How To Clean Motorcycle Spoke Wheels

If you use your bike reasonably often, you’re probably familiar with spoke wheels. They’re flexible wheels that offer incredible mobility when you’re going offroad since they can bend and flatten to the shape of the terrain. 

But any tire will get dirty after a while, mainly spoke wheels considering they’re primarily used on rough terrain offroad where there’s a lot of dirt. Because of this, many people wonder how to clean motorcycle spoke wheels.

Surprisingly enough, you don’t actually need to buy a new spoke wheel cleaner, and you can simply do it with a piece of cloth and some soap. However, there are many other options. 

Today, I’ll be covering all about cleaning spoke wheels here. So without further ado, let’s begin.

What Can I Use To Clean Motorcycle Spokes?

Although you can clean motorcycle spokes with any soap and a cloth, here’s a list of the ideal materials to have for cleaning motorcycle spokes properly 

What Can I Use To Clean Motorcycle Spokes

1. Cleaning Solution or Soap

If you’re using soap, dishwashing soap will work the best for cleaning spokes. However, if you want to clean your motorcycle spokes perfectly and make it resistant to catching dust in the future, a cleaning solution is worth it more. 

You can find them online or from a shop; any of them will work better than regular soap. 

2. Brush

Any brush will work fine, but a baby bottle brush can be the best and cheapest choice considering it has bristles on both sides. 

3. Soft Cloth

Any soft cloth works, but you should get a relatively big cloth to make it easier for yourself. 

But if you want a spoke rim cleaner tool, you should consider getting a smaller cloth or cutting the large one into pieces.

Soft Cloth

4. Water

Get one bucket of water and fill it all the way. And after using your cloth to wipe the spokes, wash them in the water.

5. Old Cloth Sheet (Optional)

Instead of using a soft cloth, you can use an old cloth sheet to clean all the nooks and crannies of your motorcycle spokes. However, it isn’t the best option as a motorcycle spoke cleaning tool. 

How To Clean Motorcycle Spoke Wheels?

Now that you have an idea of all the necessary materials, here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning motorcycle spoke wheels correctly. 

How To Clean Motorcycle Spoke Wheels

1. Pour Warm Water Into a Bucket

Firstly, heat some water and pour it into a bucket. Make sure to heat enough water to fill the bucket entirely since you’ll need to wash your cloth often while cleaning the spokes. 

2. Put The Soap or Cleaning Solution On The Wheels

Next, get your cleaning solution or soap and put it on the spoke wheels. If you want to be conservative, you can add the soap or cleaning solution to the water bucket.

This can clean your spokes the same, but it’ll use less of the solution or soap. 

3. Moisten The Brush Or Cloth

Get your baby bottle brush and moisten it to scrub the spokes and other tight areas. Since baby bottle brushes have bristles on each side, they can thoroughly clean every part of your bike’s spoke wheels. 

Moisten The Brush Or Cloth

But if you don’t have a brush, that’s fine too since you can just get a soft cloth. The process is the same, just moisten it and put some of the solution or soap on the fabric.

4. Dip The Brush Or Cloth In Water from Time to Time

After wiping your spokes, make sure to dip your brush or soft cloth in the water often. This will get rid of all the filth from your fabric or brush. 

If you’re mixing your soap or cleaning solution with the water, I highly suggest getting another bucket with warm water to clean the filth. 

5. Wash The Bike With Water

After you’re done cleaning, wash the spokes of your bike with water.

6. Dry It Off With a Cloth

Lastly, wipe the spokes with a clean, dry cloth. Try not to dry it with air since that can cause your bike to catch more dirt. You should also tighten spokes on your bike since a tighter wheel can give better offroad mobility. 

If you plan on using an old sheet instead of a brush or cloth, the processes are the same. Just cut the sheet into strips and move it back and forth on the spokes in a similar motion to polishing a shoe. 

However, the best way to clean spoked wheels is by using a brush or cloth, so I’d recommend that over an old sheet.

How Do You Clean Corroded Motorcycle Spokes?

Bikes with spokes are likely to get damaged or rusty after a while, especially on dirt bike fat spokes. So here’s a step-by-step guide on cleaning corroded spokes —

How Do You Clean Corroded Motorcycle Spokes

1. Elevate Your Bike Off The Ground

This will let you move the wheels of your bike freely as you clean it.

2. Use a Brush With Brass Wires

By moving the brass-wire bristles up and down, you can remove rust from the wheels. 

3. Apply Penetrating Oil With An Emery Cloth

By applying a decent amount of penetrating oil to your wheels, you can get rid of light rusting.

4. Remove Remaining Rust Spots With a Brush

After applying the penetrating oil, get your spoke wheel cleaning brush and remove the remaining heavy rust. 

Remove Remaining Rust Spots With a Brush

5. Wash It With Soapy Water

Finally, get some water, mix some soap on it, and wipe the wheels with a cloth. You should dry it with a clean cloth afterward, and you’re good to go. 


Hopefully, now you know all about how to clean motorcycle spoke wheels. It’s relatively easy, and it can be done with a cloth and some soap. 

As a final tip, I’d highly recommend you get a protectant wax coating for your bike. Using it every time after cleaning will resist dirt and filth from your bike and your spoke wheels, and it’s excellent for motorcycle detailing. You can easily find them online or from a vehicle shop nearby, and they’re not too expensive either. And if you’re looking for a viable bike shop, you can go to Harley Davidsons. But with all that being said, good luck cleaning, and cheers!

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