Best Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

There used to be a time when lead-acid batteries were considered the only option when replacing your old motorcycle batteries. However, as lithium ion batteries arrived, more and more people started switching to this newer technology. And there are a lot of practical reasons for it.

Lithium ion batteries are lighter and, if treated well, will give you more performance for a longer time. Besides, since there are no acids inside lithium ion batteries, you also do not need to worry about acid spills damaging your motorcycle. Long story short, lithium ion batteries are the future.

However, the downside of this type of battery is the price. They cost a bit more, and unless you are careful which unit you are buying, your entire investment can go to waste. But that should not be a big issue for you with us here to guide you, right?

In this article, we will give you a thorough rundown of the best lithium motorcycle battery out there and help you figure out which option is worth your time and money. So, without further ado, let us get started.

List of Best Lithium Battery for Motorcycle:

Top 10 Best Lithium Battery for Motorcycle Reviews

Finding the perfect lithium battery for a motorcycle can be a bit hectic. Not everyone uses lithium ion batteries which means you have fewer people you can ask for information.

So, getting a clear understanding of which products are worth buying can be difficult. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the top products in the market in the following section of the article.

1. NOCO Lithium NLP9, Group 9, 400A Lithium Powersport Battery

NOCO Lithium NLP9, Group 9, 400A Lithium Powersport Battery

We will start this list of the best lithium ion battery for motorcycles with the NLP9 by NOCO. This brand is one of the most popular ones out there when you are buying motorcycle lithium batteries, and the NLP9 is not the only unit that you will find on this list. But it is definitely the one most suited to win your heart.

This unit features a multi-terminal configuration, which essentially means that you can install it in different configurations such as top, front, side, or even female. Its modular design allows you to set it up for your motorcycle quickly. The dimensions of the unit are 6.18 x 4.84 x 4.76 inches making it the perfect fit for most bikes.

It gives you around 400 amps of starting power with a power rating of 3Ah. As a result, the unit can withstand at least 50000 start cycles and also 2000 charge cycles making it a long-lasting choice for any motorcycle. It also features a high-end internal Battery Management System to ensure reliable performance and safe operation.

The best part about the unit is its slow discharge rate, which means on a single charge, you will get a decent time of usage out of it. You can also charge it up from zero to starting charge within only five minutes. And if you are using the Genius 5 model charger by the brand, you can get to full charge in only 36 minutes.

This is a 12 volts battery that is designed to deliver insane levels of output to power your vehicle. Since there is no acid or sulfation involved, you can rely on the battery to last you a pretty long time. The battery weighs only 3.17 pounds which is a lot lighter than any lead-acid alternatives out there.

This battery is designed to fit just about any Powersports vehicle out there. In addition, you can use it to replace battery sizes of BTX7-BS, BTX9-BS, YTX9-BS, etc. This battery comes with three years of limited warranty to make sure you get all the support you need if something goes wrong with your unit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent power output
  • Easy installation thanks to the multi-terminal configuration
  • Dynamic BMS provides safe performance
  • Compatible with a wide variety of motorcycles

2. MMG YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Factory Activated Powersports Battery

MMG YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Factory Activated Powersports Battery

For our next option, we will be going with the YTZ14S Z14S lithium ion battery by the brand MMG. It is a fantastic choice when you are looking for the best motorcycle lithium battery, thanks to its balance of price and performance. If you want good value out of your investment, this is a perfect pick.

Installation of the unit takes no additional skill on the user’s part. You set it up just as you would any other batteries, including spacers, and follow the installation manual. But before you install it, use your voltmeter to run a quick test to see if the voltage is right. Its dimensions are roughly 6 x 3.5 x 3.7 inches.

Thanks to its CCA rating of 300, you will be able to kickstart this battery even when the temperature is harsh. It has a power rating of 60 Watt-hour which should give you plenty of juice to run a lot of additional accessories in your bike. This unit also features indicators to display battery status, eliminating the need to use third-party tools for diagnostics.

