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The helmet might be the most annoying part of a biker’s attire. Sure, it protects the most important part of your body, but once you get off the bike and go to someone’s house, you also need to take the helmet with you. Otherwise, there is a chance that once you get back, you will find it snatched up by a thief.

There are many riders out there who have a similar story to share. Losing their helmets to thieves is quite common for bikers who do not use a helmet lock. And if you want to protect your helmet and make sure it stays on your bike when you get back, then investing in the best motorcycle helmet lock should be a priority.

This is a highly useful tool for bikers who often leave their helmet on the bike. As the name implies, it locks up your helmet to the motorcycle for safekeeping until you return.

In this article, we will give you a thorough overview of this device along with a complete review of some of the best models available on the market. So, without further ado, let us get started.

List of Motorcycle Helmet Lock:

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock Reviews

Locking helmet to motorcycle can be a risky business unless you are using a trustworthy helmet lock. If you have never used such devices before, there is a good chance that you would not know which units are worth buying. And with so many junk options out there, it is very easy to make the wrong choice.

To make it easier for you, here is our list of some of the units worth looking out for if you want to buy a new helmet lock for your motorcycle.

1. Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension

Helmetlok 4104 Carabiner Style Helmet Lock and Extension

The first unit to make an appearance on our list is a brand that is well-known for delivering quality units for people on a budget, Helmetlok. Featuring a Carabiner-style lock, this helmet lock and extension are tested to give you the utmost safety and security for your helmet.

The best thing about this type of lock is that it is not permanently mounted at a fixed position. As a result, you can mount it virtually anywhere on your bike as long as the diameter is under 1.5 inches. It also works with just about any helmet available in the market, apart from select Shoei helmets.

This lock allows you to set up a combination lock of four digits. That means only the people who know the combination can disengage the lock. Besides, the locking mechanism is made with a high-quality zinc alloy that is fully weather resistant. Its impressive design is fully tamper-proof.

Overall, it is a very simple and straightforward lock for your helmet. Using it requires no special skill, and everything you need to know about setting up the combination is explained in the manual. And since it is lightweight and takes up no space, you will be able to carry it with you just about anywhere.

Highlighted Features:

  • Four-digit combination locking system
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Compatible with most helmets on the market

2. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable. Sleek Black Tough Combination PIN Locking Carabiner Device

BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable. Sleek Black Tough Combination PIN Locking Carabiner Device

The next option that we will be looking at is from the brand BigPantha. Despite being a lesser-known company, they have many fine options when it comes to affordable helmet locks for motorcycles. It offers a decent level of security and ensures your helmet remains locked to your bike at all times when you are away.

This unit is designed to go just about anywhere on your bike. And compatibility with helmets is never an issue with it. The locking mechanism comes in the form of a simple three-digit combination lock. Without knowing the code, no one can deactivate the lock to get access to the helmet.

The tamper-proof design of the bike keeps wrongdoers away from even trying to steal the helmet because of the amount of time and effort it would take to force it free. This lock comes with a coiled steel cable that is practically unbreakable. So you will not have to worry about anyone getting through the lock.

Using the lock is also quite easy. It can attach two helmets at once and does not come with any sharp edges that can scratch your helmets. The brand emails you a user manual when you purchase it that contains clear usage instructions. You also get a nice pouch to help you carry the lock with you free of charge.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Three-digit combination locking system
  • It can fit anywhere on the bike
  • Includes a pouch to carry it

3. Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable, Heavy Duty Universal Combination Lock

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable, Heavy Duty Universal Combination Lock

For our next pick, we will be going with another carabiner-style lock, but this one is by the brand Little World. This unit comes with a simple security system that has survived the test of time in providing perfect protection against helmet theft. Similar to the previous options, this one too can be mounted anywhere on the bike.

Since it is a universal motorcycle helmet lock, it will work with just about any helmet on the market. Its three-digit tumbler locking system means as long as you remember the code, you do not need to take the hassle of carrying an extra set of keys in your pocket. And without the right combination, breaking it open is impossible.

The versatility of this design is immense. You do not need to worry about misplacing or losing your keys as long as you remember the combination to open them. This means you do not need to worry about anyone tampering with the device to open it up and steal your helmet.

This unit is built-well and quite easy to use. It comes with a high-quality coiled steel cable. Furthermore, since it is so small, you will be able to carry it around with you anywhere. Overall, it is a great choice that does not cost much but delivers you excellent performance without fail.

Highlighted Features:

  • Three-digit tumbler locking system.
  • Universal design compatible with all helmets
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Comes with a weather-proof coating

4. Bikers Choice Helmet Lock 74937S2

Bikers Choice Helmet Lock 74937S2

Until now, we have been focusing only on carabiner-style locks. However, if you don’t mind old-school designs, then the Biker’s Choice Helmet Lock is a fantastic choice. Security-wise, it is practically a fortress. And it is also small enough to be mounted in different locations on the bike.

