Fat Bob vs Street Bob

If you’re having a hard time deciding on whether to go with Fat Bob or street bob, you have come to the right place.

Truth be told, these two bikes share a lot of Harley Davidson. This makes it really hard to decide which one to choose. But then again, they have some unique differences that set them apart.

This guide takes an in-depth Dyna fat bob vs. street bob comparison to help you easily decide which one to get.

What are the Differences Between a Street bob & Fat bob?

Below, we compare the two bikes side by side to help bring out the key differences between them.

What are the Differences Between a Street bob & Fat bob
Specification:Fat BobStreet Bob
EngineMilwaukee-Eight 114 V-twinMilwaukee-Eight 114 V-twin
Maximum torque118 ft-lbs @ 3500 rpm119 ft-lbs @ 3000 rpm
Fuel economy47 mpg47 mpg
Seat height27.7 inches25.8 inches
Curb weight706 pounds670 pounds
MSRP Price$18,330$15,349


The Fat Bob has a total length of 92.1 inches, and its seat height is 27.7 inches. It also has a good ground clearance of 4.7 inches.

Street Bob is 91.3 inches long and has a slightly low seat height of 25.8 inches. Its ground clearance is also great at 4.9 inches.

As you can see, the Street bob sits lower than the fat Bob and presents you with a lower seat height. This means it will handle much more easily than fat Bob. the low profile also makes it a great choice for vertically challenged riders.

fat bob

When in running order, the fat Bob weighs 706 pounds while the Street Bob is 670 pounds. This makes the fat Bob a bit heavier than its counterpart.

Engine and performance

Both bike models use the same Milwaukee-Eight® 114 engine, resulting in more power and increased performance.

The Fat Bob boasts pavement rippling 118 ft-lbs of torque produced by just 3500 engine torque (RPM), meaning your acceleration is always within reach.

And thanks to short-run throttle Milwaukee-Eight 114 stays consistent and isn’t jumpy. You turn on the throttle, and you gain mph at smooth and impressive rate. Remember that you’ll still get enough V-twin purr to meet your needs.

street bob

Street Bob can produce up to 119 ft-lbs torque for a mere 3000 RPM. Keeping in mind that this is one of the lightest bikes from Harley, the increased engine performance won’t go unnoticed.

Twisting the throttle hard on street bob will take you to 100 mph in no time. And during the run-up, you’ll feel the full exposure of your body to windblast at the freeway, which is enough to help keep your speed reasonable.

Design and style

If you’re well versed in Harleys, you can easily see that the Street Bob gets its design inspiration from classic choppers with the mini-ape handlebars.

This bike has a shorty exhaust that’s chrome staggered and features dual tapered mufflers. Street Bob sports classic black laced steel wheels.

On the other hand, Fat Bob appears as a more stripped-down drag bike with slammed handlebars. As for the exhaust, this bike has a chrome Tommy Gun 2-1-2 collector exhaust. And its wheels are gloss black cast aluminum and lighter weight.

Design and style

Still at it, the Street Bob has more color options (these include vivid black, gauntlet gray metallic, redline red, and fastback blue).

On the other hand, the fat Bob is only available in vivid black and white sand pearl options. Note that you’ll have to pay more than the initial MSRP if you go for color options, as explained below.

Extra features and accessories

Despite the Fat Bob featuring the beach bum bobber style, it gets a small dose of tech features from Harley. It presnts you with a digital instrument display that shows you speed, odometer, gear, clock, fuel level, trip, and range.

Besides, it features rectangular LED lighting, keyless ignition, and a USB port.

The stripped-back nature of the Street back can be felt even on the dash, where it features a customary 2.14-inch LCD screen that displays speed, gear selection, RPM, fuel level, trip, and range. It also features a smattering of lights—all of which are controlled by a button positioned on the left bar.

Extra features and accessories

It also features self-canceling indicators that work well most of the time. The bike is fitted with Harley Davidson’s LED headlight. This helps add a modern touch to the bike while keeping the traditional round headlight style.

Like the fat Bob, keyless ignition and USB come standard in this bike; the two features most bikers find highly convenient.

Both bikes have tons of aftermarket accessories to choose from if you want to upgrade your bike’s looks and performance. These aftermarket accessories work better than stock and won’t void your bike warranty.


The cost is another area where the two bikes differ. The Fat Bob 2022 model MSRP price starts at $18,330, while the Street Bob 2022 model starts at $15,349.

And if you go for the color options, you’ll need to spend $450 on top of the MSRP for each bike.

fat bob vs street bob

If the price is too high for you, Harley offers you various financial schemes for both bikes and all their other bikes in general. This will make it easy for everyone to own a Harley without paying the whole amount upfront.

Why is it called a Fat bob?

The Harley Davidson fat bob gets its name FAT from its design involving a broader gas tank (i.e., the twin petrol tanks) and the name bob from a cut-down bobber style (i.e., the cut-down fenders).

Why is it called a Fat bob

Are fat bobs comfortable?

Fat bobs are highly comfortable. The bikes come with a relatively tall seat, with a forward footrest which feels quite comfortable for tall riders. They also come with a well-padded bucket seat that ensures you stay in position without sliding backward.

Are fat bobs comfortable

However, the bucket seat design means that there’s no wiggle room once you’re in, and you’ve nowhere to go. You can always swap out your fat bob’s stock seat with a more comfortable aftermarket seat.

Is fat bob a Softail?

Yes, Fat Bob is a Softail. This bike is simply another Dyna model folded in the Softail family in 2018. Following Harley’s complete overhaul of the Softail lineup, the new Fat Bob models hugely benefit from a completely different frame, engine, swig arm, and suspension.

Is fat bob a Softail

Is a street bob comfortable?

Street bob is comfortable and a joy to ride in urban settings. Its suspension is well optimized for urban riding, and its mini-ape hangers aren’t that extreme. The bike’s seat is comfortable to sit for short periods of time. Note that this seat has a lower height, making it suitable for short riders.

Is a street bob comfortable

How do I know if my Street Bob has ABS?

To know if your street bob has ABS, check if it features a proportioning valve tucked away anywhere in the middle underneath its side covers. If your bike has this valve and you also see the front and rear master cylinder, it most likely has ABS.

How do I know if my Street Bob has ABS

Final verdict

That’s it for our comparison of the fat Bob vs street bob. It’s no doubt that these two bikes share a lot of aspects from their manufacturer Harley.

Nonetheless, they’re not 100% identical and have a handful of differences. From the above guide, it’s clear that these are small differences, and there are no major differences between the bikes.

Hopefully, you’re now more informed about Dyna fat bob vs street bob. You can now easily decide which of the two motorcycles will serve your unique needs and expectations.

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