It also has an impressive shelf life, preserving its charge for up to 1 year before requiring a recharge. And if the charge is at zero, you can do a quick charge up to get to starting power under 10 minutes, thanks to its advanced rapid-charging technology.

It is designed to deliver 12 volts of power to your motorcycle. This unit can survive up to 2000 charge cycles and more than 50000 start cycles, ensuring you get a reliable, long-term use out of it before you even need to think of a replacement.

With a measly weight of only 1.97 pounds, it is easily the most lightweight motorcycle battery out there. It works as a direct replacement for battery sizes YTX9-BS, YTZ14S, YTZ10S, YTX12A-BS, and YTZ12S. So if your bike uses these battery sizes, this one is a great choice for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cold cranking amps rating of 300
  • Extremely lightweight design
  • Durable construction
  • Rapid charge technology

3. Antigravity Batteries AG-1201 12-Cell Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery

Antigravity Batteries AG-1201 12-Cell Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery

Antigravity Batteries is a well-known and respected name among motorcycle and motorsports enthusiasts for its high-quality products and reasonable pricing. The AG-1201 though not the cheapest option when it comes to lithium ion batteries for motorcycles, is definitely one of the best values you can find on the market for the price.

This battery comes with adhesive backing and a modular design to ensure easy and hassle-free installation. Just follow along with the instruction manual to set it up, and you should be ready to start riding your bike in an hour. It is a small lithium motorcycle battery featuring a dimension of ‎4.5 x 3.25 x 4.25 inches.

However, do not let its small stature fool you; its cranking amps of 360 are enough to drive even the most power-hungry bike out there. This unit can easily replace a 12Ah lead-acid battery without you noticing any dip in power. So you should have no reason to doubt its power delivery.

If your bike does not have any device that drains power even when the engine is off, you can expect the unit to preserve its charge for up to a year. This means you will not have to worry about recharging your battery every few days and can enjoy your ride whenever you want to set off.

Needless to say, this is a 12 volts battery built to high standards. It comes with brass terminals that will not break or bend any time soon. And since there is no acid or fluids inside the case, you do not need to worry about any spills. Overall, it should give you solid performance for years to come.

The unit has a total weight of 2.25 pounds and can fit a wide array of vehicles. So fitment should not be too big of an issue. As an added bonus, you get three years of limited warranty with your purchase. But to be honest, we do not think you would need to use that warranty because of how durable it is.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic build quality
  • 360 cranking amps
  • Brass terminals for better durability
  • Small lithium ion motorcycle battery

4. NOCO Lithium NLP30, Group 30, 700A Lithium Powersport Battery

NOCO Lithium NLP30, Group 30, 700A Lithium Powersport Battery

Coming up next, we will be looking at another option by the brand NOCO, and if you liked the last unit we reviewed, you would definitely love this one. The NLP 30 offers a massive boost in performance compared to the NLP 9, and if your bike is particularly power-hungry, this can be a fantastic choice for you.

Similar to the NLP 9, this unit, too, features a modular, multi-terminal design. This means you will be able to quickly set it up in a different configuration without too much trouble. The total dimension of the unit is 6.81 x 5.2 x 8.39 inches making it slightly larger than the NLP 9.

This unit can deliver 700 amps of starting power which is one of the highest when it comes to motorcycle lithium ion battery. It is also equipped with a Dynamic Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure you get a safe and reliable performance out of it without any issues.

Not only does it have a fantastic starting power, but it also has an excellent shelf life. It retains its charge for a year, and if it gets to zero, you can quickly charge it up enough to power your bike within 5 minutes. This is pretty handy if your bike ever runs out of battery charge.

The NLP30 12 volt lithium motorcycle battery is designed to last you a long time. And you can clearly see the build quality of the unit in its high-quality terminals. Its maintenance-free design allows you to get good use out of it even if you do not have time to check up on it every few days.

