Best Motorcycle Dash Cam

Capturing your motorcycle trip and adventures is now possible, thanks to the motorcycle dashcam. But more importantly, it helps you record evidence if you get involved in an accident. You can present this visual evidence in court to prove what happened and win the case!

That said, you need to take your time to find the best motorcycle dash cam that enables you to take breathtaking footage of your trips. Different models aren’t built the same. And you’ll go through many options to find the one with the features you’re looking for.

We have, however, done the heavy lifting for you by researching the market for good dash cams. After hours of analyzing dozens of models with the highest user ratings, we compiled the following list of top 10 products for you to choose from.

List of Best Motorcycle Dash Cam:

Best Motorcycle Dash Cam Reviews:

1. VSYSTO B6D All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam

VSYSTO B6D All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam

The VSYSTO B6D All Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cam is one of the most popular dash cams available today. Designed as a motorcycle camera front and the rear unit, this cam will provide you with a comprehensive recording of your trip whenever you need it.

It boasts full HD 1080p recording resolution for both cameras for high-quality footage of your trip. What’s more, its camera features a wide-angle design (up to 150 degrees) which ensures you clearly capture every moment both at the back and front of your bike.

This dash cam’s metal housing, as well as lenses, have a waterproof design. And this makes the unit safe to use in any weather. The metal casing also featuress better heat dissipation performance than plastic models and will ensure your camera stays stable.

Since this camera is WIFI-enabledm it will connect to your smartphone to let you view real-time videos, download, edit, and even share them with your friends or family. It has an automatic recording function and starts working immediately you turn on your bike ignition. Likewise, it automatically turns off when your bike stops.

With this cam, you’ll also get a built-in G-sensor that detects when you get hit, records the event, and protects it from being overwritten.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full HD 1080P camera
  • Waterproof metal casing and lens
  • 150° wide angle camera
  • Built-in G-sensor
  • Loop recording function

2. Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Camera

Blueskysea DV688 Motorcycle Dash Camera

The Blueskysea DV688 dash camera is designed for all motorcycle owners who want to record every second of their adventures. The whole unit, including the screen and lenses, is waterproof IP67-rated to allow recording of your trip in all kinds of weather, whether its rainy, dusty, snowy, etc.

We liked this cam because it features both front and rear lenses to ensure you don’t miss a single moment of your journey. Both cameras capture videos with great High Definition 1080p resolution for high-clarity pictures. These cameras are equipped with an infrared filter to block infrared rays and minimize glare—further ensuring you get super-clear, sharp, and realistic images!

Still on the lens, they feature an ultra-wide angle of 130° for increased field of view and full road coverage.

Loop recording is possible in this camera system. It will ensure your camera will never stop capturing your trip because the memory is full. The built-in G-sensor will record videos if your bike gets hit and locks them from being removed by loop recording.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1080 HD front and rear cameras
  • 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens
  • IP67 waterproof lens case
  • Built-in G-sensor function
  • Automatic loop recording

3. VSYSTO D2F 1080P Motorcycle Dash Cam

VSYSTO D2F 1080P Motorcycle Dash Cam

Looking for the best motorcycle dashcam that records excellent picture quality even at night? If yes, this VSYSTO D2F unit is a good choice for you. The dual channel cam system provides a 1080p front and rear lenses for superior picture quality.

Both the front and rear cameras are 150° wide-angle to ensure full coverage of your trip. The lenses are covered by an anti-glare polarizing filter to minimize reflections and make the picture quality even higher. With the night vision technology, this unit will record super-clear images with its rear camera, helping improve your safety night.

You won’t have to worry about using this camera in rainy, dusty, or snowy weather. It has excellent water resistance construction to ensure it remains steady and unaffected by weather elements.

The cam supports automatic turn on/off when you turn on/off your motorcycle. It also supports loop recording to ensure continuous recording of your journey.

