Best Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck

Loading your motorcycle into the truck is easier and safer with a motorcycle ramp for pickup. These ramps are designed to bear the weight of your bike, making the loading process easy.

However, some ramps are poorly designed and can easily bend and even break under the weight of your bike. But with lots of research, you can find the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck that works for you. However, this is time-consuming as you have to go through hundreds of models out there.

Luckily, we have done the hardest part for you. We have searched the market for the most dependable ramps for motorcycles. We focused on sturdy and strong, lightweight, and easy-to-use units.

List of Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck:

Best Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck Reviews:

Here’s our ultimate list of the top 10 best models you can find today. These units are well-built and stable. They’re also lightweight and easy to use for everyone.

1. Black Widow AFL-9012 Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

Black Widow AFL-9012 Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 89″
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Load capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Weight: 14.5 Pounds

Our list starts with this reasonably priced single runner motorcycle ramp for truck from Black Widow. The metallic ramp is manufactured from high-strength and lightweight aluminum. It has a loading capacity of 750lbs, making it ideal for safely loading and unloading any model of motorcycle, dirt bike, and so on.

The ramp is optimized for maximum safety. It boasts heavy-duty, serrated crossbars which offer traction to your bike wheels in any weather. Not to forget that these rungs allow mud, debris, sand, moisture, etc., on your bike tires to easily fall off and ensure your truck bed stays clean.

This motorcycle ramp also features a tapered bottom edge that makes the entire loading process safe and smooth. Its unique arching ensures maximum clearance.

You’ll also like that this ramp is held in place by rubber-coated fingers. This helps firmly grip the tailgate of your pickup truck without scratching. This also keeps the ramp from slipping off during the loading or unloading.

With the included safety straps, you’ll be able to easily secure the ramp to the truck and further prevent the possibility of slipping.

We also like that this ramp is foldable. It comes with a hinge system that lets you easily fold it in half for compact storage or transportation. Moreover, the aluminum construction makes it lightweight and a highly portable ramp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy and durable aluminum construction
  • Foldable for easy storage/transportations
  • Serrated rungs increase traction
  • Includes safety straps for secure loading
  • Rubber-coated fingers prevent scratching of the truck
  • Lightweight for enhanced portability

2. Five Star 444 MCDR Folding Aluminum Ramp

Five Star 444 MCDR Folding Aluminum Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 6ft.
  • Foldable: yes
  • Load capacity: 1,500 lbs.
  • Weight: 38 lbs.

This ramp is proudly Made in USA by Five Star, one of the biggest aluminum ramps distributors in the country. It measures 6 ft. long by 44 inches wide and will give you plenty of room to safely plant your feet and ride any motorcycle into a truck or a trailer.

Because it is built under strict USA quality control, this ramp is super-sturdy and feels like it will serve you forever. It is constructed from high-strength aluminum material for maximum strength with repeated use. It boasts an excellent loading capacity of up to 1500lbs, which is twice what you get with most models available today. This is enough proof of the ramp’s superior strength.

Design-wise, the ramp features twice as many crossroads as typical bike ramps, ensuring safe footing when riding your bike up the trailer. What’s more, the crossroads are serrated for excellent traction and safe loading/unloading in all weather conditions.

Another unique thing about this heavy-duty ramp is its built-in extra center support. This makes it suitable for loading the heaviest motorcycles.

You’ll appreciate that this ramp comes with two safety straps that you can use to tie to your truck or trailer. This helps keep the ramp from moving and increases the overall safety when loading or unloading your bike.

Above all, this ramp boasts a foldable design. It folds into half its length and width (i.e., 3ft by 22 inches wide). This is a great feature because it lets you turn it into a compact size for space-saving storage and easy transportation. And at only 38lbs, the ramp feels pretty light, further improving its portability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy construction
  • Lightweight at only 38lbs
  • Folds into half for easy storage
  • Serrated crossroads for enhanced traction
  • Wide enough to let you ride motorcycles
  • Built-in center support for loading heavier bikes

3. TUFFIOM 7ft Aluminum Foldable Loading Ramp

TUFFIOM 7ft Aluminum Foldable Loading Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 7 ft.
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Load capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Weight: 15 lbs.

