Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

We all want the flexibility to run our generators with natural gas. That is the transitioning fuel from petroleum to electric.

The rationale for this is that natural gas requires minimal maintenance and also has a longer operating life, and is constantly available. However, the only method to get this advantage is to purchase or convert to a dual-fueled generator.

The good news is that you won’t have to go through hundreds of generators and tens of thousands of websites to find the finest one. We researched to find the best dual fuel inverter generator

We picked out the finest 10 multi-fuel generator which is also an inverter since clean power is essential for any generator. 

So, enough with the introduction; let’s get to work on the list!

10 Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Reviews

After going through countless reviews and options on the internet, we were able to list down these 10 dual-fuel inverter generators. So what are they?

1. Champion Power 4250-Watt Open Frame

Champion Power Equipment 200914 4250-Watt Open Frame Inverter Generator, Dual Fuel Technology

Highlighted Features:

  • Parallel Ready
  • Dual Fuel
  • Noise Level: 62 dB
  • Recoil Start
  • Engine: 4-stroke 224cc OHV
  • 90 Pounds

The 4250-watt Champion Power generator is the first we would like to talk about. It excels first and foremost as a high-power generator. It has a starting watt of 4250 and a running watt of 3500, which is more than enough to power your everyday appliances.

However, if you want to enjoy your time outdoors, you will need a quiet generator. The Champion dual fuel inverter generator only makes noises that are rated at 62 dB or less. When you consider the decibel levels, it’s one of the quietest generators on the market, almost as quiet as holding a conversation from afar.

The most significant characteristic of any Champion generator is its dependability. For one, they give a three-year warranty, and this is unusual among generator manufacturers. Additionally, if you encounter any problems, you will receive free lifelong tech assistance from them.

If you believe that 3500 operating watts will not be enough to power your heavy-duty appliances, it also provides the solution. You may use a technology known as parallel connect to attach another generator to it and achieve nearly double the watts.

With the Champion generator, you’ll find it very easy to connect up to two 3000 Watt generators, which is a significant amount of power. You will receive around 9000 freaking watts, according to calculations.

In terms of durability, reviews indicate that the material utilized is rather sturdy. Some people have been using it for years and have yet to experience any dents despite rigorous use. Despite its luxurious texture, you can’t complain about its durability.

However, you might face some difficulties installing this quiet dual fuel inverter generator. It’s recommended to take a look at the manual before doing anything and realizing later that you have messed up.

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2. Westinghouse Outdoor  iGen4500DFc

Westinghouse iGen4500DFc Super Quiet Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator, 4500 Peak Watts & 3700 Rated Watts, Remote Electric Start, Gas & Propane Powered, RV Ready, CO Sensor, Parallel Capable

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual Fuel
  • Remote Start
  • 105.8 Pounds
  • 3.4 Gallon Tank Volume
  • 3-year warranty
  • Compact design

Another 4000 ranged-watt generator, but this one from Westinghouse has an additional 200 running watts, for a total of 3700 watts. Leaving the wattage aside, the USB outlet facility is what drew our eye the most. The addition of a USB port to a generator is both modern and functional.

You may use the generator to charge your phone directly. It’s a complete deal-breaker when combined with inverter technology which provides stable power to your phone.

Having a smart generator is also something we seek as the world around us becomes smarter. The smart LED data center features the Westinghouse dual fuel inverter generator. You can monitor everything on the LED screen, whereas if it didn’t have one, you’d have to do it physically. Everything is displayed, starting from the fuel runtime to the fuel level.

if we speak about fuel runtime, the 4500-watt generator will provide you with an 18-hour runtime. Thanks to the fuel efficiency mode, this machine can run for an extended period.

Fortunately, for sound-level ratings, the Champion Power and Westinghouse generators conflict. While the Champion power produces 62 decibels of sound, the Westinghouse is rated at 52 decibels. However, don’t think that the 62dB is not quiet but this one is quieter.

