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Since its innovation, motorcycles have been a startling companion to adventurous souls. The thrill of its sound and rising speed- you can’t find it in any other vehicle. It’s not just a vehicle to its rider, rather a companion- a friend. These are the reason when a motorcycle gets stolen; no other bike can replace it. 

So, what preventive measures can be taken to stop it from happening- well, until now, the best method is to use a disc lock. But there are millions of disc locks out in the market, which one should you buy. Don’t feel left out, and let us suggest a few of the best motorcycle disk locks available outside.

List of Motorcycle Disc Lock:

Best Motorcycle Disc Lock Reviews

Here are some motorcycle disc locks that we think you’ll find useful. We’ve tried to gather as much information as possible that may be of interest to you. So, keep reading to get more about the products-

1. YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock

YOHOOLYO Alarm Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable
  • Resistant to rust, dust, and hazardous chemicals
  • Resilient sensor with a 110 decibels alarm system
  • 7mm pin, compatible with most of the popular motorcycles
  • 6 Alkaline batteries

The Yohoolyo alarm disc lock is one of the best disc lock for motorcycle now available. Entirely made out of metal, this lock is resistant to rust, water, dust, and any kind of hazardous physical component. You can be assured of its durability for years. The 7mm long pin is decent enough to provide security and fit in any bike.

This lock’s other security features include a motion sensor with a 5-sec delay. If anyone happens to touch the bike effectively, this sensor automatically makes the lock send off three long beeps first. After that, there will be another sound alarm which will be louder than before and prolonged with a gap of 10 seconds in between. 

This alarm sounds buzz at 110 decibels, which is loud enough to make people aware of any unusual activity and run the thief away. Be it the rain or dust- neither can cause any damage to this alarm system, so no worries.

After a period, the sound may lose its strength. Take it as a signal for changing the batteries. There are six batteries to supply the energy for its loud alarms. A new set of batteries will restore its pristine performance.

This lock also comes with two extra keys and one allen key.  You can use the allen keys when changing the batteries.

One more thing, this lock comes with an extra spare key. In case you lose one, you won’t have to break a hammer to unlock it.

2. ABUS Granit Sledg 77 Web Disc Lock

ABUS Granit Sledg 77 Web Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • Small, compact, and durable. But no alarm
  • Hardened steel material, strong to break
  • ABUS XPlus locking cylinder feature lock

You may have an issue with the loud and cunning sounds of motorcycle locks. If that is the reason you’re looking for a motorcycle brake lock that is effective but has no sound system- then ABUS Granit Sledg 77 Web Disc Lock is the one you should go for. 

It is a small but adequate, compact, and secure disc brake lock. However, some users have stated that they faced a problem putting this lock on the rear disc. But no objections have been recorded about the front wheel.

It has a 13 mm long pin made using hardened special steel. As steel is known to be sturdy metal, this naturally makes it vital to crush. Designers of this brake have used a sliding mechanism, which makes the break easy to use but also tough to break. 

The integrated ABUS XPlus locking cylinder feature makes it almost invincible and resistant to chemicals. So, anybody who intends to break this lock will end up breaking their own sweat and fail miserably. 

This brake is assuredly resistant to water, dust, rust, and soaps. This will stay properly functional like forever.

There will be two keys with the package. So, in case you lose one, there’s always another one.

Not every brake needs to ring up loud. Some may kill the stealer silently. This lock is a prime example of that.

3. Tchipie Disc Brake Lock

Tchipie Disc Brake Lock

Highlighted Feature:

  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • It is made of alloy aluminum and sealed adequately, making it resistant to rust, dust, and water
  • 7mm pin to be compatible with most motorcycles
  • 6 Alkaline Batteries 

The Tchipie Disc Brake Lock is rapidly gaining popularity for being handy to users and its strong security system. 

It is very lite to carry, weighing only 14.4 ounces, and can be locked with just one press. The lock will let you know with a beep sound and immediately will go on alarm mode. So it is totally armed right at the moment with the built-in sensor- which is dedicatedly designed to detect shock, movements, and any vibrations. 

As most popular bike models have rotors of about 7mm, this lock comes with a 7mm pin to be compatible with most motorcycles.

The moment anybody with any intention, be it good or bad, lays their hands on your precious ride- the alarm warns with an initial triple beep. If the person doesn’t get away and carries on the endeavor, the shrike begins. The 100-decibel loud alarm goes on continuously for 30 seconds. 

By the time the 30 seconds are over, the wicked person better be on the run cause the security should be there by then. In order to shut off its unhealthy music, it has to be either unlocked or let it be for the time being. 