You also can’t go wrong with this single runner loading ramp. The is another best ramp for loading motorcycle in truck because it helps you safely load or unload your bike into your truck without additional help.

Sturdiness is great for this ramp. It is made from high-strength aluminum, which ensures durability with regular use. It’s strong enough to support loads as heavy as 750lbs without bending or breaking down. It’s also rustproof to keep corrosion and rust from weakening it.

The attachment point for this ramp is rubber-coated to help prevent scratches on your truck bed and minimize slipping cases. The crossbars are serrated to provide great traction and make the bike easy to load into the truck.

The loading ramp comes with restraining straps that secure it against the tailgate. This ensures the ramp doesn’t move and allows for safe and hassle-free loading or unloading experience.

Despite being an extremely sturdy unit, this ramp is pretty light. The single runner weighs 15lbs only, making it incredibly easy to transport from one point to another. And yes, the ramp also folds into holds its original size, letting you turn it into a compact design for easy storage.

Besides motorcycles, this versatile ramp can also load dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and lawn mowers into trucks, trailers, or garden tractors.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Serrated rungs offer high traction for effortless loading
  • Folds into a compact size for easy carry
  • Lightweight design for easy carry/storage
  • Soft-tipped prevents scratches on the truck
  • Two safety straps included

4. Reese Explore 7454000 80″ Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

Reese Explore 7454000 80" Steel Centerfold Loading Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Steel
  • Max. length: 80 inches
  • Foldability: Yes
  • Load capacity: 600 Pounds
  • Weight: 31 pounds

Are you on a tight budget? If yes, this is the best ramp for loading motorcycle for you. But don’t take its low price point as a weakness. The ramp will help you smoothly transit your bike from the ground into your motorcycle trailer. It is made from galvanized steel for superior strength, rust, and corrosion resistance, resulting in ultimate durability.

It has a maximum load capacity of 600lbs. It measures 80 inches long by 11 inches wide, giving you plenty of room to load in or out any motorcycle model.

Unlike most of the ramps that come with rungs, this one features a unique punched hole design on its surface. This enables it to deliver maximum stability with side-to-side, back-to-front superior traction, preventing slippage. It’s tough enough for use with a trailer or a truck. And if you’re removing your motorcycle from the storage shed, this ramp will also come in handy.

This ramp easily splits it into two shorter ramps. Using 2 wrenches, you can unbolt and take it apart at the centerfold. This comes in handy when you’re loading a snowblower, ATV, or any other four-wheeler into your truck. It’s also helpful when loading your bike into a lower truck bed since the single ramp is meant for higher loading up to 36 inches.

Thanks to the centerfold design, this ramp lets you fold it in half and reduce its overall length. This makes storage and transportation easy. Even better, it’s incredibly light and comes with carrying handles that make it easy to move around in the folded position.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel construction
  • Folds into half for compact storage
  • Lightweight for easy carry
  • Can be split into two short ramps
  • Includes carry handles for easy carry

5. VIVOHOME 7.5 Feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp

VIVOHOME 7.5 Feet Aluminum Folding Loading Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 90 inches
  • Folded length: Yes
  • Load capacity: 750lbs.
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs.

Halfway through our list of the best motorcycle loading ramps, we introduce this VivoHome 7.5 ft. long loading ramp. This is the perfect model for loading your motorcycle, lawnmower, ATV, and other 4-wheeled machines into your truck or trailer.

This ramp is made from high-quality aluminum, which is 100% rust and corrosion-free and not easy to fade by outdoor elements. Due to this strong construction, it can comfortably support bikes as heavy as 750lbs.

The arched design at the center of this ramp gives it a better load-bearing capacity. It also enhances traction, enabling you to effortlessly move heavy roads up the ramp and into the truck.

When you deploy this ramp, its 3 rubber tripped claws firmly grip your truck tailgate. This prevents slippage and allows for safely transferring your bike into the truck without the ramp collapsing or buckling. Even better, an adjustable heavy-duty safety strap comes included to help keep the ramp firmly attached to the tailgate.

We also like this ramp’s grid design, which increases clearance and friction, allowing you to easily load your motorcycles and other heavy loads without worrying about slippage.

