10 Friendliest Non-Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs In The US

Motorcycle clubs in the US are generally associated with crime. As such, it’s normal to wonder whether there’s such a thing as friendly biker clubs.

There are hundreds of peaceful MCs across the US that fight the good fight. They’re different from the outlaws in that they abide by the law and don’t engage in any illegal activities. They’re kind, friendly, and charitable. And have an unwavering desire to benefit their community.

They’re simply the 99% percenter clubs, getting their name in 1947 from the AMA (American Motorcycle Association), who stated that 99% of the bikers are law-abiding citizens. These non-outlaw clubs are affiliated with the AMA and wear the 99% patch as proof that they’re law-abiding.

Check out our list of some of these friendliest clubs in the US below…

10 Friendliest Motorcycle Clubs In The US

The following list presents you with the friendliest motorcycle clubs in the US. These clubs are formed by good guys who come together over a common passion for a given bike model or a decade of motorcycles. Others play humanitarian acts such as taking part in fundraisers, supporting charities, etc.

Friendliest Motorcycle Clubs In The US

1. Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

Buffalo soldiers is, without a doubt, one of the most peaceful motorcycle clubs known in the US today. It is an African American MC founded in 1993 by a Chicago PD office of the same ethnicity.

This MC has no other purpose but to honor all the African Americans who lost their lives in the post-civil war era.

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

According to their official website, the MC also serves to “promote a positive image that would be respected in the community and throughout the country.”

In other words, they position themselves as the role models responsible for contributing to the community.

Some of their most notable activities include filing homes and hearths at Christmas and donating rations to needy people.

2. Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)

Every parent would warn their children against motorcycle clubs and keep them as far as possible from these clubs. But this shouldn’t be the case when it comes to BACA MC.

The US-wide motorcycle club has bikers come together with one main mission—to defend and protect the most vulnerable young people in society. They state that they exist to “create a safer environment for the abused children.”

This motorcycle club was established in 1995 in Provo, Utah. John Paul “Chief” Lilly, its founder, stated that his goal was to ensure a BACA chapter in each neighborhood.

Currently, the club boasts hundreds of chapters across the US and thousands of members all over the globe.

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)

Parents or guardians of abuse victims need to first contact BACA. The club then confirms whether the authorities have been informed.

They then go ahead and meet the family to try and understand the situation and see if it’s something they can get involved with. They don’t get their hands on domestic issues.

In most cases, BACA will support children that have been abused and their children. They offer legal advice to the families and victims and even accompany them to the court.

3. Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club

Iron Legacy MC was founded in 2004 by Ray “Izod” Lubesky, a founding member of the Iron Order, an outlaw motorcycle club. The founding member broke off this biker gang and went ahead to start the Iron Legacy MC.

Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club

Following this move, there have been some misunderstandings between the two clubs. They have a lot in common, and their websites also look alike.

Nonetheless, this is a friendly club that doesn’t engage in violent or criminal activities such as drug trafficking. They belong to the 99% percenters and the American Motorcyclist Association. Some of their members are law enforcement offices.

4. Red Knights Motorcycle Club

If you’re a firefighter and you ride motorcycles, this is where you belong. The Red Knights MC comprises fire service members and their families who enjoy riding bikes.

Their membership is open to all the firefighters, whether active or retired, volunteer or career.

Red Knights Motorcycle Club

To join Red Knights MC, you just need access to a motorcycle and a valid motorcycle driver’s license. The members’ spouses, boy/girlfriends, children, and brothers/sisters are welcome in the club.

5. Rainbow Motorcycle Club

Besides going against the law, most 1 percenter motorcycle clubs are also not open-minded. And they’ve got strict rules against gay bikers joining them. In other words, all their members are straight men.

This feeling out of place for gay bikers made them come together to form their own motorcycle club of like-minded people, the Rainbow MC, as a haven for gay men or the LGBTQ community. The club was founded back in 1971 in San Francisco, California.

