Best 50 Amp RV Generator

Since you’re here, you’ve likely got a 50 amp RV without a built-in generator. It’s actually alright to own an older class A motorhome or a 50 amp travel trailer. 

And you don’t have to worry about not having a built-in power source during a power outage or absence of shore power because you can opt for an easy alternative — a portable generator.

Don’t even bother whether the RV parks or resorts have a 50 amp outlet. Just be smart to choose the best 50 amp RV generator to run all those power-hungry (hungrier than 30A system) appliances wherever you go.

But the job is a little challenging as you’ve got a lot of things to consider, including the right size, safety features, runtime, fuel economy, ease of start, and more. 

Luckily, you’ve got us doing all the research and testing for you to come up with a range of options for the best portable generator for 50 amp RV. Now with all these choices, let’s investigate what makes them stand out in the crowd!

List of Best 50 Amp RV Generator:

10 Best Generator for 50 Amp RV

Find out which portable generators satisfied us to make it to the top 10 list. You should be good to find the best generator for 50 amp RV from these options below. Let’s check out.

1. Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen9500DFc Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen9500DFc Dual Fuel Home Backup Portable Generator, 12500 Peak Watts & 9500 Rated Watts, Remote Electric Start, Transfer Switch Ready, Gas and Propane Powered, CO Sensor, CARB Compliant

Highlighted Features:

  • 457CC 4-Stroke OHV Engine
  • 30A and 50A transfer switch
  • Automatic Low-oil and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Shutdown
  • Digital hour meter and fuel gauge
  • It runs on gasoline and propane
  • Wireless remote control start
  • CARB-compliant
  • 3-year warranty and lifetime free technical support

Since we’re looking for a big RV 50 amp generator, this one from Westinghouse drew our attention for its 9500/12500 optimal wattage capacity and balanced fuel economy. We’ve found it a great combination for frequent RVers.

It consumes around 0.67 gallons per hour at 75% load, whereas the big 12000/15000-watt generators consume roughly 1 gallon at 50% load. So you can remain economical even after powering up your microwave, fans, lights, and even the air conditioning unit. 

The eco mode option can help you further increase fuel efficiency. It has a large fuel tank to provide a runtime of up to 12-14 hours at 50% load.

Westinghouse generator is almost a plug-n-play unit that requires minimal assembly. It comes with a tool kit, an instruction manual, oil, an oil funnel, and a 12V battery charger. So you can complete the installation and assembly right out of the box.

The unit comes with a wireless remote key fob Which is a major highlight of this gen. It also has the push-button electric start and pull-string recoil start option in case the remote doesn’t work.

It’s compatible with both 30A and 50A RVs, and that’s why you’ve got a Transfer Switch Ready 120V L14-30R and an RV-ready 120/240V 14–50R outlet along with the regular household outlets. All the outlets are covered by rubber for maximum protection. It’s not parallel-ready and doesn’t include any outlet to increase power output.

The generator is rugged and comes with all the standard safety features. It includes a high-quality cast-iron sleeve that provides perfect protection to the engine. The control panel is quite convenient with appropriate labeling. 

You get a handle, wheels, and lift bracket for easy portability. So move it during your outings with ease. It’s a fairly quiet 50 amp RV generator and has a tolerable noise level. All in all, the gen checks pretty much all the boxes for us.

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2. DuroMax XP8500E Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroMax XP8500E Gas Powered Portable Generator-8500 Watt Electric Start-Camping & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Blue/Black

Highlighted Features:

  • 420CC 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Runs on gasoline
  • 7.9 gallons fuel tank capacity
  • Includes 12V DC charging posts and a voltmeter in the power panel
  • Low-oil shut off
  • CARB compliant
  • 3-year residential and 1-year commercial warranty

Some may think going for a power generator with starting wattage of around 12000 watts is a must for 50 amp RVs. But it isn’t. A generator with such power can be expensive and unnecessary if you don’t have too many appliances to run. 

So what could be an economic generator for your 50 amp RV? Check out the super-economical XP8500E model from Duromax here. This gas-powered generator provides an amperage of 36.6 amp, which you may think is a matter of concern for your 50 amp RV. 