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3. DuroMax XP2200EH

DuroMax XP2200EH Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator-2200 Watt Gas or Propane Powered Tailgate, Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue

Highlighted Features:

  • Recoil start
  • 1800 running watt
  • Dual fuel
  • 46 Pounds
  • 60dB Noise Level
  • Air cooling technology

After seeing the product you will not doubt that the generator is anything but portable. The generator has a sleek portable design and weighs only 53 pounds. We don’t recall ever seeing a generator with such a low weight and providing a 2200-watt power.

The portable dual fuel inverter generator has made every effort to minimize the heat radiation issue. The heat radiated is greatly reduced by the 4-cycle air conditioning system, and thus the surrounding area is not overheated.

However, the unfortunate aspect of this wonderful generator is that it comes with no warranty or technical support.

You just can’t expect any kind of sound pollution from this small generator. And your expectation is valid as this DuroMax generator only produces sound worth 60 dB.

Nonetheless, after considering how little it is, don’t underestimate its durability. The exterior is composed entirely of refined copper, allowing you to practice your boxing without fear of scratches or dents. Furthermore, the bottom side is made of plastic, however, it is one of the unique polymers ever made. All in all, with durability, you may lay back.

If considering the difficulty, the Duromax generators are the easiest to install. Because of its simplicity, it’s also known as a plug-and-play device. You may simply install it without any assistance if you have no prior experience.

You must also consider its fuel capacity when given its size. It has been compromised, and the gasoline capacity is now only a gallon. However, when compared to its volume, the runtime isn’t that awful. Thanks to the idle technology, you will get roughly 7 hours of backup with it.

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4. Champion Power 4500

Champion Power Equipment 200988 4500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator, Electric Start

Highlighted Features:

  • 97 pounds
  • 3-year warranty
  • Economy Mode
  • Parallel Ready
  • Engine: 4-stroke 212cc OHV
  • Noise level: 61 dBA

Another Champion generator with one of the most luxurious appearances of all time from our research. Even though this is a multi-fueled and inverter generator, it is a sleek and powerful generator. Its outstanding built quality and design will make you feel special with it.

Nonetheless, this monster starts at 4500 watts and runs at around 3500 watts, which is the same as the first Champion generator we discussed. The USB 12V outlet is a bonus on this device, as we already mentioned, and you already know how useful it is in emergency circumstances.

You will not, however, have to suffer and ponder how to start this beast. The starting procedure, on the other hand, is electric, and the switch is accessible in the panel. The generator will begin in no time with a simple toggle.

Due to the particular 2.3-gallon capacity, pouring certain fluids will provide you with a considerable runtime. With a full tank, you will get approximately 14 hours of backup and 22 hours of backup with propane. Yes, the difference is so great that it is nearly doubled.

Despite the amazing features, the installation is where you will get stuck. Installing and starting this dual power inverter generator will require a helping hand or two.

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5. Champion 3400-Watt

Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator with Electric Start

Highlighted Feature:

  • Noise Level: 59 dBA
  • 3-year warranty
  • 95.7 pounds
  • Economy Mode
  • USB Adapter
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.6 Gallon

Champion generators are showing up all over our best dual fuel inverter generator list. Nonetheless, this generator stands out from the rest of the Champion generators because of its mobility. However, the weight is the same as the others despite its size, and this one weighs 95.7 pounds. Taking its features into consideration, it’s the perfect choice for an RV user.

If you’re worried about its weight, you shouldn’t be. First and foremost, the weight is smaller than the weight that can be pulled with one hand. Second, there are two little wheels at the bottom, as well as a grip at the top, that allows it to be moved swiftly.

The output power of this device astonished us the most. Even though it has a smaller engine than the other generators, it has a starting watt of around 3400 watts and a running watt of 3100 watts. One of the reasons we name it the best dual fuel generator for RV is this.

Cold-Start Technology, on the other hand, is the second factor. It’s a common problem for those of us who travel a lot to different climates and wind up with a frozen generator that won’t start. Well, the Cold-Start Technology will undoubtedly solve your issue in a flash. This one will ensure that your generator is up and running regardless of the temperature.

