Best Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

If you’re planning to swap all your bike stock mirrors with bar ends, this guide is for you.

The best motorcycle bar end mirror offers you a 10x better field of view than factory mirrors. They give you a clearer vision of what or who is behind you without forcing you to turn your head, which can be dangerous when riding.

Bar ends also look way cooler than the unsightly stock mirrors in most bikes!

However, bar-end mirrors aren’t the same and vary in many areas. You should, therefore, take your time to research different models to ensure you get the most dependable mirrors for your needs.

Our guide below offers you suggestions for some of the top-rated bar end mirrors available today for you to compare and choose from.

List of Motorcycle Bar End Mirror:

Best Motorcycle Bar End Mirror Reviews:

This is our list of well-made mirrors that offer you quality construction, a wider field of view, anti-vibration performance, and come at great price points.

1. MICTUNING 3 Inch Round Folding Bar End Side Mirror

MICTUNING 3 Inch Round Folding Bar End Side Mirror

This is one of the top-rated round bar end mirrors you can get for your motorcycle today. The mirror has a larger 3-inch diameter to give you a wide, unobstructed vision of what’s happening behind and beside you.

It features a sturdy CNC machined aluminum alloy housing that’s shockproof and doesn’t vibrate when riding your bike. The case is rustproof and coated with a black anodized finish for all-weather use.

These mirrors are also made to be fully adjustable. They sport a ball-type connection that allows for easy 360 degrees swivel. You can easily move the mirrors up and down or sideways (left to right) to achieve the best viewing angle.

The mirror glass is convex and contributes to a super-clear, wide-angle rearview vision. Thus, you won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder when riding your bike!

Installation is fast and painless for these mirrors. The mounting hardware is included, and the mirror goes into the bars without any special modifications. It’s the perfect fit for all 7/8-inch bars. The complete package contains 2 bar-end mirrors for the left and right sides.

Highlighted features:

  • Fully adjustable for better visibility
  • Foldable holder design
  • Universal fitment for all 7/8″ handlebars
  • Super-easy installation
  • Made of sturdy machined aluminum alloy

2. FENRIR Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

FENRIR Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

This sleek-looking Fenrir mirror locks directly into the hollow end of your motorcycle handlebars for a super-easy and fast setup. It’s ideal for use with a wide range of bike models, including cafe racers, cruisers, naked bikes, scooters, and sports bikes.

We rate this model as one of the best bar end mirrors because it features blue lenses. These create an anti-glare effect that reduces the headlight glare from upcoming vehicles, giving you better visibility during the day or night.

Another reason this mirror enjoys a spot on our list is because it features an extra-long oval design. This translates to an extra-wide field view and makes it easy for you to view every object or vehicle behind you.

You’ll like that this high-end mirror’s housing is made using sturdy CNC machined aluminum alloy. It offers excellent shockproof and rust-resistant properties and is ideal for use in all weather conditions. The casing is also vibration-free and keeps the mirror stable when riding at high speeds.

The bar end mirror mounting hardware is 7/8-inch. This makes it a universal fitment model capable of working with a wide range of motorcycles with 7/8-inch handlebars. Everything you need to install the mirror on your handlebars is included in the package.

Highlighted features:

  • Crafted from CNC machined billet aluminum
  • Blue tint for anti-glare performance
  • Vibration-resistant housing
  • Shockproof and corrosion-free casing
  • 360-degree free adjustment
  • Widely fits all 7/8 inches handlebars

3. MISS MOLY Black Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

MISS MOLY Black Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

Get rid of those ugly stock mirrors on your motorcycle today and replace them with these Miss Moly black bar ends. The rearview mirrors are made with classic round convex glass and offer you a clear and wider field of view.

The mirrors measure 4″ x Width 2 9/32″ each, so they offer you a wider view area compared to the smaller models.

You’ll love that these mirrors are angle adjustable for a better viewing experience. And depending on your preferences, you can install them in either vertical or horizontal angles.

Construction quality is also great. The mirror housing is made from sturdy CNC machined aluminum for excellent durability and longevity. The casing offers good resistance against vibration to keep your rearview mirrors stable for easy viewing.