But you can easily resolve it using an adapter. Its 120V/240V electrical system and wattage rating (8500 starting watts and 7000 running watts) are perfectly suitable for your 50A motorhome electronics.

Apart from using the adapter, it sets you right up regarding the assembly. The box includes a toolset, oil funnel, spark plug wrench, dc charging cables, wheel kit, handle, and an instruction manual. So you can assemble and do the whole installation part easily on your own. Simply, add oil to get started in no real-time.

In terms of fuel efficiency, the recently integrated Auto Throttle or Idle Control technology appears to operate well in terms of maintaining RPM under various loads in order to improve fuel efficiency. Its run time is pretty much close to the claimed 11.5 hours even after running common appliances at 50% load. There’s no eco-mode and probably not required as well.

The electric start is convenient, while you also have the pull-string start as the second option. It’s completely RV-ready with a range of 120V AC outlets(four) and 120/240V 30 amp twist lock outlet (one). But you’ll need an adapter to use it for your 50 amp RV. There’s no parallel ready socket as well. Duromax’s exclusive MX2 Technology helps draw maximum power from each of its receptacles. 

It seems well built with high-quality steel. The compact footprints, wheels, and handle make it pretty convenient to maneuver and transport. The inclusion of a 50 amp RV outlet could’ve improved its value. 

Its major downside is the rattling noise(72 dBA) and a not-so-convincing warranty or after-sales support. DuroMax should look to improve it. 

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3. DuroStar DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator

DuroMax DS10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator-10000 Watt Electric Start-Home Back Up & RV Ready, 50 State Approved, Red/Black

Highlighted Features:

  • Durostar 440CC OHV Engine
  • Features Surge-arrest Technology
  • 50 AMP dedicated RV outlet
  • The power panel includes a voltmeter
  • Low-oil indicator and automatic overload protection
  • Built-in fuel gauge
  • CARB-compliant and EPA-approved
  • 3-year limited warranty

If you find 8500/7500-watts insufficient for your 50 amp RV, we offer you a more powerful workhorse here and from the same manufacturer — DuroMax.

With 10000 starting or peak watts and 9000 running watts, DuroStar DS10000E is powerful enough to run multiple high-voltage appliances and heavy-duty power tools. Yet, it’s quite economical in both the initial cost and the fuel economy.

Installing this unit is pretty much similar to setting up any other generator from DuroMax. It includes similar accessories like the toolset, foldable handle, wheel kit, spark plug wrench, oil funnel, dc charging cables, oil funnel, and an instruction manual. So it takes minimal effort to set it up.

It runs on gasoline only, and that’s alright when you consider the price. The large 8.3 gallon fuel capacity can provide a runtime of up to 10 hours at 50% load. The 0.83 GPH fuel consumption is decent enough for a powerful generator like this. 

Regarding start, it offers both the recoil and push-button electric start for added convenience. This is a portable generator with 50 amp RV outlet. It has five AC outlets, including one 120/240V 50A 14-50R receptacle. You can use this receptacle to connect the TT-30R adaptor to plug your RV. 

Moreover, it’s a transfer switch ready gen where you can use an automatic transfer switch to supply power to all your RV appliances regardless of the amperage rating (30A or 50A). It doesn’t include any parallel-ready socket.

Yeah, it’s a portable power station with an open-frame design. With the wheel kit and handle attached, you can maneuver it over any terrain on your RV trip. All-metal construction with all-copper windings make it a high-quality unit to check out. The engine stays protected from any hazard. However, the welds aren’t the strongest and could’ve been better. 

Talking about its noise level, it’s noisier than what we’ve anticipated. It produces around 72 dBA at a 10 ft distance, which is just alright for a generator like this.

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4. WEN DF1100T Dual Fuel Portable Generator

WEN DF1100T 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator with Wheel Kit and Electric Start - CARB Compliant, Black

Highlighted Features:

  • 457CC 4-stroke OHV engine
  • 6.6 gallons fuel tank capacity
  • Automatic voltage regulator, low oil shutoff, and overload protection
  • Includes 12V DC Cigarette & Lighter style plug
  • CARB and EPA approved
  • 2-year product warranty

Let’s bring in a more powerful generator for a 50 amp RV. In fact, a dual fuel one! We’re talking about the WEN DF1100T that can produce starting and running watts of up to 11000/8300 watts (gasoline) and 9500/7500 watts (propane). These ratings should be more than enough for all your travel electricity needs.