The total weight of the unit is 2.76 pounds which is not the lightest when it comes to lithium batteries. But for the performance it delivers, it is not heavy at all. It is designed to replace battery sizes of BTX30L, BTX30L-BS, EXT30L, GYZ32HL, YIX30L, and YIX30L-BS and comes with three years of limited warranty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent build quality
  • 700 amps of starting power
  • It comes with a clever BMS to keep it operational
  • Quick charge technology

5. Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Lithium Battery

Shorai LFX14A4-BS12 Lithium Battery

Though a relatively new face in the industry, the brand Shorai quickly rose to fame by delivering quality aftermarket batteries to consumers. The LFX14A4-BS12 is one of their most popular options, and we believe its spot is well-earned in our motorcycle lithium battery review.

Installation of this battery is as simple as one could expect. Similar to other options on the market, this one too features a multi-terminal configuration allowing you to mount it in different positions without any hassle. It has a very small structure with a dimension of 5.83 x 3.39 x 3.46 inches.

The best part about the unit is its combination of high voltage and CCA, which directly translates to a better starting power. This unit has a CCA rating of 210 and delivers 14Ah of power. So, it should have no issues keeping your bike and other pieces of accessories you may have in working condition.

Maintaining the battery and keeping it in peak condition is also quite effortless because of its low rate of self-discharge. In fact, if you do not have a lithium battery charger, you can even use your lead acid charger to keep it topped off. Needless to say, it makes recharging a lot less hassling for you.

Its 14Ah power output means it delivers similar power to 12 Volts lead-acid batteries. The build quality of the unit is also top-notch, with high-quality connectors and terminals. Since it is a lithium ion battery, you do not need to worry about acid spills.

The total weight of the unit is just under 2 pounds making it a great choice if you want to keep the bike lightweight. It is compatible with a wide range of motorcycles. You also get three years of Pro-rated warranty with one year of free replacement warranty with your purchase.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Provides fantastic starting power
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy maintenance and low discharge rate
  • It can be charged using a lead-acid charger

6. NOCO Lithium NLP20, Group 20, 600A Lithium Powersport Battery

NOCO Lithium NLP20, Group 20, 600A Lithium Powersport Battery

The NLP20 by NOCO sits directly at the middle of the NLP9 and NLP30 that we reviewed previously. However, it still deserves mention in our lithium motorcycle battery reviews because of the balance it brings to the table. It offers premium performance despite not costing as much.

Installation, as always, is not that complicated, thanks to its versatile multi-terminal design. If you know what you are doing, you should be able to get it installed in only half an hour. The unit is a bit larger than the NOCO NLP9, measuring at around 7.83 x 7.64 x 8.15 inches in dimension.

This battery can deliver 600 amps of starting power which is just slightly lower than the NLP30 that we looked at previously. Needless to say, 600 amps of power is more than enough for most people. It also features an intelligent BMS to ensure your battery remains safe and functional for a long time.

Advanced rapid charging has always been a priority of the brand, and you can also find this feature in this unit. Even if the charge of the unit reaches zero, you will be able to get enough charge for starting power with just 5 minutes of charging. This is a lifesaver for those who do not remember to charge their batteries.

The unit is capable of powering motorcycles that require 12 volts of battery power. It is made with care to ensure minimal hassle to the user and the highest longevity. The terminals and connectors are all made using high-quality materials to make sure you get long-term use out of them.

This unit is a bit on the heavy side, weighing in at around 5.24 pounds. It fits and replaces a wide range of battery sizes, including, but not limited to, BTX15L, BTX15L-BS, BTX20LBS BTX20L, BTZ20L, etc. With your purchase, you will get five years of limited warranty to protect your investment.

Highlighted Features:

  • 600 amps of starting power
  • Compatible with a wide range of battery sizes
  • Come with an Internal Battery Management System
  • Universal mounting thanks to multi-terminal configuration

7. FirePower Featherweight Lithium Battery HJTZ14S-FP-IL

FirePower Featherweight Lithium Battery HJTZ14S-FP-IL

The next unit on our lithium motorcycle batteries review is by the brand FirePower. If you are someone who prefers their motorcycle to be as light as possible, then the HJTZ14S-FB-IL is a perfect choice. It is designed to be light as a feather to improve your bike’s control and acceleration.

