Best Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet Holder in 2022

After a long ride, assume that you park your bike, leave your helmet on it, and enter a shop to buy something necessary. You notice that your thousand-dollar helmet is gone when you come back! How do you feel at that moment? 

You might always carry a backpack. But if it had a separate compartment for a helmet, how good it would be! Right? However, finding the appropriate backpack with a helmet carrier is like burning the candle at both ends. 

Anyway, don’t lose patience. After going through this article, you’ll be able to figure out the best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder.

In addition, we’ll instruct you exactly what to look for in a backpack before placing the order.

List of Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet Holder:

Reviews of the Best Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet Holder

1. Seibertron Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Holder

Seibertron Waterproof Motorcycle Helmet Holder

Famous Chinese brand Seibertron designed a well-functioned tactical backpack with helmet holder. The backpack has waterproof material but not entirely. Fabric can easily prevent water. However, the zipper is not waterproofed. So if you dip the bag in the water, it might fail, but drizzling rain won’t be a problem.

The entire bag is made up of 900D fabric. A thicken alloy material has been fabricated in the zipper. So it’d be super durable and lightweight. 

In addition, 2XL is the largest helmet that can be fit without any trouble. Besides the regular helmet, the bag can also carry hiking helmets, modular helmets, or sports balls like basketball or football. Additionally, you can put a max 17.3-inch laptop inside the main compartment.

Moreover, users can also get the advantage of a hydration bladder in this backpack. As a result, you can easily carry 2 liters of water while on a long drive or hiking. 

Besides that, the backpack has 3 major compartments. One is massive. The other two are medium and small. The massive one is usually for the bigger stuff, but the other two are for smaller things such as bottles and glasses. 

Moreover, there will also be mini-side cinched security straps with Mollo lopes. So, using that, you can even attach more necessary stuff to your backpack.

Highlighted features:

  • 37L large backpack
  • Hydration bladder (max 2L)
  • Waterproof fabric 900D
  • Multiple Molle loops

2. Goldfire Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Goldfire Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Created by Goldfire, this is another incredible MOLLE system backpack for a motorcycle helmet. The backpack has phenomenal options for many uses. The brand Goldfire did a great job for those looking for a helmet backpack with versatile work advantages.

No need to worry about things getting wet because the fabric and zipper are made of waterproof materials. So you can travel with this bag on any rainy or snowy day.

Moreover, the brand has used high-strength nylon fabric as the main material. So you will get three major advantages. First, it will be very lightweight. Second, the backpack would be super durable because of the nylon substances. And last but not least it’ll be very easy to clean up.

The front side of the backpack has an expandable helmet holder with adjustable straps. As a result, it will easily hold a large 3XL helmet.

You can easily carry welding helmets or open-face helmets in this backpack rather than regular motorbike helmets. Besides, the backpack can also be used for traveling, mounting, and any other outdoor activity you can think of.

Those who need the hydration bladder to carry water or any liquid. Goldfire will give you that chance while you use this backpack. In addition, the backpack has one massive component along with other smaller pockets outside.

Most importantly, the bag comes with some cool reflective strips, providing you with safety on dark nights. The brand is offering a 1-year long warranty which will bring you some confidence.

Highlighted features:

  • MOLLE system backpack
  • Hydration bladder
  • Expandable helmet carrier
  • zipper with waterproof shield 
  • MESH back pad

3. Badass Moto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Badass Moto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

This is an incredible tactical design travel backpack for motorcycle helmets. Though the brand doesn’t offer the waterproof feature in this model, they have some other cool factors.

You can fit a large full-size helmet with its indestructible mesh holder. This elastic mesh helmet holder is super flexible so that you can put regular sports balls, clothes, or other types of irregular helmets. There is no size limitation for helmets.

Apart from that, It can also be used as a travel bag rather than a helmet backpack. You can easily pack attires for 3/4 days. If it’s winter, you can put a whole jumper inside and still have some room left. 

In addition, you can take this backpack to your gym or club along with all the necessary stuff. Frankly, the bag is portable, which means you can easily fold it and put it somewhere else after use. Besides, the backpack comes with a double storage compartment with 5 additional zipper pockets. 

There won’t be any bigger pockets outside. But two simple side pockets will be enough to carry your snacks or water bottle.

The backpack consists of high visibility night reflective material, which will give you proper security at night while riding. Unfortunately, no warranty policy has been offered from the brand side, but they ensure customer satisfaction.

Highlighted features:

  • Comparatively smaller in size
  • Expandable pocket and helmet holder
  • Tactical design
  • High visibility night reflective straps

4. kemimoto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

kemimoto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

This is a unisex multi-functional motorcycle backpack with some exceptionally cool features. Those who are looking for a highly durable waterproof backpack that can last for years. Kemimto might be the best fit for them. 