Furthermore, in a chilly climate, you won’t even have to remove your gloves and flick the switch to restart this. All you have to do is go to your generator’s control center and turn it on with your fingertip. You won’t need to think about the gloves because it is compatible.

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6. Pulsar 2,200W

Pulsar 2,200W Portable Dual Fuel Quiet Inverter Generator with USB Outlet & Parallel Capability, CARB Compliant, PG2200BiS

Highlighted Features:

  • 2200 Starting Watt
  • Stable Sine Wave
  • Dual Fuel
  • One USB outlet
  • Air Cooled Engine
  • 8-hour runtime

This Pulsar generator can be lifted without ever having to go to the gym. With a weight of only 44 pounds and the ability to generate energy, you can pick it up with your fingertip. However, if you are searching for style, this one won’t satisfy you and won’t give you that premium feels when you get your hands on it.

You will receive around 1800 running watts, but if you own a lot of other appliances running and feel this one isn’t enough, hold tight. You may use the Parallel feature to connect two Pulsar generators and receive double the operating watts.

Despite being an inverter generator, it also includes a feature called Stable Sine Wave that provides extra clean energy. What it does is create mathematically precise and steady waves, which are superior to inverter-only waves. 

Moreover, you have that one 5V USB outlet present in the center. Unlike other generators that provide a 12V USB outlet, this one provides only 5. However, the fast charging option for smartphones is still available.

To talk about installation, it’s a breeze. Remove the cap, pour some juice over it, then reattach it. After that, just connect the Pulsar 2200 to your household appliances and you will start the gadget in seconds.

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7. WEN DF400i

WEN DF400i Super Quiet 4000-Watt Dual Fuel RV-Ready Electric Start Portable Inverter Generator with Fuel Shut-Off

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual Fuel
  • 58 dBA Noise Level
  • Starting Watt: 4000
  • Running Watt: 3200
  • 3-year warranty
  • Electric Start

With the WEN generator, you will never have to consider manually switching from natural gas to propane. It has built-in auto fuel selection technology, which chooses the optimal fuel to operate to provide the greatest output time possible. Making your generator self-contained is a smart option.

It also has an optimal mode to save as much fuel as possible, as well as a 2.3-gallon tank to store a lot of fuel in.

The Wen generator, dressed in an attractive black-and-orange costume, didn’t compromise on its durability. One can easily tell if the material is quite substantial just by holding it. Also, while this is not something we say only, the dual fuel inverter generator reviews speak the same thing.

The generator also has a fuel shutdown function to ensure that your engine lasts as long as possible. It transfers every residue fuel in your engine to the carburetor before shutting off. It’s a tried and true method that extends the life of your engine significantly.

Nonetheless, your Wen’s panel contains five receptacles. One of them is RV Ready, which means it can be plugged directly into your RV without any further engineering. Otherwise, you’d have to use an adaptor to connect.

This dual fuel RV generator can also be considered portable as well. Even though it weighs 113 pounds, the weight distribution is a work of art. It won’t feel like you are moving it at all. Furthermore, wheels are incorporated to make the moving procedure as simple as possible.

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8. Sportsman 3,500-Watt

Sportsman 3,500-Watt

Highlighted Features:

  • 3000 Running Watts
  • Recoil start
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dual Fuel
  • Easy to install
  • 212cc engine

The Sportsman generator is more concerned with durability than with any special features. You will find it easy to utilize the generator for more than 5 years because it is made of the best alloy steel. Furthermore, the edges are protected by hard rods, which protect your generator even if it is slipped out.

Because of their inadequate weight distribution, most high-quality manufactured generators weigh a ton. The Sportsman generator, on the other hand, manages to achieve this level of durability for only 83 pounds.

The 3500 watt dual fuel inverter generator does, however, come with a 7-horsepower engine. The 7 can create roughly 231000 foot-pounds of work every minute, so don’t overlook the 1-digit value. It’s more than enough of a powerful engine to keep your appliances running smoothly.

However, whereas this product’s fuel capacity is 3.2 gallons, the backup isn’t nearly as expected. If you use gasoline, you will get approximately 10 hours of backup, but if you use LPG, you will get around 12 hours. Because the statistics are true for 50% of engine use, we aren’t emphasizing these numbers.