The design of the unit is quite universal, which means helmet compatibility should not be an issue with it. Since it comes with keys and does not feature any combination tumbler locking design, you do not need to worry about remembering any codes. But you must keep the keys with you at all times to open them.

With your purchase, you get two keys to open the lock. It also comes with two tamper-proof screws to securely mount it to your bike. So, without the keys, breaking it open will not be easy. But you need to be careful with the keys because if someone gets their hands on them, your helmets will no longer be secure.

This unit needs to be mounted on your bike using a set of screws provided with your purchase. The included instruction manual should contain all the necessary information. It is a very low-profile security lock that stays attached to your bike at all times. So, you never need to carry it around in your pocket.

Highlighted Features:

  • Padlock design locking system
  • It comes with tamper-proof screws
  • Easy installation process
  • The lock can be quickly opened with the key

5. Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet Lock 99KA

Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet Lock 99KA

Next up on our list, we have a simple and straightforward motorbike helmet lock by the brand Master Lock. It features a padlock-style design that has proven to be quite effective at ensuring the safety and security of your motorcycle helmet. It is typically mounted on the back part of your bike.

This cable lock for a motorcycle helmet is compatible with any helmet that you may own. Just put one end of the cable through the opening of your helmet and lock it up. It does not rely on any combination digit system. Instead, you get a pair of keys included with your purchase to open or close the lock.

The best part about the lock and the thing that ensures full protection for your helmet is its dead-locking mechanism. This essentially prevents rapping the lock open by force. So, tampering with the lock is virtually impossible. You get two sets of locks and keys with your purchase which means you always have a spare.

Securing helmet to motorcycle using this lock is as easy as it seems. All you have to do is loop the cable around the helmet to hold it securely. And when you are wearing the handle, you can keep it looped around the back of your bike for easy transportation. So, portability is never an issue with it.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes as a set of two
  • Affordable pricing
  • Features a plastic cover over the cable to protect your helmet
  • Dead-locking mechanism to protect against tampering

6. Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Lock with Cable for Motorbike

Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Lock with Cable for Motorbike

Helmet cable locks for motorcycles are typically considered the superior choice because of their construction quality, versatility, and security. But they are also quite expensive. But with this unit by the brand Techjayse, you will get the same level of security at much more affordable pricing.

It features a universally compatible design which means you can use it with any helmet or motorcycle. The unit relies on a three-digit combination code to engage or disengage the locking mechanism. This method of opening a helmet lock on motorcycle is both quick and secure.

The metal cable in the unit is designed to be extremely durable and secure. Its outer PVC coating is fully weatherproof and cannot be tampered with. The coiled cable flexes to up to 59 inches, and regardless of how hard it is pulled, it will not break apart.

Setting up the combination in the unit is extremely easy, and you can find all the necessary information included in the user manual. It is a lightweight yet durable unit that you can quickly attach to or detach from your motorcycle. The price of the unit is also quite reasonable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a universal design
  • The Steel cable extends to 59 inches
  • Weather and tamper-proof
  • Three-digit combination locking system

7. Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle Accessory: Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock

Kuryakyn 4232 Motorcycle Accessory: Tamper-Proof Helmet Security Lock

Coming up next, we will be taking a look at a fantastic security lock for motorcycles by the brand Kuryakyn. The 4232 Helmet lock by the brand promises utmost security. You can install this lock anywhere you want, but we would recommend using the engine guard.

It is designed to fit any motorcycle with a frame size that falls within 1-1/4 inches to 1-1/2 inches diameter. You can use any helmet you want with it. As for the locking mechanism, since it has a keyed lock system, you do not need to dial in any digits or numbers to open it.

The best thing about this unit is that it comes with tamper-proof screws that let you securely mount it to your bike. This means, unless the thief has stolen your keys somehow, he will have no way to gain access to the helmet. So, make sure your keys are always safely stored in your pocket.

Installing these types of motorcycle helmet lock on bike typically takes a bit more effort than carabiner systems. But it is easy enough to get through if you follow the included instructions. The good thing, though, is, since it stays affixed to your bike, it is extremely portable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Quick to release the lock
  • It comes with a pair of keys
  • Includes tamper-proof screws

8. HelmetLok II Helmet Lock

HelmetLok II Helmet Lock

The HelmetLok II is the upgraded version that is available in the market these days that improves upon the original. We were already a fan of the level of security the original one provided. With this model, the security is even greater. Though it is designed for handlebar mounting, you can also set it up on your engine guard.

It features a universal design that is compatible with all helmets and motorcycles in the market. The four-digit combination locking system in the unit lets you get to your helmet quickly. And without knowing the code, nobody will be able to open the lock to take off with your helmet.

