Hertz Vs Rockford Fosgate Motorcycle Speakers 

Motorcycle speakers are available in different models, and it’s possible to get bemused between the top motorcycle speaker brands. We’ve seen folks trying to figure out between Hertz Vs Rockford Fosgate Motorcycle Speakers, as both of these are very popular. If you belong to this folk, we take pride in helping you to choose the right one.

Hertz is quite an upscale brand when it comes to high-quality coaxial speakers. But the Rockford Fosgate doesn’t make a bad choice either. 

On one side you’ve got Hertz playing it louder, making you hear everything even when you’re running your bike at high speed. On the other side, you’ve got the RF speakers that play high-frequency sounds with crystal clear quality. 

So it’s a clear fight on! There are several other factors in consideration. We’ll compare both their advantages and disadvantages over each other so you can easily come up with a decision. 

Hertz Vs Rockford Fosgate: Comparison Chart

Hertz Vs Rockford Fosgate
TopicHertzRockford Fosgate
Speaker Size6.5’’6.5’’ or 5.25’’
Mounting Type2-way/3-way Coaxial2-way/3-way Coaxial
Mounting Depth2.46’’ (62.48mm) to 5.74’’ (146mm) to 2.05’’ (52mm) to 2.75’’ (70mm)
Tweeter Size20mm20mm to 25mm
Frequency Response40Hz to 25KHz20Hz to 20KHz
Peak or Max Power Handling200W to 500W150W to 200W
RMS or Continuous Power Handling 100W to 250W 75W to 100W
Sensitivity92 dB+ for most models90 or more for most models
Impedance4 ohm4 ohm

Overview Of Hertz Speakers

You’ve probably heard good things about Hertz speakers used in cars. The good news is that Hertz makes equally good speakers for motorcycles, including Harleys! In fact, it’s becoming the new defacto standard for the Harley stereo system.

Hertz offers a wide range of speakers with varying features, and that could be overwhelming for you to make the right choice. But for Harley or other tour bike owners, the Hi-Energy or Mille series of Hertz coaxial speakers make the best choice. They’re mostly full-range fairing speakers without grills.

Hertz Motorcycle Speakers

Some Hertz speakers even combine amplifiers in it, which can perfectly replace your factory Harley speakers. Or you can still add an amp to utilize its full capability. This combination will make sure that you hear it loud and clear, even at highway speed.

Key Features

Although some of the features may vary for different models, there are some key features that you’ll find in all Hertz coaxial speakers. Some of these key features include:

Hertz Motorcycle Speakers
  • Fits the fairing of most of Harley’s road glide, street glide, and street glide special
  • Pure copper voice coil 
  •  Neodymium tweeter mounted in the woofer center and comes with RHFC or Rotary High-Frequency Contour) technology for sound accuracy from any angle
  • Excellent power handling capacity
  • High-level sensitivity with a wide range of frequency transmission
  • Special Neodymium magnet to obtain minimum bulk (size and weight) and provide maximum performance
  • Plug & play design with bolt-in fitment that requires no additional adapter or modification
  • Includes tough and damped mesh fiber cone and butyl rubber
  • Backed by Hertz’s convenient warranty policy


Let’s check out why you should choose Hertz speakers.

Hertz Motorcycle Speakers
  • Smooth and rotating tweeters of the Hertz speaker ensure a comfortable listening experience 
  • Provides great highs, and won’t get quieter over time
  • Comes with existing Harley speaker mounts and fits under the factory speaker grills without any modification
  • Ensures loudness with the least possible distortion
  • Has excellent build quality that withstands harsh environments
  • Powerful bass with least possible distortion and consistent coverage
  • Water-resistant


There aren’t many, but to talk through a few disadvantages here they are:

  • Not a dedicated manufacturer of motorcycle speakers
  • Doesn’t include grills
  • Price is slightly higher for the features

Overview Of Fosgate Speakers

Rockford Fosgate is one of the best aftermarket speakers to upgrade your motorcycle stock speaker. This brand makes some of the best speakers for the upper fair locations of Harley’s street glide motorcycles. The TMS series is a dedicated line of tour-pak speakers for Harley motorcycles that ensure clear sound when you’re riding.

Rockford full-range speakers also make sure that you hear the audio, not the road noise. These speakers also include high-strength, weather-resistant designs to withstand the hazardous environment.