With the built-in G-sensor function, you can rest assured that your camera will provide you with clear evidence in case of a collision. This dash cam is WIFI-enabled and will enable you to connect your smartphone for real-time video viewing, editing, and sharing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual 1080p front and rear cameras
  • Ultra-wide 150° angle camera lenses
  • Superior night vision for rear camera
  • Ip67 waterproof camera system
  • Built-in g-sensor function
  • Supports loop recording

4. Blueskysea DV988 1080p Motorcycle Dash Cam

Blueskysea DV988 1080p Motorcycle Dash Cam

The Blueskysea DV988 comes with two cameras. Both lenses have a resolution of 1080p and will record high-quality videos of your trips. It presents you with a larger 4-inch display that displayss bright pictures both day and night and can be operated by touch.

We liked that this dash is designed to automatically start recording when you switch on the ignition. It will also stop recording when you turn off the ignition, making it highly convenient to operate. It also supports loop recording, which makes it even more convenient to use.

The dash is designed with a high-quality ABS plastic housing and silica gel parts for a rugged appearance while providing cushioning effects against shock and vibrations. This is a waterproof dash cam for motorcycle and will function well in rainy weather.

You’ll also lie that this dash comes with protection mode. You simply set the maximum riding speed, and the unit will give you a warning whenever you exceed this speed point. It has a built-in G-sensor to detect when you get hit and automatically record the entire evidence.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual full HD 1080p cameras
  • 140 degrees wide angle lens
  • 4” 800×480 DPI touchscreen display
  • Rugged, water-resistant housing
  • Automatic recording function
  • Built-in wifi module

5. VSYSTO D6RL Motorcycle Video Driving Recorder

VSYSTO D6RL Motorcycle Video Driving Recorder

If you’re on the market for the best motorcycle dual camera with a compact design, this is it. The VSYSTO D6RL dash cam has a small design and occupies pretty little space on your motorcycle. It is pretty easy to install and has everything you need to set it up on your bike.

Despite the small size, this recorder is highly effective at its job. It boasts dual (front and rear) cameras with a high resolution of 1080p for high-quality videos. Plus, it has great night vision capability to ensure you record great videos both during the day and at night.

Both cameras have IP67 waterproof protection, which means you can still use them on rainy days to record your trip.

With loop recording enabled, you’ll get to record videos in loops, and there’s no worrying about your memory getting full in the middle of the journey. The built-in G-sensor will help detect impact and record video evidence in an accident.

Like the other top-rated units on this guide, this dash comes with automatic recording. It is also WIFI-enabled and lets you view real-time videos, download them to your phone, edit, and share them!

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual 1080p front and rear cameras
  • Ip67 waterproof front and rear lenses
  • 130 degrees wide angle camera
  • Built-in g-sensor for impact detection
  • Supports loop recording
  • Wifi-enabled; includes a dedicated app

6. THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam for Motorcycle

THINKWARE Sports M1 Dash Cam for Motorcycle

This is the perfect dash cam for you if you want something built to withstand all terrains. Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or a backcountry explorer, this camera system will help you record all your adrenaline-filled moto adventures.

The dual channel dash cam comes with a full HD 1080p front and rear camera for motorcycle front and rear cinematic recording experience!

The high-end dash cam also offers unique features not found in other models. For instance, it has built-in advanced electronic image stabilization to minimize vibrations and ensure you enjoy smooth video recordings regardless of the terrain you’re riding in.

Super night vision technology helps reduce noise and enables you to record high-quality images at night or in low-lit conditions.

Come rain come mud or dust, this dash cam will still allow you to record your journey. It has a rugged and weatherproof IP66-rated casing to withstand various weather conditions.

Don’t forget that this unit also comes with anti-file corruption technology to minimize loss of footage due to data corruption or bad blocks. With built-in WIFI, you can easily download the videos you record with this camera on your smartphone and share them with your friends and family.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full HD 1080p front and rear cameras
  • IP67 waterproof rated
  • Anti-file corruption technology
  • Super night vision technology
  • Advanced electronic image stabilization

7. Blueskysea A12 Motorcycle Dash Cam Camera

Blueskysea A12 Motorcycle Dash Cam Camera

Bluesykysea employs a high-sealing manufacturing process to improve the waterproof performance of this dash camera, making it suitable for use in all kinds of weather without any problems.

It comes equipped with double 1080p lenses for high-clarity, super-sharp image recording. It also boasts a 150° wide angle lens which expands the field of view and ensures you capture everything on your trip. You can easily adjust the lens bracket to your desired visual angle.

