10 Best 5000 Watt Generators of 2022 – Reviews

Generators are a lifesaver, especially with most regions experiencing regular blackouts. Natural disasters also interfere with power lines, compelling people to stay in the dark for weeks. 

If you get the best 5000 watt generator today, you would never have to worry about power outages. Such a generator can keep most essentials running unobstructed for days. The costs are also manageable compared to the losses you would incur without power. 

If you have a low tolerance for power disruptions, you certainly need one. But, these machines are intricate and expensive. Before buying one, you need to be sure it will meet your needs conveniently. 

Some critical aspects to consider include fuel type, stability, portability among others, and we’ve addressed them all in this piece. 

Let’s begin by reviewing the 10 leading 5000-watt generators in the market today.

List of Best 5000 Watt Generators:

 10 Best 5000 Watt Generators

Here is a compilation of our top picks as far as 5000-watt generators are concerned. All the products below are high-quality and come with circuit breakers for protection in case of current overload. As you review them, bear in mind that they all have a common denominator, and that is their high efficiency. 

1. Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250-Watt Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology

Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250-Watt Open Frame Inverter with Quiet Technology

Top on our list is this highly rated generator. It comes with an open-frame inverter shape that reduces noise significantly.  This smart technology makes the product 50 per cent quieter than the ordinary champion 5000 watt generator. 

Its eco mode minimizes current load by monitoring energy consumption. This, in return, ensures a better engine life and a healthier fuel economy. 

If you are looking for a high-power product, this generator has 6250 surge wattage and 5000 running wattage. You can rely on it to power your home comfortably in case of a blackout. Its wattage matches that of a craftsman 5000 watt generator.

Additionally, it boasts a prolonged runtime of up to 13.5 hours, making it a perfect fit. If you don’t like an overly noisy generator, this product is most suitable for you. Its noise volume is 69 dba, which is quite bearable. 

What’s best about it is its clean power that comes without voltage variations. You can connect your devices safely without the fear of damaging appliances’ internal voltages. Voltage fluctuation may not necessarily damage electronics, but it could destabilize their currents. 

Given that this generator uses gasoline, finding the fuel shouldn’t be a struggle. You will also enjoy increased portability and reduced noise. Maintaining your champion power generator is also pretty cheap, making it quite affordable. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • An ideal frequency of 60Hz
  • Uses  gasoline for easy maintenance
  • 20 percent lighter than an ordinary 5000-watt movable generator 
  • Digital inverter for portability and reduced noise 
  • Up to 13.5 hours runtime
  • 4-stroke 301cc OHV engine
  • 4.2-gallons gasoline capacity 
  • Eco mode monitor 
  • 6250 starting watt and 5000 running watt
  • 240 voltage for versatility 
  • Recoil start 
  • Locking RV outlet for improved safety and convenience

2. Westinghouse WGen5300s Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen5300s Portable Generator

This generator was designed with versatility in mind. It is your go-to product if you are looking for reliable power backup in one of the best 5000 watt generators. It comes with a 274cc OHV 4-stroke engine and can operate on a 4.7 gallon for 14.5 hours. 

What’s most interesting about this generator is its automatic low-oil shutdown. It switches off the engine when the oil levels go below a certain point. This safeguards your motor and engine from permanent damage.

We also find the generator’s control panel very unique. It comes with a digital readout that gives real-time details on servicing and repair. 

This WGen5300s generator takes the lead when it comes to portability. It is not only lightweight but also has wheels. 

Looking at its power supply, WGen5300s has 6600 start watts and 5300 running watts. It’s a perfect fit for your home because it can power most, if not, all your essential electronics. 

The electric start is equally an essential feature. Your old folks don’t have to struggle pulling a cord with a WGen5300s. Simply pressing or turning a button is all you need to switch on this generator. 