Fosgate Speakers

Interestingly Some Harley models use Rockford Fosgate stage 2 speakers as a built-in audio system. People liked RF as the factory speakers for its super clean highs, ultra-clear mids, and boozing buzz.

Key Features

Rockford comes with a bundle of features; check out some of the key ones below.

Fosgate Motorcycle Speakers
  • Full range, coaxial speakers
  • High-output mid-range Neodymium dome tweeter having integrated phase plug
  • Santoprene VAST Surround and Front Isolation Spider
  • Optimal power handling and frequency transmission
  • High-power voice coil
  • Neodymium dual magnet motor with a reinforced, co-molded polypropylene cone and Santoprene surround
  • Element ready features to protect against environmental odds
  • Fits bag lid speaker locations on motorcycles


Let’s find out why Rockford Fosgate speakers should be your upgrade options.

Fosgate Motorcycle Speakers
  • Perfectly replaces existing factory speakers with convenient mounting options
  • Usable in any condition due to its superior weather and water resistance
  • Highly durable construction with ultra-high temperature glass-reinforced polymer frame
  • Comfortable and low profile cone tweeter design
  • Work as heavy or mid-bass speakers with improved subwoofer
  • Cost-effective upgrade
  • Backed by convenient warranty policy


There aren’t many drawbacks for its class; however, you could still keep the following points in mind.

  • Some models are only marginally better than stock speakers
  • Not the loudest speaker out there

Hertz Vs Rockford Fosgate Motorcycle Speakers 

It’s time for the face-off between these two amazing speakers. Let’s find out which one excels where.

Hertz Vs Rockford Fosgate Motorcycle Speakers

Loudness and Sensitivity Level

When it comes to loudness and sensitivity rating, we’d say Hertz gets a slight edge over Rockford, with a sensitivity level of 92 or more. On the other hand, Rockford probably has a better mid-range. So it turns out to be a pretty even competition considering the quality of highs and mids.

Power and Wattage

Wattage and the power handling capacity is an important considerations for motorcycle speakers. In this case, you’ll have more speakers from Hertz with a better peak power handling and RMS power handling rating. 

Power and Wattage

The power or more wattage is needed if you drive through downtowns or busy areas, but for the countryside and quiet areas, the lower wattage from either Hertz or Rockford should be fine. Speaker mounting location or engine noise could also impact your decision.

Mounting Options

If you’re upgrading the Harley stock speakers, you’ll mount a new speaker into the factory speaker location, either the lower or upper fairing. If you’re considering it to mount into the upper fairing, we’d suggest you go for Rockford as they’ve some perfectly suitable models.

Mounting Options

On the other hand, Hertz has some good lower-fairing models. You should go for Rockford for its wide range of mounting support for other bikes or mounting options like handlebars. Rockford is also compatible with rear speaker adapters.

Sound Quality

It’s difficult to say which plays the sound better, Hertz or Rockford. Both come with subwoofers, a wide range of frequency transmission, a surround sound system, etc. But Rockford could be a better choice for the quality of sound it provides in the price range.

Build Quality & Element-ready Features

Both these motorcycle speakers are well built and water-resistant. Since Rockford is a dedicated manufacturer of motorcycle speakers, it has included more element-ready features to withstand different outdoor elements and odd environmental conditions.

Hertz Or Rockford, Which One Should You Choose?

We’ve probably answered this question in the previous section, although here we can sum it up. There’s no doubt both of these brands make excellent 6.5 waterproof motorcycle speakers, which are the most sought among bikers. But the consideration comes into several other factors.

You should choose the Hertz speaker if you drive your motorcycle in a noisy area frequently because it deals better with noise distortion than its competitor. But you’ve to keep in mind that it’s a higher-end car audio manufacturer with mostly costly available options.

Hertz Or Rockford

But if you’re only planning to get a cost-effective upgrade for your Harley stock speakers, Rockford Fosgate remains a top choice for sure. Especially, for its excellent sound quality, build quality, and additional features.


It’s time to conclude things up here, and we must say it’s a very close call to choose between Hertz vs Rockford Fosgate motorcycle speakers. They both have their own pros and cons. Although Rockford is a popular upgrade option for Harleys, some say most of its speakers are only marginally better than the existing stock option. 

On the other hand, Hertz packs a punch with some of its premium models. But unfortunately, they’re expensive, and not many would like to go for it unless they’re too serious about their motorcycle stereo system. So yeah, that’s it from us, and we hope you’d be able to make the right choice for your all-special bike!

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