Harley Tallboy Seat Vs Maverick Daddy Long Legs

The design and quality of your bike’s seat can either give you a comfortable journey or literally a pain in the butt. Especially for tall fellas who need special seats, a regular seat just doesn’t feel right for them. However, there are quite a few popular seat for tall guys out in the market. 

Harley tallboy and maverick daddy long legs are top dogs for tall rider’s choice and touring seat for street glide.

By the looks of it, they both look very alike. So you might get confused with Harley tallboy seat vs maverick daddy long legs; which one should you choose? This article will give you a detailed comparison of these two seats so that you can choose with ease.

Harley Tallboy Seat vs Maverick Daddy Long Legs 

FactorsHarley tallboy seatMaverick daddy long legs
Width16.5”, passenger seat 15”15.0” and passenger seat 14”
Moves back1.5”2”
BackrestNo backrestAdjustable backrest
Passenger backrestYesNo

Seat Width

The tallboy seat’s width is 16.5 inches. So it doesn’t matter how huge you are; you will have plenty of space in that 16.5-inch driving seat. And the passenger seat is 15.0 inches which is a pretty decent size.

Harley Tallboy Seat vs Maverick Daddy Long Legs 

On the other hand, daddy’s long legs have a 15.0-inch wide driving seat. Even though it is narrower than the tallboy, still 15.0 inches is quite broad. So you will have comfortable width to spread your arms and legs. And the passenger seat is 14.0 inches wide, which is decent for a passenger seat size.

Additional Room

Tallboy gives you a 1.5-inch extra space. Tall riders need this extra room to move around and let their arms and legs have some freedom. Trust me; you don’t want to be cramped up when you go for a long ride. You will have enough room if your height is 6 feet 3 inches or lower.

Harley Tallboy Seat

On the other hand, daddy’s long legs give you an additional 2 inches of extra room. So if your height is 6 feet 4 inches or more or if you have longer limbs, then daddy’s long leg is a safe choice for you. It is 0.5 inches more than tallboy, so even the tallest rider in the town will feel comfortable and have enough room to move around.

You can tell by the additional room and width that this two-seat is not suitable for short riders.

Rider Backrest

Tallboy seat doesn’t have any rider backrest, but you can equip a rider backrest yourself. For many riders, this may be a big deal. Not every rider wants to buy an additional backrest and spend time preparing it. Moreover, you can not equip an adjustable backrest.

But daddy’s long legs don’t have this issue. When you have the Lepera maverick daddy long legs with backrest, you don’t need tools to equip the backrest or take it off. The knurl thumb screw on the back of the backrest can be used to modify the height and angle of the backrest. Then it’s a piece of cake to adjust it to your preferences.

Maverick Daddy Long Legs

You can unequip or take it off quickly. The seat has a nice stitched pad to cover where the backrest was installed. So you will see a neat-looking seat even if you take off the backrest.

Passenger Backrest

Tallboy has a passenger backrest, maximizing passengers’ comfort. Those are of good quality. Wish we could say the same for the rider backrest.

Harley Tallboy Seat

Maverick doesn’t have a passenger backrest. But we don’t think it is a big deal as the seat was not designed that way.

Seat Shape

The tallboy seat is designed to be slightly roundish or bucket shape. It provides a comfortable sitting experience to the rider. The design doesn’t let the rider lean forward; instead, the rider gets enough space to lay back and relax.

Seat Shape

Daddy’s long legs have a very similar design while retaining a custom look. They use the original molds that bob lapera senior had created when he started the business. It gives an old-school vibe, which is a special connection to the past. 

What is a Tallboy Seat?

Tallboy Seat is a tall rider motorcycle seat. A motorcycle seat specially designed for tall riders or riders with long limbs. It allows the rider to move back 2 inches while riding to provide extra room for leg and arm.

What is a Tallboy Seat

How wide is a Harley tallboy seat?

The Harley tallboy seat is 16.5 inches wide, and the passenger pillion section is 15 inches wide. We have already said a lot about why this is the best. We are not gonna dig further.

How wide is a Harley tallboy seat

Is LePera Maverick Daddy Long Legs Seats comfortable?

LePera maverick dll seat is comfortable. It gives the rider an additional room of 2 inches. So a tall rider will feel comfortable with the extra space to move around the leg.

Is LePera Maverick Daddy Long Legs Seats comfortable

The seat width is 15 inches, and the passenger seat is 14 inches, which is quite wide to provide comfort to the rider and passenger.

HD Tall Boy vs LePera Maverick Daddy Long Legs

We are gathering the best of each kind here. Read these long legs seat reviews to get the best one.

HD Tall Boy vs LePera Maverick Daddy Long Legs

Harley davidson tallboy seat review:

It is a very comfortable seat for s short ride. If you are 6.3” or under and looking for a hub for short rides, a tallboy seat should do the work. But I can not recommend it for long rides. If you take a long ride of 3 hours, you will feel uncomfortable. Likewise, the rider and passenger will feel uncomfortable if they take a long ride.

Harley davidson tallboy seat review

La pera daddy long legs seat reviews:

Comfortable for both long and short rides. If you are 6.4” or more, then daddy long legs is the seat for you. The backrest is definitely a plus as it lets you rest on it and doesn’t let you feel tired even after a day-long ride. an Extra 2” room is designed for taller rider or rider with long legs.

La pera daddy long legs seat reviews

It uses dense marathon foam, which stays in its original shape for longer. The structure is made of sheet steel which is quite heavy. And it has a lot of carpet under it to protect your motorcycle’s paint. It also has a few rubber bumpers under it to minimize the shock you get from bumpy roads.


After reading this detailed article, you shouldn’t feel any dilemma choosing between Harley tallboy set vs maverick daddy long legs. Harley tallboy has wider seats, but you may find the seat uncomfortable if you are taller than 6 feet and 3 inches. 

Daddy’s long legs have a slightly narrow seat width, but it gives extra room for long-legged riders. So if your height is 6 feet 4 inches or more, daddy long legs should be a fine choice for you.

Both are popular tall rider motorcycle seats. So choose the one that suits your needs.

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