With the wide dynamic range (WDR) function, this camera will make your images clearer without overexposure to white, whether you’re recording in dark areas or strong light conditions.

The camera supports SD cards up to 128GB. It features loop recording to help you automatically overwrite the old videos when your memory card storage runs out.

Built-in G-sensor detects a collision and locks the recorded video for evidence in case of an accident. The built-in parking mode enables the camera to automatically enter the recording mode when it collides with something in the stopped state.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual 1080p front and rear cameras
  • 150° wide angle lens
  • Large 3-inch full fit display
  • Ip67-rated waterproof construction
  • Built-in g-sensor technology
  • Supports loop recording

8. VIOFO MT1 1080P Dual Channel Waterproof Motorbike Camera

VIOFO MT1 1080P Dual Channel Waterproof Motorbike Camera

This is the best motorcycle dash camera with GPS built-in to help you track your current speed, time and location. This great feature will enable you to track your GPS route data on the unit’s app.

The camera system comes ready to help you to capture your important moments. It presents you with 1080p front and rear cameras to help you record the front and back. And it has a wide 170° angle camera for an ultra-wide angle of view that reduces blind spots for full coverage of your most wonderful moments.

It also boasts super night vision technologt that involves a built-in WDR function and Sony Starvis sensors. The two work together to help you record clear images when riding in low light conditions. The built-in sensor detects collision or impact and automatically locks the current video from getting overwritten, ensuring you have full evidence of what happened.

The IP66 waterproof and dustproof rated construction ensures great performance in all weather conditions.

You can easily connect this camera to its dedicated VIOFO APP via the built-in app. This allows you to preview, download, and share videos of your trips with your friends.

Highlighted Features:

  • Full HD 1080p front and rear cameras
  • Wide-angle 170° camera
  • Built-in WIFI, G-sensor, GPS
  • IP66 class protection from water and dust
  • 32GB SD card included
  • Includes a hard-wired remote control

9. American Legend Rider Motorcycle Waterproof Dashcam

American Legend Rider Motorcycle Waterproof Dashcam

This motorcycle dash cam 2 channel unit works for all motorcycles, quads, dirt bikes, ATVs, and UTVs. It records high-resolution 1080p videos with its front camera and 720p resolution with the rear camera.

Its lenses have a 140° wide-angle lens for expanded field of view. It also presents you with an extra-large 4-inch LCD display where you can view everything being recording easily.

Loop recording is also possible with this cam to ensure non-stop recording of your trip and adventures. It also has an automatic recording feature and will get into action whenever you ignite your bike.

Like the other models featured above, this dash cam boasts water-resistant housing and accessories. It’s protected against elements like water, foam, dirt, and sand, meaning you can use it in all weather conditions.

Additional features offered by this dash cam include separate recording in mp3 audio format, WIFI connectivity, and optional GPRS support. Setting up the dash is pretty easy, and it effortlessly mounts on your motorcycle.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-clarity 1920 x 1080p front camera
  • 140° wide-angle lens for a large view
  • Water-resistant housing and accessories
  • Larger 4-ich lcd display
  • Loop recording enabled

10. ALEXTREME Dual Lens Motorcycle Camera

ALEXTREME Dual Lens Motorcycle Camera

The last unit on our motorcycle camera reviews list also features a dual lens to ensure you record both what’s in front and behind your bike.

High-resolution videos are guaranteed with this camera, thanks to its front lens, which records super-clear 920x1080P clips. This front lens boasts up to 140 degrees wide angle for full coverage of everything in front of you.

The rear lens captures videos at 640x480P resolution. It boasts a 100-degree wide-angle that will capture everything going on behind your bike.

This dash cam for motorcycles features a waterproof construction—protection level rated IP68—to ensure rain and humidity doesn’t get into its way and affect its performance. Thus, you can use the camera anytime, anywhere, regardless of the weather.

Like the other cameras featured above, this unit is hard-wired to your bike power supply eliminating the need for charging. The camera automatically turns on and starts recording when you ignite your motorbike, making it convenient to use.

With a loop function that can record for up to 6 hours, you don’t have to worry about your camera prompting you to delete the old footage to create room for the new.