Installing these mirrors onto your motorcycle handlebars is easy as pie. You directly bolt each mirror onto the stock mounting point, and that’s it! All the hardware you need to install the mirrors are included in the package. Remember, these mirrors have a universal fit and work with any bike with 7/8-inch handlebars.

Highlighted features:

  • Sturdy CNC machined aluminum housing
  • Mirror size: 4″L x 2 9/32″ W
  • Fits all motorcycles with 7/8″ handlebars
  • Classic round convex glass for a wide field of view
  • Angle adjustable for better viewing
  • 360 degrees swivel design

4. kemimoto Motorcycle Handlebar Bar End Mirrors

kemimoto Motorcycle Handlebar Bar End Mirrors

These bar end mirrors appear on our list because they have a great price point and offer you a better rearview than your stock motorcycle mirrors. They boast universal fitment and easily fit all handlebars measuring 7/8″.

The exact dimensions for each mirror are 3.86 x 1.93 inches. This means that they’re not too big or too small; they come in just the perfect size to offer you a good view of what’s behind you.

We liked that these mirrors come in a long oval shape. This sets them from round models as they can provide you with a wider field of view. The mirrors also feature a slight blue tint to help reduce glare and protect your eyes

Another reason we liked these mirrors is that they’re highly adjustable. You can easily rotate them through 360 degrees to enable you to enjoy the most comfortable view.

Despite affordable pricing, these bar ends are made to last forever. They’re made using aluminum, stainless steel, and tough plastic. This great choice of materials makes the mirrors durable and long-lasting.

You’ll particularly love the highly durable CNC billet aluminum. This is not only corrosion-resistant but also offers vibration-resistant performance. Thus, you can rest assured your mirrors don’t get super-shaky as you ride your motorcycle.

Highlighted features:

  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Vibration-resistant and anti-corrosion housing
  • Universal fit for all 7/8″ handlebars
  • Adjustable mirrors for better visibility
  • Anti-glare tint to protect your eyes

5. MZS 7/8 Universal Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

MZS 7/8 Universal Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors

Halfway through our motorcycle bar end mirrors reviews, we have these MZS bar end units that come as a pair. They look sporty and feature clear white glass for a high definition, wider angle vision at night or during the day. This means you can easily view obstacles and upcoming cars.

The mirror design is large to give you an extended viewing surface for better visibility over the factory mirrors. Don’t forget that these mirrors are also 180-degree adjustable, offering you a good level of flexibility for setting the perfect viewing angle.

The fairly priced mirrors are well made using tough ABS plastic and a steel stem. These materials are durable and corrosion-resistant and will work in all weather conditions. They have a nice heft, which is an assurance of quality construction.

Because these are universal bar end mirrors, they work with a wide range of motorcycles with 7/-8-inch handlebars. They’re also compatible with various types of bikes, including ATVs, motorbikes, and dirt bikes.

Installing these mirrors directly into your bike handlebars with the included bolts is a breeze. Don’t forget that mirrors are anti-glare treated. This helps protect your eyes and improve your vision on the road at any time of the day.

Highlighted features:

  • Mirror size: 4.13 L x 2.16 W Inch
  • Ideal for all 7/8-inch handlebars
  • CNC billet aluminum housing
  • Anti-glare mirror for clear night vision
  • 180 degrees adjustable

6. Rich Choices CNC Foldable 7/8″ Handle Bar End Mirrors

Rich Choices CNC Foldable 7/8" Handle Bar End Mirrors

This pair of motorcycle bar mirrors is made using high-quality materials and delivers a better rear vision that makes your stock mirrors look like a joke. It is incredibly easy to install on your bike handlebars and comes with the necessary mounting hardware.

One of the highlights of these round mirrors is a larger 3inch diameter. This means increased viewing surface and makes upcoming vehicles and objects behind and beside appear clearer. Combine this with the convex mirror design, and you’ll have unobstructed rearview when riding your motorcycle.

Another great feature of these mirrors is adjustability. You can easily move them up and down or left to right. And this makes it easy for you to set them to a better viewing angle

Quality is good, too, as the mirrors are constructed using CNV machined aluminum housing. This material is rustproof and durable and will hold up to all weather conditions. The mirrors hardly vibrate or rattle, even when moving at high speed.

