How Long Will an RV Fridge Run On Battery?

Recreational vehicles, usually known as RVs, are an excellent way out of a structured and stressful life. More and more families are choosing to cruise over the roads and campsites with an RV with all the essentials packed inside. It’s a mobile home with all the basic amenities packed inside. 

Refrigerators are one of the essential amenities in an RV- as you might even not get another food store for hundreds of miles in some places. It helps store the food for those remote times.

Thus it is essential to know exactly how long the fridge can run on the battery. After all, the power is finite, and so is the food.

How Long Will An 12v Rv Fridge Run On Battery?

The most commonly used fridges used in RVs require 12V of DC power as the source. These fridges are mainly operated on both propane and electricity- and are free of absorption. Absorption kills a lot of energy, and that’s why any such fridge can only run for a couple of hours on battery, then the battery will be all drained out.

So, how long can a battery power up the fridge anyway? Well, it’s not only the electricity units- but also the type of the battery and the size of the fridge.

If you have a fridge of 2 cubic feet and a battery of 12V-50Ah, then it is supposed to be absolutely okay to run for 35 to 50 hours at a stretch.

In case you prefer a bigger fridge, suppose a ten cubic fridge- then with the same battery it can be operated for only 10 to 15 hours. 

An 12v Rv Fridge

As most of the RVs have 12V refrigerators and also 12V-50Ah Lithium batteries- this may be the answer to a lot of you people who are seeking.

In case you’re using a Lead acid battery, then you can run the fridge for 12 to 25 hours. But that’s only on half the battery power, as draining more than 50% power from a lead battery leads toward battery damage.

Can I Run My RV Fridge On Battery While Driving? 

The straightforward answer to this question is- no, you can’t, and you should not.

The car’s engine and batteries have a close relationship. The battery helps the engine fire up, and later, when the engine is roaring, and the wheels are rolling, it helps the batteries to be charged up.

When you are driving, the battery is mostly storing its power back, which it has lost. If you still try to run your fridge on battery while driving- it may leave the battery damaged, and accidents may occur.

If this situation leaves you perplexed about what you should do with the fridge- then for your information, most of the RV fridges are two-way and some even 3-way fridges. A two-way fridge runs both on electricity and propane.

RV fridge

You can still run the fridge without hampering the battery by a propane tank or an efficient generator. In the case of the propane tank, it is a highly inflammatory substance. So be careful while setting the tank- there has been a lot of accidents on RVs regarding propane.

While on the other hand, generators are a reliable source. You have to buy a generator that can produce enough energy to run the fridge. We suggest getting one that makes more than 1400 wattage. 

This issue will be further discussed in the following segment.

Fix – RV Fridge Not Working on Battery

Nothing is more irritating than going something rant on a road trip or a camping trip. If it’s the fridge that’s not working, then the problem is even more severe, as all the foods and emergency medicines are all stored in it. There could be a lot of reasons behind the fridge not working, but what do you do when the batteries are in denial of the fridge? How do you fix that?

The first thing you should do is check the battery monitoring meter in your RV, which indicates the battery percentage. There is a good possibility of it being drained out completely.

If it’s the battery, then you need to charge it and meanwhile run the fridge on some alternative energy.

RV Fridge Not Working on Battery

In case the batteries are alright, then the reason might be the fuses being blown up. Such a situation can be under control just by replacing the fuse.

If all of these problems are nonexistent, you can try resetting the refrigerator. There should be a button called reset inside the fridge. Just press the button, and your fridge will be reset.

There’s a possibility that, you can’t detect any of these problems, and even resetting is not working. Well, in such a situation, you have to consult someone professional and fix it.

Meanwhile, propane tanks and generators can be the fuel.

Is It Better To Run Rv Fridge On Propane Or Electric?

Most of the modern RVs have fridges that run on both propane and electricity. Even some of the old RVs also have two-way fridges. It is tough to put Propane on the top of priority neither the electricity before propane. These two can not be each other’s replacement but can be chosen to dispense on the circumstance.

So, it will be a vague answer if we call one is better than the other one. Both are necessary and better depending on the situation.

Such as, while driving- the battery restores the energies it has lost, and thus, it is better to run the fridge on propane or generator.

But, if the road is dilapidated, then the gas pipe may get displaced because of the rustling trembles of the road. In such a situation, gas will leak out, and all it will need is a little flame to catch fire. Again, in such a situation, it is wise to use a generator or electricity.

Is It Better To Run Rv Fridge On Propane Or Electric

One more concern about Propane is batteries can be charged from nature, like the solar panel or car engine, but propane tanks can not be filled from nature, and neither comes cheap.

When at night, the fridge should be run on the battery. Cause the vehicle is resting, and so is the battery. The sun has also gone down, and the batteries are also fully charged.

That’s how it has to be, interchanging between the battery and propane as the power source. Bot replacing each other.

Final Words

When on the road, every minor essential matters- the resource are limited, but the destination is unknown. The fridge and the battery are the most crucial elements in such a situation. 

One stores the food for you, and the other stores the energy to run the amenities. That is why it is indispensable to have the proper knowledge about these two and act accordingly to keep them functional.

Take proper care of your RV, and it will take care of you while on the road.