How To Clean A Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield?

Every bike rider loves to have their bikes all shiny, lucent, fairing and cleaned up. Especially when it comes to their fore-end windshield, bikers become more Cautious. 

Usually, polycarbonate windshield or Plexiglass windshield has been used as windshields’ built-in material. So, cleaning this kind of bike’s windshield requires different criteria and procedures than others.

Nevertheless, windshields protect bikers from speedy wind and flying objects, for instance, dust, debris, rocks, insects, etc. That’s why it’s important to have a clean, apparent, and brighter windshield for maximum protection for the bikers. 

However, incorrectly cleaning your bike’s windshield might result in the cloudy glass. Additionally, you might get confused about the proper maintenance process for a bike’s windshield. 

Well, Don’t worry! We are here to provide you with step-by-step procedures on how to clean a cloudy motorcycle windshield pretty easily.

What Can I Use To Clean a Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield?

Well, you don’t need tons of stuff to clean the windshield of a bike. However, a windshield is usually shatter-resistant and lightweight. As it’s different from normal glass, you may need to check on the materials you are using when it comes to refraining from motorcycle windshield yellowing.

What Can I Use To Clean a Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield

The tools and products you will require are 

  • A wind blower 
  • A piece of soft cloth 
  • Any regular shampoo or cleanser, and lastly 
  • Some clean water (distilled). 

The wind blower will be used for any kind of loose dust from the windshield surface.

How To Clean A Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield?

You can clean your restore motorcycle windshield on your own. But we still recommend you clean the glass professionally once or twice a year to get the long-lasting shining ability of the glass. 

However, let’s talk about the procedures you should follow in cleaning the cloudy windshield. Six simple steps need to be completed. These are-

How To Clean A Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield

Step 1: Get a cleanser and soak the entire glass

First, you need to soak the entire motorcycle screen of the windshield through a cleaning product. You can use some specific cleansing product that’s been used for windshields or go for some regular shampoo. 

Step 2: Wipe the glass with a soft cloth

We recommend you avail a piece of microfiber cloth because it is usually soft and suitable enough to wipe away the whole windshield. It will easily remove any grime or dust.

Wipe the glass with a soft cloth

Step 3: Wait to dry the glass

Now it’s time to wait for the windshield to get dry. Make sure you let the whole glass dry evenly for the next process. 

Step 4: Buffing the glass

In order to do this, you can use a buffing machine. Sometimes the cloudy windshield may have some rough patches or scratches. So, a buffing machine can be appropriate to buff the whole area to rub off the spots and provide a glass cleaner outlook.

Step 5: Polishing Motorcycle Windshield

After properly buffing the windshield glass, it’s time to polish the screen again to protect the windshield from further clouding or minor scratches easily. We

suggest you go for a polishing compound. Applying a layer of this will get you glossiness and a brighter glass outlook.

Step 6: Final touchup of the windshield 

Now you are almost done with removing the cloudiness of your motorcycle windshield. Pick a piece of soft dry cloth and rub the glass smoothly and let the windscreen dry thoroughly as a final touchup. 

Final touchup of the windshield

Can You Wax A Motorcycle Windshield? 

Well, there are different perceptions based on this query. But, yes, you can wax a motorcycle windshield for sure. But there are some aspects that you need to keep in mind. 

For instance, if a windshield can be waxed or not depends on the type of materials that have been used in the shield. Waxing can help to prevent bugs that can stick to the glass. 

However, it is recommended to use a polish coating that contains wax. Just remove motorcycle windshield and wax that accordingly. However, you can use the motorcycle windshield restoration kit if you find that helpful. On the contrary, many suggest that you shouldn’t rub something in the poly shield because it might scratch. 

Can You Wax A Motorcycle Windshield

For instance, you shouldn’t go for a plastic windshield for waxing to clean cloudy plastic windshields. It might be helpful to remove it from the bike while working.

So, go for plastic windshield restoration after getting the job done. So, you should go for waxing only if your windshield material is susceptible to waxing.

What Can You Put On Glass To Repel Water?

Well, you can certainly go for some commercial products that are quite effective in repelling water from windshields. Basically, you can apply some kind of chemicals and coat that with the windshield. 

For instance, Rain-X is a branded spray, cream, and paste system product that can be suitable to repel water from windshields. 

A Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield

Some other popular products are Nasiol Glass shield Wipe, Rust-Oleum Shield spray, Shine Armor Ceramic coating, Gtechniq, Drexler Ceramic Glass coat, etc.

Nevertheless, you can apply homemade water repellent as well. Just add a cup of rubbing alcohol and 2 cups of water into a spray system bottle and apply it to your windshield glass. You can also go for using homemade motorcycle windshield cleaner after that.


No matter if you are a Harley Davidson rider or Royal Enfield rider, every biker gets a joyful vibe whenever they turn their cloudy fog windshield into a glossy outlook. 

Well, now we are certain that you are well aware of the steps to follow on how to clean a cloudy motorcycle windshield in order to keep it shiny.

However, follow the steps of soaking the glass and cleaning it using a cleanser, then wait to dry it out. Lastly, apply buffing and polishing for the final touchup.

Nevertheless, a lack of caution while cleaning the windshield can reduce the glossiness of the glass. But, following the processes as mentioned earlier can be quite beneficial for sure in the long run.

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