Best Motorcycle Storage Shed

When it comes to keeping your motorcycle from elements and potential thieves, you can’t think of a safer haven than the garage. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a garage at their home.

This brings up the storage shed as an alternative motorcycle storage solution.

The best motorcycle storage shed will keep your motorcycle protected from unwanted hands and harsh elements that can otherwise cut short its lifespan.

However, the world of storage sheds for motorcycle is filled with countless products of varying sizes, shapes, and build qualities. Different models also have varying degrees of weatherproofing and come at different price points.

And it can take you eons to find the most suitable unit for your specific motorcycle storage needs.

You’ve nothing to worry though. Our team of researchers has done the hardest part for you. They left no stone unturned in the pursuit of the most dependable sheds for you.

We gathered the highly-rated products and analyzed their performance based on their key features and functionality. We then scrapped off models that didn’t meet our criteria.

Below, we present to you our final list of the top 10 best sheds that will give your new “baby” the protection it deserves.

List of Best Motorcycle Storage Shed:

Best Motorcycle Storage Shed Reviews:

Find below our ultimate list of the top-rated motorcycle storage sheds available today. These products meet our criteria for best weatherproof performance, safety, and good build quality.

1. Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter

Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shel

Our list of the top motorcycle storage sheds available today starts with this Abba Patio outdoor storage shelter. This 6 x 8ft. dark grey portable tent is designed to provide temporary outdoor storage space for your motorcycle. It keeps the bike protected from harsh elements and unwanted eyes.

Product Specs:

  • Size: 6 x 8 feet
  • Cover material: 240g Polyethylene, galvanized steel
  • Weight: 74lbs


You’ll get this shelter with footpads and anchors, which improve the overall stability and ensure it remains secured to the ground throughout.

Ease of assembly/Uninstall

Building this storage shed is quite straightforward, thanks to the included easy-to-follow step-by-step pictorial instructions. The whole assembly process doesn’t require any single tool, further simplifying the entire process. You can also easily take down this shed and collapse it into a small size for easy storage or to carry it with you anywhere.

Durability and build quality

You’ll like that this is a heavy-duty shelter designed with a 1.5-inch galvanized rust-resistant steel framework for maximum strength and durability. The powder-coated frame also resists peeling, chipping, and scratching.

What’s more, it features metal corner joints for added durability while increasing its overall stability in the event of strong winds and storms.

Besides the framework, the shed also comes with industrial-grade cover fabric. This fabric is made from durable triple layer 240 PE polyethylene for unmatched longevity.


The cover offers excellent tear-resistance, waterproof, and anti-UV capabilities. You can rest assured that it’ll provide maximum protection to your bike against wind, rain, snow, and other undesired elements. The door also features watertight zippers to keep out the elements.

And thanks to the overhang of its sides, this shelter will also keep the interior warmer. This is crucial to ensure the motorcycle doesn’t get frost on during the harsh winter months.

Ventilation window

The motorcycle tent doesn’t come with a window. But the good news is that it features an easy install roll-up door fixed in place with strong bungee cords. This helps you easily bring the curtain door down on rainy or snowy days to offer your bike better protection. At the top of this door, you’ll find a binding rope that helps you conveniently fix it after rolling it up and out of the way.

Amount of space available

This shed measures 6ft by 8ft. This is sufficient space for comfortably accommodating one motorcycle. It has a peak height of 7.36ft, so owners with different body heights can easily drive their bikes in and out.

When not storing your motorcycle, you can also use this to store other valuable items. Examples include automobiles, small trucks, trailers, ATVs, garden and lawn equipment, children’s toys, firewood, etc.


This product is backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects and craftsmanship. So, you should order this shed with peace of mind knowing that you’ll always have an option if it shows any problems.

Highlighted features:

  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel frame
  • Sturdy tear-resistant polyethylene fabric cover
  • Waterproof and uv protection
  • Easy, tool-free assembly
  • Large roll-up door
  • Collapsible for easy portability

2. Mophorn Motorcycle Cover 600D Motorcycle Shed

Mophorn Motorcycle Cover 600D Motorcycle Shed

This is a retractable motorcycle storage solution designed to help you store your motorcycle outdoors while shielding it from harsh elements. It boasts premium, weatherproof construction, making it suitable for all-season use.

Product specs:

  • Size: 132″(L) x 54″(W) x 78″(H)
  • Materials: 600D Oxford fabric, powder coated steel
  • Weight: 40.8 lbs.


The heavy-duty shed is fixed to the ground, which helps it stay in place even if you live in windy regions. Two weight bags help with excellent windproof performance and keep the shelter secure in bad weather.

Even better, you can permanently fix this shed to a concrete floor if you want a permanent storage solution for your motorcycle. The included expandable bolts make this possible. The added benefit of fixing the shed to the concrete floor is that your bike will stay clean and protected.

And the attached lock ensures your motorcycle is secured against theft when parked outdoors.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

We like that building this storage shed is also pretty easy. You can get it done in minutes, and you don’t need any special tools. When not required, you can easily take it down and fold it into a small size for easy storage and transportation. The package comes with a convenient carry bag to help you easily store or carry the shed with you everywhere.