As for tamper resistance, it is pretty decent. Now, it might not be able to protect your helmet if you leave it overnight. But it will ensure that the perpetrator needs to cause a whole lot of sound before he can get through the lock. By that time, you should be able to stop the thief yourself.

Using the unit is pretty straightforward. Use your access code to open it up and lock your helmet inside it. Then when you want to take it out, input the code again to deactivate the lock. It is also quite lightweight and small enough to comfortably fit inside your pocket for portable use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Four-digit combination locking system
  • Universal compatibility
  • It comes with a rubber coating
  • Includes a T-Bar extension plate

9. Mgaxyff Motorcycle Helmet Lock Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti‑Theft With Keys

Mgaxyff Motorcycle Helmet Lock Universal Motorcycle Helmet Lock Anti‑Theft With Keys

The next entry on our list of the best helmet lock for motorcycle is a bit unexpected, to say the least. It is by a brand called Mgaxyff, which is not all that popular. But looking at this simple helmet lock, you should have no reason to doubt its security. Typically, this unit is mounted on the handlebar of your bike.

Though it is compatible with most helmets out there, one thing to remember is that if your handlebar is thicker than 22 mm, it might not go on perfectly. It comes with a keyed lock system that does not require any combination digit for you to remember. Whoever has the keys to this lock can access the helmet.

This lock for helmet on motorcycle is designed with a lot of thought. It is fully resistant to weather and is extremely durable. So, tampering with it is not possible. The high-quality materials used to make this device fully protects it against any form of forceful entry attempts.

It is also extremely easy to use. After mounting it on your bike, you can use the keys to open the lock and put it through the helmet’s D-ring to activate the lock. It is extremely small and lightweight. So, you can take it apart and put it in your pocket too if you want to move around with it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small and compact design
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Tamper-proof construction
  • Includes a spare key for backup

10. Harley-Davidson Helmet Lock

Harley-Davidson Helmet Lock

We will be wrapping things up with a carabiner-style lock by none other than Harley-Davidson. With such a big name behind this lock, its security effectiveness should never be questioned. This lock is typically designed to fit on the engine guard or around your handlebar.

Helmet compatibility is never an issue with this unit. You can slip it through the D-ring on your helmet and lock it up for safekeeping. Later on, you can use the four-digit tumbler combination locking system to access the helmet with the code that you set on it beforehand.

Since it does not require any keys or has no opening, you do not need to worry about any tampering. Its blend of aluminum and zinc alloy construction is quite capable of protecting your device against any forceful break-in attempts. Once you are done locking motorcycle helmet to bike, it is safe until you take it off.

This unit is as easy to use as all the other carabiner-style locks out there. As long as you remember the code, you can use it without any issues. IT is also quite small. In fact, most people should be able to put it inside their pockets when it is not in use. Overall, it is a fantastic investment if you are on a tight budget.

Highlighted Features:

  • Four-digit tumbler locking system
  • Universal helmet compatibility
  • Aluminum and zinc alloy construction
  • Easy to use and tamper-proof

Thing To Look Out for When Buying Helmet Locks for Motorcycle

Now that you have gone through our list of products, let us discuss something equally important. Here are a few things that you want to think about when you are choosing a motorcycle helmet lock for your bike.

1. Material Strength

With helmet locks, the first thing that you want to check in most cases is its construction quality. This means the strength of the material used to make the device is the most important element.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

The stronger the material, the longer it will last, and the harder it will be to break apart by force. These days, some manufacturers use a blend of aluminum and zinc alloy to make extremely durable helmet locks.

2. Lock Type

The type of locking system the helmet lock uses is another equally important feature to consider when buying it. There are two types of locking mechanisms that you can find on a helmet lock, combination, and key.

Some people find it difficult to remember a combination code, and for them, keyed locks are the better option. However, if you have no trouble remembering your code, a combination lock will give you more security as you do not have to worry about the key being stolen.

3. Mounting Position

The mounting option of helmet locks can vary wildly. We recommend going with a unit that allows you to mount it anywhere you want on the bike. Typically, bolt-on helmet locks can only be mounted on the bike’s handlebars. So, if you want bolt-on units, that might not be an option for you.

4. Weather Resistance

Weather resistance is a feature that most people do not think about when buying a helmet lock. But it will protect your helmet lock if it suddenly starts raining when you are away from the bike. Ideally, you want your helmet lock to have a PVC coating that protects it from rain or snow.

5. Price

Motorcycle helmet locks are available in different price ranges. Since you have a lot of flexibility here, do not feel pressured to overspend. Instead, go with the one that best matches your budget.

Are Motorcycle Locks Effective?

