Best Harley Sportster Seat

The Harley Sportster is one of the most iconic two-wheelers ever made. As most Sportster enthusiasts will agree, however, the bike’s seat is nothing to write home about.

And this explains why upgrading the seat is one of the most common mods this bike goes through.

That said, there are numerous aftermarket seat options to suit the needs of different riders. But for the best Sportster riding experience, we advise you to choose the best Harley Sportster seat with better comfort than the stock and back support to hold you forward on your bike.

Below are some of the most popular aftermarket seat options for Harley Sportster you can find on the market today.

List of Best Harley Sportster Seat:

Best Harley Sportster seat reviews:

1. Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76145 Fastback One-Piece Seat for Harley-Davidson Sportster 2004-'21, Original, Black

The USA-made Mustang seats are popular because they’re made of quality and have better comfort features than the original OEM models. This particular Mustang 76145 one-piece comes in a super-clean, custom style that transforms your bike looks.

This one-piece seat is way more comfortable than Sportster stock seats and features an affordable price tag. It boasts more cushioning than stock for long hours of comfort.

Like the mustang 76036 standard touring seat, this model is equipped with a back for good lumbar support and increased comfort. This back will keep you from sliding backward when riding your bike.

You’ll like that this seat will position you back approx. 5 inches, giving the taller riders around 6ft a better fit for more comfortable riding experience.

It also comes with a passenger seat, a good feature if you want to ride with your partner. This passenger seat has a tapered section that provides you with a streamlined look while still offering the passenger a good comfort level.

Mustang 76145 seat fits Sportster ’04-’19 models with 2.1 and 3.3 gallon tanks, including iron 883 perfectly/it’s super-easy to install. It follows the bike lines perfectly on the rear fender and needs no special mods as long as it’s compatible with your bike.

Highlighted features:

  • Fits Sportster 2004-2019
  • High-rising wall for back supports
  • Angles you back around 5 inches
  • Places you lower to the ground
  • Tapered passenger seat for streamlined look

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2. MISS MOLY 13″ Brown Motorcycle Solo Seat

13' Brown Motorcycle Solo Seat Bracket Cushion for Harley Davidson Sportster

If you’re looking for the best Sportster seat for the money, this solo seat will be a good option. This model will also work for you if you’re looking for brown leather seats.

For the price point, this is a surprisingly high-quality seat featuring vintage brown leather—resulting in unmatched durability and longevity.

Besides the leather cover, the seat also features a durable neoprene foam and steel base plate. This further improves its durability.

The Miss Molly solo seat perfectly fit Harley Sportster 883 1990-2013, 1200 1990-2014. It’s an ideal fit for a bobber seat for Harley Sportster. It also fits a wide range of other Harleys and other popular motorcycle brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda.

Despite the lack of an instructional manual, the installation is pretty simple for this seat. The box includes all the necessary installation hardware (including the bracket and two steel springs) for pain-free installation.

The aesthetics of this seat are on another level! It comes in up to 6 color options to choose from, so you can easily find the color that matches the rest of your bike. The seat will hold you all year round with no signs of wear or fading.

Highlighted features:

  • Seat size: 13-3/4″ L x 11-3/4″ W
  • Fits Harley sportster, chopper, bobber
  • Durable retro brown leather cover
  • Durable neoprene foam
  • Sturdy steel base plate
  •  Up to 6 colors to choose from

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3. Mustang 76568 Tripper Solo Seat

Mustang Motorcycle Seats 76568 Tripper Solo Seat for Harley-Davidson Sportster 2004-'21, Original, Black

This seat will also set you back further back and slightly lower than your stock seat without compromising your ride comfort. The sleek, low-cut seat has no Sportster passenger seat. And offers you much better comfort than your stock seat.

It features a slightly wider seat pan than stock seats, ensuring you enjoy more support. Thanks to its excellent padding, it also feels quite comfy and will not leave your butt hurting after a long ride.

Keep in mind that this seat perfectly fits all Harley Sportsters from 2004 to 2021 with 4.5-gallon tank. Though instructions for installation aren’t provided, it is pretty easy to install on your motorcycle. A fender nut is included, which you must use alongside the stock screw to set this new seat on your bike.

If you don’t like how your stock seat looks, this seat will also work for you. Though a bit narrow, it has a sleek-looking design and will complete your Sportster looks!

Build quality is superb for this low profile seat, which is expected of Mustang products. The baseplate is constricted for16-gauge steel with epoxy powder coating for complete rust resistance. Impact-absorbing vinyl edge trim is used to protect the seat cover, increasing the overall durability of this seat.

Highlighted features:

  • Fits 2004-2021 Harley sportsters
  • Independently test for fit and function
  • Durable, synthetic, glove-leather cover
  • Sleek, low-cut seat
  • Measures 11″ front width

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4. Mustang 76157 Vintage Solo Seat

Mustang Vintage Solo Seat 76157

You also can’t go wrong with this Mustang vintage solo seat for Harley Sportster. It is ideal if you want to bring retro looks to your bike. It fits all Sportster from 2004 to 2018 with a 3.3-gallon tank.

The seat is rated as one of the most comfortable seat models because of its deep bucket styling. This offers you excellent back support and eliminates hard spots, assuring you of comfier rides than your stock seat.

A narrower nose than stock seats lets you firmly plant your feet on the ground/pavement—making this Mustang one of the Sportster seats for short riders. This seat is similar to the Sportster super reach solo seats for vertically challenged riders.

In terms of construction, Mustang uses the highest-quality expanded vinyl top covering for this seat. This makes the seat cover immune to harsh elements, fading and cracking, so it will serve you for a long period of time.