It’s a dual fuel generator, and you can switch between gasoline and propane using a convenient selection dial. Its 120V/240V voltage rating is compatible with emergency backup and transfer switches. The unit has a higher fuel consumption, which is expected with a bigger generator. It can provide a backup time of around 8.5 hours at 50% load on gasoline and around 3 hours on LPG.

Assembling and installing the unit is pretty straightforward. Simply attach the wheels, handle, and pads using the toolset. There’s also a 47-inch LPG Hose included for easy connection to the propane tanks. You also get battery cables and a bottle of oil in the package.

The 120V/240V (NEMA 14-50R) 50A receptacle allows you to directly plug your 50 amp RV cord. You also get five more AC outlets, including four GFCI and one twist-lock outlet, and a 12V DC outlet for charging. But there isn’t any parallel-ready socket included in the unit.

There’s a convenient LCD multimeter for displaying data such as runtime, voltage, frequency, etc.  The gen comes with all the standard safety features, including AVR and overload protection. Moreover, the unit is made of high-quality, durable steel, while the engine has a protective shield around it for maximum protection.

It comes with a dual start option, the electric start is as convenient as starting a car, and the recoil start is alright. The noise level is well under the tolerance level.

The unit is very heavy and is challenging to transport. But the wheels make it maneuverable, while the fold-down handle provides extra leverage for added convenience.

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5. Pulsar G12KBN Portable Dual Fuel Generator 

Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator - 9500 Rated Watts & 12000 Peak Watts - Gas & LPG - Electric Start - Transfer Switch & RV Ready - CARB Compliant

Highlighted Features:

  • 457CC 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Runs on both gas and LPG
  • 8 gallons fuel tank capacity
  • Digital multimeter for Volt, Frequency, and Hour
  • CARB-compliant
  • 1-year limited warranty

You need something bigger and better if you’ve got a big list of appliances to run in your 50 amp RV. Here we’ve got the Pulsar G12KBN that generates enough power to handle anything thrown at it.

The ratings of 12000 starting watts with 9500 running watts on gasoline and 10800 starting watts and 8550 running watts on LP give you an idea about how powerful this generator is. 

This dual fuel generator runs on both gasoline and liquid propane. Since LPG is more available in stores than other fuel options, it’s great to have this option in an emergency.

The huge fuel tank can provide 12 hours of uninterrupted operation at 50% load on gasoline. More to its convenience includes the 3-in-1 digital meter, low-oil monitor & shutdown, and automatic voltage regulator.

Now talking about its outlets, it has five AC outlets, including four 120V AC outlets and a dedicated 120/240V 50 amp outlet for plugging your RV. Like any other 50 amp portable RV generator, there’s also a 12V DC outlet for charging. It’s not a parallel-ready gen, so you can’t increase the power output.

It comes almost ready for your service. Apart from attaching the wheels and handle, you’ve to install its supporting legs for a more stable setup. There’s a tool kit, a propane hose, and an instruction manual to help you. The rest of the work is pretty much similar to all other gens, like adding oil and fuel or attaching battery cables.

The unit is made of high-quality steel and protected by a durable powder-coated frame. So your engine remains in better shape. The generator is heavier; however, the fold-down handles along with the big wheels make the mobility and storage pretty convenient. It’s a little noisy but not the noisiest for its class.

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6. A-iPower SUA7000C Gas Powered Portable Generator

A-iPower SUA7000C 7000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator, Wheel Kit Included

Highlighted Features:

  • 389CC 4-stroke OHV Engine
  • Gasoline-powered and recoil start
  • 7 gallons fuel tank capacity
  • Digital data center and built-in fuel gauge
  • EPA-approved
  • 2-year limited warranty policy

Can’t decide what generator capacity you should go for your 50 amp RV? How about a brand that offers a wide range of wattage ratings making you choose your most suited one? We’re talking about A-iPower portable generators. You can go with this 7000-watt option or choose a higher capacity one based on your needs (From 4500 to up to 15000 starting watts). 

