Best 6.5 Motorcycle Speakers

Everybody likes the vibe of riding. It is good to ride on your precious bike and vibe with your favorite playlist. The best way of enjoying your soundtrack is to install speakers on your motorcycle. 

There are a lot of speakers available in the market like Coaxial, subwoofer, midrange, full-range, and marine grade. But which one is the best for your motorcycle?

We will give a list of the best 6.5 motorcycle speakers in this article. This list will help you find the right product relevant to your taste and requirement. This article will cover all the specs and detailed information about the sound system.

You just need to pick and choose.

List of 6.5 Motorcycle Speakers:

6.5 Motorcycle Speakers Review

Here you have all the 6.5 inch speakers that worth the money. We choose this particular size because we think that it is the most appropriate for motorcycles. 

1. JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speaker – Set of 2

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Coaxial Speaker - Set of 2

Looking for co-axial speakers, you can go with the JBL GTO629 speakers. These speakers are among the best motorcycle speakers. The JBL GTO629 comes with two 6.5 inch speakers. The GTO629 has a carbon composite magnetic frame which is very durable, and the carbon injected cone areas provide a better low-frequency response. 

It is effortless to install, and the mounting cutout depth is about 129mm, and the mounting depth is 50 mm. As the JBL GTO629 has two speakers, it gives a clear audio experience, and you can listen to the beats and the lyrics. For its unique design, you can get an extra bit of bass. It can provide around 93 decibels of sound with excellent volume, which is very useful on highways. The JBL GTO629 speakers can handle 180 watts of peak power and provide 5w to 125 RMS. The manufacturers added 3 ohms voice coils which give better results than other same category products available in the market.

They also added the vented magnet features, which help to cool the voice coil. These features increase the lifespan of the speakers and improve power handling. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Unipivot system helps the tweeter focus on the listener’s location
  • Adjustable tweeter from 0 to 3 decibels
  • Edge-driven design helps to crossover the frequencies.

2. Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch 6.5″ 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker

Rockford Fosgate P1650 Punch 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial Full Range Speaker

If you need to replace the factory sound system, you may use the Rockford Fosgate P1650 speakers. It is one of the best 6.5 speakers for motorcycles. The P1650 speakers have injection-molded mineral-filled up polypropylene cones. 

It has a 20mm PEI dome tweeter. The engineers add a feature, VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique), which increases the effectiveness of the cone area by about 25%. The midrange mounting depth of the P1650 speakers is 2.24 inches (57mm). It is a two-way coax speaker. It is easy to install on any motorcycle and provides a surround system.

The Rockford P1650 punch speakers have a wide range of sound sensitivity of 88 decibels. The speakers’ power handling (RMS)  is about 55w to 110 watts. The speakers’ frequency is also very good starting from 45Hz to 20KHz. The nominal impedance of the P1650 speakers is about  4 Ohm. It also has a built-in tweeter crossover which produces clear sound.

Highlighted Features:  

  • CEA 2031 industry-grade certificate
  • Excellent power handling
  • The ICC ( integrated concealed crossover) creates an elegant look
  • Easy to install
  • Unique Flexfit 2 basket
  • KLIPPEL certificate that ensures good sound quality.

3. Hogtunes Gen 4 6.5″ Front Speakers

Hogtunes Gen 4 6.5" Front Speakers

It is an upgraded front 6.5 speaker designed for Rushmore models and installed in 2014+ bikes. The Hogtunes generation 4 speakers can be fitted easily in your bike, and you will not need extra cutting or grinding. The manufacturers upgraded their bass quality, giving a better performance than previous models.  This tweeter mechanism also allows playing your tracks at high volume.

The hogtunes gen 4 speakers can provide 125 watts of RMS, and every speaker is tested for  8 hours before packaging. The mounting depth of the speakers is about 2.24 inches, and they use a 2-ohm voice coil. The hogtunes gen 4 speakers work excellently with radio or with any amplifier.  It can give an output of 89 decibels, which can suppress the noise. 

Highlighted features: 

  • A giant magnet that helps control the heat inside the speakers’ cabinet
  • Simple plug and play system
  • 1-inch titanium tweeter that offers a better sound
  • Very long-lasting

4. Polk Audio MM1 Series 6.5 Inch 300W Coaxial Marine Boat ATV Car Audio Speakers

Polk Audio MM1 Series 6.5 Inch 300W Coaxial Marine Boat ATV Car Audio Speakers

You are looking for some incredible marine-grade 6.5 speakers, and you can purchase the Polk Audio MM1 series. These speakers can be installed in cars, boats, and ATVs. The MM1 speakers provide high-quality sound because of their 1-inch terylene tweeter technology and are tuned for accuracy. They also use oversized voice coils with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. The speakers have 2.62 inches of top mounting depth and 2.86 inches of bottom mounting depth. 