Frankly, the material of this backpack is not waterproof, but they provide a shiny waterproof cover, which will provide a safeguard against rain or any touch of water.

A total of 37L capacity is available in this backpack. So you can carry as much stuff as possible during your travels. However, the manufacturer has used 900D Nylon fabric as the main material of this backpack. So users can expect a high standard of durability from this thing. 

You can also put on an XXXL size helmet as it has an adjustable helmet holder buckle. In addition, the helmet pad has been made of anti-scratch material, so even after many years of use, it doesn’t seem old.

Besides that, this can also be used for riding, traveling, or even everyday work at the office or school. Therefore you can also take advantage of the hydration bladder with 2L capacity.

This backpack comes with 2 large compartments along with enormous pockets and strips. The main compartment is quite big, and you can open around max 180 degrees angles.

However, it’s better not to carry clothes because they’ll look a little bulky. Other than that, it has an additional USB charging port, so you can charge your phone or laptop while riding or traveling.

Highlighted features:

  • 37L large backpack
  • Made up with polyester fabric
  • Inbuilt USB port for charger
  • Beautiful rain cover

5. Hutigertech Helmet Backpack

Hutigertech Helmet Backpack

Hongkong-based company Hutigertech designed an awesome unisex waterproof helmet carrier backpack. The backpack has a beautiful tactical design and a well-organized function. The high-density nylon fabric will give you fully waterproof support from rain. 

Manufacturers ensure that the inside of the backpack would be fully dry even after surviving heavy rain. The backpack will be super durable because of its nylon fabric materials. In addition, it has a breathable sponge system which allows it to maintain air stability inside the bag. 

No more worry about the helmet size because Hutigertech is offering adjustable straps. You’ll be able to carry all sorts of helmets using that adjustable holder. Additionally, you can carry a laptop that can be more than 17 inches. 

Besides a motorcycle backpack, it can also be preferable for hiking, mounting, cycling, or other regular activity; therefore, if you want to carry a hiking helmet or sport ball such as football or basketball, that’s also fine.

This 2.6 lbs backpack has two main compartments and a big pocket for storing large stuff. The main compartment can be opened at a 180-degree angle. So you can easily organize all your necessary things like clothes or documents. 

The backpack won’t look bulky even if you put many things inside it. The two-way zipper will give you comfort for easy opening. Besides, it has the advantage of setting a locker. Furthermore, on the front side, there are some reflective stripes attached.

Highlighted features:

  • water-resistant and reflective stripes
  • Nylon fabric materials
  • Luggage sleeves airflow
  • Ergonomic design

6. Sresk Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Sresk Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

The brand Sresk offers a waterproof MOLLE design unisex backpack with helmet carrier option. The brand has come up with a 26L medium size backpack. 

High-strength nylon fabric has been used as the main material, which is water-resistant. So a drizzle of snow or rain is fine for the backpack while driving. But be careful with heavy rain because it’s water-resistant and not waterproof.

Sresk uses high-quality 1680D nylon. Which indicates it’s very thick and strong. Anyway, the fabric will give high durability, and you can carry heavy weight while traveling. It won’t easily tear down even if you use it badly.

Besides regular helmets, you can also carry hiking helmets, welding helmets, or half helmets. Moreover, you can also use this backpack as your school bag or office bag if you want.

The backpack comes with one massive major compartment. Additionally, you will get more side, internal and external room for carrying documents, gear, snacks, or even water bottles. 

The MOLLE design of the backpack will let you carry more necessary tools on the outer part of the backpack. As a result, you can hang up more stuff outside the bag while hiking or riding. 

In addition, you can open the backpack max 180-degree angle, which is great for quick packing. No worries about the riding safety because some reflective strips are attached all around the backpack.

Highlighted features:

  • Water-resistant
  • Nylon fabric material
  • MOLLE design
  • Expandable helmet carrier
  • Versatile uses

‎7. FANCYTIMES Helmet Backpack

FANCYTIMES Helmet Backpack

If your main priority is a large, durable, tactical-style motorcycle backpack with helmet holder, With FANCYTIMES is the right brand for you. The brand offers outstanding features in its 35L large ergonomics design backpack.

The bag is waterproof for its polyester fabric material. So you have all the freedom to take it outside, even in heavy rain or snowy days. However, be careful in heavy rain because the zipper is not appropriate to resist water.

Frankly, in terms of durability, this is one of the best in the current market because of its high-quality nylon fabric. This fabric can carry a lot of weight and survive extreme situations.

You can take up to 3XL size helmets because of their expandable helmet holder and adjustable straps. Besides the helmet, you can take anything in that helmet holder. For example, you can probably take your cookware in that holder if you go camping. 