You will get two extra spare keys with the lock. Which will be making it 3 keys in total.

The whole lock’s body is made of alloy aluminum and sealed properly to gain protection against rust, dust, and water. It also has a protective case made out of stainless steel to protect all the inner elements from water. So it is totally water and dustproof. These protective features will make this lock run for years without any doubt. You will need to change the batteries that power up the siren.

These locks come with six pre-installed Alkaline batteries, so just use the Allen key and store new batteries when they burn out. All will be set to go.

All these features together, this lock will work like a stronghold to your motorcycle security system.

4. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  •  Lightweight but compact and effective
  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Designed for smaller bikes
  • Have successfully been in the market for ten years
  • Two keys made of stainless steel

If the word Kryptonite reminds you of the comic character superman, then it won’t be incoherent totally. This lock is almost superman-like.

Years have come and gone, but The Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock has been steadily reigning for long ten years. Since its launch, people with comparatively smaller bikes have been using this lock with satisfaction. Disclaimer, if you are looking for a motorcycle alarm lock then retreat or move to the next, as it has no alarm system. 

Weighing about 1.1 pounds, this robust lock is known for being lightweight but compact and effective. It has a high-security dual reinforced disc-style cylinder with a 5mm pin. This makes it a good security companion for bikes with a small rotor. It works in stapler style- it locks the disc to immobilize the bike and prevent unauthorized riding.

It is completely waterproof, so there is no possibility of rust, dust, and weatherproof. In addition to that, its inorganic design reduces the torque to prevent it from breaking. So, even if anyone tries to move the bike when locked, it won’t break or bend the discs. Rather it works in a way the brakes work.

This is another silent killer. Arming your vehicle with it will nevertheless be a poor decision.

5. AGPTEK Metal Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock

AGPTEK Metal Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock

Highlighted Feature:

  • Easy to carry
  • Strong and durable
  • Powerful sensor to detect motion, vibration, and shock
  • 110 decibels alarm sound system
  • 6 Alkaline batteries

The AGPTEK Metal Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock is one of the best motorcycle disc lock on the market. The bright green color lock weighs about 14.1 ounces and is made out of zinc alloy. 

The pin size is 7mm, which should be compatible with most of the bike discs and secure its proprietorship. 

Easy to install, works very effectively with its shrill alarm. The 110-decibel alarm system increases the chance of getting caught by anyone who has bad intentions. Any kind of movement, vibration, or shock will instantly activate the alarm, and you have to unlock the lock to stop sirens.

Its system gives a few beeps for the first ten seconds as a warning. After that, it will start howling continuously for about thirty seconds if not retreat. 

This should be enough to draw attention towards your vehicle and discourage the thief run away to save himself. 

The lock is entirely resistant to water, dust, rust, and high temperature. So, without any calamity like outer damage, it will keep your bike for years.

It is common to forget about the lock. So in order to prevent your disc from severe damage, this lock comes with a 5ft reminder cable. This cable will also work as a red flag to thieves sending a message that the vehicle is armed with a strong disc brake lock.

Overall, this lock has all the abilities to be the sole protector of your beloved ride. Even if you lose its key, you won’t have to break the lock as it comes with two keys in total. 

6. Linkax Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

Linkax Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • Handy, easy to use, and strong
  • The sensor can detect shocks, temperature rises, and movement
  • Alarm system with 110-decibel capable sirens
  • 3 Alkaline batteries

The Linkax Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock is another top-tier motorcycle disc lock with alarm. It is handy, easy to use, but hard to break. Weighing only about 13.4 ounces, this lock is armed with a 7mm pin and a hi-tech alarm system. This lock is capable of guarding most of the bikes, as most of the popular bikes have a rotor less than 7mm.

The lock comes with a sensor that is highly capable of detecting shocks, temperature rises, and movement. 

The alarm mode goes on instantly after locking. If the sensor finds any kind of vibration, movement, or unusual activity, it starts beeping initially for ten seconds. If the Activity doesn’t go off, its 110-decibel capable sirens start buzzing loudly to draw attention. 

There will be two keys coming with the lock along with a carrying pouch. You better keep both the keys separate- so that you can use one on another one vanishes.

If not parked anywhere remote, sound this loud should scare off the thief naturally. Then the siren goes on with the shrill alarm for straight  30 seconds and then turns off automatically. Unlocking, meanwhile, will stop the lock buzzing any further.

One of these locks can be at service for years cause their aluminum alloy body provides protection against water, high temperature, shock, dust, rust, and moisture. So naturally, it should not be gone broke any soon. Just the batteries should be replaced with new ones once in a while; there are six batteries. Its decreased sound will let you know when is the time. 