Build quality and durability

This Mophorn motorcycle shed doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the build quality. It boasts a 600D Oxford fabric which is extremely sturdy and tear-resistant—assuring you years and years of service. Not to forget, the fabric has double seams to reinforce its overall sturdiness and durability.

The shed also features a durable frame made from premium steel with powder coating. This significantly increases its overall durability, protects it against rust and corrosion, and enables it to serve you for years.


Storing your motorcycle inside this shed is a sure way to keep it safe from harmful weather elements like water, dust, wind, snow, and others. This is because the sturdy shelter cover has excellent waterproof, dust, and wind resistance properties.

It also offers protection against harmful sunlight (UV), so you shouldn’t worry about your bike paint fading and discoloring due to sunlight exposure. This storage unit is ideal for offering protection to your motorbike from summer to winter or all-season round.

Ventilation window

Another interesting feature we love in this storage shed is the mesh windows situated on both sides of the shed. This helps promote free flow of air in and out of the shelter. As you already know, this is essential in keeping the tent dry inside and preventing overheating, which can harm your motorcycle.

The windows also feature roll-up tie flaps to let you easily open or close them when the need be. Be sure to open these windows after rain to help dehumidify the interior and ensure the safety of your motorbike.

Amount of space

The outdoor storage shelter measures 132″(L) x 54″(W) x 78″(H). We can all agree that it will accommodate one motorcycle from these dimensions. Most previous users agree that this shed comfortably fits a wide variety of popular bike models. However, we advise you to take the length and height of your bike to be 100% sure it will fit in this shed.


The storage shed is backed by 1-year manufacturer warranty. On top of that, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a good window to let you return the product if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Other notable features

This bike shelter offers reflective labels that help prevent collisions in darkness. It also features tape fasteners to keep each flap in a closed position during windy weather. Besides motorcycles, this unit is also ideal for storing bikes, scooters, motocross, mopeds, etc.

Highlighted features:

  • 100% waterproof 600D oxford fabric
  • Sturdy and durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Includes two mesh ventilation windows
  • Includes two weight bags for maximum security
  • Carry bag included for easy portability

3. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter

Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter

Quictent heavy-duty shed for motorcycle storage will also offer you temporary storage for your motorcycle. It will safeguard it from harsh elements and keep it hidden from unwanted eyes. It boasts premium construction and comes armed with a TSA code lock to give you peace of mind in regard to your motorcycle safety.

Product specs:

  • Size: 10.35’x4.11’x5.7′
  • Cover material: 600D Oxford material, powder-coated steel frame
  • Weight: 39.7lbs


One of the reasons we feature this shed on our list is that it comes with a TSA code lock for enhanced security. Once you engage this lock, you don’t have to worry about someone getting their hands on your motorcycle and making away with it. In other words, you’ll have full peace of mind when parking your bike outdoors.

Also, this storage shed comes with up to 4 expansion bolts to enable you to permanently secure it to the ground if you want to secure it against strong winds.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

The shelter is easy to put together, but we advise you to have a helping hand to make the whole process faster for you. Also, you might want to avoid following the assembly instructions as they don’t offer much help. The good thing is that you can still put the shed together by just looking at the parts and figuring out how they come together to form a storage shed.

Likewise, disassembling this shed is pretty easy for you. When not in use, the shed folds into a small size and comes with a carry bag for easy storage or transportation to any place.

Build quality and durability

The shed framework is made from heavy-duty, powder-coated, 1-mm thick steel. It’s highly resistant to rust and corrosion for maximum durability.

It also features a heavy-duty, tear-resistant 600D fabric, adding to the overall high durability. The sewing job on the cover uses PU adhesive stickers.


The heavy-duty tent gives this shed outstanding protection properties to your motorcycle against weather elements. Thanks to the inside PU coating, the tent is 100% waterproof, which offers an excellent water repellence rating of 1200mm H2O/m. What’s more, this fabric is highly UV-resistant. It will keep your motorcycle paint from fading due to exposure to sunlight. And the tapes used for the entire cover are watertight to ensure moisture doesn’t easily escape into the storage shelter.

Ventilation window

Another great feature you’ll like in this motorcycle shelter is the ventilation windows. To be more specific, it presents you with two mesh ventilation windows, one on each side, to help promote maximum airflow and prevent overheating or moisture inside. The windows have roll-up tie flaps with secure tape to enable you to easily close them when it’s raining and open them by rolling them up after the rain is gone.

Amount of space

We liked that this storage shed is quite spacious (it measures 136″ x 54″ x 75″/ 10.35′(length)x4.11′ (width) x5.7′(Height). It qualifies as the perfect storage space for the big bike models. If you think you own the biggest motorcycle in the world, be sure that it’ll easily fit in this storage shed with some room to spare.


The product comes with a 1-year warranty. The manufacturers will offer you excellent after-sale services you may need when using this storage shed during this period. Not to forget, they also have great customer service that’s available 24/7 to offer you any help you may need when using this motorcycle shelter.