You will also enjoy WGen5300s’ optimal performance, thanks to its ready transfer switch. This switch ensures quick access to power whenever there’s a power blackout. It’s also RV-ready so you don’t need an independent adapter to plug the RV into the generator. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • Electric start
  • 4 power outlets
  • 6600 surge watts and 5300 running watts 
  • 274cc 4-stroke overhead valve engine for a more condensed size 
  • Durable cast iron straps with low oil shutoff sensor 
  • Computerized readout for easy detection of flaws 
  • Gasoline only
  • Up to 14.5 hours runtime 
  • Inbuilt fuel gauge 
  • 120/240 voltmeter selector switch for easy swapping between phases 
  • RV ready
  • Puncture-proof wheels for improved portability
  • Lifetime technical support 
  • Automatic voltage control 
  • 3-year limited warranty 
  • 68 dBA for reduced noise

3. WEN GN6000 6000-Watt RV-Ready Portable Generator

WEN GN6000 6000-Watt RV-Ready Portable Generator

If you are looking for a reliable 5000 watt RV generator to power your home or a construction site, this is the perfect product to buy. The WEN 6000-Watt RV-Ready Portable Generator comes with a dynamic 272cc 4 -stroke OHV engine. This, coupled with its 6000 start watts and 5000 running watts makes it an ideal choice for diverse environments. 

Portability is guaranteed because the generator comes with a wheel and handle. You will also find the computerized readout very fascinating. It monitors the voltage and frequency, making it easy for you to know when to schedule maintenance. 

This generator’s fuel tank accommodates up to 3.4 gallons of gasoline. This is enough to power your home for like 7.5 hours of 50 percent runtime. Being a genuinely durable generator, this product also comes with a 2-year warranty and reliable customer support. 

If you have limited storage, this generator is quite compact. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can also roll it over on wheels easily. 

Additionally, it is fairly quiet and very friendly to use in a home setup. With it you would never have to worry about power failure. Again, access to gasoline would never be an issue even in the event of an emergency. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 6000 start watt and 5000 running watt
  • 3.4 gallon of gasoline fuel
  • Operates for about 7.5 hours of 50 per cent runtime
  • 272cc OHV 4-stroke engine
  • Wheel and handle kit for effortless storage and ferrying 
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Lifetime customer assistance
  • Computerized readout for real-time updates
  • CARB compliant 

4. DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP5500EH Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved Dual Fuel Portable Generator

If you are looking for a reliable power supply, this is a product worth every penny. Its 224cc overhead valve engine can handle your residential power needs sufficiently. A starting and running wattage of 5500 and 4500 respectively takes care of all your basic power needs. 

The versatility of this generator is also something you will enjoy. It is the best 5500 watt portable generator that will give you value for your investment. You can comfortably run it on gasoline or propane. 

We have not even mentioned the low oil shut down feature that protects it from damages. It’s a product you can also use with RVs without doing any adjustments. For maximum power, you can run it at 120V and 240V concurrently, or at just 120V with maximal power. 

This generator comes in handy if you only need home power backup. It is also reasonably priced considering that its output is great. Noise should not be an issue because it’s not too loud to distract you from your normal activities. 

However, it’s advisable that you change the oil frequently. It’s a good way of maintaining your generator by flushing out impurities. This generator’s power panel will also excite you, but being a 5000 watt dual fuel generator will impress you more. 

It bears a variety of outlets for full-range compatibility with other devices. Further, you will find 12V direct current charging ports for exterior batteries. This ensures maximal convenience.  

Highlighted Features:

  • Reliable 224cc overhead valve engine 
  • MX2 technology for optimal power supply
  • Starting and running wattage of 5500 and 4500 watts respectively
  • Dual-fuel system accommodating both propane and gasoline for flexibility
  • Well featured power panel for enhanced compatibility 
  • A reliable voltage of 120V
  • Bearable noise 
  • Low oil shut down 
  • 3-year guarantee 

5. Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

This particular pick is one of the most powerful generators in the market today. It comes with a high dual-fuel capacity. This amazing product allows you to use either gasoline or LPG, leaving you with more choices in case of emergencies. 