With your purchase, you will get all the spacers that you would need to set it up. Though it does not have a modular design, it is still quite easy to set up, thanks to the clear instructions you will find in the owner’s manual. The overall size of the unit is ‎6 x 3.44 x 3.69 inches.

The high cranking amps of 290 ensures you get proper starting power in your bike once you install the battery. It also comes with an LED test gauge built into the box to help you diagnose and monitor battery status. If there are any issues that need fixing with the battery, you can easily find them there.

The one thing that we loved about this unit was its fast recharge system. It can be brought to 90 percent of its charge within 6 minutes of recharging. So even if your battery gets to zero, you will be able to quickly recharge it and make it road-worthy in a matter of minutes.

This unit is suitable for any motorcycle that uses 12-volt batteries. Thanks to its low discharge rate, you will get a long shelf life with it. Even if you have to store away your bike for the winter, your battery should remain functional and keep its charge stored for later use.

With a measly weight of 1 pound, this might be the lightest lithium ion battery you will ever find on the market. It fits a lot of different battery sizes. The manufacturers also include a 2-year warranty with your purchase to make sure you get your money’s worth with your investment.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extremely fast recharging
  • Lightweight construction
  • Excellent shelf life
  • High CCA rating of 290

8. BikeMaster Lithium Ion 2.0 Battery

BikeMaster Lithium Ion 2.0 Battery

If you want to get good value out of your investment, then going with a popular brand like the BikeMaster is a great idea. Their Lithium Ion 2.0 Battery promises superb performance for your bike if you want to switch to a lithium battery. And on the plus side, the price of the product is also quite reasonable.

This unit comes with a simple installation process that you could get done within an hour. You also get foam padding to ensure you get proper fitment in the battery box. It is quite a small unit with a measly dimension of 5.2 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches. You would be surprised how much power it gives out despite its small stature.

The cranking amps, or rather the starting power that the unit dishes out, is 180, which though not ideal, is not bad at all considering the price and size of the unit. It also comes with a fully functional internal BMS to ensure the voltage of individual cells is balanced. You also get a voltage meter built into the box.

This unit features an eco-friendly design and lets you charge it up quickly. Even if the unit has zero charges, you can quickly get to 90 percent charge within 6 minutes. So, you will be able to get on the road, even if you bring it out after a long winter.

The voltage of the unit is 12 volts which means it is compatible with most motorcycles. It has a very low discharge rate, and since it does not contain any acidic heavy metals, you will not have to worry about any acid spills. This enhances its durability tenfold.

This is a very lightweight unit that delivers massive performance. Because of its versatile design, you should be able to fit this unit inside any battery box. Overall, it is a fantastic investment that gives you great value for the money. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, this unit is well worth your time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fantastic value for the price
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Internal Battery Management System to diagnose issues
  • Eco-friendly

9. Antigravity ATZ-7 ReStart 150CA Lithium Ion Battery

Antigravity ATZ-7 ReStart 150CA Lithium Ion Battery

For our next option, we will be going with another fantastic option from the brand Antigravity Batteries. The ATZ-7 is one of their flagship products featuring a beautiful design and superb build quality. If you want excellent performance from your new battery, this is one of the best choices out there.

The installation process of this unit is simple, featuring a fully modular design that allows you to mount it up any way you want it. Its four terminals are placed in convenient positions to allow quick and easy setup. The unit has a dimension of 4.53 x 2.75 x 3.35 inches making it quite compact.

It provides up to 2 times the cranking power of a similar level lead acid alternative. Thanks to the internal Battery Management System in the unit, you can expect it to give you reliable performance for a long time. If there are any issues with the battery, you will know about it beforehand.

This unit also supports quick recharge, and its Re-Start system essentially protects it against self-discharge. Whereas other options on the market have a low discharge rate, this one does not release its charge at all. This means it will require fewer recharging and maintenance to keep performing in peak conditions.

It is similar to a 12-volt lead-acid battery with its 7 Ah power rating. Since it is designed to be shock and vibration-resistant, you do not need to worry about damaging it in any way. Besides, the lack of acidic material inside the battery means it is much more durable compared to SLA-style batteries.