We’ve chosen this model, keeping the fuel economy in mind. But what we’re most impressed with is its quality and convenience. The generator comes with a factory-installed handle, so you just have to attach the wheel kit. To get started, you get a spark plug socket, 1-quart engine oil, and a clearly instructed user manual included in the package.

This gas-based generator has quite a large fuel tank to provide a backup time of around 12 hours at 50% load, which is pretty economical for gen like this. (no eco-mode). It can produce up to 6000 running watts to power most of your RV appliances. 

Although it can run 50A appliances without an issue, it’s not really an RV-ready generator to run 50 amp RV appliances. But luckily, it’s a transfer switch-ready unit that can power your 50 amp appliances the moment you hook it up to the transfer switch.

 It has all the regular AC outlets, including four GFCI 120V 20A outlets and a 120/240V 30A outlet. You also get multi-port 12V USB-ready outlets. And all of these outlets are covered by rubber for added safety. It’s not parallel-ready, so it doesn’t include parallel sockets.

The unit comes with a quite convenient recoil start, and it should work at the first or second pull. Some other features include a low-oil indicator, a fuel gauge, and a digital data center that provides great ease of use. It also has safety features like automatic low-oil shutoff and overload protection.

It’s made of high-quality metal construction and a powder-coated steel frame protecting the core. The wheels and fold-down handles are rugged, making it quite convenient for portability. It produces a noise level of around 74 dBA, which is quite loud. But when you consider the size and power, it’s quite reasonable.

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7. Champion 7500-Watt Power Equipment Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 201004 9375/7500-Watt Portable Generator, Wireless Remote Start

Highlighted Features:

  • 420CC 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Gasoline-powered with recoil, electric, and wireless remote start
  • Intelligauge Data Center for tracking Voltage, Frequency, and Hours
  • Built-in Volt-Guard surge protector for overload protection
  • EPA-certified and CARB-compliant
  • 3-year warranty and free lifetime technical support

Wondering where the hell is Champion Portable Generator in the list? Here you go! It comes with a mid-range power capacity of 9375 starting watts and 7500 running watts, but it’s still good enough to run both your air conditioner and microwave at the same time in your 50 amp RV.

It comes almost assembled; you only have to attach the wheel kit and add some engine oil using the oil funnel included in the package. It should take you around 5 minutes to complete the installation (if you follow the instruction manual properly).

This Champion generator is a real champ when it comes to starting options. It includes both the wireless remote and push-button electric start options. Both these options are highly convenient and effective. You can control(start/stop) the gen using the remote key fob from up to 80ft distance. 

The electric start includes a battery and can be enabled using the 3-way ignition switch. It also comes with the Cold Start Technology, which is quite effective in sub-zero temperatures (could have issues at times, though).

It runs on gasoline and can provide up to 8 hours of runtime on a full tank at 50% load. The runtime is slightly on the lower side and doesn’t include an eco mode.

Now talking about how ready it’s for your 50 amp RV, it’s very much ready with the dedicated 120/240V 50A outlet. It also has four 120V GFCI outlets and a 120/240V 30A lock-twist outlet. So you’ll hardly have any compatibility issues. It’s not parallel-ready like most big, 50 amp generators.

The unit comes with a convenient data center to track power output and maintenance intervals. The safety features include overload protection and low-oil shutoff. The 74 dBA from 23 ft distance makes it a fairly loud generator, but definitely not the loudest in its class.

It’s made of durable and high-quality metal construction. The unit is pretty heavy and moving a generator of this size is always challenging. But you can move the Champion like a champ with the convenient wheel and handle kit.

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8. WEN GN9500 RV Ready 120V/240V Portable Power Generator

WEN GN9500 RV Ready 120V/240V Portable Power Generator

Highlighted Features:

  • 500CC 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Single and dual fuel option
  • Remote Electric Start
  • Digital data center for tracking voltage, 
  • Includes spark-arrestor
  • EPA and CARB compliant with a 2-year warranty

Need a bigger WEN generator for your 50 amp RV? GN9500 is what you’re probably looking for to power up all your travel necessities. Have the best outing with your family with this powerful transfer-switch-ready generator. It comes with 9500 starting and 7500 running watts, making it an ideal alternative to the expensive, hefty standby units.

