How to Jump Start a Motorcycle?

You go to the garage one fine morning, ride your motorcycle, and push the start button. But unfortunately, you hear some clanks, and the bike doesn’t start. The most probable cause of this situation is your motorcycle’s battery being too weak or completely dead.

One escape route here is to jump start the motorcycle. Wait, do you know how to jump start a motorcycle? We will go over all the necessary details so that you can jump start your motorcycle even if it has a dead battery. Let’s get started.

Will Your Motorcycle Jump Start? Here’s How to Know That

Jump starting a motorcycle is a temporary solution. But this solution can only fix certain situations. This is why you need to know whether your motorcycle will jump start or not.

Motorcycle Jump Start

When a Motorcycle Will Jump Start?

A motorcycle can jump start in three cases. Often, we use additional devices from the battery of our motorcycle. If we don’t disconnect these devices after turning the motorcycle engine off, they draw power from the battery and weaken it.

As a result, the motorcycle won’t normally start due to the excessive drainage of battery power. You can jump start the motorcycle in this situation.

Another common situation is heated gears drawing power from the battery when your bike isn’t producing enough electricity at low speeds. In this case, the battery can drain so fast that the bike will not start normally once you turn it off.

Jump start can be a viable solution in such situations. One more common issue is leaving bikes in the garage without starting the engine every once in a while. If your motorcycle is left in the garage for too long, your bike battery will discharge gradually and be weak over time.

When a Motorcycle Will Jump Start

You can jump start the bike in this case, too. The incident of battery discharge can happen faster in cold weather. So, if you leave your bike for several days in winter, you might have a hard time starting that. Jump start can be effective in such cases.

When a Motorcycle Won’t Jump Start?

There are situations you can’t overcome with a jump start. The most common cause is battery failure. We mean, if your bike battery is at the edge of its lifespan, you might face problems with starting the bike.

Though you can jump start your motorcycle sometimes, it will not sustain. The motorcycle will turn off over and over again no matter how you try to jump start. In this case, you need to change the battery of your motorcycle.

If there are any charging issues in your motorcycle where the battery isn’t getting charged enough, your bike can turn off in the middle of rides. Even if you jump start the bike, it won’t run for long. Replacing the faulty charging system is the only solution here.

Lastly, most motorcycles nowadays have safety features like side stand and clutch lever sensors. These sensors ensure the side stand stays in the up position and the clutch lever is pressed before you start your motorcycle engine.

If these sensors are broken, the bike might not start. Even a jump start isn’t possible in some cases until you fix those sensors.

Can You Jump Start a Motorcycle with a Car?

Yes, you can jump start a motorcycle with a car because car batteries have a lot more amperage than bike batteries. But there lies a potential risk here, too. The amperage of bike batteries is so high that it could fry your bike battery.

Can You Jump Start a Motorcycle with a Car

And jumping a motorcycle with a car might void the battery warranty. So, this method should be your last resort. Let’s get into the method if you have tried everything else, but yet the bike doesn’t start.

Step 1: Turn Off Both the Car and Motorcycle

Never connect jumper cables before turning off both the car and the motorcycle. Turning only the engine off isn’t enough; you should also turn off all the electrical equipment.

Step 2: Connecting the Reds

Both the red clips are positive. You should attach one red clip to the positive terminal of the bike battery. The other red clip will go to the same terminal of the car battery.

Step 3: Connecting the Blacks

Black clips are negative. One black clip will go to the negative terminal of the car battery. And the other black clip will attach to a metal surface of the bike.

Step 4: Crank the Bike Engine

Once all jumper cables are connected, push the start button to turn on your bike engine. You must keep the car off in this step. If your bike battery isn’t dead, it should start the bike. If it doesn’t start yet, maybe you need to change the battery.

Step 5: Remove Jumper Cables

If the bike starts, remove the jumper cables. In this step, remove negative cables first, followed by positive cables.

Step 6: Drive and Charge the Battery

Crank the throttle and let the battery be charged for quite a while.

How to Jump Start a Motorcycle with a Portable Jump Starter?

If you don’t have a car to jump start your motorcycle, you can use a portable jump start to do the job. The process is quite similar to that of using a car. Here are the detailed steps.

How to Jump Start a Motorcycle with a Portable Jump Starter

Step 1: Connect the Jump Starter

Attach positive and negative clips to the respective terminals of the battery. If you can’t reach the battery, you can connect the negative clip to a bare metal surface or the chassis of the bike.

Step 2: Adjust the Voltage of the Jump Starter

Jump starters come with variable voltage settings. Tweak the voltage to match that of your bike battery.

Step 3: Start the Motorcycle

Push the start button for a few seconds to start your motorcycle engine. Don’t hold it for too long otherwise, the electrical system might get damaged.

Step 4: Remove the Cables

Once your bike starts, remove the jumper cables in the opposite order. Twist the throttle for a few moments to charge the bike battery.

How Do You Jumpstart a Motorcycle with a Dead Battery?

There might be no point in jump starting your motorcycle when the bike battery is dead. You can determine whether the battery is dead in several ways.

Your bike might have a battery indicator. It will turn on if your battery is running on low voltage. Electrical instruments on your bike, like the lights, will be dimmed if the battery is low.

For further confirmation, you can check the voltage of the bike battery using a voltmeter. Most bikes are equipped with 12V batteries. But the full charge is equivalent to 12.66V. If the battery has lower than 12.45V, it won’t start the motorcycle.

How Do You Jumpstart a Motorcycle with a Dead Battery

Still, you can use several methods to jump start the motorcycle. We have already mentioned two of those methods above. If you don’t have access to another car or a jump starter, you can use a motorcycle to jump start yours. And if you don’t have another motorcycle, you can apply the push start technique.

How Do You Jump Start a Motorcycle without Cables?

The push start method is effective to jump start Harley or other motorcycles if you don’t want to connect car to motorcycle jumper cables. Follow these steps to jump start your bike in this method.

  • You need a clear road to do this. If the road has a bit of slope, the process will be easier. Start with putting your bike in neutral or second gear.
  • Press the clutch lever and push the bike forward with your legs. If your bike is heavy, ask one of your friends to push it from the back.
  • Once you gain some speed, release the clutch lever and push the start button. Hold the button for a few seconds until you hear your engine cranking up. If the bike starts, put it into the second gear quickly and rev the engine for a few moments.

Can a Dead Motorcycle Battery be Recharged?

Often, dead motorcycle batteries aren’t completely finished, and they can be recharged before replacing. The process is very simple, and you can recharge a dead motorcycle battery at home.

You will need a trickle charger with the necessary clamps to recharge a dead battery. Plug the charger in the wall outlet and attach clamps to the charger. The red clamp is positive and will connect to the battery’s positive terminal. The black clamp is negative and will go on the battery’s negative terminal.

One more thing, the charging time depends on the charging amp of the charger and the capacity of the battery. Use standard 1.2-amp chargers for recharging your motorcycle battery. Car battery chargers have a high charging amp that might damage your bike battery for good.

Can a Dead Motorcycle Battery be Recharged

If everything is right, the bike battery should take a few hours to recharge to its full capacity. The charging capacity of the battery will decrease if you recharge it repeatedly. You can repeat the process several times before changing the battery.

Final Words

Getting stuck before or in the middle of a ride is a common mishap that almost every rider face. Motorcycle batteries weaken over time and sometimes get completely dead if you drain the battery too much.

If you know how to jump start a motorcycle and have the right equipment, you can give it a final try to bring it to life. This shortcut technique can be a lifesaver before calling a tow truck or hiring a transport to carry the bike to the garage.

Remember, jump start isn’t an alternative to regular maintenance.

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