The  Peak power handling or RMS of the speakers is about 300watts. The Polk audio MM1 speakers have excellent sound sensitivity, 93 decibels, and a better audio experience. The MM1 series speaker’s elegant design and construction made it clear sound on any type of bike.  The Polk MM1 series speakers are also marine-grade speakers, which means they are 6.5 Waterproof motorcycle speakers. It is IP56 certified water and dust resistant.

 Highlighted features: 

  • Santoprene inner and outer coating stops the water from entering the speakers
  • UV-protected titanium speaker cones
  • Wide range of salinity and UV light tolerance
  • Dynamic balance technology

5. Pair of Kicker 41KM654CW 6.5″ 2-Way Coaxial 4-Ohm Marine/Boat Speakers

Pair of Kicker 41KM654CW 6.5" 2-Way Coaxial 4-Ohm Marine/Boat Speakers

Let’s talk about these marine-grade 6.5″ Midrange motorcycle speakers. The kicker 41KM654CW is made for withstanding any type of environmental condition. These speakers give a clear audio experience, and it is splash and spray resistant. The cones of the Kicker speakers are UV-protected injection-molded. These are UV-treated Polypropylene Woofer, and Santoprene surrounds it. They also provide UV-resistant polymer baskets.

The mounting hole diameter of the Kicker 41KM654CW speaker is 128mm, and the mounting depth is 59.9 mm. The tweeter is made of PEI material, and the size of the tweeter is 20 mm. The speaker’s RMS is 65 watts, and the peak power handling is 195 watts. The voice coil or nominal impedance of the product is 4-ohms. The speakers provide 35hz to 21khz of frequency. 

The sound sensitivity is about 90 dB, which can be performed on highway or road trips.

Highlighted Features:

  • Emphasized UV protection and salt resistance
  • ASTM G154 400 hr. passed
  • Accelerated UV Test and ASTM B117 200 hr. Salt Fog Test
  • Sealed motor and terminal cover

6. JL Audio C1-650x 6-1/2 2-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers

JL Audio C1-650x 6-1/2 2-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers

It is another surround-type 6.5 woofer in our review section. The JL audio has operated since 1997, and they produce some promising speakers. The C1-650x is one of their best speakers. The C1650 provides excellent sound quality, and it fits easily at the grill of your bike. They also produce excellent bass. The speakers have four rings that make them easy to install. The C1-650x users an aluminum dome tweeter.

The continuous power handling, aka RMS of the speakers, is 50 watts, and the company recommends the power input around 10 to 75 watts. This kind of balance is crucial when you are looking for the best 6.5 speakers for motorcycle. The mounting depth of the speakers is about 2.07 inches, and the outer motor diameter is 5.02 inches. 

The C1-650x can produce 91 dB of sound, and the frequency output is 59hz to 22khz.  The voice coil comes with 4 ohms, and they use ferrofluid and neodymium magnet circuits. These features help the speakers to produce buzzing-free clear audio. They also use injection-molded polypropylene cone but attach a rubber surrounded top, which prevents the unwanted motion of the voice coil. Unlike other speakers, it has no grilles, but it performs effortlessly. 

Highlighted Features: 

  • DMA optimized motor
  • Designed to behave linearly and deliver continuous force at different power levels
  • Btter longevity

7. Hertz SV 165 NEO SPL Comp Midrange 6.5″ Speaker

Hertz SV 165 NEO SPL Comp Midrange 6.5" Speaker

These are another 6.5″ Midrange motorcycle speakers on our list. The Hertz SV 165 Neo speakers are easy to install as their mounting depth is 2,57 inches and the cutout dimension is 5.64 inches. The mounting holes are designed to fit in the  2014+ Harley-Davidson bikes. 

The size of the voice coil of the SV 165 SPL speaker is about 1.5 inches, and the nominal impedance of the coil is about 4 ohms. The sound quality and bass quality of the speakers are outstanding.  The speaker’s sound sensitivity is about 97 dB making it suitable to listen within the extensive noise of the highway and roads.

