW R1200GS

BMW R1200GS is the best motorcycle for tall riders if you want a do-it-all bike model. It’s perfectly proportioned for larger riders. No matter what type of terrain you are riding, this bike can handle its own with large riders. 

Certainly, it’s not a dirt bike, even though it can easily run through dirt tracks. When you reach the road, the ride becomes smoother. Yes, it is a good choice for people with long limbs. However, a guy with average height can also manage it without facing any difficulties or discomfort. 


Thanks to the smart weight distribution, the bike can perform well on off-road tracks. Also, the agility on the tarmac is sure to surprise you. We don’t have to discuss the performances; it’s a popular model on the market right now. 


The Tenere 700 is an important bike for its simplicity, design, and straightforward performance. If you are a novice, this one is the best beginner motorcycles for tall bikers. The spec sheet says this is a middle-weight adventure segment bike. 

The brilliant CP2 engine can deliver smooth performance output. Then, the anti-squat design makes it a brilliant partner for beginner tall riders. Not to mention, you can adjust the suspension to extend your reach. 


You can say the Tenere 700 gives you a space for fresh air even with the full electric suite. There is no sophisticated electric gear to overwhelm the rider. So, tall riders can go off-roading to gain the best riding experience. 

8. 2022 Harley Street Glide

Often considered the most comfortable cruiser motorcycle for tall riders, the 2022 Harley street glide is sure to impress anyone. From the design perspective, it’s made to make big guys comfortable on their rides. 

The Harley Davidson Street Glide comes with a wide flat seat so that anyone can stay comfy with plenty of room. This means you can also install le para long leg seats. Not just that, the wide seat enables tall riders to sit higher compared to chopper-style cruisers on the market. 

2022 Harley Street Glide

So what about riding experience? Well, the forward controls and drag bar have everything covered for you. Furthermore, the 135-degree knee angle saves you from getting cramped. It’s an ideal cruiser model for any tall rider. 

9. Kawasaki Versys 1000

The Kawasaki Versys first introduced a 1000cc 4-cylinder engine model in the US. Yes, the 650 version is much better in terms of comfort. However, the 1000 version is suited for taller riders. Now, the bike is light enough for city maneuvering. But that doesn’t mean it cannot handle long tours. 

Kawasaki has always been great for making top-quality engines. Just like its brethren, the Versys 1000 equips a parallel-twin engine that can produce enough grunt for an enjoyable highway cruising. But it’s mostly a good everyday bike for tall riders. 

Kawasaki Versys 1000

Why? It’s because Versys 1000 maintains a good rider triangle (it means the seat, footpeg, and handlebar). Everything is perfectly proportioned to suit tall riders’ needs. Now, the Versys 1000 lacks standard handguards like the Versys 650 model. But that shouldn’t be a huge problem for city maneuvering riders. 

10. 2022 CRF450RL

There’s a reason why adventure bikes are so popular – they blend comfort and performance together. Trail runners are surely the best option for serious off-roading among adventure bikes. And if you are tall and cannot find a good trail bike, take a look at the 2022 Honda CRF450RL. 

This one is a major contender in the dual-sport bike category in 2022. However, as far as we know, the bike is ideal for commuting and dirt riding. The bike hit the market in 2019, and they introduced two upgrades in 2020 and 2021. Yes, there are no visible upgrades aside from the revised ECU mapping. 

2022 CRF450RL

Some say the weight of the bike is a bit much. But if you are 6’2 or 6’5, the extra weight will help with the balance. Of course, you need to make a slight adjustment to increase the seat height and weight to make it better. When you do so, it’s a smooth do-it-all bike for big guys. 

11. HONDA XR650L

Since its debut in the late 90s, the Honda XR650L has remained a crowd favorite among bike lovers. Even today, the bike is under production with some tweaks on the design and some redesigned liveries. Aside from that, the overall design remains completely the same. 

The design of this bike primarily focuses on off-road performance. Thanks to the 21″ front and 18″ rear wheels, tall riders get the better height. Not to mention, the 13″ ground clearance is a plus for big guys. 


The XR650L is stripped down and lightweight in nature that focuses on off-road prowess. Not to mention, it equips a motorcycle seat height for 6’2 feet tall person. So, it’s an obvious choice for any rider with longer limbs. 

12. KTM 690 ENDURO R

If you use the KTM 690 Enduro R at first, it will make you cramped while riding. When you use bar risers to adjust the height, it’s one of the best motorbikes for tall riders. It’s more of a do-it-all hybrid to munch on long rides and then stand its ground on rugged trails. 

A big guy is sure to feel the versatility of spending half an hour on the bike’s saddle. Mainly, the lean angle traction control system gives the bike an edge over rough trails or off-road tracks. The LC4 engine is there to ensure a smooth throttle response. 


Even though we say it’s a good bike for tall riders, a short rider can ride it too. Just like we said, as a tall rider, you need to install bar risers to get rid of the cramps. 


Without a shred of doubt, Husqvarna 701 is currently the best high-end factory supermoto model available in the market. The bike’s design is built around KTM’s powerful LC4 engine. So, you can guess how much power it can deliver. 

It will surely attract tall riders for its towering 35″ seat height. So, a big guy, 6 feet 3, can easily ride on the bike without any problem. But if you are much taller than that, you may need to customize the bike for better height. 


On top of all these, the bike comes with a sleek and the most modern design to date. And in the performance section, this bike does a decent job. 


Our final bike on this review is an Italian brand. The Xdiavel is solely made for low-speed cruising. But don’t think the bike can’t pack a powerful punch. 

Well, the seat height is just around 29.7”. Not a big margin compared to other bikes on our list. But still, it’s a good option for people around 6 or 6 feet 1. 


If the bike height is up to the mark for you, you will get a decent rider triangle. So, taller riders get a great advantage in city rides and slow-speed cruising with the Xdiavel. 


1. Does height matter when riding a motorcycle?

It’s more like a misconception than an actual requirement. As a rider, you just need to find a bike that has the right height for you to stay comfortable while riding and get retain good control. 

2. What Harley has the tallest seat height?

Well, the Harley Street Glide has the tallest seat height of 28.9”. Yes, it doesn’t sound that much. But Harley Davidson models have forward foot controls. So, you get additional space just by stretching your feet. 

3. Is a cruiser bike good for tall riders?

Not entirely. Yes, cruiser bikes are designed to accommodate riders with a range of heights. But some frames cannot provide optimal comfort for tall riders. As long as you find a good match for you, a cruiser bike is decent enough for big guys. 


Motorbikes are compact vehicles for people to move around easily. But most of the bikes are made for average-sized people. But after walking through this top 14 motorcycle for tall riders short review list, you can guess there is numerous model for tall riders. 

Yes, we are fortunate there are tall rider-friendly bikes in modern production. But choosing a specific bike can become tricky. It would be best to consider some important factors such as bike type, seat height, ergonomics, riding position, and performance. 

If you can score high on every basic parameter, you can easily find the best model for you.

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