Highlighted features:

  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel
  • Sturdy 600d oxford fabric cover
  • Waterproof and anti-uv protection
  • Tsa code lock for maximum security
  • Two mesh ventilation windows

4. Happybuy Portable Storage Shed

Happybuy Portable Storage Shed

If your garage is serving other purposes and has no room for your new motorcycle, get this Happybuy portable storage shed. The shed is designed to shield your bike protection against all-weather elements, making it ideal for use all year round, in any season.

Product Specs:

  • Size: 10x10x7.8 ft.
  • Cover material: 200g polyethylene fabric, galvanized steel
  • Weight: 82.7 lbs.


As one of the highly-rated storage sheds for motorcycle available on the market, this shed is designed for excellent security. It features solid triangle steel 4-way connectors that firmly reinforce the shed’s stability. It also comes with ratchet straps and ground stakes that further secure the shed and ensure it remains firmly attached to the ground and is windproof.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

The installation process is easy for this shelter. It comes with detailed instructions to ensure you have an easy time putting it together. You can also find videos from the manufacturer online for a visual installation guide. You can install the tent on your own. But we suggest you get help from another person to speed up the process.

Build quality and durability

The pop-up shed is constructed from high-quality materials for excellent durability and longevity. The framework is made from galvanized steel to protect against corrosion and rust and ensure it serves you for long. And the fabric cover is made from 200g polyethylene material which further increases its durability.


Your bike will enjoy maximum protection inside this tent. The fabric cover boasts a waterproof treatment that keeps water and snow away from your bike. What’s more, this tent also features sunscreen treatment to protect your motorcycle from harmful UV rays, tree sap, and other undesired elements. In simple words, this tent will offer you all-weather protection.

Ventilation window

Unfortunately, this portable carport doesn’t come with ventilation windows. However, you’ll appreciate that it comes with transparent PVC windows to let you easily peep inside. It also comes with a removable double zippered door on the front and back parts. These will give you an easy drive-through experience and enable you to close or open the tent as needed.

Amount of space

This is a pretty spacious shelter measuring 10’x10′. And it is suitable for accommodating one big motorcycle or two small motorcycles. When not storing a motorbike, it can serve as an appropriate shelter for your boat, truck, horse shade, lawn and garden equipment, etc.


The shed is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Highlighted features:

  • Suitable for all-weather protection
  • High-quality materials construction
  • Double zippered front and back doors
  • Transparent pvc windows
  • Reinforced and stable shelter

5. ADVANCE OUTDOOR 6×8 ft. Outdoor Portable Storage Shed

ADVANCE OUTDOOR 6x8 ft. Outdoor Portable Storage Shed

If you’re still looking for a high-quality outdoor portable storage shed for your motorcycle at reasonable pricing, get this Advanced outdoor shelter. This shed is made using high-quality fabric and structure. And it offers your bike protection against all elements. It’s super easy to install and can serve multiple outdoor storage uses besides sheltering your bike.

Product specs:

  • Size: 6 x 8 FT
  • Materials: 240g Polyethylene, Galvanized Steel
  • Weight: 59lbs


You don’t have to worry about your outdoor storage shed being blown off by strong winds. It’s designed for optimal strength and stability. But more importantly, it comes with a total of 12 L-shaped ground pegs, which are enlarged and thickened for excellent stability and security. Additional accessories that come in the package to help boost this shed’s stability include footpads and elastic bungees.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

Another reason to consider this storage shelter for motorcycles is that it’s hassle-free to build. No tools are needed to put it together, making the whole setup process a breeze. The steel pipes easily connect to each other, and the cover is one-piece, making it a snap to install over the framework.

Build quality and durability

We rate this product as another best motorcycle storage shed because it is made to last a lifetime. It boasts a gray triple-layer 240G polyethylene cover which feels incredibly rugged, thicker than competing models, and is rip-free. It is also UV-treated to resist fading. Like the other models we have seen in this list, the framework for this shed is heavy-duty (1-1/2-inch diameter), galvanized steel resistant to rust and corrosion. This frame improves the stability and strength of this shed and assures of long lifespan.


If you want maximum protection for your bike against weather elements, you should get this tent! It has excellent waterproof properties. It is also anti-UV, rainproof, anti-snow, dustproof—resulting in maximum protection against those elements that can harm your motorcycle.

Ventilation window

The designers behind this tent also included this crucial feature—ventilation windows. But unlike in the competing sheds, they designed the vents uniquely. Each door has a double-layer vent (measuring 15.75×15.75 inches, each). These vents facilitate unrestricted airflow, thus preventing moisture and condensation caused by rains or temperature differences.

Amount of space

There’s plenty of space inside this tent (6 X 8ft.) to hold a single motorcycle. To be 100% sure that this tent will fit your bike, we advise you to take the length and height measurements of your bike model and compare them with the size of space offered by this tent. This way, you won’t get disappointed when you find your bike can’t fit in.


The manufacturer offers you a one-year warranty for the canopy cover and the steel poles. On top of this, they provide you with a lifetime warranty for the shed accessories, including connectors, footpads, anchors, pegs, and elastic bungee balls.

Other notable features

Additional features you’ll get when you order this motorcycle storage shed include roll-up doors for easy drive-through and better visibility and two pairs of gloves. Remember, this tent is pretty versatile and can shelter other vehicles and tools apart from the bike.