Highlighted Features:

  • High resolution 1080p front lens
  • 140-degree front lens recording
  • Automatic recording function
  • Waterproof construction
  • Up to 6 hours of loop recording

Things To Check Before Getting One

Focus on these crucial factors when shopping for the best motorcycle camera system to help you choose the most suitable unit for your unique needs and preferences.

Type of dash cam

One of the key steps in finding an ideal moto dash cam is deciding which type to buy. There are two main types of motorcycle camera systems, as discussed below:

  • Single-channel: This is the oldest type of camera and features a single channel (i.e., single camera), a front-facing camera whose forward-facing lens can only record in one direction, which is the front of your bike.
  • Dual-channel: This upgrade to the single-channel units presents you with both the front-facing cam and the secondary rear-facing camera. It records both what’s in front of and at the rear of your bike. This is an ideal choice because you can easily record if someone hits you from behind.

Build quality

It’s no doubt that motorcycles usually go through a lot of abuse. Every additional component you install on it should also be solid and up to the task. A dash cam is no exception. Find a model constructed using high-quality materials to withstand shocks and vibration on your motorcycle and serve you for an extended period of time.

Motorcycle Dash Cam

Weatherproof design

Unlike a vehicle dash cam which is installed inside the car, a moto cam is mounted in the open where they’re exposed to all kinds of harsh elements, including snow, snow, dust, and varying temperatures. For this reason, we only advise you to get a unit with a water-resistant or waterproof design to enable it to continue working properly in changing weather conditions.

Video quality

Nobody wants to watch grainy videos in this age of 4K videos. Luckily, motorcycle dash cams have upgraded their game and can capture clips with a a pretty high resolution. The high-end models can go as high as1080p or 1440p, so you can view your recording with high clarity. Don’t focus on 720p and 480p units, as their resolution isn’t that good.

Motorcycle Dash Cam

Ease of use

During our research, we discovered that the highly-rated models are more popular because they have features that make them easier to use for motorists.

One such feature is the auto on/off, which makes the camera start recording when you turn on your bike ignition on. This saves you from having to fiddle with your device every time you get on your bike.

Another nice feature is loop recording which automatically overwrites recording whenever it reaches the limit. This saves you from worrying about when to swap your SD card.

Motorcycle Dash Cam

Above all, the ideal cam should feature a large display and simple controls to help you easily control and track the footage you capture. A model with a remote allows for even easier use!


You’ll discover that these units come in varying sizes; there are small and big dash cameras. But which one should you pick? We advise going for smaller models. Not that they work better than their bigger counterparts, but for the key reason that they’re less likely to draw attention.

Bigger cams are easy to spot, and a potential thief could steal them from your bike. Remember, these dash cams aren’t cheap, and you should do anything to avoid losing your unit. Go for a small, discrete model that meets your recording needs.

Additional features:

Here’s a list of extra features and functions that are nice to have in your motorcycle dash cam

  • Night vision: helps you record clear footage of your trips at night or in low-lit conditions.
  • Wide-angle camera: a wide camera angle, say up to 120 or 150 degrees, increases the field of view and allows you to clearly capture everything at the front and back of your bike. The wider the angle—say from a 160 degree to a 360 camera for motorcycle—the wider the field of view.
  • G-sensors detect vibrations or impact (or when your bike gets hit) and enter into recording mode. Videos recorded in this mode are protected from being overwritten.
  • GPS tracking: ideal for tracking your riding route.
  • Connectivity: a WIFI-enabled unit lets you connect your smartphone to it and view real-time videos, download, edit, and share them to your phone.

Benefits of Motorcycle Dash Cams

Most motorcycle owners usually find themselves at crossroads, not sure whether a dash camera for motorcycle is a necessary investment. If you’re one of these bikers, read the following benefits a dash cam offers to determine if it’s a worthy investment.

Benefits of Motorcycle Dash Cams

Records your journeys

Who wouldn’t want to record a beautiful ride? Or capture beautiful sceneries? Or even document your riding skills? A good dash camera will enable you to do all this.

If you’re into moto vlogging, then the best dash cam for motorcycle will help you record quality videos for sharing with your audience on YouTube.