The unit is extremely lightweight and adds no extra burden to your bike. Its 1.32 pounds of total weight also makes it much easier to fit it into the motorcycle. The unit is perfect for custom builds and looks quite stylish in design. And the performance that it delivers is unmatched.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent build quality
  • Shock and vibration resistant design
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • It comes with an excellent battery management system

10. YTX9-BS, Lithium Motorcycle Battery, Lithium Powersports Battery

YTX9-BS, Lithium Motorcycle Battery, Lithium Powersports Battery

We will be wrapping up our top lithium motorcycle batteries review with a high-value, low-investment option by the brand Banshee. The YTX9-BS by the brand is a fantastic choice for people who do not want to compromise on the performance but still want to keep the expense at a minimum.

It promises an easy installation as long as you can follow along with the instruction manual that you get with your purchase. The terminals look stylish and make the job easier on your part by allowing versatile mounting. As for the dimensions, the unit measures 5.9 x 3.4 x 3.7 inches in size.

The unit provides up to 150 cranking amps which means you will be able to power up your bike without any issues. It provides up to 70 percent greater cranking power compared to similar options. So, if you are worried about power, you should have nothing to fear.

And since it is a lithium ion battery, its slow discharge rate should keep you going even when you fire up your bike after a couple of months. It also requires minimal maintenance, and even if you do run out of charge, its quick recharge system lets you get on the road again without wasting any time.

Its power capacity of 8Ah offers a similar performance to a 12.8-volt battery. So even if your bike is a bit power hungry because of accessories, you should have no worries about the battery running out. The overall construction of the unit is also pretty solid.

The total weight of the unit is only 2.3 pounds. Compared to other lead-acid options that weigh around 7 pounds at least, this is pretty lightweight. This unit also comes with two years of warranty. So even if you find issues with your units, the manufacturers will have your back.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Excellent starting power
  • Eco-friendly design
  • It comes at an affordable price
TitleStarting Power/CCABattery CapacityLead-Acid EquivalentWatt HoursNumber Of CellsTerminalWeight
1. NOCO Lithium NLP9400-amps3Ah8.4Ah38.4Wh6Quad3.17 Pounds
2. MMG YTZ14S Z14S300-amps5Ah10Ah60Wh4Stud Terminal2 Pounds
3. Antigravity Batteries AG-1201360-amps7Ah12Ah88Wh12NON2.25 Pounds
4. NOCO Lithium NLP30700-amps7.8Ah31.6Ah99.84Wh1Quad2.76 Pounds
5. NOCO Lithium NLP20600-amps7Ah18.9Ah89.6Wh1Quad5.24 Pounds

How do I choose a lithium motorcycle battery?

Now that you have gone through our lithium ion motorcycle battery reviews, you should start noticing a pattern. If you look closely, you will see that we have focused on some features more than others. And to get the best value out of your investment, you too need to know about these elements.

In the following section, we will give you a quick rundown on some of the features you want to think about when buying the best lithium ion motorcycle battery.

1. Starting Power

You want to start by taking a look at the starting power of the battery. This can come in various names on different products. Look for terms like Cranking amps or Cold Cranking Amps to understand the starting power that the battery needs to start the engine.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Typically, the higher the value, the better it is for the battery.

2. Dimensions

The next thing you want to think about is the dimension. Lithium ion batteries are usually a lot smaller than their standard lead-acid counterpart. Even a small lithium motorcycle battery can give you enough power to run your bike perfectly. The thing you need to check is if it fits the battery compartment in your motorcycle.

3. Weight

Another major advantage of lithium motorcycle batteries is that they are much lighter than SLA batteries. While a basic lead-acid unit weighs a minimum of seven pounds, most lithium batteries weigh under three pounds.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

But if you want the lightest battery, you can find a few models that weigh under two pounds. The MMG YTZ14S Z14S Lithium Ion Sealed Factory Activated Powersports Battery is a good example of a lightweight lithium battery weighing around 1.97 pounds.