Highlighted features:

  • Triple-layer 240g PE cover
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel poles
  • Removable roll-up zippered dual doors
  • Venting on both doors for airflow
  • Enlarge ground pegs for stability and security
  • Easy, tool-free assembly

6. Impact Canopy 70018150 Portable 6×8 Shed

Impact Canopy 70018150 Portable 6x8 Shed

This is the perfect storage shed to buy if you want value for money. The Impact Canopy storage shed offers your motorcycle year-round protection against the sun, rain, snow. This shed is made from high-quality materials for excellent durability despite fair pricing.

Product specs:

  • Size: 6′ wide x 8′ long x 6’9″ high
  • Materials: 180g tan polyethylene cover, powder-coated steel frame
  • Weight: 74.8 Pounds


The motorcycle storage shed feels quite solid once set up, thanks to the strong steel footpad it comes with. It also comes with 4 long ground stakes that secure it to the ground. The horizontal side support bars further enhance its stability.

Like most owners of this cover, you’ll appreciate that its base has additional fabric that’s meant for ground burial. This further increases the firmness of the shed, making it feel secure to the ground and preventing strong winds from blowing it off.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

Setting up the shed is a simple process as everything you need comes included in the box. The poles easily connect to each other and will take you minutes to put them together to form the shed structure. It takes two people to get it up, but everything else becomes a breeze once you have the poles in place. And the fact that it comes with a single-piece cover means the installation is easier and faster than when dealing with multiple pieces.

Build quality and durability

The shed won a spot on our list because it is designed with a long lifespan. It is constructed using a 1.5-inch (38mm) diameter steel frame, offering excellent strength and solidness. The frame is then treated with a baked powder coat to resist rust and corrosion, making it perfect for outdoor use.

The shelter cover is made from heavy-duty 180-gram tan polyethylene material, which is strong and durable. It is heat welded at the joints to form a stronger bond and minimize the chances of ripping apart.


The 108g cover has dependable water repellence treatment that makes rainwater roll off to the ground. Thus, your motorcycle stays protected from water and snow. In addition, the fabric resists UV rays, keeping your motorcycle’s paint job from deteriorating due to exposure to harmful sunlight.

We said that the extra ground fabric meant for burial to the ground improves the shelter security. But it also plays another role in moisture control. This will ensure moisture doesn’t harm your bike.

Ventilation window

No ventilation window for this storage shelter. But it features a one-piece cover with a removable front wall. This acts as the roll-up door you can open the tent after raining to dehumidify the inside space and prevent moisture from getting to your bike.

Amount of space

The storage shed has 6′ x 8′ worth of storage space. So, you can easily fit in your motorcycle and still be left with additional room to keep other tools you want to keep out of elements, e.g., yard tools. The door itself is 68.9-inch high and allows you to easily get in and out of the shed.


Impact Canopy backs this outdoor storage shed with a 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Sturdy 180g polyethylene cover
  • Front wall roll up door
  • Solid rear end wall
  • Horizontal side support bars for added stability

7. Wilrex Portable garage Steel Metal Outdoor Storage Shed

Wilrex Portable garage Steel Metal Outdoor Storage Shed

Why rent a storage space for your motorcycle while you can get this outdoor storage shed to shelter your bike? This temporary storage is made with high-quality materials for ultimate durability. It will also protect your motorcycle and other machinery and tools from unwanted elements and theft.

Product specs:

  • Size: 6 X 8 X 7ft.
  • Materials: 180g Polyethylene fabric, powder-coated steel frame
  • Weight: 63.1lbs


The shed comes with footpads with 4 strong ground stakes. This helps improve the frame stability and keep your shed firmly secured to the ground even when faced with strong winds.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

The frame of this storage shed is made for easy assembly and even easily adjusts later if the need arises. It features spring buttons that help you quickly build the frame without using any tools. It is also portable, so you can carry it to any place where you need temporary storage for your motorcycle.

Build quality and durability

Another area where this motorcycle shed storage scores quite high is quality construction.

It has an excellent choice of materials, including a thicker 1.5-inch galvanized steel for the framework. This keeps off corrosion and rust for increased durability.

On top of this, it features a 180g PE (polyethylene) fabric that’s rip-free, water-repellent, and UV-resistant, making it long-lasting.


Excellent protection for your motorcycle is guaranteed when you use this storage shelter. The heavy-duty polyethylene fabric excels at stopping water right on its tracks, so your bike stays dry when you leave it outdoors.

This fabric cover also has excellent anti-UV properties and will not let harmful sunlight interfere with your motorcycle paint.

The zippers on the roll-up door are also watertight, so you don’t have to worry about rainwater easily sipping through them and into your motorcycle.

Ventilation window

This Wilrex motorcycle shelter lacks a ventilation window. But it compensates for this by offering you a roll-up zipper door on the front. This enables you to easily open or close your shed, depending on whether you’re storing your motorcycle in warm or cold climates.

Amount of space

The shed is 48 square feet, making it suitable for storing your motorcycle with some room to spare for motorcycle gear. Alternatively, you can use it to store other tools and machinery such as snowblowers, mowers, garden tools, pool items, ATVs, and more.


The portable motorcycle shelter is backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty on all the parts.