As if that’s not enough, its base plate is made from durable 16-gauge steel with powder coating for maximum rust resistance. It also features a built-in backrest receiver made from this quality material. And this allows you to easily add a removable, fully adjustable rider backrest to make your seat more comfortable and prevent sliding back.

Installing this new seat on your bike is a breeze. A Fender unit kit is included to make the installation easy for you. Don’t forget that this solo seat also has a pavilion (sold separately) which you can easily attach for comfortable 2-up riding.

Highlighted features:

  • Compatible with’ 04-’06 Harleys
  • Features a clean, vintage look
  • 12.5-inch wide seat for Harley Sportster
  • Trimmed with braided edge skirt
  • High-quality expanded vinyl top covering

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5. HTTMT MT500-004- Front Driver Solo Black Seat

HTTMT MT500-004- Front Driver Solo Black Seat Compatible with Harley Davidson Sportster XL1200X 48 72

The HTTMT MT500-004 solo seat takes the last spot on our list of top-rated seats for Harley Davidson Sportster. This is an exclusive seat for the Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200X 48 72 model.

This seat comes at a great price compared to most models on this list and will offer you great value for money. In other words, it’s a no-frills, functional seat that works better than your stock.

It is a 2-up seat, so it’s ideal for those looking for rear seats for Harley Davidson Sportster. The 2-up seat lets you comfortably ride with your partner. The front seat is 10 inches wide, while the rear is 7 inches wide. Both seats feature plenty of padding and are quite comfortable for long rides.

The black seat is designed to push you forward a bit, making it a great option for riders with short inseams.

This inexpensive solo seat is straightforward to set on your bike and fits great. It also looks pretty cool and will change the looks of your bike.

Durable synthetic leather and ABS plastic are used to construct this solo back seat. And this makes it long-lasting. The seat is available in up to 10 color options, so you can easily choose your desired color seat.

Highlighted features:

  • Made for Harley Sportster XL1200X 48 72
  • Sturdy synthetic leather and ABS plastic construction
  • Up to 10 colors to pick from
  • Features both rider and passenger seat
  • 10-inch rider and 7-inch passenger seats

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Sportster seat fitment guide

As you may already know, there are no universally fitting Sportster seats. Instead, the best Harley Sportster seat for you will depend on the make and model of your bike. The ideal seat should fit your bike perfectly without requiring any modifications.

This section will delve into more details about choosing the ideal seat that fits your bike.

Sportster seat

A good aftermarket seat for your Sportster should install just like your stock seat. It should utilize the same mounting hardware and points just like your original seat.

Checking the dimensions of the new seat can give you an idea of whether it will fit your motorcycle.

To correctly get motorcycle seat size, get the measurement of the widest point of the seat for the driver (known as the front width). Get the widest point of the passenger seat (i.e., the rear width).

Now compare the dimensions of the new seat to your stock seat and pick a model whose dimensions are closest to the OEM seat.

Sportster seat

PRO TIP: Most manufacturers usually provide the listing information for the compatible motorcycle models for their seats. This information will make it easy and fast to decide which seat will fit your bike.

Alternatively, you can reach out to the manufacturer or consult your Harley Davidson dealer on the perfect seat for your Sportster.


1. How can I make my Harley Sportster seat more comfortable?

You can make your Harley Sportster seat more comfortable by installing a seat pad. This installs on top of your seat and helps make your bike seat softer and more breathable.

Additional methods for improving seat comfort include building your own custom motorcycle seat, recovering the old foam and cover in your seat, and installing a backrest.

If you’re short, you may consider getting a seat for short rider. A good example is the Sportster super reach solo seats, which bring you close to the ground and hand controls on your bike for more comfortable riding.

But the ultimate option is replacing the OEM seat with a more comfortable aftermarket seat.

2. Can you Ride 2 up on a Sportster?

You can easily ride 2-up on your Sportster as long the individuals aren’t big guys. However, you may need to modify your bike, e.g., changing the suspension and switching to the most comfortable 2-up seat to enable the bike to hold for this new task.

3. How do you change the seat on a Harley Sportster?

Changing the seat on a Harley Sportster as you just need to use a Philips screwdriver to get rid of the current seat. Simply unbolt the seat from the rear fender.

Next, grip the seat at its rear and raise it above your motorcycle’s rearguard. Tweak the seat to move it away from the gas container to completely free it from the catch slot on the frame.

Finally, lift it out of the way, place the new seat in position, and attach it to the reader using bolts.

As long you pick a compatible seat, it should fit your Sportster without any problems.

3. How long does it take to get used to a new seat?

There’s no specific period that it will take for you to get used to a new seat. As long as you buy a comfy seat with good fit, you’ll get used to it quickly. Also, the more time you spend on your new seat, the faster you get used to it. You can try spending at least an hour on your new seat.

4. Do I need back support on my seat?

While you don’t necessarily need back support on your seat, it’s a great feature because it offers good lumbar support, so you can comfortably ride over long distances without any discomfort. Good back support is also helpful in holding you forward and keeping you from sliding on the seat, especially when accelerating.

Final words

Upgrading your Sportster’s seat is a sure way to transform your bike looks and ride experience. Most aftermarket options are designed to offer you much better comfort and features than your stock seat.

However, with so many options to choose from, finding the ideal seat can be a challenge. But after going through this guide, you should now have an idea of where to start and what to look for in your search for the best Harley Sportster seat.

Our top choices for the most popular aftermarket seats will help you easily find the perfect replacement seat to improve your Sportster experience!

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