It sorts out so many emergencies that may result from fuel shortages. The surge watts for gasoline is 12,000, while its continuous wattage is 9,500. The LPG option, on the other hand, comes with a start wattage of 800, and rated wattage of 8,550.

The engine for this generator is also very powerful. It has an electric-start button and comes as a single-cylinder with 457cc. Another thing worth noting is that it is OHV and uses air for cooling. The powder coating it comes with ensures resilience, so you won’t have to do constant repairs. 

When operating on gasoline, this generator can give you a whole 12 hours of unobstructed power supply at 50 percent load. The 8 gallons it holds is quite a lot to run you through the whole night without refueling. You cannot compare it with any other 5000 watt electric start generator in the industry today. 

As if that’s not enough, this product also bears collapsible handles and 10-inch wheels for improved portability and easy storage. When operating this generator, you should never worry about oil issues. The generator shuts down automatically in case oil goes below the required levels. 

It also controls voltage levels automatically, minimizing the chances of damaging your electronics. If you are particular about environment conservation, the LPG option will be favorable. This gas releases fewer radiations, thus very friendly to mother nature. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual-fuel system (liquefied petroleum gas and gasoline)
  • Highly portable and easy to store
  • Automatic low oil and voltage control 
  • Propane outlet
  • 457cc, OHV, electric start engine 
  • 12,000 start watts / 9,500 running watts for gasoline
  • Collapsible handles for convenience 
  • Powder coating on the engine for durability 
  • 120/240 voltage
  •  8 gal tank capacity
  • 4-stroke 
  • eco-friendly
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Highly portable due to wheels

6. Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator

Generac 7676 GP8000E Portable Generator

Is an electric start 5000 watt generator all you need as your home’s power backup? Look no further. Generac 7676 GP8000E is a portable generator with 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 continuous watts. 

Its power rush digital technology sets the product apart from many others. This technology allows the generator to generate more electric current when needed (can go up to 30 percent). It can go way above the specified wattage when propelling electric motors. 

It can run for 11 hours at half load without requiring you to refuel. Although it is configured to operate on natural gas, you can alter the settings during installation. However, it can only be reconfigured to run on liquefied propane.

One reason you can reconfigure it into a 5000 watt propane generator is that compared to natural gas, propane burns a lesser capacity per hour. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy the steel fuel tank that is highly durable. The 420cc, air-cooled OHV engine with a splash lubricant ensures a longer engine life. 

Unpleasant surprises will be far from you if you buy this generator. This is because it has a fit-in jack that maintains the battery charge. As such, unexpected power outages will always find you armed. 

Additionally, its outlets come with a cover for enhanced protection. We also noted that it has sturdy wheels and a retractable handle for easy transportation. If you forget about maintenance, this generator alerts you, thus averting unexpected failures. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 420cc OHV engine
  • Steel fuel tank for resilience
  • Electric start for simplified operations
  • Power rush technology for improved efficiency
  • 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 continuous watts
  • 11-hour runtime at half-load
  • Instant shut-down on low oil 
  • Steel tube crib for added strength 
  • 3-year limited consumer warranty
  • 1 year limited commercial warranty 

7. Powermate P0081600 Gas Generator 7500 Watt 49 ST, Powered by Generac

Powermate P0081600 Gas Generator 7500 Watt 49 ST, Powered by Generac

Powermate P0081600 Gas Generator 7500 Watt 49 ST is what you need if you are looking for performance. It is supported by a 420cc OHV engine that supplies uninterrupted power for a long time. When its 8-gallon gasoline tank is full, this generator runs for up to 14 hours at quarter load and 11 hours at half-load. 

The 7500 peak watts and 6000 running watts make this generator quite robust and versatile. It can do more than just power your essential electronics. If you need to take it to your construction site, you can do it effortlessly because it has wheels.