Highlighted features:

  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • Sturdy 180g polyethylene fabric
  • Waterproof and anti-uv storage shed
  • Roll-up zipper door for easy entry

8. ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box All-Season Outdoor Storage Shed

ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box All-Season Outdoor Storage Shed

If you’re looking for a bigger, more spacious storage shed for holding more than one two-wheeler, this ShelterLogic shed is a viable choice. When set up, the shelter offers you a total storage volume of 1122 cu. ft. This is 25% more space than standard sheds, making it ideal for storing two adult motorcycles.

Product Specs:

  • Size: 2 ft. x 12 ft. x 9.5 ft.
  • Materials: rugged polyethylene cover, 1-3/8 in steel frame


You’ll get 4 strong steel auger anchors to help you secure this unit to the ground and keep it in position in bad weather. Additionally, it boasts patented ShelterLock® frame stabilizers (bolt-connected) at each cross-rail connection to ensure rock-solid shed stability. The shed also comes with an easy slide cross rail system that provides a more secure fit and increases the overall shed stability.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

This outdoor motorcycle shed is easy to put together as long as you don’t do it independently. The manufacturer advises two people to set up this unit to ensure a hassle-free and quick setup. It comes with easy step-by-step instructions to help you through the assembly process. The shed also boasts Ratchet-Tate ® cover tensioning system that keeps the cover taught and smooth. In other words, this system ensures a drum-tight, neat-looking cover.

Build quality and durability

We also like that this motorcycle storage is made to serve you for years without any signs of tear or breaking down with regular outdoor use. This is evidenced by the 1 3/8-inch thick steel frame that ensures strength and stability. The frame is also bonded with a premium powder-coated finish to prevent peeling, chipping, rust, and corrosion.

The gray shed cover is made from 7.5 oz. triple-layer woven engineered polyethylene cover for unmatched ruggedness and durability. This cover resists ripping and is UV-treated on both sides to prevent fading with continued exposure to the sun.


The shelter is designed for use in all seasons to protect your motorcycle against rain, sunlight, tree sap, and other unwanted outdoor elements. The heavy-duty cover is waterproof and UV-resistant and will form a safe haven for your motorcycles.

We also liked that this shed comes with flooring sheets to help safeguard your motorcycle rubber tires from premature rotting due to direct exposure to the ground.

Ventilation window

No vents are included in this shed. But this is nothing to worry about! The unit comes with an 8-inch tall door opening. This lets you open/close it depending on the current weather conditions to allow free air circulation and prevent humidity buildup inside the shed after rain. The excellent height of this door opening means that you don’t need to duck down when walking in or out riding your motorcycle.

Amount of space

Probably the part that gives this portable storage unit for motorcycles lots of positive user feedback is the plenty of room it offers you. Its exact measurements are 12 ft. x 12 ft. x 9.5 ft. (translates to a total storage volume of approximately 1122 cu. ft.). This is sufficient space to hold two big motorcycles or machinery, including a whole automobile!


The ShelterLogic product is backed by 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

 Highlighted features:

  • Heavy-gauge 1-3/8-inch diameter steel frame
  • Rip-free, fade-free polyethylene cover
  • Waterproof and anti-uv protection
  • Cover tensioning system for a neat setup
  • Flooring sheets included for added protection
  • Includes one double-zippered door

9. INTBUYING Heavy Duty Motorcycle Storage Garage Shelter

INTBUYING Heavy Duty Motorcycle Storage Garage Shelter

The Intbuying heavy-duty motorcycle storage shed takes the second last spot in our list of the best motorcycle storage shed reviews. This unit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It comes at an affordable price but features high-quality construction and excellent protection against outdoor elements and theft.

Product specs:

  • Size: 8.85×3.44×5.08ft
  • Materials: 600D waterproof cover, galvanized coated steel poles
  • Weight: 39.7lbs


The shed can be set up as a temporary or permanent fixture. The former doesn’t require planting any stakes to the ground, enabling you to use this storage unit indoors or outdoors.

But if you go for the latter option, you’ll need to use the expansion bolts (included) to permanently fix it to the concrete floor.

You’ll appreciate that this unit comes with a secure locking mechanism that requires a padlock (not included) to keep your motorcycle safe from unwanted hands.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

Installation is a breeze for this storage unit. It comes with a simple structure plus helpful instructions to give you an easy time building it from scratch. Though you can put it together on your own, we recommend using an extra pair of hands for an even easier and faster setup.

The cover even comes with a label on the front end that says “FRONT” to enable you to install it correctly.

For temporary setup, taking down this storage shed is quite easy for you. It folds down into a compact size for easy storage or transportation to any destination. The included carry bag makes storage and transportation even easier.

Build quality and durability

This unit also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the build quality. Its structure is a 0.87”/22mm thick galvanized steel frame for maximum strength and durability. The powder coating on this frame surface ensures maximum resistance to rust and corrosion.

In addition to the durable frame, this shed is also made with a durable 600D Oxford waterproof fabric. This material is highly durable, capable of outstanding UV and other harsh outdoor weather elements, and stands the test of time.

The sewing process for this fabric uses adhesive PU, which further reinforces the fabric and increases its overall sturdiness.