The SV 165 speakers have a frequency response of 10 to 10 khz. The highest power handling of the speaker is about 400 watts, and you will get  The RMs around 150 Watts, which is a very high rate. The cone of the speaker is made of pressed paper which repels water. This particular type of material makes the speaker one of the 6.5 waterproof motorcycle speakers.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Neodymium N38 H prevents UV light and stops discoloration
  •  Cataphoresis paint prevents oxidation, and your speaker looks new after many years

8. Rockford Fosgate TMS65   

Rockford Fosgate TMS65

Let’s look over for another two-way coaxial Harley Davidson speaker. The Rockford Fosgate  TMS65  is a full-range speaker that can be used on newer Harley Davidson bikes. It provides clear sound and excellent bass.

The TMS65 is easy to install, and the mounting depth of the speaker is about 2.24 inches. It has a built-in tweeter crossover. The TMS 65 uses a neodymium tweeter, and it is integrated with 25mm proprietary film. The speaker’s cone is made of carbon fiber and reinforced with polypropylene. The manufacturer provides a 35 mm voice coil with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.  The RMS of the speaker is about 75 watts, and the maximum power handling of the speaker is about 150 watts.

The TMS 65 produces a loud sound like the speaker’s output is 91 decibels, and the frequency response is  56Hz to 20Khz, which is loud enough for the highway. The motor of the TMS 65 is a Neodymium Ring Magnet Motor and is covered by tempered glass polymer. This speaker gives a 6 dB crossover with a high-power capacitor.

Highlighted features:  

  • Element-ready motorcycle solution protects the speakers from UV and dust
  • VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) increases the speakers up to 25%
  • The anodized Aluminum voice coil can cool the speaker up to 100%
  • CEA2031 and KILLPPEl certified

9. Diamond Audio MSPRO65 6.5 Speakers 

Diamond Audio MSPRO65 6.5 Speakers

Diamond  Audio produces some loud and good speakers. The MSPRO 65  is one of its kind. The speakers are easy to install, the mounting depth is about 2.4375 inches, and the cut-out dimension of the speaker is 5.625 inches. It is a marine-grade speaker, and it is IP65  certified. 

The MSPR650 speakers are also UV protected as it is covered with Polycarbonate cloth. The cones of the speaker are made of thermal molded waterproof. The sound sensitivity of the speakers is 97 dB, and it can overcome the surrounding noise.

The speakers produce clear sound and give a good base which can be enjoyable on your trips. The MSPRO 650 speakers can give frequency responses of  110 Hz to 10khz, respectively lower than other speakers in our list. The voice coil comes with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.  The RMS power handling of the MSPRO 650 is 200 watts.

Highlighted features:

  • Thermally molded paper speaker cone
  • Polycarbonate cloth is used.
  • Shorting range utilized motor

10. JBL – GX Series 6.5″ Component Speaker System with Polypropylene Cones (Pair) – Black

JBL - GX Series 6.5" Component Speaker System with Polypropylene Cones

We will talk about another JBL 6.5 speaker in our list; the GX series speakers are two-way speakers. The Speakers are easy to install, the speaker’s mounting depth is about 52 mm, and the cut dimension is 129 mm.  The Gx series gives an elegant sound, and the bass is too good.

The Gx speakers create a sound of  92 decibels that is loud enough to cut through the highways. The maximum frequency response of the speaker is 21 kHz, and the minimum frequency is about 50 Hz. The voice coil comes with an impedance of 2.3 ohms. The RMS of the GX series speaker is 70 watts, and the peak power handling of the speaker is 210 watts. 

AS it is not a marine-grade speaker, it is not waterproof but has other features. Like other JBL woofers.

Highlighted Features: 

  • Smooth high-frequency response
  • JBL proprietary tweeter Deflector acts as a waveguide  
  • Polypropylene delivers a clear sound

Things to Check Before Getting One 

Though you know about the Best 6.5 motorcycle speakers, you have to be careful to select the suitable product for you. There are a lot of products you can get, but there are some things that you should check to get one. Don’t worry. We will make that easy for you; you need to check the sound quality, durability, and hardware compatibility before getting one. 

Sound Quality 

All speakers have different sound outputs compared with the power handling known as RMS. The speakers with greater RMS give better sound output and crystal clear audio experiences and bass in any scale of volume. The RMS does not depend on the size of the speaker; the smaller speakers can have a good RMS value compared to bigger ones.

6.5 Motorcycle Speakers


The motorcycle speakers will get exposed to the outside environment. You don’t want your favorite speaker damaged, so the durability of the speakers is essential. You should buy speakers which can withstand the weather conditions. The Manufacturers provide some features which will increase the lifespan of the speakers. You can purchase the product by considering these features. 

