How Long Do Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Last?

The answer to this question is a clever variable. It changes depending on the amount of care you have shown to your motorcycle battery.

Generally, a Yuasa motorcycle battery will last about two to five years unless it is an AGM battery. While other series of batteries last a bit less, AGM batteries will last about three to five years in general. 

But still, you should learn how to identify a battery with a low lifespan and when to replace it with a new one. We created this short yet informative guide to inform you of all this. Let’s get started.

Overview of Yuasa Battery

You might want to know about the company first. Yuasa Battery, Inc. is in the industry since 1979. It produces Powersports batteries for a number of different vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, ATVs & UTVs, etc.

Yuasa Battery

Its parent company, GS Yuasa, owns the second largest share when it comes to the global market of sealed lead acid batteries. The company currently produces batteries in four series. Here will be a quick overview of each series.

GYZ Series AGM

This is the top-of-the-lineup battery from Yuasa. It comes with amazing power to handle all your Powersports news. The lineup has the highest CCA batteries that are factory activated and built to last longer on the AGM technology.

GYZ Series AGM

This series ensures improved performance in low temperatures with large flush terminals and brass nuts.

YTZ Series AGM

Though this series is lightweight, you will get high CCA for your sportbikes. These batteries are highly reliable and have a compact design to meet your needs.

YTZ Series AGM

AGM (Maintenance Free)

You can rely on these batteries built on the AGM technology. As you don’t need to refill the batteries, the worries of bike or scooter battery maintenance are the minimum with this series.

AGM Maintenance Free


If you don’t need AGM batteries, don’t worry. Yuasa provides this series of conventional acid filled battery that is usually of higher quality than ordinary batteries on the market.


Yuasa Battery Chart

To clearly understand the product lineup, battery capacity, and other specifications, we are putting everything into one chart. Check the chart to find out the right Yuasa battery for your motorcycle.

Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries

GYZ Series AGM

Battery ModelCapacity (AH)Cold Crakning Amps

YTZ Series AGM

Battery ModelCapacity (AH)Cold Crakning Amps

How Long Do Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Last?

Before knowing how long a Yuasa motorcycle battery should last, you should know that there are two stages in the life of a battery. One is its shelf life, and the other is its active service life. Now, what do these two mean?

Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries

Shelf Life

The shelf life refers to the duration until which the battery will remain operable. For example, if a brand says that its batteries have a shelf life of two years, you can put those batteries on the shelf for two years without using them. When you use them, they will be just fine if you maintain standard conditions.

Self-Discharge Rate

You might have already heard of the self-discharge rate. This is the rate at which batteries get discharged even when they are idle. The rate mostly depends on the build quality of the battery. If the self-discharge rate is low, the battery hold its charge for a long time.

Service Life

The battery’s service life starts the moment you put it into use. This period can also vary depending on how much care you are showing to the battery. Overall, Yuasa batteries have a standard shelf life of about three years if you store them under 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

And they will last another three years under active use if you properly maintain them. 

How Do You Know When Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Need Replacement?

As we have already mentioned, Yuasa motorcycle batteries are expected to run for at least three to five years. But batteries don’t always run based on the assumptions. Certain conditions can affect the motorcycle battery lifespan to a great extent. This is why you should learn when you need to change the battery.

How Do You Know When Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries Need Replacement
  • The first thing you will notice in an aged battery is sluggish starts. If your motorcycle takes longer than usual to start, it is a big symptom that your motorcycle batteries aren’t performing as expected.
  • Another important sign is the decrease in the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) of the battery. CCA or Cold Cranking Amps indicate how effectively the battery can crank your engine in low temperatures. If you struggle to start up your motorcycle in low temperatures or after being idle for a long time, it is probably time to replace your motorcycle battery.


Yuasa has set the industry standard when it comes to Powersport batteries. From motorcycles and scooters to ATVs and watercraft, Yuasa produces powerful batteries for all your needs.

Before you go for a Yuasa battery, you should remember that not all batteries will last the same. Batteries with AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat technology will last longer than conventional batteries. 

You can also get maintenance-free batteries from the company to reduce the hassle of checking the acid level or refilling the battery. No matter what model you choose, these batteries pack some serious power and last about three to five years, depending on your use and maintenance.

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