Well, it depends on exactly what you are expecting out of it. A motorcycle lock is more of a deterrent rather than a guarantee. If someone really wants to steal your helmet, he will find a way to get it. However, by keeping your helmet locked to your bike, you can make it extremely difficult for them.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

You should never use these locks to keep your helmet on your bike overnight. If a thief takes his time, he can get through just about any helmet lock out there. So, at night, you should take the helmet with you inside your house.

Prevent Snatch And Grab Thefts

Motorcycle helmet locks make sure that your motorcycle helmet is safe and secure on your bike at all times, which is especially important if you live in a high-theft area like New York City or San Francisco, where thefts of motorcycles happen often.

They work by securing the motorcycle helmet with a lock and chain or cable, preventing it from being taken off the bike without breaking the lock and chain or cable. It’s a great way to prevent thieves from snatching your helmet and running off with it.

Peace of Mind

Motorcycle helmets are not cheap, and if you have one, you want to make sure that it is in good condition. They can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000, which means that they are an investment for many people.

A helmet lock provides peace of mind by ensuring that your expensive helmet does not get stolen or damaged while you’re out on the road. However, itt is important to remember that locks can only do so much. They cannot stop someone from taking the helmet off the bike and walking away with it.

Less Hassle, More Security

Motorcycle helmet locks are a popular safety device that can be attached to the bike’s frame, making it hard for someone to steal the helmet without also stealing the bike. This way, you can leave your helmet behind while you go inside for lunch or run into a store.

What Are the Different Types of Helmet Lock?

As you no doubt have noticed, we have reviewed a few different kinds of helmet locks on our list. So, you can deduce that helmet locks can feature different designs.

Motorcycle Helmet Lock

But when you really look closely, you will find that helmet locks can be divided into two main categories depending on how they serve you, corded and bolt-on. Here is a quick look at both variants to help you see which one you prefer.

Corded Helmet Locks

Corded helmet locks come with a long cord typically inside a rubber casing. To safely lock up your helmet, you usually guide the cord through the D-ring of the helmet and another section of the bike and engage the lock.

The locking system can either be a digit combination lock or a keyed lock. Whatever the case, once you insert the end of the cord into the lock, it gets activated. Then you need to either use keys or input the correct code to open it.

Bolt-on Helmet Locks

Bolt-on helmet locks, as the name implies, require a more permanent installation to use. While you can simply attach or remove corded helmet locks, bolt-on ones are bolted onto specific parts of your bike, such as the frame tube, the engine guard, or even the handlebar.

This type of lock is usually more secure, but the installation process can be a bit hectic. However, if you are savvy with tools, you should be able to set it up without too much hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should you use a helmet lock?

A helmet lock allows you to securely lock your helmet to your motorcycle when you are not riding. Without a helmet lock, you will have to take the helmet with you whenever you step away from your bike.

Otherwise, someone can just snatch up your helmet when you are not near your vehicle. That is why using a helmet lock is essential for any biker.

2. How to lock a motorcycle helmet?

Locking your helmet to the motorcycle using a helmet lock is quite simple and straightforward. For corded units, first, you want to wrap them around a fixed part of the bike. Then, you want to loop the cord through the visor hole or D-ring of the helmet and secure that end to the lock.

For bolt-on units, the process is pretty much the same. But typically, you cannot use the visor opening of the helmet.

3. Does the helmet lock need regular maintenance?

Typically, helmet locks do not require any maintenance. The reason is that most helmet locks come with a vinyl coating that protects them from most damages.

However, you should always consult your owner’s manual. If your specific helmet lock requires any maintenance, it will be clearly specified in the manual.

4. Can I reset the pin code if I forget the combination?

Using a digit combination helmet lock can be a bit risky if you are the forgetful sort. But thankfully, there is a way to still recover your helmet if you ever forget the code. Typically, the user manual contains a section dedicated to this specific issue as it is not very uncommon.

However, since the process is different from one unit to another, we cannot give you a clear answer to this question.

5. Where do you put a helmet lock?

There are different ways to mount a helmet lock on your bike, and it mostly depends on its design. Some helmet locks need to be installed on the handlebars, whereas others can go on the engine guards.

As for where you can put it when riding, the answer is simple; if it is a corded unit, just put it in a saddle bag or your pocket. And if it is a bolt-on unit, you can leave it as it is.

6. How do I keep my motorcycle helmet from being stolen?

Helmets getting stolen is a real problem for motorcycle riders. The easiest way to prevent this from happening to you is by investing in a motorcycle helmet lock. With this nifty device, you will be able to securely lock up your helmet to your bike if you step away. So, losing it to thieves should not be a risk anymore.

Final Thoughts

A motorcycle helmet lock is a very small investment that can save you a lot of expense in the long run. Think of it this way; by getting yourself a helmet lock, you are saving yourself the trouble of having to buy a new helmet later on.

We hope our article on the best motorcycle helmet locks could give you enough information and options to pick out the perfect one for your needs. Good luck!

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