You’ll like how this shed keeps your motorcycle clean and protected in all seasons. The cover is waterproof and UV-resistant and will keep your bike safeguard from water, dust, wind, and harmful sunlight.

Ventilation window

Luckily, this motorcycle storage shed comes with a ventilation window on each side of the shed to help keep the air flowing. These windows also feature roll-up tie flaps to help you conveniently open or close them.

Amount of space

This shed is an ideal storage solution for just one motorcycle. It has space as big as 8.85×3.44×5.08ft. It will fit both standard and larger motorcycle models and still leave some room, so your bike doesn’t come into contact with the tent material.

It comes with a unique folding mechanism to help you easily get your motorcycle into the storage space. The shed height is perfect for enabling you to get in/out without struggling.


No warranty info.

Highlighted features:

  • Sturdy 600D waterproof cover
  • Sturdy, powder-coated steel metal frame
  • Fits standard and larger motorbikes
  • Weatherproof and hardwearing shed
  • Offers UV-resistant performance

10. Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed Tourer Cover Storage Tent

Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed Tourer Cover Storage Tent

Last on our list, we have this heavy-duty motorcycle storage tent. This small silver motorcycle shelter will keep your bike clean and protected. It even comes with a small TSA lock to help secure your bike from thieves. It’s highly portable and comes with a bag for easy carry to any place.

Product specs:

  • Size: 106.5″(L)x 41.5″(W)x 61″(H)
  • Cover material: 600D Oxford cloth, galvanized steel
  • Weight: 39lbs


This temporary unit can be used indoors where you don’t need to secure it to the ground. If you want, you can also install it outdoors. But in this case, you should use the provided expansion bolts to secure it to concrete for windproof performance.

You don’t have to worry about leaving your brand new motorcycle outside because this shed comes with a small TSA lock. You simply configure it with your preferred code, and it will lock your bike inside and guard it against theft.

Assemble or uninstall difficulty

The simplistic frame structure makes the whole assembly process a breeze for you, whether you install it temporarily or permanently. The frame features a spring-loaded frame that you can expand or store effortlessly. The manufacturer also sends you a carry bag to help you easily store and carry this shed, helping you easily take it with you anywhere.

Build quality and durability

Every inch of this storage shed screams high-quality! It adopts galvanized steel poles for the frame, which offer excellent rust and corrosion resistance. These poles form a framework that feels incredibly stable and durable when put together.

The cover is made from the highly durable 600D oxford fabric known for anti-tear performance. It is also designed with waterproof and anti-UV properties on both sides. This makes it just the right cover to keep your motorcycle from the reach of the unforgiving outdoor elements.


Like the other models featured above, this unit also offers protection against all the weather elements. Its cover is 100% waterproof and keeps your bike dry outdoors, even after heavy rains. It is also anti-UV and keeps the motorcycle paint from discoloring. You can also trust this cover to keep your bike shielded from dust and snow.

Ventilation window

Another reason to like this unit is that it has two mesh windows on the sides. This helps dehumidify the interior by allowing air to freely flow in and out. They’re crucial in preventing humidification with temperature changes or after raining. Don’t forget that these windows have roll-up ties to help you conveniently open or close the windows.

Amount of space

You can comfortably fit in one motorcycle in this shelter. The fact that it accommodates a bike without making it contact with it means you can store your bike in there right after you’re off from driving it. You don’t have to worry about the hot exhaust pipe damaging the cover material.


The heavy-duty motorcycle storage unit comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects in the materials and craftsmanship.

Highlighted feature:

  • Durable powder-coated steel frame
  • Sturdy 600d oxford frame
  • Waterproof and anti-uv cover
  • Mesh windows for free airflow
  • Tsa lock for anti-theft security
  • Includes carry bag for easy storage/transportation

Things To Check Before Getting One

When shopping for the best motorcycle storage shed, you need to analyze each product for certain crucial aspects. This is important to help you easily compare the various models available and easily pick the most ideal one for your needs.

Here’s a list of the most crucial factors to consider:


One of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new motorcycle shed is the level of protection it offers to your motorcycle.

The perfect unit should protect your bike against various weather elements, including rain, snow, dust, dust, UV rays, and so on. Look for a shed with 100% waterproof and UV resistance to ensure your motorcycle remains dry and protected from the harsh elements that can affect its lifespan.

Motorcycle Storage Shed

All the sheds featured in this guide are made with waterproof and UV-resistant covers. They completely keep out the outdoor elements from your motorcycle.


Another important thing to consider when buying a new motorcycle storage shed is the amount of storage space it offers.

If you’re familiar with different motorcycle models, you already know these two-wheelers aren’t built the same. For instance, Harley Davidson cruisers appear bigger and require more storage space than vintage Vespas.

With this in mind, you need to make sure the unit you choose offers sufficient space to comfortably accommodate your specific bike size. Look for a shelter that fits your bike and leaves extra room for additional gear and accessories.

What if you have more than one bike you need to store? In this case, you should look for a shed that’s capable of holding all the bikes.

Build quality

Want your new storage shed to serve you for a long time? If yes, you must make sure you choose one that has quality construction.

Take a closer look at the choice of materials used to build the shed you want to buy to give you an idea of how long your new shed is likely to last.

