Does JL Audio Make 6×9 Motorcycle Speakers?

JL Audio does make 6×9 motorcycle speakers, and they can well be an excellent choice to replace your factory speakers. Tried out the 1100 Watt JL Audio System on the Custom Harley Davidson, and it’s been stupendous in terms of loudness and clarity.

Although JL Audio doesn’t belong to the same league as Focal or other higher-end speaker brands, it’s still well capable of surprising you with its audio quality.

In this article, you’ll get to know JL Audio as a brand on the whole. More importantly, you’ll learn about its highly popular 6×9 coaxial motorcycle speakers. So you can figure out whether they’re worth your consideration.

Overview Of JL Audio

JL Audio is a prominent manufacturer of Car, Marine, Home, and Touring Motorcycle audio systems. JL Audio is more popular for its car audio coaxial speakers. But it also ranks somewhere in the top tier for some great motorcycle sound systems, especially for Harley’s Touring Motorcycles.

JL is an Americal speaker brand that has high-quality 6’’ coaxial speakers in their product line, dedicated for motorcycles, including Harley. The installation of these speakers looks stock, but the clarity of the sound isn’t! It introduces an advanced modeling system to its products to make them stand out from the competition.

JL Audio

Most of its speakers are built with premium components such as Segmented Air-core Conductors or Mylar Capacitors. Some even include tweeter attenuation and different midrange presence adjustments to ensure variation in voicing combinations. These speakers are sold as a pair, and some also include woofer grilles for a perfect woofer design experience.

6×9″ speakers from JL Audio are the most popular version of motorcycle speakers, along with the 6.5’’variant. We’ll find out about it later in the article.

Key Features

JL Audio speakers come with a bunch of features. Here you can take a look at some of the key ones available in most of its motorcycle speakers.

JL Audio 6x9" speaker
  • Operates in a 2-way or 3-way system with a high-quality tweeter or with both a tweeter and a midrange
  • Some models come with a dedicated amplifier channel
  • Critically optimized suspension behaviors and dynamic motor for reduced distortion
  • Made of virgin ABS plastic
  • Comes with all the required mounting hardware for the installation
  • Delay, equalization, and crossover filters are precisely setup


There are many points where JL Audio excels over many of its competitors. Some of these include:

JL Audio 6x9" speaker
  • Bigger than Harley stock speakers
  • Well design cone and surround for a better auditory experience
  • Reduced non-linearity and distortion for enhanced sound clarity
  • Built with durable material and long-lasting components
  • Recessed far back in the fairing installation to protect from weather
  • Ensures optimal in-vehicle sound quality with precise setup of different filters


The brand comes with a few drawbacks as well, which are:

  • The sound quality is impressive, but some find it slightly below the audiophile-level
  • Not waterproof
  • It can only be installed in the fairing of the Harley’s, not in rear locations

Does JL Audio Make 6×9 Motorcycle Speakers?

JL doesn’t only make 6×9 motorcycle speakers, in fact, it makes some top-notch ones. Since 6’’ JL speakers are bigger than the stock ones from Harley Davidson, they sound much better as well, especially while riding.

Installing the high-quality 6×9 JL speakers in the fairing will surely improve the listening experience for the riders, even at highway speeds. The brand introduces speaker adaptor rings to fit the Street Glide and Road Glide fairings. 

These motorcycle-compatible speakers also include the necessary mounting hardware for a convenient installation. 

Does JL Audio Make 6x9 Motorcycle Speakers

JL 6×9 speakers are two-way speakers that come with an excellent frequency responsive range. It also manufactures 3-way car speakers, but that won’t probably suit the motorcycles. 

Do You Need A Amp For 6×9 Speakers?

6×9 is the ideal speaker size for bass reproduction. JL speakers of this size include different size tweeters to handle ultra-highs and high-mids. But there are Harley riders who struggle to hear the sound loud and clear while driving down a busy road.

Do You Need A Amp For 6x9 Speakers

Such a problem could only be solved by adding an amp to the 6×9 speaker since most of these don’t include one. An amplifier also drives the subwoofers that come with the speakers to improve the system’s overall sound dramatically.

What Is A Good RMS For 6×9 Speakers?

Continuous power handling (RMS) is a key indicator of a speaker’s power handling capacity. The higher the RMS of the speaker, the more powerful the audio system will be. 

What Is A Good RMS For 6x9 Speakers

For 6×9 speakers, an ideal RMS would be 100 Watts. If you’ve got a speaker with 6×9-inch woofers and an amplifier, it’s ideal to go for 100 watts or higher RMS speakers.


JL Audio makes some excellent 6-by-9-inch full-range speakers. It’s a more popular size of speakers for their enhanced cone surface. They produce decent bass and can get even better with an amplifier and subwoofer.

JL knows the stock speakers installed in a Harley motorcycle can’t compete with its exhaust system at speed. So it comes with some excellent upgrades, including the 6×9 speakers. They’re perfectly compatible with Harley’s Street Glides and Road Glides. You must try this upgrade to get sold on its amazing sound quality benefits.

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