Are Corbin Seats Comfortable For Tall Riders?

Corbin seats are the best option for those who want a more comfortable and stylish seat for their motorcycle. In addition, the Corbin seats offer dual touring saddles for tall riders and couples who want to go for a long ride. 

Both the back and front seat’s adjustable backrest feature of Corbin seats make it more comfortable for tall riders. Tall people weigh more, and this seat ensures a better weight distribution. And from the sides, this seat fully supports the rider’s body weight. 

We have conducted in-depth research on Corbin seats and their associated aspects. Keep reading this article to learn the details.

Are Corbin Seats Comfortable For Tall Riders? 

Compared to the stock seats, the Corbin seats have a better reputation because of their firmer and more comfortable features. In addition, the Corbin motorcycle seat configurator ensures excellent standards for the riders. 

Are Corbin Seats Comfortable For Tall Riders

Closed-cell foam

Closed-cell comfort cell foam is the main component of Corbin seats, making this seat firm and comfortable for the riders.

The Corbin seat’s highest comfort level comes from the closed comfort cell. This cell is made of a tiny bubble series that holds the air pockets and indefinitely makes the saddle resilient. Ensuring riders’ flexibility and comfort is the primary concern of Corbin foam.

However, the foam’s density sometimes varies significantly to suit the saddle’s design. For example, the denser foam is required to form the low-profile seats, and the seat’s shape helps in dispersing the rider’s weight in a more significant area.

 Kawasaki z900 Corbin seat

The density of Corbin foam is very high. Only the foam wighs about 7 pounds which ensures the best combination of comfort and resilience’s. Moreover, the Kawasaki z900 Corbin seat provides the riders with the proper and best riding support. 

Push back on the seat

The Corbin seats are a highly comfortable seat for tall riders as it pushes the riders back in the seat. It moves the riders slightly back and raises them. 

Corbin Seats

This seat makes the riding much more comfortable and enjoyable as it increases the legroom for the riders. This seat ensures so much comfort and relaxation for the riders that their legs remain stretched almost all the way through their riding. 

Greater height

Compared to the OEM, the standard Corbin seat height is at least 3″ greater. The additional 3″ size adds a windshield for the taller riders. And thus it ensures comfortable riding. You can even use corbin seats for kawasaki.

Corbin seat height

Weight distribution

The Corbin seats are comfortable because they ensure better weight distribution by supporting the rider’s body weight from different sides. Compared to the Harley Davidson stock motorcycle seat height, this Corbin seat will give a broader feel to you. And you may want to slide forward to enjoy the best comfortable riding. 

Dual saddle

The dual touring saddles for tall riders are Corbin’s one of the best features. In addition, the double tour became Corbin’s one of the most popular saddles because of its enhanced and extended reach characters. 

Dual saddle

Other Benefits of Corbin seats

The Corbin seats are much more comfortable because it offers the following riding benefits:

  • No sharp feeling in rider’s thigh.
  • No hot spots.
  • The comfort level doesn’t change much and remains just like the initial comfort level.
  • Ensures easy and perfect fit for the riders.
  • The comfort cell foam doesn’t break down quickly. Thus, it lasts longer, but there is no degradation in comfort level.
  • The supportive and broad design of the Corbin seat makes riding easier.

However, the low profile or lower quality Corbin seats are not ideal for short riders.

Benefits of Corbin seats

Are Corbin Seats Made of Leather or Vinyl?

The Corbin seats are made of original leather. Leather is a natural product, and it ensures riding comfort. Whereas Vinyl is an artificial product and it is more damage-prone. When the rider’s body comes in contact with the motorcycle seats, the leather allows the body to breathe and offers a luxurious ride.

Another reason for using genuine leather seating is that the leather easily adapts to the Corbin seat’s foam shape. And after a break-in, this leather seat supports the rider’s personalized fit. For this reason, the Corbin seats’ side area is made of leather instead of Vinyl. Moreover, using leather you can have customizable diy motorcycle seats for a more comfortable ride.

Are Corbin Seats Made of Leather or Vinyl

Corbin seats are made of leather because leather gives a warmer, softer, and natural feel. On the contrary, the vinyl seats give users a stiffer, colder, and more artificial feel. Though vinyl seats on a long trip heat up more and create friction, still, Corbin seats are made of leather as it ensures more comfort.

Are Corbin Motorcycle Seats Waterproof? 

The Corbin motorcycle seats are highly waterproof. Water can’t damage the Corbin seat and its saddle. Thus even in the rainy season, you can use it. 

The Corbin seats are not only waterproof but also incredibly robust and durable. In addition, the water intrusion-resistant and weather-resistant features make these seats unique from others. 

Are Corbin Motorcycle Seats Waterproof

However, to ensure the Corbin seat’s long-lasting weather resistance feature, you should condition the seat regularly. The seat’s conditioning is not challenging. You can do it efficiently using Corbin’s Saddle Cream. 

Are Corbin Seats Hard? Why or why not?

Sometimes the riders claim that the Corbin seats are too hard. Indeed the seat’s too soft foam is responsible for being hard. Even though the street glide seats are most comfortable, the hardness of the Corbin seat is comparable to rock. 

Are Corbin Seats Hard

However, the seat’s hardness does not necessarily imply that it is uncomfortable to ride. Instead, the riders have a comfortable ride on the hard seat over time. 

Corbin Seats Are Hard: The Reasons Behind It

The Corbin seat is hard mainly because of the too-soft foam within it. But after using the seat consistently, the foam breaks in, and it ensures a personalized fit by taking the rider’s shape. 

The bikes for tall riders should provide riding support in the long haul. And the hard Corbin seat makes the riding comfortable by adjusting the cell foam materials within it.

Corbin Seats Are Hard

The Indian scout motorcycle Corbin seat holds up the riders well, and the riders also find it nice and comfortable. Though the Corbin seat gives the rider a firm feeling at the first ride, over time, the riders enjoy the best ride on it. 

Where Are the Corbin Seats Made? 

The world-famous Corbin seat’s production home is in Hollister. Hollister is a historic and famous town in central California. Thus, the Corbin seats are made in the USA. Likewise, the Corbin seat configurator, seat accessories, and saddles are made in central California’s Hollister town, USA. 

Where Are the Corbin Seats Made

Many American craftsmen are currently making Corbin’s different types of products in-house and by hand. The Corbin’s facility is 82,000 square feet large. 


The Corbin seat is an excellent option for those who want both a comfortable ride and a cool-looking seat. The spacious and comfortable back seat will surely entice you. You can enjoy a truly luxurious ride using the Corbin seat as the Corbin saddles are made of genuine leather seating. Moreover, using the Corbin seat configurator tool to make a customized seat is also easy. So, don’t look for any other option and have this Corbin seat for your bike to ensure a comfortable journey.

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