Since this ramp is designed to be folded into the half when not in use, storing it in the garage or carrying it around in your truck bed won’t be a problem for you. A hollow frame design makes the ramp lightweight (at only 15lbs) and increases its portability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Rubber-tipped claws resist slippage
  • Collapsible for convenient storage
  • Lightweight design for portability
  • Safety strap included for ramp security

6. Ruedamann 7.5’L×11″ W Loading Ramp

Ruedamann 7.5'L×11" W Loading Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 7.5 ft.
  • Foldable: yes
  • Load capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Weight: ‎17.51 lbs.

Get this single runner loading ramp to save yourself the hassle of loading your bike into the truck or trailer. This ramp is pretty easy to set up and convenient, and you don’t need any help lifting your motorcycle into a truck.

As one of the best motorcycle ramps for pickups on our list, this product is designed for maximum sturdiness and durability. It features high-strength aluminum construction. This makes it quite strong and capable of supporting a maximum weight of 750lbs. All the joints, crossbars, and hinges are welded to enhance the ramp’s durability.

Hollowed out design sets this ramp from the typical models. This design is helpful in that it is waterproof and remains non-slip in rain or snow. Thus, you can rely on this ramp to help you safely load your motorbike into your truck regardless of the weather condition.

The 3 caps at the top of this loading ramp will help keep your ramp from slipping once you set it up against your truck. This makes your setup safer and more stable when you’re loading the motorcycle into the car.

Inside the box, you’ll also find heavy-duty load straps that help you keep your ram firmly attached to the tailgate. This ensures a safer transfer of your bike to the truck without having to worry about buckling.

As we’ve seen with the other top-rated models on this list, this Ruedamann ramp is also foldable for easy carrying. It comes with heavy-duty hinges that enable you to easily and quickly fold it at the center, so it transforms into a smaller size for easy storage. Add to the fact that it’s also lightweight, and you have a highly portable motorcycle ramp.

Note that this loading ramp comes as a single runner. But if you want, you can get two or more runners to enable you to use load four-wheels such as UTVs, ATVs, lawnmowers, etc., into trailers and trucks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable and lightweight aluminum construction
  • Folds into half for compact storage
  • Heavy-duty load straps included
  • Rubber-coated ramp top prevents slippage
  • Hollowed-out design keeps water off the ramp

7. Trible Six 7.5′ Aluminum motorcycle ramp

Trible Six 7.5' Aluminum motorcycle ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 7.5 feet
  • Foldable: yes
  • Load capacity: 750Lbs
  • Weight: 15.4 Pounds

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your husband, who is into biking, consider this Trackside aluminum foldable ramp. This unit stands at an affordable price point. But it helps you reliably load your motorbikes, dirt bike, etc., into your pickup truck.

The ramp is good quality and will help you through countless loading and unloading sessions. It is constructed from premium aluminum alloy for maximum strength and durability. Due to this sturdy construction, it can comfortably hold up to bikes as heavy as 750lbs. It features an arched design which helps boost its load-bearing capabilities, keeping it secure and stable under the weight of a motorbike.

You’ll love that the motorcycle ramp surface features serrated crossbars. This helps create excellent traction between the surface and your bike tires to allow for safe loading/unloading in all weather.

For an even safer loading experience, this ramp has rubber-tipped attachment points. These prevent slippage during loading and scratching of the truck bed. The ramp comes with safety straps that enable you to attach it to the truck and further minimize the possibility of slippage.

This is a folding ramp. It lets you effortlessly fold it into half and make it compact enough for space-saving storage in your garage. What’s more, the aluminum construction makes this ramp lightweight and easy to carry in your truck bed to your desired destination.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy and durable aluminum ramp
  • Arched design offers better clearance
  • Folding style design for easy storage/carry
  • Rubber tipped fingers for slip-free loading
  • Includes safety straps for safer loading

8. Trackside Aluminum Folding Ramp

Trackside Aluminum Folding Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 90 inches
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Load capacity: 750lbs
  • Weight: 15lbs

This ramp is affordable, well-built, and sturdy enough to help you effortlessly load your bike into higher trucks. The ramp is 90 inches long and 11 inches wide, making it slightly larger than some competing models. The increased length makes it ideal for use with higher trucks. And the wider design makes it more effective without making it look oversized.