Wen generators are pretty easy to assemble. Apart from adding oil or attaching the wheel and handle kit, you’ve got nothing much to do with its installation.

It’s available as both single fuel (only gasoline) and dual fuel (gasoline and propane) options. We’re reviewing the single fuel model here. The fuel tank is large enough to provide a backup time of up to 7.5 hours at 50% load. Considering the generator specs, it’s a decent runtime and should be enough for most of your trips. It doesn’t have an eco mode.

The remote control electric start is a major highlight of this product. You can switch on/off your unit from up to 160 ft distance. It’s really convenient when you’re out at the campsite. There’s a backup recoil start, but it works with the propane option (for the dual fuel model).

Now, coming to the RV-ready factor, it’s a 50 amp RV ready generator with a TT-30R receptacle. But to plug your 50 amp RV, you need a transfer switch, and luckily it has the transfer switch outlet (NEMA L5-30R) to power all your appliances. The gen comes with four more household outlets and a DC outlet. 

It’s not a parallel-ready unit and doesn’t have sockets to connect more generators. The unit comes with a convenient onboard digital data center for easy tracking of different parameters. Regarding safety features, the generator includes a circuit breaker for each outlet, a low-oil indicator, and a low-oil shutdown option.

The quality looks rock solid and durable. It comes with a convenient wheel and handles kit providing easy transportability.



Highlighted Features:

  • Includes Spark-arresting Muffler
  • USDA Forest Sevice certified
  • Gasoline-powered
  • Includes Spin-on Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Receptacle Air Cleaner, and One-touch Stop Button
  • Overload and overcrank protection
  • EPA and CARB compliant
  • 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime drive warranty

How about an RV generator running an air conditioner and a microwave with power to spare? Yeah, that’s absolutely possible with the Onan QG7000. It’s the beast that every RVer dreams of. We know it’s an expensive generator, but this is definitely the go-to option if you’re a luxurious camper who wants the best for the motorhome.

This Onan generator has 7000 starting watts and 5500 running watts rating. It’s an exceptionally convenient unit when it comes to integrating it into your RV. Many Onan gens come in-built with many RV campers; even if yours doesn’t, you have an integrated design and enclosed muffler for convenient installation. 

The unit is RV-ready and comes with a 120/240V 30A outlet. You can transform it into the Onan 50 amp RV generator with an extra adapter. There are no parallel-ready sockets in the unit.

The QG or Quiet Gasoline series indicates its gasoline fuel type (which generally provides a runtime of 8 hours up to 20 hours) and the quiet operation (probably the quietest in its class). How come it’s so quiet? 

There are several reasons for that, including the muffler enclosure and four-point vibration isolation system. It has a noise level of 60 dBA at 50 ft and 69 dBA at 10 ft distance that meets National Park Service-Sound Level Specification.

It comes with the exclusive Electronic Fuel Injection or EFI system (you don’t get this with many generators) for improved performance and maximum fuel efficiency. It incorporated an EFI Fuel Pump Kit as well.

The generator features a remote start connector to get you started in a second. The Onan QG generator comes with all standard safety features, including a frequency regulator, digital voltage regulator, and circuit breakers for each outlet. 

Most of it all, it has Onan’s exclusive Microprocessor-based Diagnostic and Troubleshooting system for almost maintenance-free operation. The quality and durability of the product are phenomenal. This factor is one of those that justify its expensive price tag as well. 

It’s probably the most conveniently portable generator for its size constraints. The unit doesn’t include any handle or wheels (you’ll not really need that). But it’s quite heavy. Finally, what we can say is if you aren’t concerned about the budget, it surely makes the best 50 amp generator for RV.

10. Champion Portable Generator – 9500 Watt, 50 Amp & RV Plugs

Champion Portable Generator – 9500 Watt, 50 Amp & RV Plugs

Highlighted Features:

  • 439CC 4-stroke OHV engine
  • Gasoline-powered with electric and recoil start
  • 6.1 gallons fuel tank capacity
  • Includes spark-arrestor, low-oil indicator, and shutdown option
  • Fuel gauge and hour meter
  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • 2-year warranty

A Champion Generator with 50 amp RV plug! Sounds great, right? The 439CC OHV engine might be slightly less powerful than the previously mentioned Champion model; however, it produces equal power with 9500 starting watts and 7500 running watts. So it’s a workhorse you can’t really ignore.

