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New updated edition with additional material. Even more pages and more illustrations. ALL FOR LESS THAN THE 2002 PRICE at 69 euros. ***

Purchase info: Important note: We are currently out of stock of the paper versions of the book. It will likely be some time before we have more in stock. However, we can supply the PDF version for 50 euros. If you buy the eBook version now we will notify you when we have the paper version back in stock and give a credit of 38 euros off the price. The eBook has exactly the same content as the real book except that some illustrations are in colour and you can search for text. Please email us if you have any queries or if you want to be notified when we have the paper books again.

Content info:

The original book was first published in 1984 and very quickly became considered as the standard reference text. It was reprinted many times, lastly in 1998 but then quickly sold out. A German translation also became available in 1988. Written at a level to be comprehensible to the average reader it was also sufficiently detailed to be of interest to race technicians, students and engineers.
The new book, first published in 2002 and updated in 2006, introduces a wealth of additional material. It has more than five times the text content of the original and more than triple the number of illustrations and photographs. 510 information packed pages. The new book is available in both English and Spanish editions.

Chapters list.

Function and history.


Geometry of motorcycles.

Balance and steering.


Theory of suspension systems.

Front suspension.

Rear suspension.

Structural aspects of frames.

Engine mounting.

Brakes and braking stability.


Instabilities - wobble and weave etc.

Performance aspects.

Practical frame building.


Future trends and possibilities.


Experiments with steering geometry.

Glossary of terms.

Conversion of units. (Metric and English)

Gyroscopic effects.

Basic mechanics.


CoG and mass distribution of the rider and bike.

Collection of many bike parameters.

Case study. - improving existing frames.

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