These handlebar mirrors are compatible with motorcycles with 7/8-inch handlebars. This makes them incredibly versatile, and you fit them on standard bikes, street bikes, racing bikes, sports bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, naked bikes, scooters, choppers, and so on.

Highlighted features:

  • Mirror diameter: 3 inches
  • Adjustable mirror angle for a better view
  • Universal fit for 7/8-inch bikes
  • Cnc machined aluminum housing
  • Anti-vibration and shockproof construction
  • Foldable design for easy storage

7. DREAMIZER 7/8″ 22mm Bar End Rear Mirrors

DREAMIZER 7/8" 22mm Bar End Rear Mirrors

This pair of bar end motorcycle mirrors will make a viable choice if you want more than one bar ends. Like the other models on this list, these mirrors are ideal for a wide variety of motorcycles with a handlebar diameter of 7/8 inches.

The mirrors measure 4 L by 2 W inches. This is a good size that increases the viewing surface area for an even better rearview. They come with a convex glass type with a wider field of view than a standard mirror. On top of this, the glass has an anti-glare effect which helps neutralize glares from upcoming bikes or vehicles. This gives you good visibility at night.

You can easily adjust these mirrors by moving them from left to right or up and down to achieve the best viewing angle.

Above all, these mirrors are made to last a lifetime. They have a sturdy CNC machined aluminum housing resistant to rust and can work in all weather conditions. The units fit solidly on your motorcycle and do not vibrate when riding at speed, giving you an uninterrupted viewing experience.

It is easy to install these mirrors on your motorcycle handlebars. No special modifications are needed. The package comes with the necessary hardware to fit them on the handlebars.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustable mirror angle
  • Mirror dimensions: 4×2″ (l x w)
  • Durable billet aluminum housing
  • Suitable for 7/8″ diameter handlebars
  • Anti-glare mirror for increased road safety

8. CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter Bar End Mirror

CRG Hindsight Lanesplitter Bar End Mirror

This CRG lane splitter mirror is made for serious bikers who want nothing short of quality and performance. It boasts CNC machined billet aluminum construction and durable stainless steel mounting for vibration-free performance, even at high speeds!

CRG made this bar end mirror with a bigger diameter of 3 inches to give you ample field of view. So, you can easily see beyond your elbow whether you want to lane split or simply want to stay aware of what or who is behind you.

The bar mirrors are incredibly easy and fast to install on your bike handlebars. They have a universal fitment design and easily hook to 7/8-inch bars on most motorcycles.

Adjusting the mirrors is a breeze! They come with unique multi-position mounting hardware that lets you easily set them in a position that gives you the best view of what’s happening beside and behind you.

Most competing models come with standard convex mirrors. But this CRG mirror features a quality automobile-grade slightly convex mirror. This is a custom glass that offers you better blind spot coverage for closer viewing—ensuring ultimate road safety.

Since these mirrors have a fold-in design, you can easily tuck them in when parking your bike in tight parking slots. The nice-looking bar ends come in silver and black anodized options to let you pick one that matches your bike finish.

Highlighted features:

  • Solid and durable stainless steel mounts
  • Cnc machined billet aluminum construction
  • Universal fitment for 7/8-inch handlebars
  • Available in silver or black anodized options
  • Quality auto-grade convex mirror glass
  • Multi-position mounting system

9. Joker Machine Small Round Bar End Mirror

Joker Machine Small Round Bar End Mirror

If you’re on the market for premium best bar end mirrors, these Jokers will work for you. These mirrors are proudly made in the USA using top-quality parts and craftsmanship. They deliver you superior durability and exceptional rearview.

A fantastic fact about these mirrors is that their design is inspired by aircraft structural design plus unique racing styling. The housing and mountings are 100% CNC Machined from billet aluminum. This makes them feel extremely strong and durable while at the same time being super lightweight.

The mirrors are fully adjustable in all directions. This grants you total control of how you want them to sit and enables you to get the best field of view, depending on your preferred riding position.

Even better, these premium bar ends are fitted with a custom-made 2 1/4″ convex mirror that’s ideal for use on either the right or left side. This assures you exceptional rear visibility, so you don’t have to keep shoulder-checking while riding your bike.