All these features inevitably make it one of the best motorcycle disc lock of the current time.

7. Urban Security UR6 Disc Lock

Urban Security UR6 Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • The pin is 6 mm
  • Durable
  • Water, dust, and rust resistance
  • The alarm system includes 120 decibels sirens
  • Just one key.

The Urban Security UR6 Disc Lock is one of the best motorcycle disc brake locks. However, you can’t use it if your motorcycle’s rotor is thicker than 6 mm as its pin is 6 mm in length. Weighing about only 17.6 ounces, this lock is lite, effective, and a strong armor to protect your favorite ride. 

The moment you lock it in the disc, it automatically goes into alarm mode. Its sharp sensor will be ready to detect and act on any kind of vibration, shock, and movement. 

If it happens to detect anything unusual, at first, it will release a few beeps as a warning. If not withdrawing yet, afterward, the alarm will roar at its full capacity of 120 decibels. This loud sound will infallibly draw attention towards the scene and eventually force the thief to run away. 

But this scenario totally depends upon you; if you feel safer and do not want the alarm to buzz- the lock can be set accordingly using its dual function. It will then just work as a strong disc lock, not as an alarm lock.

These locks are made with steel alloy and provide strong resistance to water, rust, and dust. One lock can function for years. You definitely will have to change the batteries from time to time. These locks will require sustainable lithium-ion batteries and last very long due to less false alarm technology.

If you have a smaller motorcycle or a scooter, you can completely rely on this lock.

8. Xena XZZ6 Disc Lock

Xena XZZ6 Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong, small and handy.
  • Alarm with a 120-decibel loud siren.
  • Made out of high-grade mono-block alloy. Making it resistant to water, dust, cold temperature, and spray.
  • 1 Lithium battery.

Xena XZZ6 Disc Lock is a very capable disk brake lock for motorcycle, but to be specific it is designed for scooters and smaller motorcycles. It is a very small handy, and powerful lock. Weighing about 15 ounces has a pin of 6 mm- this lock is compatible with all bikes with a rotor of 6 mm or less. 

The alarm system gets on work the moment the lock is clicked and locked. It has a high-tech sensor to detect shock, motion, and vibration. Any kind of unusual activity that will trigger will end up buzzing the 120-decibel loud siren. It means thieves never can pursue your ride without attracting neighboring people. The alarm goes on for 15 seconds, and then again, it goes on alarm mode. Unlocking will disarm the lock immediately.

TO unlock, you will get two strong keys. Keep one in reserve, in case you lose one- you can always use the other one.

These locks are made out of high-grade mono-block alloy and resistant to water, dust, cold temperature, and spray. All these indicate that one lock will still be functioning after ages. Just keep restoring the lithium batteries every time you sense low power on sound.

Keep your precious ride safe with one of these locks.

9. Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock

Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with almost all bikes with discs.
  • Super strong with the disc-style cylinder that has been reinforced with an anti-drill cylinder system
  • This lock is made out of hardened steel and is resistant to rust, dust, and extreme weather

Some things last forever and fit everywhere; Kryptonite Evolution Series 4 Disc Lock is an example of such a kind. The classic design of motorcycle disc brake locks has been implemented here but has been hardened and strengthened. It is not a pin-based disc lock- which makes it compatible with all kind of bikes that has discs in it.

These locks have no alarm function. Instead, a double deadbolt locking mechanism technology will defend your motorcycle with its extensive power. 

There’s a disc-style cylinder that has been reinforced with an anti-drill cylinder system. This means you have to be a superman to break this lock without breaking your own sweat. The cylinders are covered with a protective coating; this feature keeps the cylinder strong for years and protects against degradation.

You will have three spare keys with this lock, and one of those is lighted with an intensive bulb to help you unlock in the dark.

Made out of hardened steel, this lock is resistant to rust, dust, and extreme weather. It won’t be a wonder if one of these last for a decade.

As it comes with three keys in total, so there’s a very low possibility that you would loose all of them and end up demolishing the lock.

Not noisy but always busy guarding the ride. The decision of making it yours won’t be of any regrettable. 

10. Kovix Black Alarm Disc Lock

Kovix Black Alarm Disc Lock

Highlighted Features:

  • The pin length is 6 mm
  • High-grade alloy construction makes it strong and resistant to shock, rust, dust, and extreme weather
  • Alarm system has 120 decibels loud sirens
  • 3 keys in total.

The Kovix Black Alarm Disc Lock is a powerful disc lock to guard your motorcycle. It is lightweight and handy yet an effective tool. Motorcycles with rotors of 6 mm or less should be a good fit for this lock. It weighs about 14.2 ounces and is armed with a 6 mm hardened lock pin. 