The backpack is also suitable for traveling or mounting. Well, the backpack has one massive compartment and a separate room for keeping a laptop. Besides the main pocket, you can also have smaller zipper mesh pockets to carry smaller stuff. 

Additionally, there are some high reflective straps in front of the backpack, which will be beneficial for night riding safety. Exceptionally the backpack contains a pair of chest and waist straps. As a result, you can attach the backpack to your body very tightly.

Highlighted features:

  • Nylon fabric materials
  • Waterproof substances
  • Adjustable helmet holder and chest strap
  • Breathable mesh back pad

8. OGIO No Drag Mach LH Backpack

OGIO No Drag Mach LH Backpack

Frankly, not everyone is looking for a bigger backpack. For those who don’t like a bigger size, the brand OGIO brings a tremendous compact size backpack with motorcycle helmet holder. The backpack will be super accessible and easily bearable.

Unfortunately, the backpack is not waterproof, so you can’t take it out in rainy conditions, but a drizzle of water won’t make any problem. However, the backpack is originally made up of 1680D and PVC., which will give you outstanding durability for long-time uses.

The manufacturer used Stretch-mesh fabric to hold the helmet in the back. The advantage of stretch-mesh fabric is it’s adjustable. Because of the elastic texture, it can hold even a bigger size hamlet such as XXL or XXXL.

This 25L small backpack can also be used for traveling or hiking. Because of its smaller size, you can take this at your school or office as well. Therefore this backpack has a single major compartment, which is quite okay to carry necessary stuff. 

Unfortunately, there are no additional side mount zipper pockets like other backpacks. Anyway, it has a flat bottom, which will allow your bag to keep straight, even when it’s not packed. 

Apart from that, the backside of the backpack has an aerodynamic design that maintains the airflow condition. Along with that, there will be a chest and waist strap for holding the backpack more appropriately.

Highlighted features:

  • Fabric 1680D material
  • 25.8L small backpack
  • Aerodynamic molded design
  • Stretch mesh helmet holder

9. kamimoto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

kamimoto Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

The kamimoto offers another great deal for those who are looking for a helmet backpack with versatile uses. This is a 37-liter large backpack with a lot of additional features.

Though the backpack is made of waterproof material, the manufacturer still provides a high-quality rain cover. That cover will be the ultimate protection from any extreme and risky situation of getting wet.

Polyester fabric is the main material for this backpack, which has a lot of advantages. For example, it’s not very heavy; super durable won’t tear down easily. Besides, it can dry very quickly and survive a drizzle of rain or snow.

Therefore you don’t have to be worried about the space of your backpack helmet carrier. Because its adjustable straps can hold a bigger helmet size. In addition, you can carry other sorts of irregularly shaped helmets such as welding helmets, snowmobile helmets, or any other open-face helmet. 

However, this backpack can serve you as a school or office bag rather than a regular helmet holder backpack.

The backpack has two massive compartments. One is comparatively bigger than the other. Besides these two major compartments, you will also have a smaller pocket to keep the necessary stuff for easy access. 

Though the side mount pocket is absent, additional stripes will hold necessary things. Surprisingly, a USB cable will be attached to charge a phone or laptop quickly while driving.

There will be no official warranty from the manufacturing side, but you will get a return/refund/replacement policy 30 days after purchase.

Highlighted features:

  • 37L large backpack
  • Polyester fabric materials
  • Additional rain cover
  • USB port for quick phone/laptop charge 

10. GIVI Helmet Bag Motorcycle Backpack

GIVI Helmet Bag Motorcycle Backpack

This is another example of 15L small best motorcycle helmet backpacks with stunning design and numerous features. The brand Givi designed this backpack comparatively in short size to become more accessible and convenient for all sorts of people. 

Therefore nylon fabric is used here as the main backpack material. So, you can expect high durability and water resistance from this backpack. Frankly, nobody can tear out 1680D nylon materials. If you use it appropriately, it’ll go for years without any issues.

You can carry all sorts of helmets since it has an expandable rucksack holder. This holder is flexible and elastic, so anything round-shaped can fit perfectly. Likewise, if you want to put a sports ball like football or basketball, that’s also fine.

Therefore, there is no option to use this backpack for other purposes because of its smaller shape. But if you want to use it as your office or school backpack. Then that’s completely fine. You can easily carry documents, files, books, or related things.

It has two major compartments. One is quite small for carrying smaller stuff. Another is quite large and has enough space to carry necessary things. A single side-mounted pocket will be available to carry water bottles. 

The helmet holding part is portable and adjustable. You can separate the entire part from the backpack if you want. Additional straps are available to attach the backpack to your chest and waist.

Highlighted features:

  • 15L small backpack
  • 1680D Waterproof Nylon
  • 2 large compartment
  • Padded straps

What to look for before buying?