Motorcycle Storage Shed

As you have seen in all the sheds featured in our reviews section above, they all come with heavy-duty steel poles for the frame with powder coating for maximum rust and corrosion resistance. Their covers are also made with sturdy fabrics with excellent resistance to weather elements and tearing/ripping.

This is an excellent choice of materials and assures you of long-lasting sheds that will serve you for a long period of time (and give you value for your money!)

Ease of assembly

You should also consider how easy it is to put together the new shed you plan to buy.

That said, the assembly difficulty will mainly depend on the type of shed you buy. If you go for a permanent structure, chances are the manufacturer offers free installation.

However, if you get a temporary structure, you should make sure it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Keeping in mind that you’ll be taking this shelter with you everywhere, you don’t want something that takes you hours to set up and is a pain to take apart when you need to move.

Motorcycle Storage Shed

Look for models that come with quality assembly instructions to ensure you’ll have an easy time assembling them. You can also get a clue how easy a shed is to install by going through the previous users’ comments.

Additional features:

Flooring: Some sheds come with flooring sheets. This is an important feature that increases the overall safety of your bike by blocking moisture and preventing premature rotting of the motorcycle rubber tires.

Lockup: When storing your motorcycle outside, you want to protect it from elements and theft. For this reason, finding a model that comes with some locking mechanism, whether it’s an external padlock or a TSA lock, is crucial. You’ll have total peace of mind when you have your motorcycle outside locked inside the shed.

Portability: If you’re always on the go with your motorcycle, we recommend getting temporary, portable storage shed. This will enable you to set it anywhere you go to offer temporary storage to your bike. Models that are quick to set up and take down are much better in this case. A unit that comes with a carry bag is a plus for you.

How big of a shed do you need for a motorcycle?

The size of motorcycle shelter you need depends on the number of motorcycles you intend to store inside. It also depends on whether you need space for extra stuff for your bike, e.g., tools, gas cans, oils, etc.

Assuming you only need a shed for storing a motorcycle, you should check its measurements to ensure it will accommodate your bike comfortably.

We suggest getting the measurements of your bike length and height and comparing them with the size of various sheds to be 100% sure that you find the best shed for your storage needs.

How big of a shed do you need for a motorcycle

Here’s a quick size chart to give you an idea of what size of shed to get for your bike(s):

1 motorcycle will fit in a shed an 8ft wide shed. Examples include 8′ x 10′ or 8’x12′.

2 motorcycles will fit in sheds as wide as 12ft. Examples of shed sizes for two bikes include 12 by 12, 2’x20′.

If you have more than 2 motorcycles, it’ll be wise to get a shed bigger than the above dimensions for 2 bikes. This way, you’ll have an easy time getting all the bikes in and out.

Metal vs Plastic vs Wooden Motorcycle Storage Sheds

Metal, plastic, and wood are the most common materials used for making outdoor motorcycle storage sheds. However, it can be hard to decide which material to choose if you’re unsure how each material performs.

In this part, we’ll take a closer look at each of these materials to help you easily decide which one will fit your specific needs.

Metal storage shed

A metal storage unit will be a wise choice if you want the ultimate security for your motorcycle. It goes without saying that metals have that extra layer of sturdiness not offered by plastic and wood. And it will protect your motorbike better come rain come sunshine. Besides theft protection, these units are also good at keeping elements from getting to your bike, ensuring maximum safety.

Metal storage shed


  • durable and long-lasting
  • excellent anti-theft protection
  • locks out unwanted elements


  • expensive

Plastic storage shed

Plastic storage sheds stand in between wood and metal units. They’re a good choice if you’re looking for a permanent structure that offers you better security than wooden units while costing you less than the metal models.


  • seals out weather elements
  • cheap alternative to wood and metal sheds


  • determined thieves can easily break into a plastic shed

Wooden storage shed

Go with a wooden unit if you’re looking for something that seamlessly blends in with your yard. Wood was the traditional material used for sheds long before metals and plastic. It makes good quality sheds that keep thieves and outdoor weather elements from attacking your bike. Like the above options, these sheds also come in varying shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

Wooden storage shed


  • wood is environmental friendly
  • protects against elements
  • good anti-theft security


  • vulnerable to termites
  • require regular maintenance

DIY motorcycle shed: how to build your own?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can build your own storage unit instead of buying one of the many sheds for motorcycle available today.

Find below the basics of building your own motorcycle shed from scratch using your own choice of materials.

Decide how much space you need

The first thing you need to do is determine what size of shed you need. The ideal structure should meet your storage needs.

Decide whether you need a shed for holding your motorcycle only or other motorcycle gear, lawn and garden tools, and other machinery. This will give you an idea of how big a structure you’ll need to put up.

DIY motorcycle shed

And while still at it, you’ll also need to factor in the amount of space available in your yard or where you plan to set up the new shed.

Above all, make sure you conform to the local regulations concerning setting up structures in your area of residence.

Get your materials right

There’s a whole list of options when it comes to building materials for your new shed. The ideal materials to use will depend on your preferences.

But the most important thing is to ensure they’ll help you build a strong shed that can keep out weather elements and offer security against thieves.