You’ll be thrilled to know that, with little modifications, you can also mount these units through the ends of your existing motorcycle grips. Note that this will simply involve drilling/boring the grip end. The installation is easy-peasy, and the solid mounts ensure a vibration-free rear viewing experience.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% made in USA
  • CNC machined from billet aluminum for max. Durability
  • Large 2-1/4″ round mirror heads
  • Fully adjustable in all directions
  • Convex mirror glass for exceptional rearview
  • Super-solid, vibration-resistant mirrors

10. HJR CNC Bar End Mirrors

HJR CNC Bar End Mirrors

Last in our motorcycle bar end mirrors reviews are the HJR CNC bar end mirrors. These mirrors look unique and way better than your original mirrors. And they’ll outperform them in terms of better visibility.

The mirrors boast superb construction quality and are sure to serve you for years. They’re made using CNC solid aluminum, which is rust-free and suitable for all-weather use.

The mounts are sturdy stainless steel for ultimate shock resistance and increased durability. Mind you, these mirrors have undergone testing at high speed and proved to be vibration-free.

You can easily adjust these mirrors up and down, left and right, and through a 360-degree swivel. This is excellent flexibility and enables you to easily set the mirrors at the perfect angle for better visibility relative to your riding position.

Like most other mirrors featured above, this set is also armed with blue tint anti-glare. This helps protect your eyes while giving you a clear view during the day and night.

Installing these mirrors is the easiest part! They do directly to the ends of bars of popular motorcycles and fit like gloves! Everything you need to install them is included in the box to ensure hassle-free and fast installation.

Highlighted features:

  • Adjustable mirror angle for the perfect view
  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel fixings
  • Cnc solid aluminum mirrors
  • Blue tint anti-glare
  • Easy to install; all the mounting hardware included

What to look for before buying?

You can easily get lost in the hundreds of handlebar end mirrors out there if you don’t know what to look for. Below, we have listed the key considerations to help you easily choose the best motorcycle bar end mirror for your needs.


How big are the bar ends you intend to buy? The common mistake motorcycle oners keep making is choosing smaller bar end mirrors, say 1 inch​ bar end mirrors, because they look trendier. But the downside about these small models is that they don’t offer you a good enough field of view and may compromise your road safety. Too large mirrors, on the other hand, may look out of place when fitted on your bike. So, what’s the perfect size to buy? Try finding a reasonable size mirror (between small and big).

Motorcycle Bar End Mirror


We also recommend you to go for adjustable angle bar ends. As you have noticed in our reviews above, most bar ends are highly adjustable. They let you move them up and down or left to right. This high flexibility enables you to set your motorial mirrors to offer you the best rearview depending on your body height and preferred riding position.

Anti-vibration design

One of the complaints from most bikers is their bar ends vibrating too much that you can’t make a clear view out of it. This happens due to your bike engine and the condition of the road you’re riding in. However, you can prevent vibration by looking for good-quality mirrors engineered to absorb the vibration, reduce the shaking, and enable you to view everything behind you clearly.

Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

Type of glass

The type of glass used for the bar end mirror can significantly affect its performance. The two most common types of glass used for these mirrors include standard and convex mirrors.

Normal mirrors are loved because they give you the range and distance of upcoming vehicles and objects behind you. However, they have a smaller field of view and limit your visibility.

Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

On the other hand, Convex glass has a bent-out design that enables it to give a wider field of view. However, the major drawback of these mirrors is that they tend to show objects being closer than they truly are.

Ease of installation

The best motorcycle bar end mirrors are generally simple and quick to hook to your motorcycle handlebars. However, we highly advise you to check that the mirrors you buy are compatible with your specific bike handlebar size. This will ensure you have an easy time setting them in place.

Why use bar ends on a motorcycle?

You should use bar ends on your motorcycle because they offer you better FOV (field of view) and allow you to see what or who is behind you. If you’re still undecided on whether to swap your original mirrors with bar ends, here are some reasons why you may need to fit them on your bike

Why use bar ends on a motorcycle

Better field of view

One of the main reasons bikers are obsessed with upgrading from stock mirrors to bar ends is that the latter offers a better field of view. Factory mirrors usually don’t give you much view of what’s happening behind you. However, the bar ends will increase your visibility. You can clearly see everything behind you without making any serious head movement.