Here, we’ve shown some of the best motorcycle backpacks with helmet holders. But how do you know which one is most suitable for you? No worries, we’ve shared exactly what to look for before purchasing a helmet backpack.

Helmet Holding Compartment

This is the point you really should care about because the main purpose would be to carry a motorcycle helmet. 

We can see two types of helmet holders, one is fixed, and another is free. Fixed one has a size limit. But the free one has no limit because of its adjustable holding straps, which will allow you to carry all types of helmets. 

Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet Holder

So always go for the free size holder, which has adjustable holding straps.


Backpacks are made of two types of fabric, one is polyester fabric and another is Nylon. Both are great in terms of durability, lightweight, and water resistance properties. However, Nylon seems stronger than polyester, whereas polyester can dry faster than Nylon. 

Nylons have different categories. Some are 900D, and some are 1600D. Here D represents Denier. When the Denier gets higher, the fabric becomes stronger.

Backpack Size

Size is always top of mind for most users. Those who use a backpack for multiple uses, including hiking and camping. They should go for a large backpack. A large backpack starts from 30L, and it can go up to 40L.

Medium backpacks are in between 20L to 29L. And smaller backpacks are 15L to 20L. Medium size is great for regular use. Small can be perfect who doesn’t carry a laptop or related things.

Hydration bladder

The hydration bladder is an irregular but important feature, and very few brands offer this option in their backpack. Frankly, this feature can be beneficial when you are on a long drive because you’ll need a consistent water supply.

Try to get the 2L capacity hydration bladder backpack because 1L is insufficient. You also can buy a hydration bladder separately and then install it in your backpack.

Waterproof and Water-resistant

Depending on the material, backpacks are labeled as waterproof or water-resistant. 

Just keep in mind that a waterproof backpack can survive a big water splash without any trouble. But water resistance can’t give you that guarantee. It might get wet when the splash is bigger. But a normal touch of water will be ok. So check if it is waterproof or water-resistant.

Night reflective straps

This feature can save you from the most dangerous moment. Night reflective straps are a type of belt which are bright and easily noticeable in the dark. 

So when you are riding at night or even in dark weather, you might seem invisible to the other drivers, which is very dangerous. But if your backpack has these straps, the other driver will easily notice your presence. You can easily avoid danger.

How to know if my selected backpack will carry my helmet?

You have to check whether the helmet carrier is expandable or not. Some helmet  carriers are fixed. You can’t even make them small or large anyway. In that case, you have to know the helmet size to fit in that fixed carrier.

Motorcycle Backpack with Helmet Holder

On the other hand, some backpacks have an expandable helmet carrier. There you can easily adjust your straps according to your helmet size. There is no limit for the helmet. You are allowed to carry 2XL, 3XL helmets without any doubt.


1. How do you carry a helmet in a backpack?

Initially, you can put it in the helmet carrier section if it has a motorcycle helmet backpack attachment. However, if the backpack has no carrier, you can hang the helmet with any straps or belt.

2. How do you attach a backpack to a motorcycle?

There are three ways to attach a backpack to a motorcycle. The first one is using a luggage rack or rear rack. The second is an elastic baggage net, and the last is a bag hook. You can attach your backpack by tie-up or simply hanging it in there.

3. Is a motorcycle backpack worth it?

Yes, it does. Carrig a helmet by hand is irritating. Besides, if you leave your expensive helmet with your motorbike, it might get stolen since a $50 backpack can save your expensive helmet. In addition, you can use this backpack as your hiking or camping bag, so yes, it’s worth it.

4. How should I pack my motorcycle helmet?

Place your helmet in the helmet carrier compartment of the backpack, adjust all the straps perfectly so that it doesn’t move or fall from there.

5. Is it safe to wear a backpack while riding a motorcycle?

Yes, it’s completely fine to wear a backpack when driving, but you have to make sure that the back is perfectly attached to your back. Otherwise, it’d be distrustful.

6. Can you use a normal backpack on a motorcycle?

If you want to carry your helmet in a normal backpack, then that would not be a good option. But if you want to carry normal stuff, then it’s fine. Make sure it adjusts with your body or bike when you are driving.

7. What should I look for in a motorcycle backpack?

Since it’s a motorcycle backpack, you should see the helmet carrier compartment first. Make sure it’s big enough to hold. After that, you can probably check the other motorcycle helmet backpack attachments.

8. I have a large, full-face helmet. Will it stay securely in my backpack?

If your backpack has an expandable carrier with adjustable straps, it will surely stay tight with your backpack.

Final words

The Most intense thing about finding a helmet backpack is you can’t get all your preferred features in just one pack. So finding the best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder is the first task to unlock.

As we have discussed how to figure out the right pick according to the preference, you’ve to go through that part. Spend enough time to analyze before ordering.

Are you all set? Get your preferred helmet backpack. Hope you get your ideal  one. 

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