Does A Slip-On Exhaust Make A Difference? Is It Worth It?

As more people are embracing the trend of riding motorcycles instead of cars, there is an increasing demand for slip on exhausts. A slip-on exhaust is a small exhaust system that can be attached to the existing exhaust pipe of a motorcycle.

It is also called a shorty, shorty pipe, or just slip-on. Slip-ons are popular because they are easy to install and provide improved sound and looks. These exhausts are becoming increasingly popular with many new riders because they sound better than traditional mufflers.

That being said, many people feel that a slip-on exhaust is not worth the extra cost. They believe that the benefits are minimal and that there are other things they would rather spend their money on. So, should you get a slip-on exhaust for your motorcycle?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the type of riding you do and what your priorities are. Slip-ons can be worth it if you prioritize looks and sound over performance.

Does A Slip-On Exhaust Make A Difference?

A slip-on exhaust is a type of motorcycle exhaust that does not completely cover the engine’s cylinders but instead wraps around the outside of the cylinders to improve sound and looks.

However, a slip-on will not provide much of a performance boost compared to a full exhaust. It is easier to have a full, unrestricted exhaust on your bike if it has a catalytic converter, but you might be better off with something else.

Does A Slip-On Exhaust Make A Difference

The same goes for the other exhaust systems. Some people may spend more money on them and buy the ones with more performance, but in most cases, these systems will not give you enough improvement to justify their price.

That being said, these custom aftermarket exhausts are lighter, which means these will make a very small difference.

Crispier Throttle Response

A slip-on exhaust can give you a crisper throttle response, but it does not always make a difference in performance. The main reason is due to the decreased back pressure in the muffler.

A Slip-On Exhaust

However, performance can vary from bike to bike. One thing is for sure is that you will hardly notice any performance gain. The only way to get any kind of performance boost using an exhaust system is to go with a full exhaust.

Slip-On Exhausts Won’t Do Much For Performance Systems

Slip-on exhausts, or even just a clean muffler, won’t do much for performance systems and will only make them louder. This is because the engine’s noise is not coming from the exhaust pipe but from a resonant chamber inside the muffler.

Furthermore, these exhausts won’t do much for performance systems because they don’t offer any more horsepower than the stock exhaust. They do not provide any significant gains when it comes to horsepower, which means they won’t make much of a difference in your ride.

Slip-On Exhausts

You will barely notice the difference. However, they might be worth it if you don’t care about horsepower but rather just want to save weight and space on your bike.

Tuning Required

You don’t need to tune your bike after installing a slip on most of the time. That being said, some bikes will become too loud. This is where you will need some tuning due to how the OEM design focuses on engine efficiency.

For engines to operate at a high level of performance, there needs to be a balance between intake and exhaust. To create quiet motorcycle exhausts, bike manufacturers must make sure they don’t impair engines’ performance when designing their exhausts.

This presents a challenge to engineers because they must maintain power while making as little noise as possible. That is why after getting new exhaust, you will have to tune it properly

Tuning Required

There are a lot of aftermarket exhausts on the market that can make your bike sound louder than ever. However, before you buy one, there are a few things you should know.

  • First, make sure that the exhaust is made of steel or aluminum. It might look cool if it’s made of stainless steel, but it won’t produce much of a noise difference.
  • Second, ensure that the rear muffler is not too close to the engine, and you have enough room for it to fit in your motorcycle’s frame.
  • Thirdly, if you’re thinking about buying an aftermarket exhaust for your Harley-Davidson bike, make sure that you do some tuning homework first!

If you’re going to buy Harley touring slip-ons, make sure that it’s not too loud. If the sound is too loud, it will be distracting in traffic and could lead to a ticket. If you don’t know what to do, then it’s a good idea to buy a factory-tuned exhaust from an authorized dealer.

Benefits Of Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust

While you won’t be getting any performance boost, there are other benefits that make them worth the investment. They are a popular choice among riders who want the best sound and look for their bike while not making any significant changes to the overall performance.

Benefits Of Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust

There is a lot to talk about the slip on exhaust pros and cons. Here, I will go over the ways in which slip-on exhaust pipes are beneficial.

Improved Sound Quality

Motorcycle slip-on exhausts are designed to improve the sound of your motorcycle. They are easy to install, and they can make a difference in the sound of your bike.

The motorcyclist can now hear themselves better, which makes it easier for them to know when they need to adjust their speed or change their riding position for better performance.

Benefits Of Motorcycle Slip-On Exhaust

This is beneficial because it helps them avoid accidents that could have been prevented if they had been able to hear what was going on around them. Go with dual exhaust tips if you want the motorcycle to sound better.

Adds A Little More Style To Your Motorcycle

There is no denying that the exhaust of a motorcycle is a crucial part of its appeal. Slip-on exhausts are designed to add a little more style to your motorcycle. They also look better than their traditional counterparts which is an important factor for many riders who want to make a statement with their bike.

They are cheaper, lighter, and easier to install. Although the end-user typically installs them, most shops can install them for you. However, they have all the sound and style benefits of a full exhaust.

Adds A Little More Style To Your Motorcycle

This is why the slip-on exhaust is considered a great option for those looking to maximize their riding experience without installing a full exhaust.

Quick & Easy Modification

An advantage of motorcycle slip-on exhausts is that they can be used on any bike. They also come in different styles and colors, so riders can choose the one that suits their personality.

These can be installed quickly and easily, which makes them perfect for riders who want to make quick modifications to their bike without too much fuss. In addition, some riders prefer motorcycle slip-ons because they offer a cleaner look than traditional mufflers and less weight.

A Slip-On Exhaust

Consider using exhaust wraps for motorcycles for quick and easy modification. Exhaust wrap protects the motorcycle from heat damage, protects the muffler from getting scraped by rocks and debris, provides insulation for cold weather, and improves sound quality.

Wrapping your motorcycle headers using a header wrap is also a popular way to protect them from the sun and rain. It can be an affordable way to get the protection you need on your motorcycle without going out of pocket.

How Much Horsepower Does A FMF Pipe Add?

The engine’s power output can be increased slightly with the addition of an FMF pipe. An FMF pipe adds about 3-6 horsepower to a vehicle.

A FMF Pipe

Does Slip-On Exhaust Sound Better?

Slip-ons are typically quieter than their full counterparts. These exhausts sound better than a traditional muffler because it is quieter and has less drag. It also provides a less aggressive tone that some people prefer over the sound of a muffler.

Does Slip-On Exhaust Sound Better

It also gives you a smoother ride. However, some riders may not like the sound of the slip-ons because they tend to be quieter than full exhausts.

Do You Lose Power With A Slip-On Exhaust?

Slip-on exhausts are not a performance upgrade. This type of exhaust fits between the stock muffler and the end of the pipe and provides no power gains whatsoever. It is just a sound mod. There is nothing to do with power.

Do You Lose Power With A Slip-On Exhaust

Final Words

Exhausts are sometimes referred to as “race cans” because racers often use them to gain an advantage over their competitors in terms of speed and performance.

However, it is difficult to say whether or not slip-on exhausts make a difference. It all depends on the rider’s preference and riding style. Some riders might find slip-on exhausts better for their needs, while others might not.

That being said, this is still a good investment because it reduces the noise level of the motorcycle, and it makes your ride more comfortable.

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