Hardware Compatibility

Purchase your product that will be suitable for your motorcycle. It will be challenging to install speakers according to your bike hardware. The wrong speakers can cause lots of hustle, like cutting the bike frame or upgrading hardware to fit the speakers. It will cause more money and time.

Loudness Level

Hardware Compatibility

The groovy engine sound of your motorcycle might be one of your favorites. But you also need to hear the engine roar on the speaker system you install in your motorcycle. This is why the loudness level is very important.

You should go for a speaker system that produces loud enough sound for you to hear even at speeds more than 40 km/h. To determine the loudness level of a speaker system, a parameter called dB-SPL (decibel-Sound Pressure Level) is used. This parameter depends on the wattage of the speaker.

To clearly hear the sound even after the interference of engine howl and road noise, the speaker you buy should have at least 90-100 dB-SPL. These speakers usually come in 600 watts but some powerful speakers can even come in 1000 watts.

Mounting Locations

Mounting the speaker in the right place is key to having excellent audio while riding. As motorcycles don’t have an enclosed space like cars, sounds produced by speakers don’t circle around. Rather, they get spread too quickly and you hear only a bit.

This is why you need to mount the speaker on the front of your motorcycle. As the design of motorcycles is very compact, you don’t have much space for customization. These speakers are most suitable to mount on the handlebar.

Most of these speakers have mounting brackets with them. So, you can simply clamp the bracket on the handlebar. The main benefit here is the sound is projected directly towards you so that you can get clear audio.

Just remember not to block any control of the motorcycle in the process.


Both wired and wireless speakers are available for motorcycles. Wired speakers are a bit difficult to handle while riding. Connecting your devices with the speakers is a big hassle. Wireless speakers are great for having fun without any extra fuss.

6.5 Motorcycle Speakers

So, the speaker you buy must have Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect to other devices effortlessly. But if the speaker doesn’t have wireless connectivity, you can use Bluetooth adapters to make them wireless.


Though we often ignore this criterion, this is quite important. As the speakers on motorcycles aren’t enclosed, they are susceptible to being exposed to moisture. So, these speakers should have a decent waterproof rating that will ensure the speaker takes no damage even after being exposed to such threats for a long time.

How to know if my selected speaker is loud enough for highway listening?

We can determine the loudness of the speakers with the sound sensitivity, which is measured in decibels. The higher the decibels, the louder the sound is. The speakers with a minimum of 81 decibels of sound sensitivity will be loud enough to listen to the highways. So get a speaker above 81 decibels and rock and roll at the roads.


Though we try to tell almost everything about speakers, you may have some questions moving around your head. In this segment, we will try to answer the most asked questions about the speakers that will help you to get the most fitting product. 

Q: What are the loudest 6.5 motorcycle speakers?

As we previously informed, the speaker’s output above 81 decibels is considered the loudest one. All the speakers who have broken this limit can suppress the highway noise. You can find many speakers with a higher decibels rate.

Q: Are these speakers plug and play?

Yes, all the listed speakers are plug and play. You just need to connect it with the power source, and your speaker is ready to play. For operating the speakers, you don’t need any manual configuration.

Q: What are marine grade 6.5 speakers?

Marine-grade speakers are specially designed for withstanding water and extreme sunlight exposure, and it is different from standard automobile speakers. These speakers are waterproof and UV protected and can survive in any environment. 

Q: Do I need an amplifier to use 6.5 motorcycle speakers?

Most of the speakers have a built-in amplifier, but that isn’t enough for getting maximum output. As the preinstalled amplifiers are not capable of delivering the full power, For having a maximum output, you can use another dedicated amplifier, and it will supply more power to your speaker. 

Q: Can I power the speakers with a power supply of 12v 2 amp? Any requirements in terms of amps?

The amount you will get from 12 v and 2 amp is 24 watts which will be enough for home speakers. But if we are talking about motorcycle speakers, it may not be enough because less power consumption will produce a less loud sound that can’t break through the highway noise. 

As you previously stated in your article, speakers with higher RMS ratings can influence highways. So we will recommend you to deliver higher power t by using amps. Every speaker has a peak power handling limit, and you should not cross that limit. otherwise, your speaker can be blasted away. 

Final words

We cover everything to find the best speakers, and you are ready for getting the best 6.5 motorcycle speakers. It’s totally up to you what you will pick up from the list. 

Before buying a new speaker, always check the sound quality and durability of the speaker. You may need a good amplifier to get the clear sound and bass at every type of road. If you are not an expert in installing the speakers go find a professional to install them. So get your speaker and enjoy the road trips.

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