For convenience, this 7000 watt generator bears an hour meter. Its purpose is to keep a record of your runtime and servicing intervals. You can never skip service schedules because it alerts you when due for maintenance. 

Also, you never have to worry about engine damage. It automatically shuts down when oil levels go below the required levels. Its recoil start is also amazing as it comes with three operational features incorporated into a single dial. 

The cover on this generator’s outlets plays a critical role in protection. They do not only shield the outlets but also prevent debris entry. Such particles could contaminate your oil and gradually lead to engine damage. 

Backed by Generac, this generator is reliable, now that it is a global leader in manufacturing power products. The power dial integrating 3 different settings is a perfect example. You will also have little to worry about whenever you have to move it. 

A simple push and the wheels will roll to wherever. Its overall performance is better compared to its Coleman Powermate 5000w generator counterpart. If you need a Powermate though, go deeper into the specific features to determine your suit. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Powerful 420cc OHV engine
  • 8-gallon gasoline tank
  • Up to 14 hours runtime at quarter load
  • Powerdial for easy recoil starting
  • Wheels that never flatten for enhanced portability
  • 7500 starting watts and 6000 running watts for more power 
  • 14hours run-time at quarter load and 11 hours at half-load
  • 3-year guarantee for home and commercial use
  • Splash lubricant for prolonged engine-life 
  • Hour meter for controlled electric power flow 

8. 6954 – 8000 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator

6954 - 8000 Watt Electric Start Portable Generator

This GP8000E is a highly portable workhorse. It can run for up to 12 hours and has a low-tone damper that ensures quiet operations. This is an unmatched quiet 5000 watt generator you will never regret buying. 

Its fuel tank measures 7.5 gallons and has a gauge that shows when oil levels drop off. For maximal efficiency and improved mobility, this generator also comes with a foldable handle. It’s all you could ask for in terms of performance and resilience. 

While most generators have a recoil start, this one has both an electric and manual start. It mainly uses an electric start but has a recoil option for backup. The 420cc OHV engine is powerful so you can as well use it for outdoor activities. 

Moving it out isn’t a hassle either because this product is highly portable. The wheels it bears never flatten so you’ll never wake up to any disappointments. You can plan your events confidently provided the generator is well maintained.

Like any other machine, your GP8000E will ask for repairs and regular servicing. This happens because of constant use that triggers wear and tear. But, you don’t need to mark dates because it has an hour meter. This will constantly alert you when it’s time for service. 

Having a steel fuel tank is another plus for this generator. It is positioned properly so that you can see the gasoline gauge. In case you don’t check your gauge, still there’s no cause for alarm. This generator also has a low oil sensor that sends alerts when needed. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 7.5-gallon gasoline tank
  • 12 hours run-time 
  • 420cc OHV engine
  • Circuit breaker -protected power outlets
  • Both electric and recoil start for easy operations
  • Hour meter for giving servicing alerts
  • Low-tone damper for reduced noise
  • Ever-inflated wheels for increased portability
  • Steel gasoline tank for resilience 
  • 2-year limited warranty 

9. ONAN QG 7000 FOR RV


Onan QG 7000 for RV is certainly one of the best and quietest generators you can find in the market today. This Cummins product cannot compare to any 5000 watt rv generator in today’s market. Its vibration degree is also remarkably low. 

Onan QG comes with high technology like the ability to self-diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Its hemmed muffler ensures effortless installation. You don’t have to be a professional to operate it. 

It’s an LPG generator running two independent ACs with additional power. Another essential part of this generator is the digital voltage control. Even if the current flow fluctuates, your engine will be safe, thanks to the voltage control feature. 

Additionally, this device has an automatic start, taking convenience to a whole new level. If you are looking for quietness and innovativeness in the best RV generator, this is it. Cummins has done it for over 80 years, so quality is guaranteed. 

This RV generator does not only ensure a habitable environment by producing less noise but also fewer emissions. LPG is the friendliest compared to other fuels. The Earth would be a better place with emissions matching those of LPG.  