Nonetheless, when compared to similar quiet generators that create just 60 dB of noise, this generator is quite loud. When the Sportsman is not in use, it emits about 70 decibels of noise, which increases when the engine is used at a higher load.

9. Champion 2000-watt

Champion 2000-watt

Highlighted Feature:

  • RV Ready
  • 80cc engine
  • Dual Fuel
  • Easy to install
  • Cold Start Technology
  • 3-year warranty and lifetime support

Another small dual fuel inverter generator from our research, weighing only 48 pounds, is ideal for travel. Whether you are traveling on a trip or to a remote location where electricity isn’t readily available. This little generator will undoubtedly come in handy in modest situations where power is critical to the trip’s success.

Nevertheless, you should expect to achieve around 2000 starting watts and 1600 running watts. The numbers aren’t big, but they’re enough to power your lights and air conditioner while also charging your phone simultaneously.

Your excursion will be successful if you can hear the sounds of nature. With the generator with a high dB rating, you will find it difficult to accomplish. The sound level produced by the Champion generator is 53 dBA, which is deemed quite.

This vehicle has a fuel capacity of 1.1 gallons. But it’s the Fuel Assist LED feature that makes it a fantastic dual fuel portable inverter generator. We typically have trouble refilling the fuel tank in the dark, and we either overfill it or underfill it. Your tank, on the other hand, will assist you by having an embedded LED light that will allow you to view the fuel level when filling.

You now have a digital power display that helps to keep track of all of your generator’s important features, including the fuel tank. Nevertheless, with a 50% load, you’ll get a backup of roughly 6 hours.

10. DuroMax XP4500iH

DuroMax XP4500iH

Highlighted Features:

  • 3,600 Running Watts 
  • 3-year warranty
  • Noise Level: 65 dB
  • 8 hours runtime
  • 2.64 Gallons Fuel Capacity
  • 223cc engine

We would like to introduce you to the Duromax dual fuel inverter generator, which is designed for residential usage. It’s a large beast to operate your home appliances with ease, with an output power of 4500 watts. Furthermore, the engine’s coils are built of pure copper, making it the ideal choice for running your generator on heavy-duty.

Furthermore, the engine is fitted with cooling technology, which provides consistent cooling to your engine. Having it is a blessing for any generator since, after a period, the generator becomes quite heated. The cooling system maintains it as chilly as possible, resulting in a good performance and no issues.

Isn’t it fantastic to have the flexibility to start our generator whilst in our room? With one of the largest dual fuel inverter generator, it’s possible. Remote and electric starts are both supported by the generator. You can turn on your generator from 60 feet away which we think is good enough.

The installation process, however, is the generator’s only flaw. The generator has several tricky insertion ports that will keep you guessing for a while. However, all you need is a YouTube video to learn about the ports and connections.

Generator Fuel Types

Let’s take a look at different generator fuels now that we’ve covered the finest dual-fuel generators. Knowing the multiple kinds offers you a better understanding of which fuel to use and which is most convenient for you.

We’ll look at the different types of fuel and their benefits and drawbacks so you don’t have to. Let’s get this started!

Generator Fuel Types

Before we get into the pros and cons, it’s important to note the fact that is, there are just three types of fuels to be aware of. The three most crucial ones to understand are propane, gasoline, and diesel.


If you’re searching for the most efficient, diesel is the greatest option. Increased piston pressures and related higher temperatures cause the engine to operate harder while using less energy. Furthermore, diesel is well-known for its reliability, which is why so many people choose it. 

Diesel is most likely to be found anywhere in town, and the price is unaffected by other circumstances. The downside is that one will not be rewarded for maintaining a clean environment. Diesel generators are notorious for their high carbon emissions.


If you’re searching for an eco-friendly badge from your commissioner, this is the one to utilize. Gasoline is mostly made up of methane, which ensures that it burns cleaner than other fuels. They are also less expensive than other alternatives.