Lock it with just one firm push and let it be the guard on your absence. It has a functional alarm mode that can be turned on and off according to the user’s preference. Users can leave the alarm off if not felt necessary and save the batteries from useless usage. 

If you leave the alarm option on, it will automatically be turned on when locked. Its powerful sensor is designed to sense any kind of vibration, shock, and motion. Any kind of unusual vibration, shock, or movement will lead the alarm to go on and roar at its full capacity of 120 decibels and will instinctively be turned off if no further tampering is detected. So, intruders will be noticed unavoidably by neighbors.

Notice when the alarm sound goes weaker, it means that the batteries have run out of their life. Change the lithium-ion battery, and the strength will be restored.

The high-grade alloy construction of the lock makes it essentially strong and resistant to shock, rust, dust, and extreme weather. And the waterproof electronic module keeps its components from water damage.

So, one lock will continue at service for years if taken care of.

What to look for before buying?

Till now, we all have talked about the best motorcycle disc locks and their key features. What if you prefer to explore more options! What should you look for and the characteristics that define the best- stick to us. We’re going to discuss and provide you with proper guidance towards that way. 

Pin size

The pin is the main component that grapples a chamber and functions the lock. If it’s smaller than your bike’s disc, you naturally won’t be able to put it properly. So, always know the pin size; if it does match your disc- it should be good to go.

Motorcycle Disc Lock

Alarm loudness

If you are going for a motorcycle alarm lock, which would be the best to run away from the thief- you should definitely look for a loud one. Look for what’s the sound level; it’s better to be somewhere around 100 to 140 decibels. This loud siren would infallibly attract people’s attention, discouraging the thief from stepping further.

Motorcycle Disc Lock

Motion sensor

How does the lock know if someone is intruding- the only and plain answer is through a sensor. 

The sensor detects unusual activity like motion, force, shock, or temperature. After detection, the lock buzzes the alarm. That’s the process, so it is better to look for a sophisticated sensor for proper detection and avoid false alarms. Notice what kind of activities the sensor can detect and how it does so. The description above the package should state these pieces of information.


A feeble lock will break after only a few days of usage, only cutting you a slack. It is mandatory to know the lock’s strength, material, and durability. Inspect whats’s the material is- good quality metals are usually more durable and strong. Check if it is resistant to water, dust, shock, and temperature, as these are the properties that do the damage.

Motorcycle Disc Lock


The weight of the lock is significant. If it’s too heavy, it can be a burden to move it and lock-unlock it; even it may cause injury. See if it feels light to you. 10 to 20 ounces is a decent number.

Number of spare keys

It is very common to lose your key. When lost, there is only one way open if there are no spare keys. That is to break the lock. So always see if there are enough spare keys provided with the package.

Battery requirement

Batteries supply the required power to waffle the alarm. If the used batteries are not adequate- it will be an extra hassle to change them frequently. So, better see if the batteries are efficient. Lithium ions are now the most used and better quality batteries.

Following these instructions should be enough to help you find the perfect disc lock for your dear motorcycle.

Motorcycle Disc Lock


It’s impossible to include every little detail about anything just within an article. Nevertheless, efforts should be made- and so we have gathered and tried to answer a few frequently asked questions. Have a look.

1. How Do I Protect My Motorcycle From Theft?

Preventive measures can be taken; like using a good quality lock with an alarm facility and parking it somewhere, there are people around.

2. How To Secure A Motorcycle With Locks?

Always recheck if the lock has been locked properly and the alarm works properly before leaving. This wl increase the security of our motorcycles.

3. Why Are Disc Locks Effective?

A disc is a very strong component, which is too tough to break, and also, a break on the disc almost freezes the bike om place, only allowing a few inches to move back and forth.

4. How To Fit A Disc Lock?

If the lock’s pin size is compatible with the disc, disc holes will host the lock to be placed. Once placed between the disc hole- just clock to lock.

5. Is A Disc Lock Enough For A Motorcycle?

One good quality lock should be enough, but you can always go for one extra if you want more. The two-wheelers have two discs, so there are two opportunities to put locks on.

6. Are Disc Locks Breakable?

Even diamonds are breakable with strong pressure, suitable technique, and proper gears- disc locks can be broken as well. But that’s not the issue; what matters is how tough it is to break. Moreover, you always have the threat of the siren.

Final Words

Though disc locks don’t confirm a hundred percent security to a motorcycle, it is the best-known method to secure its safety. We have covered every aspect of a disc lock, including a list of the best disc locks available right now. The rest of the job is yours. Go get the best for your beloved ride and secure it in the best possible way.

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