The Cummins Onan OHV engine also goes a long way in making this product a genuine horsepower. Even the best 5000 watt inverter generator cannot match this result-oriented Onan. The fact that it comes with a lifetime drive guarantee tells you something about its quality. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses LPG
  • A voltage of 120
  • In-built damper for maximum silence
  • Computerized voltage control
  • 3-year limited guarantee
  • Lifetime drive guarantee
  • Bears factory original equipment manufacturer covering 
  • Self-troubleshooting capabilities
  • 7000 watts
  • Environment-friendly 
  • OHV Cummins engine 

10. Honda EU7000iS 

Honda EU7000iS

No doubt this is the best 5000 watt inverter generator you can work with today. It can conveniently handle a broad range of devices. It can power not just your home, but also RVs and any occasions you may have outside your home. 

You will particularly enjoy its quiet operations and unmatched fuel efficiency. Being an electric start, it is usually very easy to start this generator. There’s no pulling a cord, all you need is to press a button, and voila! Let there be power!

This generator can also detect carbon monoxide leakage, thanks to its advanced technology. When it comes to storage and transportation, this is your go-to fit. Its lockable handles can be lifted to ease transportation and retracted for easy storage. 

Operating at 52 to 58 dB(A) means that this generator produces less noise than an ordinary conversation. Supplementing your RV power has never been better. This generator’s engine doesn’t constantly run at maximum speed, making it more silent. 

Talking about voltage, you have the freedom to choose between 120/240 V and 120 volts alone. You can select the option that produces more power, depending on your wattage needs. To assure you of quality, the manufacturer gives you a 3-year guarantee on every part of this generator. 

We can’t close this chapter without talking about this generator’s standard wheel kit. You can maneuver it so easily without fearing its heavyweight. It’s so convenient that you will never require the input of a third party to move it to whichever place. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Low oil sensor
  • Fuel gauge for engine protection 
  • GFCI outlets
  • Electric start button
  • 120/240V for added versatility
  • Digital voltage, wattage, and RPM monitor
  • Inverter technology for additional cleaner power
  • Exceptionally low noises
  • Comes with an app and the ability to connect to Bluetooth 
  • Lower emissions, thus eco-friendly 

Is 5000 Watts Enough to Power a House?

Basically, a generator comes in handy when there’s a power outage. A 5000-watt generator is good enough for backup power, but not for permanent use. It is designed to take care of regular power shut-offs and outages. 

If it’s the best 5kw generator like those in our list above, it can power devices with a 5000 wattage when combined. Like, you can run your small kitchen gadgets like a water kettle and juicer simultaneously, but not the large ones. Any devices whose peak and running wattage will exceed 5000 will trip your circuit breaker.

Is 5000 Watts Enough to Power a House

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your washing machine. You can use it, but at a time when no other huge gadget is running. At the same time, you must confirm the gadget’s start watts. Don’t even attempt to run a high wattage appliance on your 5000-watt generator. 

If, for instance, your dryer requires a start watt that’s more than 5000, it will not work with a 5000-watt generator. Even if you run it alone, your circuit breaker will trip. That means your generator will shut down automatically to prevent damage. 

However, if you need a generator to serve for a long time, this may not be helpful. It could only work if it’s an outdoor event that doesn’t require you to be there for long. For a permanent power supply, you need a higher wattage. Again, the actual size is determined by your power needs.


If your circuit keeps tripping, it means you’re overloading it. Inasmuch as it prevents damage, this shouldn’t happen repeatedly. There should not be any joy in setting a tripped breaker. The best thing should be to unplug all inessential gadgets during an outage. 

5000 Watt Generator

If you keep overloading your generator, the worst may happen some day. Yes, your guess is as good as mine- the breaker may fail. Should this happen, you need immediate replacement because you risk a fire outbreak. 

How Big of a Generator do I Need for a 3000 sq ft House?