However, if you wish to use it at a workplace or anything else that requires consistent electricity, gasoline generators are not the best option. Because you can’t keep that gasoline in your fuel tank every time, you’ll need some time to regain power because you’ll have to manually refill it.


Propane is indeed the safest option out of every one of them. To begin with, it burns cleanly, meaning you won’t be harming the environment. Second, you have unlimited time to retain it. This is the ideal solution when you’re not using your generator regularly because it has a long expiration date.


The only drawback is that this is inefficient. You probably wouldn’t get a lengthy runtime with these fuels because they burn sooner than the others.

Recoil Cord vs. Electric Start

Different starting methods are frequently seen in the generator industry. Some of them are electric, while others follow recoil protocols. There is also a remote start option, which allows you to start from a certain distance. 

However, even if the generator has a remote starting system, you will see that these two start systems are always present in the generator. It’s primarily due to reliability.

Recoil Cord vs. Electric Start

However, there is still some misconception about the differences between recoil and electric start, so we’ll explain.


After you buy a recoil start generator, you will notice a small grip point attached to the side of the generator. To start your generator, begin drawing it, and you will see a wire as soon as you begin pulling it. 

The engine will start if you keep it tugging for a few seconds. This is one of the most reliable starting methods since the starting mechanism relies on the kinetic energy you provide.

Electric Start

Having a generator that follows the electric start method is as simple as turning on a light. To turn it off or on, all you have to do is flick the switch up and down. However, there are two different sorts of electric start systems.

The first is the custom-built compartment in which the toggle switch is installed. Your switch is located in a separate section in the generator, where you can quickly turn it on and off. The second is on the generator panel, where you may view your generator’s stats. You’ll see a dial slot on the panel where you may start your engine by toggling it.

Does Honda Make Dual Fuel Inverter Generator?

Despite their reputation for being the finest engines ever, Honda does not produce dual fuel inverter generators. To ensure that their powerful engines do not go to waste, they have partnered with a few brands that utilize Honda engines.

Furthermore, by following a few simple steps, you may convert your generator to work on a Honda engine. 

Does Honda Make Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Nonetheless, switching to Honda engines is a good idea. They are more efficient than conventional generators and burn cleaner, which is beneficial to engines. Honda engines also require far less maintenance due to their robust nature.


In this section, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about generators and their insights. Let’s get this class going!

Why Dual-Fuel Inverter Generators are Better? 

It’s primarily about the flexibility of being powerful enough to run over both fuels instead of only one. If one sort of fuel is unavailable, you may be will obtain the other. In addition, a dual-fueled inverter generator is recognized for delivering renewable energy that is beneficial to your gadgets.

How does a dual fuel inverter generator work? is it worth it?

Dual inverter generators might be investigated further. You just turn the knob to inform the engine to operate on that specific oil. On the other hand, people have had the alternative of using a generator for more versatility.

Is it cheaper to run a generator on gasoline or propane?

Although gasoline is less expensive to purchase, propane is far more cost-effective in the long term. Because we don’t use generators very often, storing propane is simply more convenient.

Can you run a dual fuel inverter generator on natural gas?

Yes, since the engines are compatible, you might want to use natural gas as per dual fuel inverter generator reviews. While some can run on energy resources without a problem, others may need major changes.

Can a dual fuel RV inverter generator run a refrigerator?

It makes no difference if your generator is dual fuel or inverter. Only the watts required by your refrigerator and the running watts of your generator are important. If it’s more than double, you will be well running a refrigerator.

Does Briggs and Stratton make a dual fuel generator?

We don’t know for sure right now. Although Briggs & Stratton manufactures portable generators, we were unable to locate a dual-fuel one.

Final Words

Generators are an expensive purchase, and hence you should do it right the first time. This was the 10 best dual fuel inverter generator from our expertise. However, to find the one that suits you best, you should always consider your environment and mainly what fuels you’re willing to operate them at.

Hope we were able to answer your concerns, and it’s okay to be extra peculiar when making a big purchase. And with this, we hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Till next time, enjoy your day and be conscious of fuel usage!

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