You can go with a brick storage unit. However, most DIYers go for wood units. They’re durable structures that can last longer with good care and offer excellent protection to your motorcycle.

Though you can also come up with a metal shed, we don’t see the need to DIY steel storage for a motorcycle unless you really want to and have a budget for it.

Start with a good foundation

A dependable shelter for storing your motorcycle needs a good foundation. The best foundation you can think of is a strong cement pad that lifts the floor off contact with the ground.

With a good foundation, your shed will be able to hold up the weight of your bike. This is unlike in the case of a bare floor that easily bows down to the bike weight and even develops cracks.

A concrete slab foundation also reinforces your shelter strength and stability and enables it to withstand harsh weather and storms. It prevents the absorption of moisture that may end up getting to your bike and causing damage.

Mind the height

Another important aspect to keep in mind when building a motorcycle is height. You should set up a shelter that lets you get in and out easily. If you make a shorter shed, you’ll be forced to duck every time you want to get your bike in out. This can be uncomfortable.

Factor in your height and that of others who will be using the shed and come up with an appropriate shed height. The door height, too, should be high enough to allow you to hassle-freely get in and out.

Weather protection (the most important part)

The main reason you’re building that shed is to shield your motorcycle against harsh weather elements.

With this in mind, you need to fully insulate your new structure so that it keeps out all those harsh outdoor elements and keeps your motorcycle clean and dry throughout.

Regardless of what material you use, ensure you insulate the walls and roofing properly to leave no space for elements to get in. The door needs to be weatherproofed as it can easily let in harsh outdoor elements.

If you decide to go with ventilation vents or windows, make sure they’re also properly weatherproof to keep out elements when you close them.

Secure it against thieves

Besides weather protection, you’d also want to arm your shed with a locking system that keeps your bike protected from thieves. A solid lock is the first thing that will scare away potential thieves.

Another way to enhance your shed’s security is concealing the door hinges to prevent a determined thief from easily getting to your bike. You can also install motion detectors around your shed to alert you when someone is near your shed.

Installing cameras with online monitoring is also a nice idea to monitor activities around your motorcycle storage shed. It’s a good idea to have one camera fixed at the door and another one at the windows (if there are any) for maximum security.

Accessorize it!

The beauty of building your own storage shed from scratch is that you get to customize and accessorize its interior as you wish. That said, you may want to add a few convenient features to your shed. These include lighting, shelves on the walls for storage, a workbench, a ramp to secure your motorcycle to the shed floor, etc.


1. What size shed do I need?

The size of a shed for motorcycle storage you need will depend on your specific storage needs. If you want just one bike and nothing else, then a small motorcycle sheds up to 8ft. wide will be a good choice. However, if you intend to store more than one bike, you’ll need a 12ft. wide shed to accommodate all your tools.

2. What to Consider When Choosing a Motorcycle Storage?

When choosing motorcycle storage, you should consider important aspects like the amount of storage space it offers, the weather protection, security against thieves. You should also consider its build quality and how easy it is to put together.

3. Does A Motorcycle Shed Need To Be Waterproof?

A motorcycle shed needs to be waterproof. Water is the number one enemy of motorcycles. Your motorcycle will become vulnerable to rust and corrosion when exposed to rain or moisture. This can cause the affected parts of your bike to degrade and even cause the bike to fail.

4. What Should A Motorcycle Shed Be Made Of?

The most common materials for permanent sheds include metal, wood, and plastic. Temporary units are usually made of sturdy polyethylene covers and galvanized steel frames. Regardless of the materials used, the most important thing is that the shed keeps your motorcycle out of the elements and safeguards it from potential thieves.

5. Types of Outdoor Motorcycle Storage Solutions?

The best outdoor motorcycle storage solutions to consider are listed below:
Motorcycle cover: The cover tightly hugs every part of your motorcycle and comes with weatherproof properties to keep out all the harsh outdoor elements. However, the cover doesn’t protect your bike from thieves.
Keep it in your carport: If you have a carport, then it’s a good place to keep your motorcycle safe from all elements. It also prevents theft and vandalism of your bike.
Use a tarp: A tarpaulin will keep off most elements like rain, snow, and sleet from attacking your bike. But that’s all. It doesn’t protect against thieves. It’s, however, better than leaving your motorcycle exposed to all the elements outside.

All these methods are great alternatives to using motorcycle sheds. They come in handy if you don’t have the budget for a shed. But for the best storage, we advise you to get a shed specially designed for storing motorcycles.

Final words

Lack of garage space in your home doesn’t mean you can’t keep your motorcycle out of elements. You can still safely and securely store your bike outdoors with a good storage shed.

The best shed will keep your two-wheeler protected from harsh weather elements, including rain, snow, wind, dust, UV light, and so on. The top-rated sheds also have lock systems to deter potential thieves from stealing or vandalizing your motorcycle.

Now you some of the best motorcycle storage shed models available on the market today. You can easily pick the model that meets your outdoor storage needs and protects your bike.

All the products we have featured above are high-quality and built to last. They’re 100% weatherproof and will offer the best protection to your motorcycle(s).

Don’t forget that these sheds are also evenly distributed across the price spectrum, so finding one that fits your budget should also be easy.

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