Rainbow Motorcycle Club

Unlike other motorcycle clubs, RMC has no charter or constitution. Neither do they have officers nor any membership dues.

6. Punishers Motorcycle Club

Punishers MC is another law-abiding US-based motorcycle. It is a cop’s club since it is made up of law enforcement officers, both on active duty and retired.

According to their website, their members also include the firefighters, active and retired military men, active EMS personnel, firefighters, and a select few like-minded individuals.

Although this isn’t a 1 percenter club, they operate like a traditional motorcycle club. All their members possess the highest moral and ethical values. They have unwavering integrity, trust, and dedication.

Punishers Motorcycle Club

Besides meeting and riding motorcycles, the members are also united in support of all public safety as well as their family.

They participate in numerous charitable courses as well as fundraising events, especially those that directly benefit the cops, firefighters, and their children.

7. US Veterans Motorcycle Club

We can all agree that army veterans are synonymous with motorcycle clubs in the US, whether outlaws or law-abiding MCs.

Most of them are even founders of the most dangerous motorcycle clubs in the US following their dissatisfaction with how the government treated the troops who returned from the Vietnam war.

US Veterans Motorcycle Club

Now the US Veterans MC is one law-abiding club made up of veterans from all service branches. They’re all about honoring the fallen vets, promoting brotherhood, and even supporting those in active duty.

They achieve their mission by hosting events and raising funds. The service is supreme to the US Veterans MC!

8. Furies Motorcycle Club

The Furies MC is a women-only motorcycle club based in Chicago. The group was established back on 6th June of 2010 and had six founding members who had been riding together long before.

Their numbers have grown over time. They now have members mainly from Western Burbs, Northwest Suburbs, Southern Wisconsin, and Chicago.

Their group is made of diverse women and welcomes women from all ethnicities, backgrounds, orientations, and lifestyles.

Furies Motorcycle Club

Furies MC was founded to empower women and create a refuge for all women bikers with infinite love for motorcycles and open road. They also do charity work. As long as you own a bike (immaterial of the brand), you’re welcome to join Furies MC.

9. Motor Maids Motorcycle Club

Another law-abiding motorcycle club for women! Motor Maids MC aims to unite women motorcyclists. This club was founded in 1940 by Linda Dugeau of Providence, Rhode Island, a young motorcycle enthusiast in her late 30s.

She conceived the idea that some women out there could own motorcycles and would like to get acquainted with each other.

She then went ahead and did extensive research and ended up compiling a list that formed the foundation of Motor Maids MC with 51 charter members in 1940. And they were issued AMA charter #509 in the following year.

Motor Maids Motorcycle Club

The club boasts more than 1300 members and mostly operates in North America. The members are a diverse group of female riders with passion for riding.

Motor Maids MC promotes safe riding habits while portraying a positive image of women on motorcycles.

10. Women in The Wind

Here’s another women-only motorcycle club for women who want to join a motorcycle club of like-minded female riders.

Feeling the need to have a club where all women are welcome, Becky Brown, an Ohio motorcyclist, started this all-women motorcycle club back in 1979.

Over the years, this club has grown into a large organization with 100plus chapters and 1200pls members across the US, Australia, and Great Britain.

At the time of writing this post, this is the largest women’s motorcycle organization across the globe!

Women in The Wind

Unlike the outlaw biker gangs, Women in The Wind embraces the acceptable side of biking.

They have a central aim of highlighting the female riders positively. They also educate their members on safe riding practices and motorcycle maintenance.

Final Word

Now you know the friendliest non-outlaw motorcycle clubs in the US. As you can see, these are made up of good guys who abide by the law. They’re kind, friendly, and charitable and do not deal in illegal activities.

Some of these clubs are made up of members who are law enforcement officers. They also allow members of specific ethnic groups or gender to join them. Some are women-only, unlike the outlaw clubs dominated by male riders.

If you have a passion for riding and have always wanted to join a motorcycle club that does good deeds for the community, these are the clubs to consider.

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