Pros and Cons of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Pros and Cons of Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Lithium-ion batteries have been changing the power game for some years now. With the increasing popularity of Li-ion technology, these batteries are now used in motorcycles. Besides being advantageous for bikers, Li-ion batteries have some cons too. Lithium-ion motorcycle batteries have a high energy density, low self-discharge rate, low maintenance rate, high cell voltage, constant … Read more

Top 14 Motorcycle For Tall Riders

Motorcycle For Tall Riders

The majority of the motorcycle models are designed to fit people of average height. It’s no wonder finding a motorcycle for taller people is a little tough. It’s not like the country has a chain of importing or distributing bikes for tall riders.  You can look online, and there are only a few limited results. … Read more

How to Test a Lithium Motorcycle Battery

How to Test a Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Testing your lithium motorcycle battery is a critical care and maintenance procedure. Performing these tests helps check whether a battery conforms to the international battery performance standards. To test, disassemble the lithium battery from the motorcycle and use a voltmeter to record the voltage readings. Use the given voltage specifications from the manufacturer and compare … Read more

How Do You Fix a Shorai Motorcycle Lithium-ion Battery That Won’t Charge?

How Do You Fix a Shorai Motorcycle Lithium-ion Battery That Won’t Charge

A Shorai lithium-ion battery is a top-of-the-line motorcycle battery. This lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery has several advantages over conventional lead-acid batteries.  These include a longer lifespan (5-6 years) and low self-discharge (even after a year of sitting). Also, it offers a lightweight, compact design that can fit into a number of different spaces.  But … Read more

How Do You Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To A Helmet?

How Do You Connect A Bluetooth Speaker To A Helmet

Do you find it annoying having to park your motorcycle by the roadside because you must answer a phone call?  The truth is that while you could enjoy hands-free communication with a Bluetooth-ready helmet, not every helmet has this feature. Not to mention, these types of helmets are a little pricey. The good news is … Read more

How To Clean K&N Air Filter?

How To Clean K&N Air Filter

Knowing how to clean a K&N air filter is something that everyone who owns a car should be able to do. If you take your automobile to a professional car wash, cleaning the air filters will certainly cost you money. However, if you’ve tried to clean it yourself by reading articles or watching YouTube videos, … Read more

How Do You Revive a Dead Lithium Motorcycle Battery?

How Do You Revive a Dead Lithium Motorcycle Battery

Planning to get a new replacement lithium-ion battery for your motorcycle? Perhaps the previous one just died after you forgot the key in the ‘park’ position? Well, you should probably just hold that thought for a second. Because guess what, you can actually revive your dead lithium motorcycle battery. Yeah, you heard that right! And … Read more

Best Harley for Beginners

Best Harley for Beginners

Are you a beginner looking for your first-ever motorcycle? Have you decided that you want a Harley as your first motorcycle to take you down the basics? If yes, this guide is for you. When you’re new to motorcycles, you want to make sure your first ever bike is something that feels comfortable to sit … Read more

11 Fastest Harley Davidsons You Might Not Know About

Fastest Harley Davidsons

Are you curious about the fastest Harleys that are fully stock and straight from the dealer or factory? If yes, you’re not alone. Most Harley fans are always wondering what the fastest Harleys are 100% stock. The Harleys aren’t synonymous with speed. Their big twin-engine is mostly about cruising around and touring. They still boast … Read more

How To Clean A Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield?

How To Clean A Cloudy Motorcycle Windshield

Every bike rider loves to have their bikes all shiny, lucent, fairing and cleaned up. Especially when it comes to their fore-end windshield, bikers become more Cautious.  Usually, polycarbonate windshield or Plexiglass windshield has been used as windshields’ built-in material. So, cleaning this kind of bike’s windshield requires different criteria and procedures than others. Nevertheless, … Read more