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Kettle chassis - 750/3 2 stroke Suzukis

As far as my memory serves me, I built   3  "Kettles" in the Mid 70's.  2 were racers and there was 1 for the road.

The first was a racer built for Mercury Despatch and was ridden in some races by the late great Les Kenny ( previously Australian champ. ) before he got hold of a TZ750. I seem to remember that it had a Barton engine.  This was built around 1975.  I have a feeling that this machine eventually ended up as a road bike, but I'm not 100%  sure.

The second racer was for Andres Perez Rubio here in Spain.  I remember coming out here for it's first race ( 1976 or 77 ) at Jarama.  It was a F750 event with Baker and Roberts etc. competing, I don't remember where Andres finished but he didn't disgrace himself.  I think this machine had a proper race engine.

The road bike had a standard road engine and was built for a very short chap whose name escapes me at the moment.  It had a race type fairing with two round headlights  and the seat was a single only and had a high back similar to many endurance racers of the period.  This was built sometime between about 1978 and 1984, I don't remember exactly.

The racers had a backbone frame with a kink in it to clear the engine, basically it was a stronger version of the frames that I made for the TZ 250/350 Yamahas at that time.  The road bike had a different type of frame although also with a backbone.  This ran higher than on the racers and the frame was very similar to the ones that I made for many of the Jap. 4 cylinder engines ( lots of Kawa Z1, Honda 750s, 550s, 400s etc ).

Racer for Andres Perez Rubio. ( colour )

Road bike. ( colour )

Racer frame only. ( colour )

Racer right hand side ( black and white )

Racer left hand side ( black and white )

Road bike frame