Lane splitting made easier

Another reason you may consider fitting your bike with bar ends is they make lane splitting easier. If your state laws allow you to ride in between two car lanes to pass a queue or escape a traffic jam, bar-end mirrors will make your bike less wide and let you find your way between the cars without knocking them.

Handlebar replacement

One of the parts that bikers often replace on their motorcycles is the handlebars. This means doing away with the mounting for your stock mirrors. When looking for alternatives that offer you more visibility on the road, bar ends will be hard to beat!

Makes storage easier

If you always find your stock mirrors getting in the way whenever you want to store your motorcycle, bar ends might be a good option. These make your bike less wide and enable it to easily fit through the storage room door. While you can fold the factory mirrors to easily fit the bike through the door, it can get annoying with time. Plus, regular folding can cause the housing to break faster.

Stylish looks

It goes without saying that bar ends look a lot cooler than most original mirrors on motorcycles. They come in tons of styles to choose from, depending on your preferences. If you’re always looking for ways to improve your bike looks, replacing those ugly stock mirrors with bar ends is a great idea.


1. Are bar end mirrors safe & legal?

Bike bar end mirrors are safe because they offer you better visibility on the road, so you’re fully aware of your surroundings. However, this will depend on the bar ends you choose. We advise you to get perfectly sized mirrors to give you a good field of view. They should also be vibration-free and adjustable to enable you to set to a comfortable viewing position.

Bar end mirrors are legal to use on your motorcycles. Most state laws just require you to have mirrors on your bike to give you a good view behind you. However, you should check your state laws since some states only allow you to ride with stock mirrors.

2. What about bar end mirrors with turn signals?

Some bar ends come integrated with turn signals. While this is a nice bonus feature to have on your bike mirrors, some riders often view them as a replacement for their motorcycle turn signals. This can be a safety hazard since other drivers aren’t likely to view them.

Only drives at the back or in front of you can notice them in most cases. Those on the left and right will barely see the signals. Some of these turn signals are attached directly to the mirror and appear quite small, further making them invisible to some drivers on the road. It’s also important to remember that bar ends with turn signals are a hassle to install and requires more work.

3. Are bar end mirrors good with any type of bike?

Bar end mirrors are ideal for common in most bikes, including cafe racers, naked bikes, and off-road motorcycles. However, they’re less common in modern sports bikes. However, some bikers still fit them on their modern bikes. If you plan to fit your sports bike with bar end mirrors, make sure you choose a pair that will easily fit in the specific style of handlebars of the bike.

4. How to Install Bar End Mirrors?

How you install bar end mirrors on your motorcycle will depend on the type of mirrors you have at hand. Some are designed for inserting into the handlebars, while some are intended to be clamped around the same. To correctly install your bar ends, go through the instructions first and understand the whole process first.

5. Are aftermarket mirrors easy to install?

Most aftermarket bar end mirrors are pretty easy to install. You just need to ensure you choose a pair that fits your specific handlebar diameter to ensure a smooth installation. Some models might have a more complicated setup process, but in most cases, you only require a hex key or Allen to get the job done.

6. How many mirrors do I need on my motorcycle?

You’re generally allowed to have only one rearview mirror on your motorcycle in most states. However, some states require every biker to have two mirrors on their motorbike, with one mirror on each handlebar.

7. How do you adjust a bar end mirror?

To adjust a bar end mirror correctly, you first need to sit on your bike and stay stationary in your riding position. Then, adjust the mirrors up and down (work on one mirror at a time) until you’re satisfied with the field of view they’re offering.

Final words

Replacing your motorcycle stock mirrors with bar ends is a sure way to enjoy better visibility. The stocks typically have a limited field of view, and you might not see beyond your elbows. But good bar ends will increase your field of view, keep you fully aware of what’s happening behind you, and increase your safety on the roads.

We have discussed everything you need to know about bar ends above, including our detailed guide on choosing the best mirror for your motorcycles.

Remember, for these mirrors, you usually get what you pay for. You sacrifice money, and you’re likely to get poorly made mirrors that give you a bad rear viewing experience.

Our list of the best motorcycle bar end mirror models above gives you some of the top-rated mirrors available today. These units will serve you reliably well, offer you better visibility, and increase your road safety!

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