Protects you against false accident accusations

When trying to unravel an accident and want to know who was on the wrong, your dash cam recorded footage will provide you with a clear recording of what occurred. This way, you can easily tell whether the incident happened due to your negligence or someone else’s. If the other party is falsely accusing you of causing the accident, you can turn to your moto dash camera recording to save yourself.

Benefits of Motorcycle Dash Cams

Provides solid evidence

Yes, moto cam footage is an admissible piece of evidence in a court! Thus, if you’re supposed to appear before the court, having your cam recordings will help you present solid evidence on what occurred. And this can help you win the case. What’s more, you can also use this footage for insurance claims.

Prevents motorcycle theft or tampering

A good moto dash cam also acts as your security for your motorcycle when you leave it in the parking lot. Some top-end models even feature a surveillance mode that automatically turns on if you forget to do it. A potential theft is likely to get spooked if they see a camera attached to your bike, saving your two-wheeled machine from theft or vandalism.

Easily identifies other motorists

Let’s face it, the roads are full of mischievous road users. A perfect example is a case of hit and run. Ever been a victim of such an incident? If yes, your dash cam recordings can help you identify the motorist and even their vehicle or bike license plates.


Are dash cams legal on motorcycle?

Dash cams are legal for mounting on motorcycle. No law prohibits recording the public roads and other motorists using the roads in most states. However, your state may have specific guidelines on dash cam usage, so be sure to confirm with the local laws and regulations before mounting on your bike.

Do motorcycle dashboard cams come with GPS tracking?

Motorcycle dashboard cams come with GPS tracking to allow you to log your speed and location. However, not all models have this function.

How to test and install a Motorcycle Dash Cam?

Before installing your new dash cam, test with a USB cable to test whether it’s powering and working well. Avoid inserting any SD cards at the testing stage to avoid draining your motorcycle battery. Once you’re satisfied the bike is working correctly, go ahead and install it on your bike. Use the manufacturer installation instructions to guide you through the entire setup process. You can also get videos online showing how to install the cam on your bike.

Can I use dash cam as action camera?

You can use a dash cam as an action camera as both devices are simply used to record actions on the road. A dash cam becomes even more convenient than an action camera since it has features not found in action cams, e.g., auto turn on/off, loop function, and impact detection.

How do you mount a GoPro to a motorcycle?

A GoPro is unlike a dash cam. It has multiple mounting locations, including on your head (helmet), helmet chin, windshield, handlebar, at the tail, chest, etc. Check the video below on the best spots to mount a GoPro on your motorcycle

Can a dash cam be used on a motorcycle?

Absolutely! A dash cam can be used on a motorcycle to record yourself riding your trip and help you attain evidence if you run into an accident. Check our list above for some of the top-rated dash cams for motorcycles you can get for your bike today.

Can DJI Osmo action be used as a dash cam?

You can use the DJI Osmo action camera as a dash cam as it can record identical footage just like dash cams. However, action cameras lack convenient features like automatic recording, loop recording (you’ll get popup messages when your memory card gets full), and can’t overwrite old recordings.

What’s the difference between a GoPro and a dash cam?

GoPro is an action camera designed for capturing extreme sports/activities. A dashcam is intended for recording your entire trip as well as monitoring trips for security and insurance purposes. Here’s a quick list of the most common differences between the two devices:

  • GoPro is generally more expensive than a dash cam
  • Dash cam turns on and starts the recording automatically, while a GoPro needs to be turned on every time you’re driving
  • GoPro is less durable and less resistant to weather elements compared to a dash cam
  • Dash cam features built-in G-sensor that detects whenever your bike is involved in a collision or accident.
  • Dash cams are usually hard-wired to your bike power system, and you never have to worry about the battery dying

Final words

There’s no doubt that a motorcycle dash cam can make the best companion on your motorcycle trips. Not only will it record your adventures, but it will also record solid evidence in case you find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

After going through our guide above, getting the best motorcycle dash cam shouldn’t be challenging for you. We have provided you with buying advice on the most important factors to consider for easier selection.

With our ultimate list of the 10 top-rated models, you’ll have an idea of some of the best options you can find on the market today. Closely analyze and compare these units to find the one that meets your needs.

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