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Play time

A self indulgent look of TF at play

That's dad, I guess he is to blame for what followed.

Test fitting on first race bike. Was I ever that young?

My first motoX on a friend's Triumph cub. (early 1960s)

Greeves Silverstone. My first purpose built racer.

More Greeves (mid 1960s)

Greeves in Tasmania. Note K.Carruthers.

BSA Trials bike used in a 1960s motoX

An original Yam DT1 trail bike used for observed trials.

Start of a 200 mile desert race.

1971 Manx GP. On Geoff Monty's 350 Bultaco.

Some days you feel like a dog.

Rake angle tests. Early 1980s

Testing funny handlebars.

TF sitting. Jack Difazio standing.

Playing with the QL at Brands Hatch. (mid 1980s)

2WS 2002

2WS 2002

2WS 2002