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These pictures are of my own Aermacchi, and date between 1972 and 1975.

I originally bought the bike in Australia in 1971 before I returned to England. As bought it had a Drixel frame. In 1972 I built my own triangulated frame which was both stiffer and lighter than the original. This frame appeared in 3 variants. The 1st used a box section swingarm with twin suspension units and retained the original Borrani front forks. When the DeCarbon monoshock units became available the rear end was converted to a triangulated swingarm with a single DeCarbon unit mounted over the gearbox. This second version ( 1974 ) retained the front forks. The third ( 1975 ) had light weight leading link forks and a different fairing, this was partly to accomodate two side radiators for the 4 valve watercooled engine fitted at that time.

The above information and the following photos are presented here, due to various requests regarding the eligability of replicas for various classic racing formulas. There are other pictures in the "Engine" section.

1972/73 Colour riding shot. ( twin shock )

1974 Colour shot of frame.

1974 Colour riding shot. ( monoshock )

1974 Press cutting from MCN.

1975 Colour riding shot of 4 valve machine.

1975 Press cutting from MCN.

1975 Press cutting from MCN.

1975 Press cutting from MotorCycle.

1975 Leading link forks.