We feature it on our list of the top-rated motorcycle ramps for trucks available today because it is constructed from high-quality aluminum. This makes it feel extremely solid and stable. It easily lifts all motorcycles up to 750lbs heavy and holds up pretty well to regular use, so you’ll use it for many years.

The fingers holding the top of this ramp to the tailgate are rubber-coated to prevent scratching your truck and offer a firmer and slip-free ramp attachment to the truck.

Serrated rungs increase the ramp traction. This is helpful when you’re loading your bike in wet weather and you’re afraid it might slip. Don’t forget that these rungs are also well spaced to let mud, debris, sand, etc., easily fall off the tires and keep your truck clean.

As seen in most of the other models above, this ramp comes with safety straps. These secure it to the ramp and keep it from slipping during the loading process.

This ramp easily transforms into half its initial size with its foldable design, making it extremely easy to store or carry in your garage or truck bed. Plus, it has a lightweight design that makes it easy to move around.

Highlighted Features:

  • Longer and wider design (90 x 11 inches)
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy
  • Rubber-capped fingers to prevent scratches
  • Lightweight and foldable design
  • Includes safety straps for secure attachment

9. Titan Ramps 9 Ft. Aluminum Loading Ramp

Titan Ramps 9 Ft. Aluminum Loading Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 108 inches
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Load capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Weight: 21 lbs.

This is the perfect bike ramp for truck suitable for higher trucks up to 36 inches. With an overall length of 9 ft. (108 inches), this is the longest model on our list, and this makes it the perfect solution for loading bikes into tall pickup trucks. It also features a wider design (11.25 inches) to increase the loading surface and make the whole loading job super-easy for you.

This Titan is shipped as an individual ramp. It is constructed from strong and durable aluminum, making it a long-lasting and dependable motorcycle loading solution. It works for motorcycles as heavy as 600lbs.

You’ll appreciate how the arched design increases the clearance of this ramp compared to other loading ramps—offering a flatter platform for a smoother transition of your motorcycle from the ground into the pickup bed.

Serrated crossbars are another reason to like this ramp, as they offer great traction. And this enables you to use the ramp even in wet conditions without worries of slipping.

Like the other top-rated models on this list, this ramp comes armed with safety straps. These enable you to secure it to the pickup tailgate to make it stay in place. This prevents slippage and increases loading safety.

This ramp is also incredibly lightweight (at only 21lbs) and is a great travel companion.

Once you’re done using this ramp, you can easily fold it in half and stow it away in your shed or garage. Its compact folding design makes it easily fit in your truck bed for easy transportation.

Highlighted Design:

  • Suitable for use with high 36-inch trucks
  • Arched design improves clearance
  • High traction serrated crossbars
  • Safety straps included for safer loading
  • Foldable and lightweight for easy storage/carry

10. Black Widow 7.5 Ft. Heavy-Duty Folding Motorcycle Ramp

Black Widow 7.5 Ft. Heavy-Duty Folding Motorcycle Ramp

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max. length: 7′ 5″
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Load capacity: 1500lbs
  • Weight: 30lbs

The 7.5ft. heavy-duty unit closes our list of the best ramps for loading motorcycles available today. This single-runner ramp is unbeatable when it comes to stability. It comes with a plate-style attaching lip for increased stability and a tapered bottom edge that promotes easier walk-ups.

Serrated rungs are another reason to like this ramp. They create excellent traction when moving up and down the ramp, further enacting stability and ensuring you have a safe and slip-free motorcycle loading/unloading experience.

It also comes with heavy-duty safety straps to help you secure the ramp to your truck tailgate, promoting a safe transfer without the ramp collapsing or buckling.

Mud, gravel, debris, etc., easily fall through these serrated rungs to keep your truck bed clean.

Like most of the other models featured above, this motorcycle is constructed from aluminum for a great balance between durability and a lightweight feel. The construction is three-beam aluminum, making it a strong and heavy-duty model that holds up with repeated use. It is capable of withstanding up to 1,500lbs. This is double the weight capacity offered by the competing ramps.