4. Discharging Rate

You also want your battery to have a slow discharging rate. Batteries that discharge fast typically, have a poor shelf life and require frequent recharging. By going with a low discharging battery, you will not have to worry about recharging the battery every few weeks.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

5. Compatibility

It should go without saying, but you should also take a look at the fitment chart of the battery. There are many different battery sizes available on the market. You want to go with the size of battery that suits your motorcycle.

Are There Different Types of Lithium Batteries for Motorcycle

The term “Lithium Ion” refers to the technology that goes behind the battery rather than the chemistry itself. So, it can often get confusing when you see things like LiFePO4 or LiCo.

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

However, the truth is both of these are lithium ion batteries with different chemical components. When you break it down to its core, lithium batteries all perform the same way. However, different chemistries such as LiCo, LiMN, etc., can also affect the performance slightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are motorcycle lithium batteries safe & worth it?

Motorcycle batteries, if not treated properly, can cause many issues, and a lithium ion battery is no exception. However, if you take care of it and occasionally check for issues, then it should be completely safe.

The main thing to remember with lithium ion batteries is to recharge them from time to time. Typically, these batteries have a slow rate of discharge. But if the charge reaches zero frequently, it can permanently damage the battery.
You also need to take caution not to overcharge it. These batteries should only be charged with a smart charger that automatically turns off once the battery is adequately charged.

However, lithium ion batteries are much better for the environment than lead-acid options. They are also lighter and often provide better performance for the cost. So it is safe to assume that lithium batteries are worth the investment.

2. How long should a motorcycle battery last? What’s its service life?

It depends on the quality of the motorcycle battery and how often the user takes care of it. If you are using a low-quality lead-acid type battery, it can last a mere few weeks.

But if the quality of the battery is decent, and you charge and maintain it from time to time, it should last you at least three to four years.

3. What’s the biggest cause of damage to a motorcycle battery?

The main reason behind a damaged motorcycle battery is not charging them properly. Without proper charging, lead sulfate can build up until a battery stops performing as expected.

In fact, some batteries can get damaged severely if it goes flat and is jump-started using a car. This might seem like a fix in the movies, but in reality, it can burn the battery completely.

You should always keep your battery charged or use a smart charger so that it can charge up itself when needed.

4. How to test your motorcycle battery?

Testing a motorcycle battery is quite simple if you have a multimeter tool. Here are the steps to testing your motorcycle battery.
• Turn the ignition in the bike off.
• Set the multimeter to 20V DC
• Connect it to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
• If the battery reads between 12.5 volts to 12.9 volts, that means it is healthy.
• Then, you need to turn on the bike and rev the engine between 3000 to 4000 RPM to measure the voltage given by the alternator. The ideal value is 14 to 14.5 volts, but 13.5 should also be fine.
However, this whole process can be made even easier by going with a plug-and-play testing kit for motorcycle batteries.

5. Why do bike manufacturers say to charge the battery out of the bike?

The thing is, there is no way for the manufacturer to know what charger you are using to charge the system. If the charger is too powerful, it can cause overheating and can fry the battery. Besides, the power spike from the charger to the battery is also another thing of concern.

BY charging the battery out of the bike, you will be able to protect the rest of the components of the bike in case something goes wrong. Since manufacturers have to be prepared for any situation for warranty, they recommend charging the battery out of the bike.

7. Does a lithium motorcycle battery need a special charger?

In most cases, the answer would be yes. Lithium batteries typically use a type of battery with external BMS to charge it properly. However, if you have a standard trickle charger, it can also work too if the manufacturers of the lithium battery specify that you can use it.

8. Do I need to change the charging system if I switch to lithium batteries in a motorcycle?

It depends on the manufacturer. Some lithium batteries require a complete rework of the charging system in your motorcycle to function properly.

9. Can you jump start a motorcycle that has a lithium battery?

Yes, you can use a fully charged battery to jump start your dead lithium battery.

Final Thoughts

Lithium ion batteries are definitely the better choice when it comes to motorcycle batteries. It provides a better performance and also has minimal impact on the environment.

We hope our article on the best lithium motorcycle battery could help you figure out the right option for you.

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