Sizing a generator based on the house size can only give you a rough estimate. You have to narrow it down to the basics like the appliances you want to be powered by the generator. Now, for a 3000 sq ft house, you need an approximate of 12.5-14kW for 48,000 BTUs and 6000BTUs respectively.

 But, you have to go into further details and determine your starting load watts for the entire home. Alternatively, you can analyze your annual utility and choose the highest. You can then use that bill to compute the total watts spent for the month. Such information can help you select a generator reliably. 

Hot tip: Always check the manufacturer labels to determine the actual starting watts for your various appliances. If not, then search online, clearly indicating ‘surge/start/peak’ watts. 

After calculating the total watts for all your appliances, you can now tell the generator size that’s fit for you. Our list above takes care of various house sizes, so be sure to find an ideal fit there. 

5000 Watt Generator

Sometimes the total watts may fall between two generator sizes. In such a case, you can always round it off to the largest generator size. Avoid taking the smaller size if you don’t want to risk possible tripping. 

If you are not sure about the wattage for your various appliances, you can check it up online. But, remember to indicate the brand and all other relevant details you have. The best thing about the internet is that it shows you images as well. You can always confirm such crucial details instead of buying an ineffective generator. 

Choosing from the generators in our list will be a plus. They are high-efficiency products. They are all manufactured by reliable brands and come with great customer support. Most importantly, they are fuel-efficient, so you will get value for your money. 


If you’re contemplating buying a good generator, you may have many what-ifs. But, the bottom line is getting value for your money. Below are questions we compiled to help you crack some questions. 

1. What is the quietest 5000 Watt generator in our list?

EU7000iS is the quietest 5000-watt generator in this list, having a noise level of 52-58 decibels. This noise level is so low that your neighbors wouldn’t know when your generator is running. This model comes with an eco-inhibitor that further suppresses the noise. 

2. Will a 5000 watt generator run a camper?

Certainly. Any of the 5000-watt generators in our list is the ideal choice for large RVs. We believe you will not be using all your electronic gadgets simultaneously. Also, it’s less likely that you will have high-wattage appliances in your camper. 

3. What Can I Run With A 5000 Watt Generator?

A 5000-watt generator is powerful enough to run your most essential electronics. You can run basically everything, the refrigerator, water heater, toaster, juicer et all. But, you can only run low-watt appliances together and large ones alone to avoid exceeding the 5000 watts limit. 

4. Can I pair my generator with another generator to boost power?

Yes. This is called paralleling and it’s applicable where both generators have the capability. However, you should consider both generators’ sizes. Usually, if you have a smaller generator than the other, its wattage tends to limit the output. If you want to power large appliances and RVs, then use high wattage generators. 

5. Does Honda make a 5000 watt inverter generator?

Yes. Honda is known for producing super-efficient, quiet inverter generators. They have a broad range of productions ranging from 1000-7000 watts. All their inverter generators are known for their unparalleled efficiency and eco-friendliness. A perfect example in our list is the EU7000iS. 

6. How long will a 5000 watt generator run on 5 gallons​ of gas?

Anywhere between 5 to 16 hours. Most modern generators have an idle mode feature. It ensures your generator runs longer (about 16 hours) when the load is way below 5000 watts. If the load is anywhere close to 5000 watts, 5 gallons of gas are likely to last about 5-8 hours. 

But, not all generators will have this feature. It’s upon you to confirm before purchasing. It may not look like a significant feature when buying, but later you will realize it is. The deal gets even better because it turns on and off automatically.

Final words 

We believe you are here because you need a backup power system in a good generator. Fortunately, you can evaluate our list and choose the best 5000 watt generator based on your needs. In your selection, we urge you to highly consider how much power you use. Do not merely consider the price, because your power requirements are also unique. 

When you determine the required power quantities, it becomes easy to purchase the right generator. Looking at each product, you will realize they have some unique features, despite having almost similar sizes. Those are the features that should guide your selection to avoid disappointments.