It’s pretty easy to assemble the unit and get done with its installation; simply attach the wheel kit and handle to complete the assembly. It also has a spark plug socket and an oil funnel to get you started right up.

It runs on gasoline and has a large fuel tank to provide a backup time of up to 8 hours at 50% load. You should have almost all your appliances running for such a decent runtime. There’s no eco-mode option in this unit.

The 120/240V 50 amp RV plug makes it an RV-ready generator. So you won’t need an additional adapter. There’s also a 30 amp outlet as well. It doesn’t include any parallel sockets and isn’t a parallel-ready unit.

The unit is pretty convenient to use with the hour meter and fuel gauge. You know when you run out of oil and when it’s a better time to refill.

The electric and recoil start both works smoothly. You’ll feel like starting your car while using the battery-included electric start. The recoil should also start at the first or second pull.

The tubular steel enclosure is durable and looks strong with high-quality construction. It’s heavy yet portable with a convenient handle and wheel kit. The unit produces a noise level of 74 dBA, which is slightly louder than a vacuum cleaner. And that’s tolerable.

Are most RV parks 30 or 50 amp?

Most RV parks come with 30 amp receptacles; however, quite a few have 50 amp power outlets as well.

Are most RV parks 30 or 50 amp

What can a 50 amp RV generator run? 

If you’ve got a 50 amp RV generator with 12000 watts, it can simultaneously run air conditioners, TVs, microwaves, and other electronic appliances.

What can a 50 amp RV generator run

How much electricity does a 50 amp RV use?

A 50 amp RV can use up to 12000 watts based on the electrical appliances you run.

How much electricity does a 50 amp RV use


Let’s get some of your FAQs answered right down below.

1. What size generator do I need for a 50-amp RV?

The right size for a 50 amp RV inverter generator depends on the electrical needs and the number of appliances you’re going to run. It generally starts from a minimum rating of 4000 watts and goes up to the maximum rating of 12000 watts. It depends on the electrical needs of your RV appliances, and you can choose the size and wattage rating accordingly.

2. What is the difference between a 30-amp and 50-amp RV?

The most significant difference between these two RVs is that the 50 amp RV is thrice as powerful as the 30 amp RV. It means the 50 amp RV can accommodate more power-hungry appliances than the 30 amp option. 

The 50 amp RVs come with a 50 amp plug having 4 prongs where two of them providing 50 amperages of power each. On the other hand, a 30 amp RV plug comes with a three-prong plug having a single prong supplying 30 amperages.

3. What Is The Difference Between 30 Amp And 50 Amp Generator?

The 50 amp generator can run appliances that a 30 amp generator can’t. Although a 50 amp generator can supply power to more appliances or appliances with higher electrical needs, it consumes much more fuel than a 30 amp generator.

4. How many watts is a 50 amp generator?

Ideally, a 50 amp generator should have 12000 watts. However, you can go for a lower watt rating generator as you mightn’t need such power.

5. Can you run a 50 amp RV on a 30 amp generator?

Yes, you can run a 50 amp RV on a 30 amp portable generator. But you’ll need an electrical adapter to do that, commonly known as Dog Bones.

6. What is the quietest generator for a 50 amp RV?

There are quite a few options that can be considered as a quiet generator for 50 amp RV. But we think the Onan QG 7000 makes the quietest generator in this case. 

Final words

We’ve seen some great contenders for the best 50 amp RV generator. Size and power are important when you wish to operate more appliances in your RV. But, because you’ll be moving it, you don’t want something too heavy.

There are a few other factors that we’ve considered while choosing these options, such as the runtime, convenience of the start, RV outlets, etc. We think all the above options are worth considering; however, we find Westinghouse WGen9500DFc to be a perfect fit for a 50 amp RV in terms of power, quality, and other convenient features.

We wanted but didn’t find a Honda 50 amp RV generator meeting our expectations. So you don’t see anything from Honda on the list. The list is still concise enough to help you choose the best inverter generator for 50 amp RV. That’s pretty much it from us, Happy RVing!