At 11 ¼-inches wide, the ramp is also wide enough to comfortably accommodate the biggest motorcycle tires and ensure even safer loading.

When not in use, this ramp easily folds in half (folding length is 3′ 10″) to allow for easy storage and transportation at the back of your truck. What’s more, it weighs only 30 pounds, making it a lightweight solution for loading and unloading your bike(s) from your vehicle.

The Black Widow product is covered by a 1-year warranty. It is guaranteed to be 100% free of any manufacturer defects at the time of purchase. You can use this ramp for lifting both bikes and ATVs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy three-beam aluminum construction
  • Plate-style attaching lip for excellent stability
  • Serrated rungs for maximum traction
  • Folds in half for easy storage
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Includes heavy-duty load straps

What to look for before buying?

The market has a wide range of motorcycle ramps, and choosing the perfect model for you can take a lot of time and get confusing if you have no idea what to look for.

Below, we’ll discuss the most crucial factors to consider to help you easily pick the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck that works for you.

Size of ramp

One of the top considerations for a good motorcycle ramp is its length and width. These dimensions are crucial because they affect how effective the ramp is for you to use.

Let’s discuss the two dimensions separately…


The ideal length of ramp to buy will depend on the height of the pickup truck you want to load your motorcycle into. The size of your specific bike model will also help you pick the right ramp length.

You want to make sure you get a ramp that’s not too short and doesn’t reach your truck bed or trailer as it can be hazardous. If you have a taller truck, the longer the ramp you’ll need.

Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck

Also, make sure you choose a ramp that’s long enough to allow your entire motorcycle length to fit. This will ensure the bottom of the bike doesn’t hit the ramp while loading it into the truck and causing safety issues.

Most of the ramps available today are around 6ft long. But you can find longer models from 7.5 ft. all the way up to 12 ft.


The perfect motorcycle ramp should also come at a width that helps you safely load your bike into the truck. The width should accommodate your motorcycle tires and leave enough wiggle room if the bike slightly gets off its track.

Also, the perfect width will depend on how you wish to load your motorcycle. If you want to walk alongside your bike or ride it into the truck bed, then a wider model with enough room for your feet is recommended.


Another crucial factor to consider when choosing the perfect ramp is the construction quality. You want to ensure you get an extremely sturdy and durable model.

This will ensure the loading equipment is strong enough to bear the weight of your motorcycle. A high-quality model will also serve you for years to come.

Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck

Most of the models on our list are made using high-strength aluminum alloy. The advantage of aluminum is that it’s also lightweight ad isn’t vulnerable to rust and corrosion for maximum durability.

Loading capacity

One of the factors that motorcycle ramps apart is varying weight capacities. For this reason, you need to check the weight limit of a given ramp before you order it to ensure it bears the weight of your motorcycle.

Luckily for you, most motorcycle ramp manufacturers list the weight capacity rating of their products. So, you shouldn’t have a problem deciding which model is right for your bike.

You also ought to know the exact Wight of your bike to enable you to make an informed decision. If you’re not sure about the bike weight, it’s better to have it weighed. This will eliminate guesswork and ensure you choose an ideal ramp.

TIP: If you have multiple motorcycles you want to lift, use the weight of the heaviest model to help you pick the right ramp for you.

Safety features

The best motorcycle ramp for truck should also make the whole loading process safe. Some of the key safety features to look out for in a motorcycle ramp include:

Safety features
  • Rubber capped fingers: These will grasp the truck firmly and keep the ramp from sliding and slipping for added safety. Plus, they help prevent scratching your vehicle.
  • Safety straps: These help you attach your ramp to the truck for maximum security, eliminate potential slipping, assuring you of loading safety.
  • Traction: Ensure the ramp you choose offers extra traction. This will give you the tire more grip as it travels up or down the truck and prevents slippage. Most models have serrated rungs as a way to increase traction.


Do you plan to take your motorcycle ramp with you so you can use it to unload your bike when you reach your destination? If yes, you also need to make sure it has a portable design.

