JBL Cruise Installation on Motorcycle: Beginners Guide

Having some compact and powerful speakers on the mirror of your motorcycle is bliss, especially when you love to go out often. Pairing the JBL Cruise with your motorcycle can totally change your riding experience for good, only if you know how to install them correctly.

JBL Cruise can be mounted on the mirrors of your motorcycle. You can simply take the mirrors off and mount the speakers on them. Put the mirrors back in place, and you are all set to enjoy whatever you want.

Let us guide you through the installation process along with a quick overview of the system. Here you go.

Overview of JBL Cruise

JBL is arguably one of the best manufacturers of audio devices. It produces handlebar-mount speakers for motorcycles that are easy to install and operate. This purpose-built speaker system is also suitable for scooters. 

Quenching your thirst becomes much safer with this speaker system. You can stream audio to the speaker through Bluetooth. The same speakers can be used as the charging source for your devices. 

You get a 5V, 1A power output to charge your smartphones on the go. The system comes with an IPX5 waterproof rating, so you don’t need to worry about going on a fun ride on a rainy day.

JBL Cruise

The universal handle mount of this speaker system is suitable for almost all motorcycles and scooters. You get large buttons on the speakers to control the functions, even with the gloves on easily. These speakers are built with highly durable material to withstand moderate abuse and still last for a long time.

It has a classic style to match your taste, and the overall system looks pretty cool. Two 65mm transducers back the system to produce powerful sound. Each transducer has a rated power of 5W. You can connect up to two smartphones to the speaker at the same time. With Bluetooth 3.0, you will feel almost no lag in streaming.

JBL Cruise Installation on Motorcycle: Beginners Guide

You will get the JBL Cruise quick start manual in the box. This manual will be the most helpful in getting those speakers installed on the mirror stand of your motorcycle. But things can seem difficult to beginners there. So, we thought to simplify the installation process and tell you in detailed steps. Follow us while we show you how to install the speaker system on your motorcycle.

JBL Cruise Installation on Motorcycle

For your convenience, we have divided the installation process into stages. Progress through one after another.

Order the Right Parts

It is crucial to have the right type of components like screws, bolts, nuts, etc. You need to check your motorcycle mirrors first and then order the right screw bag. As the M8 screw bag is more common, we will show the installation process for that.

JBL Cruise Installation on Motorcycle

What’s In the M8 PE Bag?

You will get two M8*60 bolts, two M8 adjust screws, six M8 nuts, six 8.5 spring washers, and six 8.5 washers for M8 in the bag. There will also be a left-hand M8 bolt, two left-hand M8 nuts, and one left-hand adjustable screw for M8.

Mirror Disassembly & Speaker Installation

Disassemble M8 mirror from motorcycle. You will need the bolts, nuts, and washers from the PE bag. Screw the bolt into the mirror hole with two M8 nuts, one washer, and one spring washer on it.

JBL Cruise Installation on Motorcycle

Then insert the M8 adjust screw into the speaker hole to hold it in place. Tighten the nut snugly so that the speaker is in place. Now you can screw the mirror into the speaker hole and finish the installation process.

Repeat the Process for the Other Mirror

Now that you have installed one speaker on one mirror, you need to repeat the process for the other mirror. A quick tip here is not to remove both mirrors at the same time. This way, you can keep from mixing the bolts and nuts of the mirrors.

Connect the Cables

Once both speakers are installed, you need to connect them to each other and the whole system to the power source. Take the audio cable to connect both speakers. The right speaker will have a male part, and the left speaker will have a female part to complete the connection.

You will find the power cable on the left speaker. Connect it to the battery to power up the speaker. Make sure to connect the cables to the right ends of the battery. That’s it! You can now turn the speaker on using the power button.

How to Connect Your Devices to JBL Cruise?

Though the JBL Cruise speaker system installation is complete, your device isn’t still connected to the speaker. You need to pair two devices via Bluetooth to play audio on the speaker. For this, follow these steps.

How to Connect Your Devices to JBL Cruise
  • Once the device is turned on, short press the Bluetooth icon to turn on the pairing mode, then go to the Bluetooth option on your smartphone and turn the Bluetooth on. Start scanning for nearby devices.
  • You can look at the LED to check whether the device is ready for pairing. If the speaker is on, but the Bluetooth isn’t, the LED will blink slowly. When the device goes into pairing mode, the LED will start blinking faster.
  • After you select the speaker on your smartphone for pairing, the LED will be illuminated without any blinking. Now you can play any audio of your choice on the speaker. 


When you ride over short distances, you might crave something powerful to hear. But the taste can drastically change if you go on a long ride. No matter what you wish to hear, JBL Cruise speakers will light up each of your rides with more colors.

We showed how to install JBL Cruise on motorcycles so that even the beginners can take a pair and install them on their own. Turning your motorcycle into a moving concert hall is an experience that will remain evergreen.

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