All the models we’ve featured above the fold in half. This enables you to easily convert them into a compact size for easy storage in your truck bed and transportation to any place.

The materials used to construct the ramp also affect its portability. Aluminum models are usually lightweight, allowing for easy transportation to any place.

How to load a motorcycle into a truck?

Loading a motorcycle into the truck becomes a smooth and quick process with a good ramp by your side. However, you need to know the correct steps to follow to ensure you do it correctly and safely.

How to load a motorcycle into a truck

Here’s how you ought to properly load a motorcycle into the truck

Things you’ll need:

  • Pickup truck
  • motorcycle truck ramp
  • Safety straps

Step by step guide:

Step 1. Park your pickup truck on a firm and level surface. You can also back the tailgate to an incline to reduce the ramp angle for easier loading. Be sure to clear the back of the truck to prevent tripping.

Step 2. Unfold the ramp and place its rubber-capped fingers on the tailgate edge.

Step 3. Use the ramp safety straps to secure the ramp to the truck (i.e., to the metal attachment point beneath the tailgate).

Step 4. Now put your motorcycle in a neutral state and line it with the foot of the ramp, about 3 feet out.

Step 5. Stand on one side of the ramp and hold the motorcycle handlebars. Have another pair of hands stand on the other side of the bike’s rear. Let them grab any stable part of the bike that will take the pressure of being pushed.

Step 6. Push your motorcycle forward and up the ramp in a coordinated effort.

Step 7. Once you reach a standstill, deploy the front brake. Let the one helping you get into the truck bed and pull the bike up into the truck while you continue holding it upright.

That’s it! You have successfully loaded the motorcycle into the truck. All you have to do now is remove the ramp and fold it down for easy storage/transportation. You’ll also need to secure the front and rear of your motorcycle with the help of ratchet straps for safe transit without damaging your bike.


1. How can the loading ramp be stored for travel?

A loading ramp is stored by first folding it down into a compact size so that it easily fits in your truck bed. Next, place it inside the truck bed, and it’s ready for transportation.

2. Loading Ramps Wider is better?

A wide motorcycle ramp is better because it lets you roll your bike while leaving enough room for you to walk with your bike during loading. This gives you total control over the bike and helps you place it exactly where you want it.

3. How long of ramps do I need?

The idea ramp should be longer than your motorcycle to enable it to accommodate the full length of your bike. It should also be long enough to reach the truck bed. Taller trucks require longer ramps. Generally, longer ramps are preferred because they reduce the incline angle and make loading effortless for you.

4. How do you put a motorcycle in a truck without a ramp?

If you don’t have a ramp, you can still load a motorcycle in a truck using other methods. The most effective method involves using any nearby hill. Back up the truck to the hill. Next, push the bike up to the hill and then carefully put it into your truck bed.

5. How to understand if the ramp is well built?

A ramp that’s well built should be sturdy and durable. It should be strong enough to bear the heavy loads of motorcycles without bending or breaking down. It should also be lightweight to allow for easy storage and transportation in your truck bed. The two most common materials used to make high-quality ramps include aluminum and steel.

Safety Tips of loading ramp
Some of the safety tips to keep in mind when using a loading ramp include:

• Always apply the parking brake on your truck before you start the loading process
• Only use a ramp that’s capable of bearing your specific motorcycle weight
• always tie down the ramp to the truck using the provided safety straps. This eliminates the slipping possibility.
• Confirm that the attachment point between the ramp rubber tip and the tailgate lip is firm and stable
• NEVER ride your motorcycle up a single-runner ramp. Walk your bike up is always the safest option.
• Having a friend help you with the loading process or act as your spotter

Final words

A motorcycle ramp is the safest and easiest way to get your motorcycle into your truck. Gladly, there are multiple models out there for you to choose from.

However, they’re not built the same, so you need to take your time to research the best motorcycle ramp for pickup truck that works for you.

When choosing a new ramp, the most crucial factors include the length and width, weight limit, construction quality, and portability. These key aspects will help you narrow down your list of options for easier selection

We have just reviewed some of the top-best motorcycle ramps for pickup trucks available today.

These ramps are highly reliable and will give you confidence when loading or unloading your motorcycle from the truck bed.

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